From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, January 6, 2006 2:36 PM PT
To:  Sarah Cooke
Subject: ...attac...hed... trading with the enemy...---...RIPPLE EFFECT ON THE STOCK MARKET...SENATOR TED KENNEDY...---...




I have only just finished a very late lunch that included my one and only cappuccino for the day that went down so incredibly well with a delicious cheese and tomato sandwich on toasted whole wheat bread, a change from my usual morning peanut butter and honey, every so often depending upon how late in the day I get up, throwing on top a full teaspoon of very rich Greek yogurt from Trader Joes.


In order to respond to your very thoughtful email I have decided to hold off for a short while in taking our 2 dogs for their mid afternoon walk at our rock home deep in the Cleveland National Forest which is “designed” to “warm up” our 11 year old Maggie who suffers a bit from arthritis for the late afternoon “pull out no stops” blazing fast run on the 90 minute loop walk of Noble Canyon.


And of course I make a point on both our walks and runs since I don’t really care that much for running unless it is along “interesting” paths not only being alongside but enjoying every moment when I take the lead well aware that even then both dogs are the ones really in control?


It should be apparent by now that there are other things I could be doing with my time including sending both dogs not to the pound but to the slaughter house where I would be assured of the very best price especially for Pypeetoe[1] as I provide not only his incredibly impressive genealogy but a good number of butcher bills[2] I have kept from when I got him from his breeder in early 2002 when he was just 6 months old right around the time I had my wife get her very carefully thought through will[3] signed back on January 3rd when the share price of Vivendi, the French water multinational conglomerate, began a 280 day precipitous $63 billion odd market value decline.


You can only begin to imagine how I was smiling from ear to ear when I heard Warren “BO” Buffet, the big time insurance crook, but nothing short of godly to conscienceless investors around the world, broadcasting, “Between the next 10 minutes and 50 years there is the certainty of either a terrorist nuclear or biological bomb going off in one of our major cities” thinking that the possibility existed if I kept my head low to be around to witness such an event which, now remember, I was breathing in the incredible culture of the Peruvians who have managed to “mix in” rather well their Inka culture with that of the Romans who you know by now morphed into the Roman Catholic Church, the Inka’s you should also know never got around to inventing the wheel making up for it by their descendants having the most awesomely powerful legs, such a “definitive” statement having not even a ripple effect on the stock market, talking to how extraordinarily “brainne dead” [sic] are all the peoples of the world, thank G-d, since what if in fact everyone was like me able to take such very easy to understand data and run without the use of either a computer or hand calculator a couple of scenarios bearing in mind just 2 thoughts.


First, what if people just decided to enjoy themselves with good art, good food, and great sex given how the world would essentially come to an end not in 50 years, remember this genius mathematician-investor-professor of economics said, “between 10 minutes…” which could mean it might have already happened but we are simply too brain dead to figure it out, such poor logical thought processing is what I am in fact pointing out, pointing to it very likely that such an event would occur mostly likely within 5 years from early 2002 making not only the population growing out of control starting to “drop off” precipitously but in that same instant of figuring this all out has the world’s stock markets grinding to a screeching halt which actually covers my second point.


Let me though run the risk of insulting your intelligence in which case just ask me for a bigger tip when I next see you.


When you look at the over the top share prices of public corporations they are that way based on a certain level of “predictability” about the future, the first being that the masses will forever stay ignorant and despite us elitists, especially on the left talking about the importance of education blah, blah, the last thing in the world we want is for our slave laborers to stop populating out control not just those in China and India and not just across the southern border in Mexico, and not just north over in Canada where our Canadian brothers and sisters so obviously lack enough sunlight but our slave laborers here doing the work that none of us wants to do who thank G-D are ever so peaceful and patient, so distracted have we become about a number of things as we simply grab as quickly as much of the “shiny things” before exactly what?


Well the first thing is that very likely doomsday scenario.


The second, much more likely, is that much sooner than BO and his moron supporters would like to happen, the masses thanks to missives such as this will get the picture, and worst of all Wall Street will get the “big picture” that their over the top share prices of public corporations is very much a thing of the past even BEFORE the ignorant masses actually stop breeding like rabbits, prepared to die like flies.


Remember now just two things. The first is that public corporations have what is referred to as a “fiduciary responsibility” to disclose all “material facts” and the fact that the Securities Exchange Commission has not enforced such important laws goes to the heart of my ever so peaceful Revolution of Revolutions where the masses will very shortly just be able to kick back and wait for the elitists amongst us who I am doing a pretty good job of exposing, wouldn’t you agree, come to the bargaining table and agree to my-our terms of “unconditional total surrender” and in the next instant not only will we have the possibility of giving peace a “better chance” but the only chance to stave off Armageddon.


Remember as well it is all about “Preservation of LONG life and limb” just for the filthy rich expert at trickling down the costs of them getting richer on to the backs of the poor increasingly poor but increasingly smarter thanks again to missives such as this, increasingly understanding why the greatest philosophers of all time while not always in agreement, not even close, happen to all agree that once giving back the lands to all the peoples of the world only then can you begin to make inroads on curtailing our greed that is exacerbated the more of us there happen to be.


To be or not to be stupid is a choice each and every one of us must make now, not tomorrow or the day thereafter because again, although I disagree strongly with Warren Buffets choice of words given how I know versus believe it was all designed to deceive the investing public while getting a taxpayer financed bailout from the so corrupt United States Congress, he is 100% correct that the path we are on right now is totally suicidal unless we do just a handful of relatively benign interim measures before we can have a permanent peace and the first is to suspend the trading of shares in public corporations, such matters I am not only expert about but matters I have thought through to the very last detail including how the maids of stock brokers are going to feed their families in places like Mexico who cannot miss a single paycheck.


Again, such matters I will spell out in more detail in due course.


And there you were beginning to think I would if I wasn’t talking about taking Pypeetoe who is much more well known in not so dull but very corrupt Del Mar than me, remembering it was just 8 weeks after I got him that we went on our first overseas trip to Machu Picchu, Peru that I would run out of material to write about but within a moment you would have figured out assuming no one is really interested in what I have to say about money and the preservation of wealth that so long as my wife doesn’t read my emails I can talk about her and her busy lifestyle until the cows come home?


BTW it is just possibly that my out of this world beautiful and unimaginably sexy French Canadian, Client-Partner-Wife, Marie Dion Gevisser just the other evening saved the life of a young very drunk man who got thrown out of the back of pickup truck when he and his friends were fooling around taking the turn onto 11th Street from Highway 101 just south of the Board N Brew, using her awesome, powerful-skier-rollerblade-full-on-tackle rugby legs to keep the man who was bleeding profusely from his ears, nose and mouth from drowning in his own blood, the pouring rain no doubt adding to the drama as his blood washed away brain particles, all streaming down the road passing by our RENTED cliff house, into the concrete gutter before entering the very poorly engineered draining system that now empties, without any filtering from the rock and sand of the cliffs, directly into the surf where young kids like our JoNathan every so often have to take a pee in their wetsuits than miss out on what in recent times has been the most amazing surf conditions that you would think helps clean out the Pacific “Oshon” [sic] which I think you would agree is essentially our outhouse much like Europe’s Mediterranean Sea?


So proud was I for him the other day as he made his way down the stairs of this one of a kind amazingly built elevated studio house, large one car garage, Carriage House essentially a 5+++ star bedroom suit with the greatest view imaginable when considering the panoramic view we have of the Pacific ocean framed by “tTOo” [sic] of the grandest most spectacular Monterey Pines, to go back into the bathroom to hang up his wetsuit without having to be told.


By now you should have figured out that a SIGNIFICANT part of the “method to my madness” is to have everyone work out for themselves without bothering me what it is precisely their reason for being here and again all one needs to do even if one doesn’t subscribe to a “higher authority” just someone possibly smarter to think how such an “entity” would go about designing a puzzle that would bring out both the best and worst of people simultaneously?


Remember now we know based on Einstein’s “2 c mE” [To see mE] in “reverse” that there is balance everywhere in the entire cosmos as well as at the subatomic level and everywhere in between and prior to the “discovery” of “Relativity” there was Newton’s principle for every action-reaction-overreaction there is an equal and opposite action-reaction-overreaction nothing is gained nor is lost, bearing in mind E=mc² is not only the most balanced equation known to man given its extraordinary precise computations of the workings of the cosmos but Special-General Relativity explains, proven time and again in one direct experiment after the next, the workings of pretty much the entire cosmos, which ever so humble Einstein correctly, in my humble but seasoned opinion, referred to as the “Mind of G-D”.


So why is it that we have so many “controlling people” like the evil of evil Sperm Donor who obviously don’t “believe” in “G-d” yet you hear the word “God” used all the time whether it be by Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, atheist, or godly doctor extremists, somehow G-d, however one spells this “higher authority’s” name always managers to “enter the equation” especially when things get a little “tTOo” [sic] chaotic.


Now I know very probably a little more than the average Blow Joe getting a university degree from the 3rd world crappy University of Natal, Durban, South Africa about stuff like SGR, Quantum Mechanics and Chaos Theory as well as how they all fit “to-get-her” [sic] in what was Einstein’s pursuit of a


Unified theory

For the inner workings

Of the universe


Taking, however, all mysticism and superstition out of the equation simply applying science and mathematics at the highest levels, but what I am truly expert at, more importantly what interests me the most and at the same time scares the living daylights out of the top echelons of the elitists scattered all around the world is my unique and universal “risk assessment” services that I am painstakingly and methodically spelling out to people such as yourself who have yet to be co-opted-corrupted by the system, bearing in mind one man’s system is another mans’ corruption.


May I suggest you hold back on any further questions until such time as I have finished the most recent heavily broadcasted Next Symposium to my one American programmer, Adam Tucker which I began to follow up on not just with this communiqué but all those that came subsequently, while noticing a thread between each of my broadcasted communiqués.


Again if you were designing a puzzle of the universe and knowing how much each of us thinks we are “know it all” not wanting to be told what to do and how to do it, becoming so resentful and jealous of everyone including family members and neighbors, instead as you would expect from a “master designer” leaving it up to each of us to be players in a puzzle containing lots of distractions including big “DAAC” [sic] holes.


I don’t expect you to contact, at least not yet, my scumbag cousin Mark Gevisser in South Africa to find out how he can possibly expect to dig himself out of the big hole he dug for himself, this asshole of assholesfall from grace” beginning in fact well before his recent choice of 2 words, “from them” in what to most observers was a rather innocuous email MG sent Tefo back on April 13th.


Once, however, you get your “arms around” the SIGNIFICANCE of MG’s choice of words and “merge” them with the EXTRAORDINARYpower money” of the DAAC you will have as close as it gets to unlock the secrets if not of the universe certainly the “real world” that we live in.


If in fact MG is correct about his family being “distant” from the rest of the Gevisser family as his so EXTRAORDINARILY telling email suggests, then it begs the question of not only who is in control of prolific author-journalist MG’s increasing midget sized brain but what precisely has his father, David Gevisser NOT ONLY been doing “for a living” since his major benefactor American Charles Engelhard, the mineral richest man in the world was murdered back in early 1971 at which time DG received a “tax free-offshore cash advance” of $6 million BUT WHO precisely was DG working for when he was a very senior executive of ACME TIMBER one of “my” family’s THE MOSHAL GEVISSER GROUP OF COMPANIES?


Bear in mind that while both MG’s grandfather, Morris Gevisser, and my grandfather Israel Issy Gevisser were the co-founders of this rather SIGNIFICANT public multinational trading company that first attracted CE who was much more than in control of the world’s platinum market, at the time of the sale of Moshal Gevisser which occurred around the time of CE’s murder, Morris Gevisser was long dead and Issy Gevisser had the “control block” of shares of Moshal Gevisser, my paternal grandfather, however, getting hoodwinked while on a trip to the Orient by what my side of the family believed to be his second wife in cahoots with Moshal Gevisser’s Chief Executive Officer, Sol “Little King” Moshal who was the uncle of DG, the Little King like CE having only daughters and no male heirs and who like CE considered DG his “blue eyed boy” to mention little of the Anglos of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel who orchestrated the murder of CE[4] for “sum” [sic] reason going along with my uncle’s not exactly stellar “operating” skills.


I just threw at you a whole bunch of names but once you put them down on a piece of paper and keep going back and froth, starting out reading carefully the homepage of that just yesterday got a SIGNIFICANT update, to then reread MG’s comments coupled with the fact that MG is writing a very important history book on South Africa which when once again “merged” with his side of the family’s extraordinary close relationship with the DAAC not to forget that CE was an “open supporter” of the South African Apartheid regime and couple that with CE the co inventor-conspirator along with the Anglo Harry Oppenheimer of the Diamond Invention, CE responsible for dishing out the necessary favors to each of the 3 branches of the United States Government who were guaranteed to provide the DAAC a continuous stream of “free passes” to produce their unlimited supply of untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried diamond currency that in a nutshell makes each and every piece of financial data produced by the United States Government and the such going back to before the outbreak of the World War I nothing short of gobbledygook, if that doesn’t begin to at least take your breath away then again I suggest you simply sit tight, eat healthy, exercise not necessarily regularly but rather like me “randomly” which makes it a little more interesting as it facilitates constantly having to “coordinate” the mind which is a terrible thing to lose with our equally ingeniously designed bodies.


The puzzle of life is really not all that complicated but most important to keep it interesting.


In conclusion you will notice a couple of things.


First I blew past my commitment not write an email of more than 1421 words but I can assure you that not a single individual-group currently engaged in a “dialogue” with me is going to beat me over the head with this “faux paux” given how there is not a single person at this time “dialoguing” with me who has not attempted communicating with my cousin MG to get him to appreciate I now “own” him and his equally disgusting father as well as each and every individual-group continuing to align themselves with these most evil of human beings and that of course includes Senator Ted Kennedy who knew the instant he received news of CE’s murder that he, like both his assassinated brothers, was going to have to eat the most incredible crow by attending the church funeral of CE but again not doing quite as poorly as the masses here in the United States so hooked on big government entitlement programs, their welfare checks within moments if things don’t get fixed being worth considerable less than toilet paper.


Rather important why those who know the “essence of Judaism” which is not “Do unto your neighbor as you would want done unto yourself and the rest is commentary” not even close, but who consider themselves so godly as to be ruling over the common man choose well before their last breath to be buried in a church.


Without the church there would be no poor and without the poor there would be no church serving principally the interests of elitists who church officials have always understood fully ever since “stealing” Christendom, have no different to church officials not an ounce of spirituality flowing through their veins.


It has now been 2 days since I made mention of former members of Israel’s most elite Special Forces commando unit “huddling” going through their “black books” seeing which of their Hollywood clients would be the first to get behind producing my DAAC blockbuster movie and while of course there is a taint of humor to all this those who know me better than you understand perfectly well there is a very deadly serious element to all this.


Such extraordinarily “street smart” individuals each and every one of them, just take my word for it, while in their 30s beyond a shadow of a doubt in better shape both mentally and physically than the best of the best Special Forces currently operating “behind enemy lines” throughout the world and that includes their younger brothers in the same or similar units in Israel given the SIGNIFICANT changes that have occurred on the battlefield as intelligence leaks have begun interfering even amongst the most secret of Israel’s special forces, to mention little of the decision just hours ago by Israel’s Intelligence Central Command to let the media know that the deputy prime minister of Israel taking over from Sharon was now being “briefed” on Israel’s highly secretive intelligence gathering units positioned throughout the world.


The greed factor is one, however, the State of Israel has probably been aware of more so than other country given how it is surrounded by our tyrants who make no bones about their desire to see all us Jewish-Independent thinking-people hanging in Europe’s toilet and consequently such “disclosures” which amount to a whole bunch of gobbledygook come as no surprise to those of “us” rather well informed who don’t as you would have guessed by now need to place INFORMERS WANTED ads in newspapers around the world were the goal to gain “competitive advantage” over the next person principally interested in making another buck.


May I lastly suggest as you finish off working the lunch hour, head home, my knowing that your boss would only fire you were he to think it would have you work with me full time, that you attempt editing this script, my agreeing to pay you $25 an hour unless you choose to do it for more or less just so long that it is understandable to everyone on the SDSU campus as I now head out the door of our most magnificent rock home that even before we bought it served as the home of a well-to-do very caring physician and his wife but my incredible wife has since created an environment that is only matched by the acts of G-D-Nature taking place in clear view of the 360 degree view we have of the outside on this another most extraordinarily warm and sunny day in the middle of winter, the only thing I am needing to do is to replace a relatively noisy refrigerator that interferes with the “calls of G-D-Nature”.


Stay curious,




[Word count 3800]



From: Sarah Cooke
Sent: Friday, January 06, 2006 12:18 AM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: RE: FW: links in your document - attached... TRADING WITH THE ENEMY...---...


I responded to one of your e mails.  I have read some of your e mails and am very curious is to what exactly you do.  You have some very interesting insight into some aspects of our very american society.  I am an SDSU student sponging up knowledge where ever possible.  I am curious as to what you do because it is also very hard to understand to format of your e mails ( ie.  with the links or highlighted lettering).




From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, January 05, 2006 10:21 PM
To: Sarah Cooke
Subject: RE: FW: links in your document - attached... TRADING WITH THE ENEMY...---...



When did you send me an email or did you leave a message on my cell phone?


Can you please repeat your message.



From: Sarah Cooke
Sent: Thursday, January 05, 2006 10:03 PM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: Re: FW: links in your document - attached... TRADING WITH THE ENEMY...---...




You did not reply to my last message, But I am very curious as to what you do exacty.   I am the girl who worked at Board n Brew and revised one your papers.  Your response would help me understand the format of your e mails and the purpose. 





"Gary S. Gevisser" <> wrote:




From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, January 5, 2006 7:51 PM PT
To: Adam Tucker
Cc: rest; Ageorge; Paul van Eeden;; United States Justice Department;; FBI
Subject: FW: links in your document - attached... TRADING WITH THE ENEMY...---...


[1] Pypeetoe is seen in the previous hyperlink relaxing back February 27th 2002 on the bed at our Japanese style hotel in Lima, Peru, preparing for our later round of golf at the top of Machu Picchu.

You will notice in the second photo in the “Pypeetoe” hyperlink, above the “golf” photo, a group photo that includes Pypeetoe and me as well as the Israeli ambassador to Peru, all of us getting together for a mutual Israeli friend’s book signing, A Guide to the Birds of Peru.

[2] $88 price tag, without taxes and tip for one of Pypeetoe’s Porterhouse steaks at Rainwater’s in downtown San Diego, a watering hole that principally caters to the neavou riche movers and shakers of San Diego including 1,000 pound gorillas like Bill Lerach Esq. of Milberg-Weiss Lerach former clients of mine.

[3] The least original part of MDG’s will but one that troubles a number of people including her “tTOo” [sic] children’s Sperm Donor is the last point before the signatures which reads, “Should anyone challenge my will they will forfeit any monies and/or personal property which I have designated to them and those monies and/or properties will go to the benefit of Gary Gevisser and/or his heirs” bearing in mind “tTOo” [sic] things:

The first that in the process of collapsing into a heap of tears back on October 24th 2002 in a criminal court proceeding in Superior Court in downtown San Diego, the Sperm Donor and his Money Talks lawyer-liar, Mr. George Hurst Esq. placed as an exhibit this will which they got off my proprietary database that had not only my wife who was seated next me squeezing my hand so hard that the blood prior to blasting to my head bypassed my penis but also smiling from ear to ear was my attorney Mr. James C. Ashworth who like me saw not simply big time bucks but the opportunity to milk such an extraordinary imbecilic act until Kingdom Come to mention little of the most unbelievable explanation Hurst gave Judge Hendrix to explain not WHY but HOW he and his dumb of dumb clients, still a practicing pathologist at Sharp Memorial Hospital San Diego, managed to work out how to “break and enter” my database.

Second, that named in MDG’s will are others like the Sperm Donor where money is the embodiment of who they are and while MDG has designated for such trash the trashiest of her artwork which she did when first starting out more than 7 years ago with the great master painter professor Sebastian Capella such works which I have made a point of peeing on when they have at one time or another been placed in the toilet area could still be worth a whole lot more than these folks’ entire retirement funds which even if fully invested in gold stocks and not gold bullion which is difficult to store even if you are like the Sperm Donor holding on to every word I say could very possibly have me or those I designate in “command and control” of those mining companies mining on lands that belong to all the peoples of the world, bearing in mind that the Sperm Donor has very possibly at this point pulled out all the rotting wiring in his mold infested big 3 story house that MDG felt forced to abandon given the pigsty the Sperm Donor was so comfortable to surround himself in while managing however to make a point when visiting MDG’s much more subdued and homely abode in a much poorer section of Del Mar to consistently go into the bathroom taking out his shalong that thank G-d only G-D knows for sure where it has been deposited, the Sperm Donor certainly not remembering, bearing in mind that the Sperm Donor is now on to at least his 3rd marriage and only liars need good memories which of course becomes impossible as you cannot keep track of all the lies beginning with the first lie, not to forget you might have read about how poorly the animals under the Sperm Donor’s care have been treated over the years, back to the point of his poor breeding that would have the Sperm Donor without bothering to lift the toilet seat pee all over the place and of course given his extraordinary poor eyesight I would knowing this disgusting specimen is a creature of poor habits lay around the toilet area which included on occasion the ceiling some of these trashy works of art that he stands to inherit, such a very carefully thought through will which I will be explaining later in more detail designed to protect both the spouse as well as the children from over controlling parents both in this lifetime, as it helps mitigate the risks of murder and/or incapacitation and the such, as well as when the spouse eventually dies given how there is always also the possibility that such a will which I first began thinking about at the time of my paternal grandfather’s death, Issy Gevisser leaving the most miniscule estate which served to only invigorate me to make the most of his most awesomely good name, could be changed at a later date if everyone named in the will decided to not only make amends but never again get up to mischief.


[4] You will notice the conspicuous absence of Charles Engelhard’s name from Harry Oppenheimer’s memorial website.