From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2006 1:56 PM PT
Cc: rest;; Guy Friedman
Subject: RE: Make sense?....GOLD LAST TRADING AT $546.10 A TROY OUNCE...---...BEING PUT TO THE TEST....




The fact that I would take the time out of my "busy" schedule to respond while giving you an education never taught at any business school in the world, repeat, not once taught at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Cornell, Oxford and Cambridge and the such, no matter how "bitter the poison pill" was of course designed not only to make the most use out of my time but to illicit the reaction I fully expected.


Although you and I along with your now recently deceased father who I considered one of my dearest friends, met in total no more than a handful of times, given the "nature" of our "back and forth", i.e. no "small talk" you would surely have appreciated by now that it didn’t take me long to get my "arms around" the very good advice your father gave me, although at the time you may have excused yourself after eating perhaps not the freshest of shell fish to go the bathroom at Il Fornio located on the upper deck of the Del Mar Plaza in over the top rich and very corrupt Del Mar, California,  no more corrupt in fact than a spot in Africa like Timbuktu?


Being put to the test in this still very much "dog eat dog" world is something few of us can handle, so far it seems I am the only one able to take my own criticism bearing in mind that there is "balance everywhere" which is something you would expect from a SMART designer?


The reality, however, that comes with having gone time and again "toe to toe" with the most rapacious out of control money grabbing people in this world and never, not once backing down, i.e. not willing to “blacken my hands” and still not only live but fit and well enough to be writing about it in again "real time" is just part of what makes me so “extraordinarily” confident, a "far cry" from being "arrogant", constantly aware of the presence of a far greater mind.


You should be able to reflect back not all that far on how when "pushed to the wall" with our lies we so quickly turn to G-d, even the heathens amongst us, which in my humble but seasoned opinion, constitute the overwhelming majority of us literate human beings including the 90% + of Americans who say they “believe in G-d”.


The Knowledge-Light-Information I provided you in my rather quickly typed but thoughtful response yesterday, could have were it not for the fact that you have yet to figure out the “puzzle of life” stopping with your nonsense and taking me up on my offer to if not join me at one of our several over the top spectacular residences dotted in the most spectacular spots on this awesome planet then at least letting me introduce you to the right folks from whom to purchase gold?


The speed faster than usual given how my wife had just as I began typing called to give me the "heads up" that she was coming to visit with me at our rock home deep in the Cleveland National Forest, "just for the evening, I have a dentist appointment at 10 tomorrow morning!" which of course meant a number of things.


First, Marie Dion Gevisser who called earlier to let me know that Sebastian Capella is wanting to take photographs tomorrow of Pypeetoe for this one of a kind, just shy of life-size portrait of Marie, Pypeetoe and my shadow, Ray Anne Marks, Sebastian’s personal assistant-daughter of daughters, and great artist painter herself, just emailing me this confirmation, would know that there was no need to waste time tidying up since I keep the rock “refuge” house these days nothing short of spotless but to follow her instructions assuming I wanted the greatest sex imaginable and walk the dogs on their 3rd lengthy outing of the day and then when stripped naked prove beyond a shadow of doubt that I was “shaping up” despite the task of implanting all the solutions to solve each and every one of the problems of the world including those confounding the likes of my most ardent adversaries such as Winndy Winn, divorced and "out of luk" [sic], helping find themselves the same sort of hole that our "best and brightest" found Saddam Hussein hiding out.


By now you should also have figured that while unlikely to get a Nobel prize for literature assuming those deciding are the same folks that have decided all previous Nobel laureates I could have between now and last week when my drop dead gorgeous, sexy beyond sic words, math brilliant French Canadian wife suggested I write an easy to read book that completes Einstein's dream of a


Unified theory

For the inner workings

Of the universe


Combining the greatest proven scientific theories of the last century, Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and Chaos Theory into “3 steps” without mentioning the word DeBeers, completed such a book and at least be in contention, assuming first that the likes of pseudo intellectuals like Winndy Winn with their beer bellies and without a pot to pee in hadn’t found a way to get the DeBeers-Anglo-American Cartel to use them once again to finance my execution and second, much more importantly since I have the DAAC “checkmated” through their own actions and inactions that MDG were to agree to edit such a Nobel prize winning book for Art, Science, Math, Religion as well as Literature given her rather precise mathematical mind, at least to win such a pitiful award at least in Science and Mathematics bearing in mind once again all the economists for the past the century who have one Nobel prizes for economics having failed to address in their “bunk” theories how they figured into their bs propaganda for elitists the reality of the DAAC able to buy everything including their $1 million prizes at zero cost.


Being put to the test is not something new for me or any one of us including all our parents and grandparents none of us having a choice in our parents but always having the “free will” to be non-confrontational which is no excuse for bad judgment going back to the beginning of time.


The only difference is if you took the time out of your "busy" schedule to examine what it is that I have accomplished not going back to 1967 when at age 10 I was formally introduced to my Royal Mater's very private Swiss Banker, Mr. Jost, but in very recent times beginning with how on June 26th 2004 at 9:19 PM Eastern Standard Time while enjoying drinks with a bunch of eclectic international friends at the fairly exclusive hotel atop Machu Picchu, Peru, MDG while being extraordinarily entertaining, keeping the rest of the conversations light, exploring spirituality at the highest levels of human intellect, did most of the work in providing the "coup de grace" to the folks at whose advisory board would probably put the board deciding Nobel laureates to shame.


And of course when you click on the “919” hyperlink not forgetting the year Chaos Theory was “discovered”, 1961 reading the same “upside down”, your actions adding to the value of our intellectual property, you will notice that the very next day I informed the FBI of this rather important “current day” event.


But then you might still find it within yourself to argue that June of 2004 is a lifetime ago considering the possibility that you haven’t had sex now in 24 hours just thinking about all that I had to go through before stripping naked in front of MDG holding a whip in her right hand, running the risk of being so extraordinarily embarrassed when compared to her most incredible body that world class athletes half her age can only hope to have, collapsing in to heap of tears?


Exhausting is what you may be thinking but in fact I was exhilarated by the quickest and most rewarding run I had alongside Pypeetoe who is now going on 5 years of age, in the prime of his athletic career and Maggie, our chocolate Labrador who is 11 years old, all three of us working incredibly well together as a team, each one of us taking a turn to lead as well as be the “point person” willing to be target practice for the hunters getting increasingly pissed off as I roar at blinding speed on my Ducati ST4S to warn the animal life of these so mindless human beings, every so often over the rocky terrain Maggie would lag behind but not for very long as Pypeetoe would dart back to check on her and then dart back to me letting me know that she was ok by darting way ahead and on those occasions when he was concerned that I was moving too fast and Maggie still thinking she is a puppy, that nothing is too much for her, my Super Intelligent-Sensitive Italian Greyhound would dart no more than a meter in front of me, suddenly stopping causing me to have to jump over him and when landing not wasting any time in racing back to Maggie who would not just be happy to see us both but to know that I would share some of the water in the water pouch that I carry on my back.


Just look right this instant, as the past and the future all come “to-get-her” [sic] in the present, the Digital Age, a G-D-Send, Devin Standard, the executor of my estate sending me an email earlier that I should take advantage of his contacts in Vietnam, no further than the fact that not only is still very much in “hibernation” [sic] but what it means to your software company following my “blowing up” the most important debate of our times that began with the deafening silence following this E-mail to Mr. Ed Dobson.


Let me now suggest as I prepare for the early afternoon run with the dogs followed by a rather lengthy motorcycle ride that may have me back in Del Mar for a very short time, perhaps enough time left in the day to respond to an email Tefo sent me yesterday which I did respond to but because my computer crashed and changed the date my very good South African friend may have “missed it”, that you have a “powwow” with those friends of yours attending Ivy League Universities who are “sumwhat” [sic] familiar with my writings and begin a dialogue amongst yourselves that addresses the one important point I made in my communiqué to you yesterday that talks to the SIGNIFICANT weaknesses in anyone’s business model where you are not as certain as any human being can be that an entrepreneur can in no time end up with not 10% or even 51% but 100% market share given how anyone with a good name like you without even a penny to your name could walk into any financial institution anywhere in the world, present the board of directors with your competitors business plan alongside your “guaranteed winner” and in the very next instant your trusted bank officials in agreeing to “take care” of you even if you are only the “middleman” i.e. acting like anyone on Wall Street who received part of the $21.5 billion 2005 bonus for stealing people blind, in the same breath contact through a middleman such as Marc “Trading with the enemy” Rich using if necessary his contacts such as Bill “Kitchen sink-Wall paper” Clinton and the such, the “such” being those existing players in the market place already with a “dominant position” who the instant this new and greatest thing next to sliced bread comes out of the “starting gates”, you know all about “horses for courses” as a horse just trots by our rock home, gets handed their “head on a plate”.


Just go to your grandfather’s graveside and ask him about the private banking institutions providing all the “credit facilities” to the exiting players to offer their “goods and services” no matter how much more expensive to produce, no matter how old their machinery, no matter how much more overhead they have which of course includes the customary fringe benefits of providing their top executives with the highest priced high priced prostitutes globetrotting the earth to mention little of the distinct possibility that your software company executives if not already on the take haven’t thought through all the other factors that I have which would make them a “non-starter” and then after thanking your grandfather who came up with the brilliant scheme to make the United States rich leasing ships to the Brits to fight the friends of FDR’s other close buddy, Nazi sympathizer Joe Kennedy, to then go have you so brilliant Ivy League college buddies factor in their bullsh*t “What if” games the REALITY of why bankers such as David Rockefeller who see to it that their protégés like Roger W. Robinson have the ear of President of the United States and the such HAVE NOT DONE A F…EN THING, repeat, have not done a SINGLE F….EN THING about the MONOPOLY OF ALL TIME, THE DAAC WITH THEIR ZERO COST OF SALES ABLE TO ENTER ANY MARKET PLACE IN THE WORLD THAT THEY DON’T ALREADY OWN WITHOUT IT COSTING THEM A SINGLE PENNY.


Now before responding and wasting any more of my precious time bearing in mind that while it has taken me just a fraction over 15 minutes to type this heavily broadcasted communiqué, mostly focused on the word count given how I not only know well ahead of time what I have to say but how to say it in a way that not only gives no one “competitive advantage” but in a manner that is “interesting” to each one of us in one form or another, just take a deep breath and think of the most beautiful woman in the world who you would like to have sex with this afternoon, get hold of her email address and forward this missive not forgetting to let her know the difficulty the DAAC are having both suppressing the price of gold while supporting the Blue Nile, their internet based diamond-money laundering operation.


BTW you will notice that in the carbon copied section besides for our great President, the most honorable George W. Bush, is just one other individual, Mr. Guy Friedman who is one of my oldest Israeli friends and while not the oldest “former” member of Israeli Special Forces who is very close to me is considered, however, by my just a few years older than him highly skilled Israeli friends beyond a shadow of a doubt the most “deadly” and at the same time one of the nicest and caring human beings alive today, my taking the opportunity of letting Guy as well as the President know that I might pass through Washington DC on my way to visit with Guy who may not get this email for several weeks given how for all I know he is continuing to sit under a palm tree in the Bahamas content to earn $50 an hour which is substantially less than what I am paying folks to read this “Teaser” that serves as the introduction to this DRAFT RECITAL of the Treason Complaint I am having Annie George hopefully send to the printer today.


Continue to also give thought to if you were the Master Designer of the universe and didn’t want to be bothered with “Playing G-d” and therefore decided to build into the “equation” the entire universe being in “constant” perfect balance always going back time and again to E=mc² as well as Newton’s first principle, for every action-reaction-overreaction there is an equal and opposite action-reaction-overreaction nothing is gained nor is it lost, that you would therefore while working out that there is no such thing as a coincidence, i.e. design everywhere, be able, assuming you were G-d to live the “life of Riley” simply moving pieces of the chess board around in such a manner that at all times everything in one form or another was in “constant check” much like a “stalemate”, repeating itself time and again, just like DNA which is “commanded” to “double” to “replicate faithfully” without every having to throw either mysticism or superstition into the “equation”, aware, however, of my websites and he such including our strong belief that besides for this MASTERcard a “dog is man’s best friend” versus say “A Diamond is Forever-A Girl’s Best Friend”, simply combining all the “negative” cards you would “deal” to those who you grant the “free will” to do as they please which of course would include taking the easy way out, playing victim, thinking it all mighty smart to “attract negative attention” in such a way as described by mathematics, the most precise of “heavenly languages” not forgetting Einstein, a most humble man, refereeing to his Marc Grossman’s “2 c mE” in “reverse” given its awesome, most balanced, explanation of the workings of the entire cosmos as “The Mind of G-d”, such that inevitably when everyone inevitably “gets with the program” i.e. refuses to allow “negative” people to interfere with the rather precise but not necessarily perfect, remember you are G-d, “back and forth” as in Quantum Mechanics where there are no “certainties” just “probabilities”, all that will remain are the “positives” who have mastered the “art” of turning “negatives” in to positives.


Nothing more heartwarming to me at this time than the deafening silence of the folks from the The School of Cooperative Individualism who not only demonstrate while raising the most important debate of our times that they are anything but “independent thinkers” but through their silence that says everything about them being stooges of the “ruling elite” DARING to align themselves with the likes of Tolstoy, giving the masses a false sense of security that there is “open debate”, they send a very clear signal that they are scared out of their minds knowing versus believing their time is up to mention little of the ignoramus Winndy Winn who is also given a platform to indoctrinate the wealthy kids who the elitists know constitute the greatest dangers to the “status quo” showing the extent of his suffering by beginning his most recent email to me with “What do you mean by instructing someone to take me "on more of an educational light journal". This sounds like a coded instruction telling someone to harm me?” incapable of realizing his so transparent “coded instruction” display of explaining why I “saw fit” to take him on an “educational light journey” so that he wont continue to harm whatever little remains of his mind but then “feels” sufficiently good by his “intellectual reasoning” to actually go to the trouble of contacting law enforcement authorities figuring that they wouldn’t be able to decipher how seriously damaged is his logical thought process.


Time to fly.




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At first your e-mail has put me off a bit, as you well know my father took a

certain interest in you?

As well as I, for reasons to remain reasons.


I will have to absorb your e-mail and give thought as to why you would be so

harsh? But, then again maybe you just have some interest in what I am saying

without regard for who it is coming from, ie. me....... to be plan and

simple about it. I have no reason to verbally joust with you only to move

forward in this world.......




Anthony W. Johnston


P.S. this is a world in which we live correct?????




From: Gary S. Gevisser
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Cc: rest; Edward Dodson;; United States Justice Department; FBI; Eliot Spitzer - Attorney General of New York State ; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Robert H. Frank - Profefessor of Economics - Cornell University ; Professor Joe Grundfest - Sanford University - former Chairman of the SEC;;;; Professor Richard Klein -Stanford University;
Subject: RE: Make sense?


My friend,


Let me try and be crystal clear as well as kind and generous…---…