From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, January 05, 2006 1:12 PM PT
To: Tefo
Cc: rest Mark Gevisser - The Nation's southern African correspondant; United States Justice Department; Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki - President of South Africa;; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention;;; Trevor Manuel - South Africa's Minister of Finance
Subject: RE: suggestion...---...44...832673748...---...


Sounds right.


Bear in mind the flowchart suggested in this email sent months back to Leo and the gang was intended to spark each of us to do exactly as you suggest?


Go for it and what you will inevitably see in the “intersection”, displayed from dark to light those with the “blackest of hands” who I am painstakingly and methodically pointing out, and their “correlation” with those currently responsible for the most telling deafening silences.


Each of us young and old, rich and poor, sex starved and otherwise happy, can now for the very first time in the history of our species really make a difference and contribute positively our “art” and begin teaching the next generation beginning with why precisely the previous generation failed repeatedly to teach the truth, limiting their power by limiting their knowledge.


Why wait a moment longer to pick up the phone and make one call to South Africa, country code, 44 - 0832673748  to “change history” forever from repeating itself.


We have to start somewhere with changing the “status quo” if we have a hope in hell of giving peace one last chance and why not South Africa by making certain those, first of all with the biggest mouths, up to now equipped exclusively with the biggest guns, never again write the history books?


And in calling to task my cousin Mark Gevisser writing the all important autobiography of Thabo Mbeki, South Africa’s current stooge President, beginning the “dialogue” by simply asking this one of still considerable number of slimeballs, the simple questions:


What do you know and when did you know about your father’s close relationship with the American Charles Engelhard, an ‘open supporter’ of the South African Apartheid regime that ruled beginning in 1948, aided and abetted, by the United States Congress and the such over the enslaved, tortured and murdered masses of South Africans and the such with a diamond studded iron fist that continues to this day to mention little of it rather dumb, wouldn’t you agree for CE who quite obviously had got too full of himself having built in to his “cost of goods”  the “cost of getting caught”, his focus of attention the United States Congress and the White House, versus his Anglo partner, Harry Oppenheimer who focused on the Brits, to end up being mindless and so opening up his big mouth so extraordinarily wide letting of all people a big mouth like author like Ian Fleming know how the DAAC were planning on remaining in command and control of all the big guns by shipping gold bullion in the form of gold statues out of South Africa destination Hong Kong given the DAAC’s concern that the Diamond Invention was on its “last legs”, pure folly to rely on entitlement hooked north Americans to keep going along indefinitely with the so bought and paid for United States Congress granting the DAAC one free pass after the next to engineer-manufacture-distribute their exclusive unlimited supply of untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried diamond currency that beginning in the mid 1950s was being produced in machines and using such “cost free” currency as actual currency as well as “collateral” to every so often have one of their DAAC operatives dress up in a monkey suit, walk into a financial institution where they were not in “command and control”, required to comply with all the banking laws including money laundering laws the DAAC had painstakingly put in place in each and every legal jurisdiction while making certain at the same time on each and every main street there was a DAAC wholesale-retail diamond-money laundering operation,  and then in their Queen’s English-Bostonian accents ask ever so politely, never even daring to lower their eyes to the cleavage of someone like Girlie to borrow monies making it look like the only difference between them and the rest of the clowns just trying to get by in this world just upon a smile and then “sum” [sic] having a bit of fun in their miserable lives?”


But of course you would know the DAAC have a very good read of history given how they have in fact been the ones writing the history books to know that neither the United States nor Great Britain or for that matter all those hooked on big government entitlement programs would ever be able to dig themselves out of the big hole dark hole and consequently would focus their attention should they be given enough time on the peoples of China who only sleep when having sex?


You would know it is not a good thing to crap on your own doorstep and yet the Mediterranean Sea has become Europe’s toilet?


You would also know that Chinese would know better than to even consider for a picosecond diamonds to be works of art?


What goes around comes around but with a vengeance, 1421 The Year China Discovered America was not the center of the universe, not even close?


I can understand you are not very fond of your cousin Gary Steven Gevisser, no strike that, all you can think of is having sex with him where he is the recipient but can you possibly put aside all the “small talk” and give me your honest opinion on his ability to “compute” beginning with wouldn’t you think it is neat that he was the first possibly in the history of our species to notice that there is a finite set of numbers which when added or multiplied result in the same number, an excellent example the 4 digits 1421 which when added or multiplied result in the same awesome number 8.


And then when you look at his “back and forth” with your much closer relations at Codiam Inc. who operate as a significant wholesale diamond-money laundering front for the DAAC that began 11/11 of 2004 at 3:26 PM Pacific Standard Time and ended on  December 15th would you say those communications have more to do with you all being upset with your very peaceful cuzzie, happy as lark, some much time on his hands, married to the most beautiful and sexiest woman that has ever lived than him calling you and your disgustingly filthy rich father the buffoons of buffoons uglier than the ugliest of apes ever witnessed in the wild or for that matter in a zoo in a place like Timbuktu?


Please forgive me for repeating verbatim just one more time that rather important last communication to the son of Stephen Cohen, President of Codiam Inc.


Leon hi – I am getting closer to nailing down Attorney General Spitzer, it helping tho if I could get your feedback on at least chapter 18 of the Diamond Invention that Charles Engelhard the co-conspirator with the Oppenheimers in the Diamond Invention, “arranged for Oppenheimer to buy a controlling interest in his far-flung empire, since he had no male heirs to take over.” Have u met our mutual cousin David Gevisser?




Tefo, again such matters and the such I will be addressing more in my follow up to Adam Tucker who earlier placed up the all important, Help Balance the World. Contact Us. on the homepage of


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From: Tefo
Sent: Thursday, January 05, 2006 5:50 AM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: suggestion




Don't you think that a "chart" of how all / most organisations link back to THE DAAC to illustrate that most / if not all people are living on hand-outs from the DAAC.