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Sent: Tuesday, January 10, 2006 8:00 PM PT
To: Edward Dodson - The School of Cooperative Individualism
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Ed – did you receive this E-mail sent earlier?


There are SIGNIFICANT numbers of people EXTRAORDINARILY keen to be involved in this “back and forth”, the overwhelming majority choosing to communicate with me letting me know they prefer, for obvious reasons, to be “observers” for the “time being”, particularly those on my one of a kind email list living in the 3rd World who while highly educated are highly suspicious of any “talkative bunch” allowed to “buck the system”.


Let me repeat the ending words of one of your speakers, ALISTAR McCONNACHIE, delivered at the International Union Confererence, Edinburgh University, Scotland, August, 2001 while making note of there being 10 uses of the word monopoly in the speeches given on that day but not once was the name DeBeers thrown in:


"Let me spill the beans about macroeconomics, unvail a truth so brutal that I could only write these words in my final column. Let me tell you as I stand at the door marked EXIT and with the get away car revving up, most of macroeconomics is bunk, bunk as in tosch, bunk as in hopeless and useless and senseless, bunk as in no use. The misleading and the partial and the dated and the subject to revision in pathetic pursuit of truth long gone."

Well, if we could just here that truth from more economists, then we could start we believe to set our economic system on to a more just and certainly a more democratic path. ..--..--…


I remain optimistic that either you, like me are having “network” problems with folks from around the world inundating your email service provider-s or that you are simply waiting for more of a “consensus” from your colleagues before participating in this MOST IMPORTANT “debate” not just of modern times but probably of all times because it goes to the heart of not only where we went wrong, losing our sensitivities, our ability to logically thought process but how easily things can be fixed so long as we are not afraid to face up to the next generation who might feel empowered enough to begin in unison asking us so “highly educated” in the very next instant why we thought them so stupid that they wouldn’t work out our hypocrisy before we “kicked the bucket”, no different to prior generations.


There is no such thing as a generation gap just a credibility gap that is getting bridged at Light-G-D-speed scaring the living daylights out of those who in allowing their formal education to interfere with their learning don’t feel all that well equipped to competetoe to toe” with those not hooked on big government entitlement programs, a cornerstone of today’s western society.


Never before in history has there been a time when all generations cannot escape their lies and laziness, poor excuses rapidly exiting along with all the “small talk”.


You must appreciate by now that while I “come in peace”, hell bent on “pulling out all stops” that would have “independent thinkers” daring to even “think aloud” about getting violent with either the DAAC or their stooges located throughout the pyramid which in the next instant, not could, but would play directly into the hands of the DAAC and all those benefiting the most from the “spoils of war”, I am very mindful of G-d not as well equipped therefore to tell anyone to choose to be so dumb as to not work out on their own that the entire business model of the DAAC is one of distraction and deception getting their so highly educated “informers” to ferment unrest amongst grass roots organizations.


And of course you would know the business of corrupt governments is to prevent grass roots organizations from taking root by infiltrating them at the grass roots level.


Don’t forget as you do your due diligence on me that I spent one week shy of 21 years living in rich communist infested South Africa while very aware of the outside the world, perhaps more so than any other South Africa of my generation, KNOWING versus BELIEVING the awesome evil of this most repressive regime that convinced the world, “A Diamond is Forever-A Girl’s Best Friend.


Consequently, it wasn’t in the least bit difficult for me to adapt to the United States which is the most communist country in the history of the world, “sumthing” [sic] the rest of the world has been trying to tell to our so corrupt United States Congress for “donkey years” but they could care less as they have incredibly while hooking the people on quick everything including quick get rich schemes, to hell with the rest of world inevitably believing our bs, wanting their “slice of the American pie”, got each successive American generation thinking the world revolves around the United States versus say China who has been ever so patient, understanding a little better than us Occidentals that there is not only balance in the universe but what goes around comes around with a vengeance and instead of simply mouthing philosophical words which is something us “highly educated” are so expert at the Chinese people make it their business to implement such sound philosophies without feeling the need to have so many preachers, lawyers and liars.


When last did you see a western organization starting out its day with everyone learning arm-to-arm combat and don’t give me any bull about Israel now all of sudden a western country as Israel and China once again cement their ties, the Jews and the Chinese going back a long time before the Jewish man Marco Polo found synagogues in China.


The failure of each of us “educated” to “nail” the DAAC and in the next instant have to address how it is that we have got so lazy and fearful of the truth, not wanting to educate our children from the start about human population explosion being the mankind of mankind plague, is now coming home to roost.


The bird-flu simply symptomatic of the worlds fixation on “preserving” versus “prevention” which we have brought on ourselves only because of our selfishness, having absolutely nothing to do with either scripture or “good science”.


Most if not all the “science” out there has kept the rich elitists alive just a little longer while the poor and the next generation pay a hefty price of both abject poverty and short lifespans which allows Wall Street to “crow” about the good news of expanding and mostly ignorant human population, is of course something you are pondering very carefully before responding while aware our “back and forth” including the deafening silences are being broadcasted in “real time” at increasingly closer to Light-G-D-Speed.


Time, however, is slowing down dramatically as we begin to feel the effects of what it really means to travel at the awesome speed of light in a vacuum.


The past and the future all come together in the present, the Light-Information-Knowledge just moments in the history of time from being a “constant on”.




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