From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, January 6, 2006 5:54 PM PT
To: Sarah Cooke
Cc: rest; Adam Tucker;; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; Mark Gevisser - The Nation's southern African correspondant; Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki - President of South Africa; United States Justice Department; FBI; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.; Miriam Ross - Survival International
Subject: Food for thought!


Here is a “sumwhat” [sic] cleaned up version of what I sent you earlier, 8 words less than the original, additions in the color green.


Although it is already dark now off on our “race” around the 90 minute loop walk of Noble Canyon bearing in mind how I strongly suggested last evening that my one American programmer Adam Tucker pay attention to the gold trades, gold closing on the New York Mercantile Exchange at $541.20 up sum 4% for the week which again shouldn’t have you in the least bit focused on “making out” by now trading in gold but to go “back and forth” examining my writings not forgetting, however, the “infantile” email I had my wife send the folks over at Monex back on December 31st 2002 when gold was below the $350 troy ounce mark, poised to explode, Marie beginning with,


It seems that Mr. Gevisser might in fact be on to something…


Remember the problems of the world have never, not once, been about race, sex, color, art, or religion only poor parental religious teaching and throughout history a relatively small amount of greedy out of control rapacious individuals who worked hand in hand with the corrupt church who have recently been surpassed by academia, the new corrupt church.


Important to bear in mind that I am not a “gold bug”, not even close, if anything an “art bug” as a future Sperm Donor flies annoyingly around my computer screen.


It is all about the pursuit of truth that brings happiness and the such?


But we have to now stay very focused, the big fly has now been joined by a baby fly, both, however, have made their way to the side of the screen, and now I am remembering that I can touch type even faster when not looking at the screen.


So important that we all understand the very significant role of gold going back to biblical times and then to proceed forward at a blistering pace to realize how but a handful of people have been responsible for the advances in technology that make living today so much easier yet we are very much the same as those wandering Jews who got impatient waiting for Moses who I assume through no fault of his own got held up by G-d?


Alan Greenspan nailed it with his genius essay GOLD AND ECONOMIC FREEDOM back in 1966, spelling out loud and clearly why gold is the only means to preserve wealth in a world gone absolutely stark raving nuts, having allowed its elected and non-elected government officials to simply print money, let alone at a cost significantly higher than the DAAC’s costs to produce their own unlimited supply of untraceable, blah blah.


But guess what?


Today it is even more meaningful now than some 40 years ago when the prick Greenspan was still a young and brilliant man who had not been co-opted-corrupted.


You think I am being too hard on this moron of morons, a little “tTOo” [sic] extreme?


Just wait until I spell out in no uncertain terms the size of my cousin Mark Gevisser’s butt hole and anyone including his gay lover daring to be within a 100 miles radius of this imbecile.


We have today nothing short of EXTREMELY HIGH, totally unacceptable levels of chaos in the markets that could if not “managed” right play directly in to the hands of MG’s DAAC, mafia of mafia family who along with their stooge elitists-pseudo intellectuals as well as tyrants throughout the world CAN ONLY “make out” by thrusting our “best and brightest” in “harms way”.


Again, in war “money is no object”, the young too battle weary, shell-shocked and dead to object.


Bear in mind as I go about pulling out all stops to expose the DAAC interfering with the light that outside of the 1st world that produces SIGNIFICANTly less than the rest of the world, mostly we are pencil-pure carbon-paper pushers who survive almost EXCLUSIVELY by bleeding the next generation dry through out of control real estate speculation where the price like everything else is established by you know who, in the 3rd world they have the “goods and services” to trade just as they always have, just that now they have come “full circle” waking up to the bs of money which is just ONE means of exchange.


For independent thinkers of any age, so long as they have taken care of their bodies, healthy mind-healthy body, this is the time to begin celebrating big time, enjoying every moment of the Sperm Donors out there guiding the next generation of independent thinkers to perfect the skill of typing without looking at the screen AS WELL AS pulling out all stops to give of their best and when that is not enough to do whatever is necessary without for a moment, not a picosecond, of even thinking about resorting to violence, even when evildoers “push their luk” [sic] you must still refrain from being violent, no matter what.


Go back and find a recent email I sent out where I make the point of the DAAC being the “lender of last resort” and then walk into any wholesale-retail diamond-money laundering operation anywhere in the world and I would be happy to join you so long as it doesn’t interfere with my other priorities which include having to clean the 2 oversized windows of our RENTED cliff house in Del Mar, California and simply suggest that the DAAC are the “mafia of mafia”, always remembering to smile at all times, and you can bet your bottom dollar if they haven’t read this communiqué they will not only agree with you but very possibly have a much wider smile on their face.


It shouldn’t be long before I get invited to join this “interesting read” dialogue going on between 30 odd black South Africans all under age 33 which will inevitably lead to other groups I am intimately familiar with all over the world made of mostly of young people realizing they have so much to be thankful for so long as there is someone like George W. Bush in the White House who to his credit has yet to open his big mouth and “cry foul”.


If not now then when? If I am only for myself who am I? If I am not for myself who is for me?




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