From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Saturday, January 14, 2006 3:26 PM PT
To: Denga Ramuedzisi
Cc; rest; Dr. Fred Foldvary; Edward Dodson; United States Justice Department; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Mary Valder - Trilateral Commission; FBI;; Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki - President of South Africa;; Robert H. Frank - Profefessor of Economics - Cornell University; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention
Subject: ...US Congress...insist... DAAC....GET RID OF...DEBT AT ZERO COST...---....




I could be compliant with your request which quite frankly surprised me given how folks at one of the less than a handful of accounting-“audirting” [sic] firms remaining simply providing the investing public a false sense of security are increasingly anxious, no longer in a position tTOo” [sic] hold back the rising tide of increasing numbers of folks tired of blood, overpriced bubble gum and mums who have run out of poor excuses.


Please note the lack of a question mark at the end of the last paragraph, not even bothering to toss in the words “in my opinion” which any schooled lawyer-liar would strongly suggest so as to “protect” oneself should an organization such as yours




using a stooge like jewelry dealer Windy Winn decide to go the lawsuit route making the false claim that I was stating something as a “fete a compli” without sufficient proof.


And of course as you pull out all stops to give more thought to A) the DAAC Treason Complaint fast drawing to a completion although we may hold back on delivering this epic class action of class actions far more SIGNFICANT than what the revolutionaries of the French Revolution handed Louis and his Queen Maria Antoinette given how painstakingly and methodically this impossible to defeat movement of the independent thinking masses not close to being dumb enough to resort to violence has been thought through as well as methodically executed and B), the panhandlers working in conjunction with high class prostitutes educating banking customers on the joke of trusting bankers in their pin striped suits sitting behind fancy desks, you are smiling as much as WW which is a whole lot less than the boys and girls at the very top of the pyramid who now have all the “confirmation” and you would know being such a diligent audirtor of the utter bs of “confirmation of receivables, they have been looking for that they simply cannot trust their stooges such as the “tTOo” [sic] of you to always “play by the book”.


While using layers of corporate veils and all sorts of veiled threats along with confirming totally fictitious assets used by the ruling elite to give the masses a “comfort level” that there are “checks and balances” in place even for those who make up the rules that allow for the creation of fictitious assets that go “hand in hand” when allowing a monopoly to produce at zero cost its own unlimited supply of untraceable, lightweight, never once inventoried diamond currency, this most deceitful ACT of Lawmakers creating for their puppeteers, i.e. the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel nothing less than a Perpetual Money Making Machine geared to keep those such as yourself, the squeakiest of the downtrodden, “towing the line, now this instant suffering horribly from your “deficit needs”, so afraid of losing your ill-gotten gains, worst of all not knowing who to trust, knowing, however, that you are being watched like never before.


The top echelon elitists in distancing themselves from the “common man” along with the fact that with the extraordinary relative peace the world is experiencing, thanks in great measure to our so godly inspired President, the most honorable George W. Bush and his stellar administration who are doing more than simply “going with the flow” as Knowledge-Information-Light in traveling at Light-G-D-Speed has in fact reached “critical mass” amongst the hard working poor, increasingly incapable of getting the likes of you and WW to “shut the f… up”.


You were not alone in being surprised by how I went about “pulling the plug” on Mr. Ed who responded almost instantly with, “Picked up my children yesterday and havum for the week so no way to go to del mar then finding the time to respond with,  Cannot do .. TOO BUSY” to this E-mail I sent immediately thereafter to this beautiful young lady with the most wonderful name Kellie.


I know enough about a number of things including the outrageous laws which we must all follow given how we and we alone are responsible for choosing to be ignorant and lazy, to know that there is sufficient evidence out there in the public domain, forget the personal knowledge I have that lends significant credibility to the ABSOLUTE FACTS that accountants such as you provide nothing short of smokescreens for the biggest crooks in the world who you allow to build into their cost of sales, the cost of getting caught.


I am well aware that you like others while able to afford on occasion fancy cufflinks and an expensive bottle of wine to impress your date when your intellect fails you, are, nevertheless increasingly ill-equipped to engage me in “open debate” and will inevitably resort as you have done previously to using foul language followed by weak humor in an attempt to get me off your back.


But today it is a very different world then it was even when you last told me “f… off” given how I have not only entered the most important debate of this century, but I have got those top dogs of academia, the new corrupt church who have convened and been debating A DEBATE OVER MONETARY REFORM to stop dead in their tracks as I have now exposed their Achilles Heal.


I will now tell you about another all important deafening silence especially to those understanding perfectly well why the United States Congress which remains the most powerful law body in the world given its ability to spend worthless United States Dollars that each of our tyrants including Thabo Mbeki, President of South Africa is “forced” to accept given his and his government’s culpability, the United States Congress’ failure to at least call for the DAAC to come forward and explain that it is not in any lawmaker’s “personal interest” anywhere in the world to even suggest very seriously that the DAAC provide an inventory at any time over the past century of their unlimited supply of untraceable, lightweight, never, not once, inventoried diamond currency that has been used not only to buy off each and every lawmaker in the world to go along with providing those of us not wanting to break a sweat when “work for a living” an abundant supply of cheap slave laborers but to also get rid of the DAAC and their buddies’ debt at zero cost, all speaks for itself.


This story I am about to tell you took place immediately after this most wonderful lunch yesterday with my wife who was “sporting a look”, now waiting for Ray Anne Marks or Sebastian Capella to email me photos to upload on to Al “The dope” Gore’s Internet, that if you were sitting in the front row watching one of the top fashion models walking down a runway in any of the fashion capitals of the world you would go “wow” followed by another “wow” and then another “wow” and that would be just from seeing MDG walk by smelling divine, forget how Marie Dion Gevisser would have blown away those patrons sitting at the other tables over at Barberella had she decided to get up on the table and dance to the beat of the heartbeats of the very Rancho Sante Fe looking men with their big watches to match their paunches as well as the heart skipping of their dates most looking like 3rd wives although the one guy, who looked worse than WW kissing Greedy “Drug Pusher-I have not had sex in over a year” Beckham seemed “sumwhat” content having very possibly just got off a plane returning from China having plucked the best looking female rice grower imaginable although quite frankly it could have been simply his 6th wife who had insisted on having one too many plastic surgeries, this “phatso” [sic] roaring like a lion helped greatly by his belly-laugh which you would know is 4” [sic] guys with small penises to let everyone know they are having a good time although even if he had 24 inch "dengaling" [sic] like Mr. JRK it would have been hard for him to know given the size of his stomach making him look more like a peacock about to give birth to sex-triplets.


While I am not a “hoarder” of gold, not even close, for all the reasons in the world including the reality that one can still find someone willing to commit a foul act for the value of the gold coin I wear around my neck, I decided to pay a visit to the La Jolla, California branch of my one bank here in the U.S. when a coin dealer informed me that he had in his possession 7 Canadian Maple Leafs that had four 9s engraved on the face as opposed to three 9s, both types containing the exact same amount of 1 oz pure gold versus other 1 oz gold coins like the Krugerrand and American Eagle which actually weigh more than an ounce because of the other foreign materials that make them that much harder but also more difficult to deal with should you decide to melt down the coin into smaller denominations.


This all begins to make sense when the price of gold reaches say $5,000 an ounce which only begins to reflect its more accurate “relative worth” when compared to all the “fictitious wealth” tied up in other assets that one cannot eat like for example real estate that belongs to all the peoples of the world as well as each and every currency in the world including of course diamond currency used to purchase all the real estate in the world that belongs to all the peoples of the world, to mention even less of what will happen to the price of gold once those in possession of so bloodied currencies particularly the DAAC’s stones, decide to cash in en-masse while the “going is good”?


And of course at around $5000 a troy ounce both of Issy Gevisser’s two gold coins might when sold together fetch $25.


Such a most brilliant decision by my paternal grandfather Israel Issy Gevisser to turn his 2 1896 1 pound coins into cufflinks and avoid any greedy member of his family fighting over his very few remains to mention in passing this great man who in building one of the most significant trading conglomerates not just in South Africa but around the world left, thank G-d, a minuscule estate but one that he shared equally with his 3 children, my dad now going on 83 just very recently getting the bulk of his share that amounted to approximately $10,000 [Ten thousand United States Dollars] and were it not for South African Indian informers letting my Royal Mater know at the 11th hour and 59th Minute of the collapse of a pyramid scheme that the executors of Issy Gevisser’s estate had invested a good chunk of the monies that got over time mostly eaten up by inflation my dad may have ended up with nothing versus sufficient monies to buy an around the world airline ticket?


The gold dealer who mostly likes to just chat with me made it clear that he could care less about selling me the coins that he wanted around $600 each based on yesterday’s London “Second Fix” since they were such a “hot commodity” with his regular customers who as the price of gold has risen have been willing to let the dealer “enjoy the spread” between the “buy” and “sell” price when they need to sell back their gold bullion to purchase items such as the basics, water, food, shelter and sex where dollar currency is still the preferred “means of exchange” versus say oil producers particularly in the Middle East far preferring to be paid in gold than any other currency but because of the limited amount of gold that has actually been minded since the beginning of time it is simply not always practical to demand that the oil being delivered in supertankers be paid for in gold which again and again like diamond currency and other fictitious currencies like the United States Dollar is just “one means of exchange” to do a number of things including financing the DAAC’s terrorist organizations, gold, however, you must never forget is not only the easiest to trace but is not exactly lightweight and nor can it be produced in machines like diamonds, at any cost, let alone at zero cost.


The dealer in question knows perfectly well that I wont be selling back the coins I purchase, such a spread allowing him to make barely a decent living as corrupt governments around the world put the squeeze on such individuals serving mostly the very hardworking and very poor but who understand perfectly well all the bs going on, the distractions such as who is going to be the next member of the United States Supreme Court having no effect on their lives other than to serve as pitiful entertainment, just the idea that anyone would even bring up the word “abortion” when we know the biggest problem facing the world is the selfishness not only of those who produce kids forgetting we have obliterated the competition in the race for “survival of the richest” but how we “living the good life” all over the world, not just in the United States, make it our business-personal through the corrupt church not to inform our cheap slave laborers about the fact that there is not even scripture that supports such heathen practices.


And you would also know there isn’t a single church official or member of academia, again the new corrupt church who would dare to debate me “in the flesh” on the subject matter, “G-D does NOT exist” given the rather overwhelming evidence I have constantly at my fingertips to show anyone willing to listen that G-D not only exists but is extraordinarily SMART.


Well aware is this dealer like every gold dealer I have been dealing with all over the world that I don’t hold on for more than 24 hours to the relatively little amount of gold I have been purchasing since I announced to the world back on December 31st 2002 that I thought it would be a good time to invest in this single commodity that is the only means to preserve one’s wealth given how poorly our elected and non-elected government officials have gone about executing their fiduciary responsibilities to “exercise good judgment” in the preservation of the wealth accumulated by its hard working peoples versus the pencil-pure carbon-paper pushes of Wall Street who now live in “stark fear” of just one people in the world currently either producing gold or have managed to accumulate nothing more than a “token amount” of gold were to “engage” me to manage their gold holdings.


While this banker’s face was “sumwhat” [sic] familiar we had not previously spoken and before even sitting down but soon after asking her to give me all the cash the branch had on hand which she did which was $3,000 less than what I asked for, I started out my “case study” by saying to her the following:


Would you mind if I left my bag on this chair in front of your desk as I go to purchase an ice-cream cone from the local Hagen Daaz just south of here on Prospect Street. Be advised that there is only a gun inside, unloaded and guaranteed no bomb.


Immediately the smile on her very pretty face was erased as quickly as the sparkle of a diamond thrown in to a fire and then I leaned forward and very softly let her know that I was kidding about both the gun and the bomb but that I couldn’t be certain just like she couldn’t be certain that the person who I pointed to walking along the pavement in suit with his Gucci handbag wasn’t a terrorist in disguise armed to the teeth.


While bringing back her very pleasant smile she also let me know that she had other business to attend to other than me which of course now included prospecting that much harder to make up for the shortfall in deposits and of course running mostly in the back of her mind as my dog Pypeetoe took over the bank running around sniffing up everyone then darting back to let me know “the coast is clear” that she wasn’t very happy about such a withdrawal coming close to the end of the week when there would be not only the issues of the banks reserves being significantly reduced but would I continue on Monday, this bank is not open Saturday, to keep drawing down on this one of many bank accounts that I own, again bearing in mind that the amount of cash I have in bank accounts around the world, forgetting what trusted attorneys hold “in trust” probably constitutes less one half of one percent of my net worth at a “fire sale liquidation” bearing also in mind that probably more than 99.99% of my net worth is in art paintings which as you would know is not exactly the easiest item to sell at any time let alone during an epic financial market collapse that is just moments away as you will see from the story I told this young lady before leaving my bag along with my drivers license and credit card to serve as my ID to go and get myself a very rich coffee ice-cream that on top of the one glass and two sips of wine I had at lunch made me both very thirsty and sleepy.


I hope I am not putting you to sleep?


Would you mind if I took the rest of the day off to first take our “tTOo” [sic] dogs on their 3rd walk of the day before then heading back to Del Mar to have dinner with my wife and perhaps tomorrow assuming MDG allows me out of bed, other than to make her the most delicious breakfast I will not only possibly check what I have typed here at a blinding speed but possibly complete telling you about this rather import “case study” that I KNOW versus BELIEVE has now changed the life of this banker forever.


Bear in mind I have yet to complete the email response I sent Tefo at 12:01 AM today as well as the communiqué I began sending Adam Tucker back on January 4th, my sense is that you were mostly focused on what I had to say to Tefo having a pretty good sense of how I was going to finish up this email in probably no more than a thousand words that had you showing up “out of the blue” and while not willing to set up your email system that automatically sends my emails in to a “holding pattern” that doesn’t consume any space on your hard drive, to be totally “out of the loop” would have you going stark raving nuts which is how I strongly suspect you feel right this instant.  


To be continued…



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From: Ramuedzisi, Denga

Sent: Saturday, January 14, 2006 1:48 AM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: RE: FW:...United States Congress...INSISTING...the DAAC provide a daily inventory...




Hi. I really appreciate that you want to keep me informed with what is going on, and at times when I do read your e-mail, they do provide some interesting read, but unfortunately I can not keep up with all your e-mails and they end up flooding my mailbox. Will you please kindly remove me from your mailing list as this will help free up some of my mailbox space.


Thank you.

Kind regards,





From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Saturday, January 14, 2006 12:01 AM
To: Tefo

Cc: rest; Dr. Fred Foldvary; Dr. Jonathan"Trouble Bubble" Beare; United States Justice Department; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC];; Deborah "Aggressive" Sturman Esq.; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention

Subject: RE: FW:...United States Congress...INSISTING...the DAAC provide a daily inventory...