From: Gary S. Gevisser
Tuesday, December 28, 2004 4:54 PM PT
Tefo Mohapi
Cc: rest;;
Subject: Distraction


Dear Tefo – Laugh and the world laughs with u; weep and u weep alone, better to keep quiet and let people think u to be a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt, time is now on our side, my “time release capsule” in revealing the “method to my madness” paying off handsomely, agree?


I am not only alive feel but feel good enough to compete in the next Iron Man competition as long as they allow my dog, Pypeetoe, to substitute in for both the swimming and running it possible if he has these Filo running shoes which according to our German-Italian friend Stefan, “run for u” I could end up in first place, then again if I was so convincing I could probably have Stefan fill in on the bicycle leg and accept the first place trophy without even breaking a sweat, ingenious agree?


This broadcasted E-mail I sent yesterday apparently failed to make abundantly clear that Einstein’s decision not to embrace Quantum Mechanics, again perhaps his greatest mistake, had to do with QM’s lack of precision unlike General Relativity which most who r intellectually honest would have no problem with Einstein, the genius of genius, referring to given its accuracy that took years to prove out as being, “The Mind of G-D” so relatively easy to go “back and forth” once one has the answers, agree?


And quite clearly Einstein didn’t have as much time on his hands as I have plus the distractions of the media spotlight to consider even for a moment how close he was to completing his quest to come up with a Unified Theory for the inner workings of the universe while knowing that he had to have been awfully close given how E=mc² explained pretty much the workings of the entire universe with the exception of what takes place within SpaceShip Earth, General Relativity having very much a hand in the splitting of the atom, agree?


So important to match “Big and small” and while Einstein was around for the Revolution of Biology he didn’t have folks like Professor Russ Doolittle subscribing to the “the concept that DNA is running everything in a clearly God-like fashion”, never to forget that behind every great man there has always been an even greater woman, so important to recognize Ruth, as in Dr. Ruth Kavenoff and her dramatic physical observation of DNA, agree?


G’s ACT has held for some time now the most rapacious in check allowing grass roots organizations around the world particularly in the 3rd world to work out amongst themselves how the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel have managed to perpetuate the myth, “A Diamond is 4ever” [sic] for a century, 2005 being the 100 year anniversary of the discovery of General Relativity, such distraction resulting in the greatest land grab of all time so necessary to compensate those further down the totem pole doing their bidding, the masses increasing more knowledgeable as to how it has come about that we have such an incredible human population explosion still taking place in the 3rd world all to the benefit of the 1st world “phatsos” [sic] who have this insatiable appetite for being Kings and Queens expressions such as each man-woman should be entitled to his-her castle in total defiance of intellectual thought processing much the same as us all being indoctrinated from the earliest of ages with the need for “preservation of life and limb”, when we know the biggest problem plaguing our planet is human overpopulation, agree?


So as to prevent being judged bias towards my Jewish brothers and sisters I have painstakingly prepared them since they know me best to “face the music” bearing in mind us Jewish people do not control the corruption market of this “dog eat god aspartame” [sic] world as we do Nobel prizes all part of our basic religious schooling of being encouraged to question “G-D” however one chooses to define the higher authority, G-D forbid we were to agree on exactly how to avoid going around in circles in defiance of G-D-Nature having got rid of our tails that we stand tall avoiding religious institutions like the plague, agree?


It seems when simply adhering to the 10 Commandments we prevent ourselves from becoming puppets of the ruling elite who create nonsensical laws on the books that only the “most average” who rise to the top of the Bell Shaped Curve can get their arms around the smart ones choosing to “sit it out” thinking such mediocrity will eventually work itself out once those at the top of the pyramid in bribing those below doing their bidding eventually run out of land, then again such folks at the top who rule by divine authority r most certainly in “command and control” of the molten lava that is constantly creating new land and so what exactly is there for any of us to complain about, agree?


Wouldn’t u also agree it is so fricken easy to work out that sumthing is amiss when u see the biggest crooks sitting in the best seats of the churches, synagogues and mosques who must now face up to one of their own having spent most of my time observing making the most of the “cards” dealt to me by one incredibly SMART G-D, ready to now teach by going for the jugular of the rotting head before those at the bottom of the pyramid get crushed out of existence, the devastation of the land, the seas and the air belonging to each and every one of us each of our responsibility for having been so fricken asleep at the wheel, agree?


The deafening silence of my Professor Doctor Rabbi Abner Weiss can provide the leaders of the Jewish communities around the world nothing but increasing discomfort as I now begin to turn the screws on those who DARE to suggest that I remain loyal to those who should know better than most about the suffering of the masses, us all including my Chinese brothers and sisters can trace our lineage to Abraham the first of the wave-traders to see the benefits of accepting one incredibly SMART G-D without necessarily a grasp of mathematics and science at the highest levels, agree?


Each of us have common sense the greatest gift, each of us entitled to be raised to be independent thinkers helped in no small measure by not waiting for one’s parents and teachers to die to share their wealth and make us and the next generation increasingly co-dependants, agree?


Please let me know if u got the email I sent Solly Krok this past Saturday, and let me know your thoughts, I plan on calling him tomorrow.


I am planning some “radical” changes to the homepage of my one website once I have fully explained in 4th grade English the business model of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel that didn’t count on when they allowed in the late 1970s Edward Jay Epstein, author of the Diamond Invention, into the inner sanctums of the Diamond Invention that the Digital Age would eventually come of age that allows the worlds masses to voice their opinions in one click of the mouse and second why thanks to me the ultimate insider having been rather patient the hard working and downtrodden masses recognize the futility of looking forward to any future worth waiting for unless they take back their world this very instant,


It’s all right now

Take the world and make it yours again.


So important to do the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing, our Clean Water Fund project the only way out to stop us all spiraling out of control while allowing those who have stolen the most built in to their “cost of sales” the “cost of getting caught” a way to “save face.”


It may be worthwhile as u and your friends absorb the dawning of a new era based on the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to take note of how those at the top of the pyramid, FOOLS NAMES, FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES, have nowhere to hide, the Warren Buffets of the world who sit at the very top of the pyramid created by the “brilliance” of genius mathematics that went into the brilliant cut diamond with its 57 facets, so important to pay attention to the numbers, number the essence of all things, good or evil, each of us must take responsibility for allowing so called “public corporations” like Coca Cola interfering with our sequencing, being ever so grateful when declaring, “We get to drink your sugar water, thank you, thank you”, their executives feeling increasing pressure, however, as the world gets smaller and smaller, information traveling at light speed, my spelling out for those of u in the 3rd world responsible for their over the top share price valuations to now ask,


And what benefit is that? While u get richer and richer we get a perfect picture of us having bought into your Bell Shaped Curve of education that has the ‘most average’ Lilly White Wheaty Eaters rising to the top, enough to make even u Mr. and Mrs. Chief Executive Officer want to vomit?


Again, the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel never counting on the Digital Age or someone like GG now placing members of my innermost circle under an endless spotlight, the deafening silence of Codiam Inc. speaking volumes, at one point quite receptive to getting reacquainted with yours truly now feeling it is just a question of time be4 the Feds come knocking at their door, their workload going to ease up as Eliot Spitzer, Attorney General of New York having just the other day got cold feet having finally come to realization thanks in no small measure to again yours truly that he was “overmatched” a better word than “outmatched” by the First Family of Insurance, the Greenbergs while small time criminals again relatively speaking certainly more intellectually honest than Warren “BO” Buffet who in turn is an angel when compared to the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, agree?


Then again I dare anyone at this time, 4:40 PM PT to engage me in debate pretty much on any subject including the merits of having me declared mentally insane by a jury of my peers?


Not every single “risk assessment” specialist in the world oblivious to the lunacy of suggesting that the SEC will now be able to hold the out of control insurance moguls accountable given how smart the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel have been in the decentralization of their power and influence, here in the United States insurance is State regulated again leading back to the Federal Government’s top guns now in short order as I step on the gas, counting even at this late hour on the likes of my extraordinary Royal Mater, again capable even if 99% senile of running circles around my father’s first cousin, David Gevisser, the “male heir” of Charles Englehard, considered the richest man in the world and the co-conspirator in the Diamond Invention, forcing the hand of the United States Justice Department to focus their sights exclusively on the greatest criminal enterprise of all time being responsible not only for the greatest enslavement, torture and murder of all time both the Holocaust of WWII and what followed in southern Africa but for how folks lower down on the totem justify their poor behavior, lying, stealing and cheating all excusable in the frailty of the human psyche, agree?


The person who holds up a corner café for bread money able to explain his-her poor behavior looking at those in the neighborhood who get away with their own foul acts all leading back to why it is that Harry Oppenheimer allowed Edward Jay Epstein into the innermost sanctums of the Diamond Invention, their main business of laundering monies for superrich, then used to buy off corrupt politicians who can be counted on to pass laws that result in each one of them and their families being entitled to their own castle, agree?


Again and again it all comes down to one incredible land grab, the end justifying the means, such eloquence of the sly English, English simply the universal language, fast drawing to a close, moments in time from celebrating Einstein’s, “The mind of G-D” proven out time and again in direct experiments versus String Theory, while the mathematics “sum” [sic] would argue approach the genius of Special-General Relativity, no on has yet designed a physical experiment which would or would not support or disprove the concept, agree?


While one could rationale argue the same obstacles that exist today for String Theory components known as TOEs, the same was true of Einstein's General Theory of relativity for many years, that the proofs leaked in slowly over the decades, I argue that with having worked out the complexity of the Cosmos, hence why no one in their right mind would argue with Einstein that he along with the mathematician Grossman worked out, “The mind of G-D” so r we at a cross roads today to find not simply the “Hand of G-D” which I maintain can be found within E=mc²=2 c mE=EmanANDdog.COM=moc.GODdnaNAME, it is time we began to learn from the lessons of the past and so as to give peace one final chance recognize that choosing change is one option at this time we cannot afford to miss out on, for each and everyone of us to make up his-her own mind whether they r going to be part of the solution or part of the problem, we can all agree no place to hide in this Digital Age, a G-D-Send, agree?


Time to walk the dogs and give thanks for one more incredible day.