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Cc: rest; Dr. Fred Foldvary; Dr. Jonathan"Trouble Bubble" Beare; United States Justice Department; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC];

Subject: RE: FW:...United States Congress...INSISTING...the DAAC provide a daily inventory...




Happy to know you are still alive on this 1st anniversary of Dr. Jonathan “Trouble Bubble” Beare and Ibreaking bed” [sic] in the dining room of the Regent Beverly Wilshire just off “Rodea Drive” [sic], Beverly Hills, both of us having an entirely different agenda even though the email record shows crystal clear that there should not have been any confusion about the purpose of such an important meeting between two individuals who know each other rather well.


And it is not “just because” we both come from prominent South African families but much more importantly because Dr. Beare and I have done our “fair share” of business together all over the world, our “coincidental” meeting at the Regent Hong Kong back in the spring of 1989 not really in the least bit surprising. 


Bear in mind that all you see is what I show which is rarely even the “tip of the iceberg” having realized from a rather young age the reality of “Conventional Wisdom” that has the educated “liberal poor” like Winndy Winn and King Golden Jr. Esq. hand in hand with their more transparent “blood brothers” on the right like Roger W. Robinson, all doing the bidding of the elitists who use academia, the new corrupt church dotted today all over the web, “O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”, all serving to indoctrinate the youth, no different to the “brick and mortar” academic institutions like Oxford and Cambridge University and their counterparts here in the States, Yale and the such, to “shoot their poison tipped arrows.”


The likes of Bill Clinton a “far cry” from either George W. Bush




his possibly equally great father, our former President who I made the “mistake” of not voting for when he went up against another of the DAAC’s “Emperors without clothes”.


Egomaniacs such as Clinton surround themselves with neophytes who rarely question authority, engaging mostly in “chopping off the legs” of their immediate rivals, every so often looking busy, quick to point fingers at “visible targets” relying on their “superior” command of language to “pinpoint” those “troublemaking” independent thinkers who they tend to assume because increasingly the entire world is made up of “hangerons”, that we are all “products” of the Bell Shaped Curve indoctrinated to follow “Conventional wisdom” such as being aware of larger obstacles beneath the tip of the iceberg.


Ordinarily emails such as this I wouldn’t copy anyone but today things are different.


While I take another break perhaps given how good I feel going out in search of another “undiscovered” trail of Nobel Canyon, take a look at the hyperlinks in this not exactly short communiqué returning to me all the hyperlinks you came across indicating whether




Not you were able to view them and upon my return I will check to see where I “deposited” my response to your “stalemate” assuming you don’t find it in the “right spot.”


I only just got back to our rock home after the most incredible 90 minute walk deciding to try a new trail given not only how bright it is here deep in the Cleveland National Forest, the hunters long gone, probably at this time drunk out of their minds, their spouses both thankful and content to play with themselves, but how extraordinarily well I slept after lunch today in La Jolla with Marie that had me for the first time possibly ever ordering 2 glasses of wine for myself without first checking to see if it was okay with Marie, that all I would be taking would be no more than a couple of sips, taking, however, no more than a couple of small sips when realizing that not only was I driving but I would be hitting rush hour traffic when returning to this most awesome “refuge”,,, just heard a mouse in the ceiling which doesn’t seem to bother either of the dogs so I just should just carry on.


How long will you be online?


Will you be replying to this e -mail?




Would you prefer I just continue along assuming you are following along perfectly?


These are rather significant times and it is very important you get your rest.


Now that you are refreshed go online and purchase for yourself using some of the monies I sent you for the INFORMERS WANTED ads a ticket out of South Africa, Timbuktu would be fine but I don’t know that they serve as good a tea with fresh baked scones smothered in Somerset clottered cream as what you will find at our Ccrest Bed and Breakfast Café?


Important to maintain a sense of humor as elitists throughout the pyramid “unwind” and in the process of revealing all their “warts” so extraordinarily transparent, here is just one example, you must not lose sight of their total lack of spirituality that calls for those “balancing out” such “negatives” to be on their “toes” when not taking the greatest care of their most important G-D-given asset.


I spent, considering the limited amount of time I have been “afforded” a great deal of time today with two special people other than my most extraordinarily beautiful inside and out, out of this world wife, Marie Dion Gevisser, Ray Anne Marks and Sebastian Capella both giving of their “limited amount of time” to take untold amounts of photographs of my Super Intelligent Italian Greyhound Pypeetoe just so that we don’t end up with a painting of him and Marie where Marie in her spectacular Versace dress doesn’t overshadow my poor, poor dog who I have been working out so hard in the past few weeks following Sebastian having me feel so dejected, letting me know that as good looking as is my super SIIG and possibly the best proportioned dog that has ever walked the planet, faster than possibly any animal of all time, certainly in the first 50 meters, poor, poor Pypeetoe simply cannot “shine a light” when compared to Marie who I make certain when we are together doesn’t interfere with his much needed beauty sleep, his so well perfected whine when he is either too cold




Too hot nothing short of heartbreaking to mention little of his need to stretch no different to Marie diagonally across the bed.


Quite frankly despite Pypeetoe performing like a highly paid and seasoned fashion model, 3 top of the line digital cameras firing away at a blinding speed and with the most perfect light, first starting out at the ocean and then going inland to a park where I tried my best to exercise him so as to get his muscles to stand out it is highly unlikely we will be able to come up with a single photo that will make him the centerpiece of this very important oil painting that no one we know has a space big enough to hang it and at the same time start their own insurance company that would give me a better sense that at least in the event of a loss we would have a better chance of collecting something when compared to any insurance carrier currently operating?


As sad as this news is I must accept the fact that Pypeetoe may not have been absolutely perfect in all his previous lives and for me to be satisfied that we have him to warm our aches and pains as Marie and I continue to compete not just in this all important race to die the richest person ever in the world but in “fighting fit” condition to mention little of Pypeetoe having done a whole lot more than very likely saving the life the other evening of our Maggie, his 11 year old Chocolate Lab protector, the amount of times he has alerted me to danger while driving on our very busy streets, highways and freeways could consume a book the size of Manager Minute One which for all I know could already be out there on the bookshelves since I have not heard in more than 30 hours from Annie George tasked with producing the DAAC Treason Complaint, the DAAC movie script and MM1, her last words, “I am having problems with my Internet..” which may show her “bias” towards Al Gore, the idiot who a buddy of mine’s buddy supplied him with dope at college, eventually went on to tell the world that he “invented the Internet”, never forgetting as I am mostly thinking while typing away at a blinding speed of how best to present the evidence of malfeasance by the United States Congress and their co-criminals in the rest of the world by NOT INSISTING that the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel provide a daily inventory of their unlimited supply of untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried diamond currency they make the most extraordinary mockery of those so serious commercials advising consumers how to “get rid of debt” as the DAAC and their stooge governments all around the world laugh their heads off.


And so in thinking about “off with their heads” and Marie wanting, my feeling the need to spell out current day Marie Antoinette’s married to all the “Loos” out there not quite as cocky as they were a moment ago, me to stop beating around the bush forced, however, not to forget as a mosquito hovers in front of the computer screen which I have now set up in the bedroom of this most amazing rock home, how so very sweet is Pypeetoe, now fully buried under the red duvet, and when not wanting to cuddle just wants to play so long of course that you don’t dare put in his plate anything other than the finest 48 ounce Porterhouse steak which the folks at Rainwater’s in downtown San Diego do a much better job than me in cooking to perfection.


Now Marie insists that I use a timer to first heat up the pan, and using the same timer to then heat up the oil and the very same timer that actually came with the rock home dating back possibly to the 1930s if not before assuming plastic was around at that time, only then to add only the finest red wine at the very end when deglazing the pan, going easy on the peppercorns not so much because the very best which is all that I would get for Pypeetoe is extraordinarily expensive but there is “sum” [sic] scientific data that pepper can cause penile dysfunction, at least a groin problem very specific to men?


And of course Marie noticed at lunch today over at Barberrelas in the flats of La Jolla that I left half her bib and blue over the top delicious salad because she had added pepper,,, come to think about it as I pick up with my tongue a sprinkling of pepper just to the right of my right canine tooth it is possible that I devoured the salad without even giving a thought to the distinct possibility that Marie could be part of a plot to poison me?


You may recall this is the restaurant where we once ran into Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk’s “acquaintance”, Dr. Paul “Bozo The Clown” Tierstein and his pitiful mutual fund manager Lowell Potiker who are all of course are copied on this heavily broadcasted missive,


Out of the blue Marie mentioned that she recently came across Mr. JRK’s name in the San Diego Reader that pays informers $25 for gossip on this very corrupt city’s “movers and shakers” were such information to get published.


What blew me away was not so much the fact that Mr. JRK feels desperate enough to find the time after reading all my missives while not losing a beat riding the coattails of the Feds going after Anti-Trust violators, the most lucrative those “importers of chemicals” into the United States to want to be part of a class action lawsuit that got settled out of court which following the “astonishing” revelations by Mr. JRK’s “arch rival” Mr. Bill Lerach Esq. of The Firm going back to the spring of 1999 placed both Chief Executive Officers and their board of directors “on notice” that the most rapacious SCALs [Shareholder Class Action Litigators] the world has ever known would be “calling” with their “demands” as the so bought and paid for media could be relied on to ever so slowly feed the masses the news of the systemic rot in the corporate world NO DIFFERENT to the DAAC “engaging” blockbuster author increasingly edgy Edward Jay Epstein to write their “mea culpa”, the Diamond Invention like this article produced by Lerach NOW THIS INSTANT both all their “death nails” as well as “legacies”, WAS THE FACT that Mr. JRK was going after brand name clothing company.


Mr. JRK, a good number might assume thinks that I am a “jerk” for revealing such public-private information but at the same time he is not only intimately familiar with my “prescient timing” but my unique and universal “risk assessment” skills and KNOWS versus BELIEVES I have not used for “personal profit”, certainly not close to how much more “quantifiable” wealth I could have so easily accumulated by now.


Again you have to go back and look carefully at the very small number of public corporations I have mentioned publicly ever since I began “going public” with my “findings”, matters that perhaps no one knows better than Mr. JRK given our very intimate business dealings since we first met in the spring of 1999 just a decade after Dr. Jonathan “Trouble Bubble” Beare and I “broke bread” at the Regent Hong Kong the day before I went on to Beijing, staying at the Beijing Hotel overlooking Tiananmen Square, speaking with a group of very young kids just weeks before their elder brothers and sisters were massacred by our tyrants.


To be continued…


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I will be replying to it.


I was tired.


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Did you get this e -mail I sent you earlier?

If so reply to it.

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Did you get this e -mail I sent you earlier?

If so reply to it.