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Time, 2nd cousin, to wake up and smell the coffee?


You of course must recall the Gipsy Coffee and Tea company, one of The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies?


Once you get off your hands and knees giving me first 4200 pushups followed by 3600 sit-ups and smelling your dirty tochas each and every time, go ahead and dial our mutual cousin author-journalist Mark Gevisser and just use this post as a guideline.


Click on this hyperlink for his cell phone number and I assume he is visiting with his father David Gevisser at their home in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.


You remember my Royal Mater who for many years was on the back of Post Grape Nut cereal boxes showing South African women all the various exercise routines to stay in shape; head up and down when giving head, shoulders back when lying with legs spread-eagled always willing to accept in payment an American Gold Eagle, stomach in and buttocks tightened especially if you find yourself like Steve Biko in the South African Secret Police’s custody and just before accidentally dying getting a Lilly White Wheater Cop on the beat to bone you up the ass?


I am taking all FOOLS NAMES, FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES including yours and now kicking ass big time, focusing mostly on morons such as yourself who don’t know when to “shut the fcuk up” [sic] versus the more intellectually honest elitists encouraging intellectual midgets such as yourself to step up to the plate to distract the masses from their inevitable day of reckoning, like how about today, this instant?


Time for you to go easy on the coffee and use the time more productively to let us know exactly what it is that you do for a living that affords you such a presence on The Internet, yet for “sum” [sic] reason I notice that you, a man who obviously understands both business and money have failed to address the so important question for the next generation who have all the answers,


Who else besides for OUR DAAC [DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel] family, the mafia of mafia benefited SIGNIFICANTLY from financing the stooge Hitler’s business plan, Mein Kampf?


I-we look forward to your next move.


Ps – I assume from your email address that you possibly own British Telecom or are at least its “control shareholder” given how much leisure time you have on your hands and might therefore be able to assist in tracking those folks who derive great satisfaction taking my cell phone number 1-858-735-6398 [SEL-NEXT] as their “caller ID” to then scare the living daylights out people who think it is me threatening them with their lives?


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Gary, 2nd cousin, PLEASE remove me from your mailing list. I have no

interest in your email discussions whatsoever and it is becoming an annoying

habit to receive your emails on a daily basis.

Thanks and best wishes,



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