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Also watch carefully the trading of gold. The only website I can suggest you look at is this Kitco that “spotlights” this character Paul van Eeden.


Kitco, however, only gives you the last trade price which is a “far cry” from the data that is being “shared” with me from around the world which for me to share with anyone even someone like yourself who I know if I ask not to trade can be relied to stick to your word would be the same as if Marc “Trading with the enemy” Rich were to “go public” with why Bill Clinton at the 11th hour and 59th minute of his presidency decided to give this traitor a Presidential Pardon.


Suffice to say I have already explained some of that data I believe in an email I sent Mr. Nathan Brown who just happened to come across on the Internet my name associated with artist painter Reg Gammon which you can read about should you be able to click on the “Trading with the enemy” hyperlink.


In due course I will be following up with the email I sent you yesterday at about the same time Ariel Sharon, Israel’s Prime Minister suffered another stoke and according to the New York Times is still “fighting for his life.”


No future email will be more than 1421 words.


No one who hasn’t attempted reaching Mark Gevisser should bother emailing me again unless of course it is just to provide me with “raw data”, not expecting a response.


I am in the process of changing my “internal clock” to Hong Kong time.


This painting you see in the background to this photo of Devin Standard wearing a bloodied glove of a fighter is one painted by Sebastian Capella which I have mentioned previously caused nothing short of a revolution in Spain; the Supreme Court of Spain eventually reacting to the outcry of the masses outraged by socialist elitists who had in building themselves a monument desecrated a coliseum in Sebastian’s home town of Sagunto in northern Spain built some 200 years before Christ.


Again, I will be continuing this “discourse” in due course.


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Gary, I was out for several hours...I don't want to click on the links

again, because several of the pdfs have given me problems, and cause me

to shut down my computer... Not all the pdfs, but several of them...A.


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Without clicking on the one that gave you problems, can you tell me which ones you are still having a problem viewing?