From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Sunday, March 05, 2006 8:47 PM PT
To: Michael Grant
Cc: rest; Larry Winokur;; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; United States Justice Department; FBI
Subject: ATTENTION: ALL NEXTRATERRESTRIAL SHOPPERS including Michael Grant and Terrance Howard presently attending the Oscars


Mike – following our phone conversation this morning where I committed to sending you and Terrance Howard a private communiquι explaining in 35 words or less the SIGNIFICANCE of the fascinating Internet only book THE DIAMOND INVENTION Hollywood playing an EXTRAORDINARILY significant role, bottom line nobody really wants to dig at the root of the problem for fear of getting the dirt on themselves, should you get bored during the awards and have your blackberry handy you could email Larry Winokur of Baker Winokur Ryder who you will recall me introducing you to several years back in their offices in Beverly Hills and have Larry email his associate Paulette Kam who may not be at the Oscars despite her elevated status to work on my forthcoming ad.


I want below the heading, ATTENTION TO ALL NEXTRATERRESTRIAL SHOPPERS the following placed in a “red tag sale”:




(or whatever my wife dictates)


* preferably paid annually in gold at MP = .042 troy ounces based on gold last trading at 10:42 PM Eastern Standard Time in Hong Kong at $566 even.

Mailing address: P O Box 307 Del Mar, California 92014, USA.


Then following the tag:


Unless you are on one of my lucky 4 hit lists, a) My sh*t, b) Deafeningly Silent, c) Greedy and d) Non-existential Pardon [At the end of every year we have a lottery and one person from the MDG list is chosen at random unless my wife dictates the one to be picked at.]




an invaluable friend (my wife included) contributing to my growth $1.99 per month is the price of admission to be hit whenever. If you can afford more, then of course I will take more but this is not a laundry business.


The reason being limited resources (email provider dictating my output), time & energy (my wife dictating when & where).


You can always access for free my emails by going to and given my Jewish background you are safe from any guilt trips.



I am leaving shortly from our cliff house in Del Mar for LA and perhaps I along with my “guide goD” [sic] Pypeetoe could meet up with you at one of the Oscar parties?


Marie now asking, “You are going to go party without me? That’s it!”


She has told me to “quit” while feeding me as I type away at light speed the most incredible chicken Tandori, MDG not quite sure how to spell it “either two os…----…”


At sunset with helicopters flying by Marie Dion Gevisser and I enjoyed a refreshing brisk walk along cliffs breezing by Clive Gurwitz, a “re-tired” [sic] Israeli paratrooper, and family who has stopped asking to be added to any of the 3 lists; earlier in the afternoon visiting with Sebastian Capella Marie’s art professor who is halfway through a portrait of her and Pypeetoe the canvas at 6 foot 8 inch just enough to fit your frame and the 54 inches in width Marie commenting more than enough to encompass your large chest.






[Word count 511]