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Subject: RE: Make sense?


My friend,


Let me try and be crystal clear as well as kind and generous.


I have not the slightest doubt you believe everything you say.


Second, I have not the slightest doubt that if it turns out just halfway true and that you are "dead wrong" about this software product "might" but in fact WILL "change the world" and even then lets cut the prospects in half but not less than 50%, so that at least half of the world assuming we are generous is going to end up "filthy rich"?


So you now have a good idea why I am not very excited although my dogs are anxious to go out for their mid-afternoon walk.


Then again, you like most while paying increasing attention to my writings, blown away by my "prescient timing" remain "sumwhat" [sic] in the DAAC not really knowing what exactly is going on, thinking that if you come to me with a proposition, make it "interesting" without going "over board" I will very possibly give up of my precious time, which you know perfectly well, is in all probability based on your own "assessment" of my rather unique and universal "risk assessment" skills, increasingly feeling that I might in fact have more of a "godly influence" than the rest so extraordinarily self-absorbed, to the point that not only would I not be distracted from the important task of fully implementing the solutions to solve all the problems of the world but have you come along for the ride while still having you think about the important issue of what to do about those less than 50% of the human population who we may choose not to be so generous with?


BTW, Gold last traded at $548.80 an ounce, you think how enough for this Tim character to get me a 1,000 email addresses before midnight tonight?


Make sense?




Ps - Did you notice that the most likely “communist” folks from The School of Cooperative Individualism appear to have “short-circuited”, following the decision by Ed Dodson, one of their own, not so much FAILING to get to me but to have been so “quick” in agreeing to participate with me on the most important debate of possibly all time, other than the other subject matter, “G-D does NOT exist” they don’t want to debate?


So tell me now exactly what you think while giving thought to the story your late Dad told me in your presence how when his father, the President of Chemical Bank, and advisor extraordinaire to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, died, the founder of JC Penny gathered around your father and the rest of your grandfather’s children to let them know how when no one else would loan him money to start JC Penny your grandfather “stepped up to the plate” and did the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing and then wrote the book from Lamp Liter to…                                                                        


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Subject: RE: Make sense?


Yes it does.




I have some information regarding a company that wants to go public that has

a software product that might just change the world and how the internet is

used in the process. Sound interesting ?





From: "Gary S. Gevisser"

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Subject: Make sense?

Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 20:39:14 -0800


Does the following make sense to you:


Predictability of uncertainty, critical for stable markets, increasingly

"chaotic" as information travels at Light-G-D-Speed exposing the DAAC's

interference with light, acting G-D like, controlling the money supply

through no cost diamond currency.