From: Gary S. Gevisser
Tuesday, December 28, 2004 4:00 PM
Cc: rest;
Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.; Eliot Spitzer - Attorney General of New York State; Joe Grundfest (;
Subject: Time


Jeff – Sorry to bother u again but why not get a kick out of watching me take WAMU on an educational light journey, my well aware that your business model has evolved “sumwhat” [sic] since getting the benefits of my unique “risk assessment” services, there simply not enough dollars in the SCAL [Shareholder Class Action Litigation] shell game as there once was?


Time, however, waits for no one, quite certain Kim, your receptionist, gave u my message, to repeat what I posted earlier today on the WAMU Yahoo message board:


Who did u speak to?


Earlier today at 10:26 AM PT to be precise I spoke with Mr. JRK's assistant Kim who said that Jeffrey was on the line at the time and perhaps he was on the phone speaking with my relations who run Codiam Inc. a fronting organization for the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel located on the corner of 47th Street and Avenue of the America’s in New York City.


Since Jeffrey has not returned my call I hope to have him confirm via email how long he spent on the phone with u and then once u provide me with an independent confirmation of your hourly rate I will compensate u accordingly.


Good day,




I know u take careful note of everything I do, u of course deserve a lot of credit for prodding me when it looked like I was moments away from pulling the rug out from your gravy train to have me focus my energies on the greatest criminal enterprise known to mankind, so without further ado let me now acquaint u with Stephen Cohen of Codiam Inc., one of the many fronting organizations for the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel.


Forgive me for now dropping the ball in your court to set up a meeting with Stephen Cohen, Eliot Spitzer and perhaps Mr. Joe “Shell Game” Grundfest the talkative former chairman of the Securities Exchange Commission [SEC] would also like to participate at some point.


I can assure u that no matter how important Senator Ted Kennedy and Senator HEINZ-Kerry made u feel at the clam bake a year ago this past September when they were counting on u to deliver the big bucks, once entering the doorways of my family’s very closely held organization where family riffs get settled ever so quietly u will know what it really means to be in the pound seats, but don’t expect much song and dance or great art like u see in my household, unlikely u will even find a comfortable chair at Codiam’s headquarters in New York City, but trust me they now have your number and thanks to me u should have no fear, agree?


When last did u ever hear of very sane orthodox Jewish people killing insane orthodox Jewish people when they could just as easily make it worthwhile for any Roman to do the dirty work, few would argue the Romans simply morphed in to the Roman Catholic Church which like our Jewish church is big time business, agree?


Nothing, however, about the Diamond Invention is even remotely Jewish, on the contrary this invention of man is void of humanity.


I am now taking a break, bearing in mind there is not only a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population copied but within the next 7 days, G-D being well, u will join me and members of my grass roots organizations around the world helping post this missive and your response throughout The Internet


Take care,




Ps – Anne Applebaumanne of the Washington Post has now requested for the second time that I “unsubscribe” her from my email list, at what point do u think she will seek absolution like our mutual pal Ms. Laurie Black-Lawrence whose ex-father in-law, Larry Lawrence, the not yet disgraced enough former Ambassador to Switzerland probably had a hand to play in another scoundrel Marc Rich getting the finger pointing President to issue a Presidential pardon at the 11th hour and 59th minute, the problems of the world having nothing to do with race, color, sex, or religion simply poor religious parental teaching, quite a toxic business when one mixes business, politics and religion in to one big melting pot like the Unites States Democratic Communist Party, agree?


Be ever so careful when pointing a finger at me the “ultimate insider” when considering the liberal bent politics of the conspirators of the Diamond Invention, the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel having at its helm the O so liberal snotty nosed South African Oppenheimer family and their co-conspirator the American Charles Engelehard who saw fit to have as his “male heir” my father’s first cousin, David Gevisser whose very good friend, my Royal Mater who could always run circles around uncle David and in return for my mother’s inspirational friendship whose friends included Aristotle Onassis my uncle David provided me a number of introductions none quite as important as being able to witness first hand the insidious secret dealings of the Diamond Invention on 47th Street in NYC, just now being revealed, agree?


Understandably uncle David is a little ticked off, but I doubt he or anyone else a party to the greatest enslavement, torture and murder of all time, aided and abetted by the Kennedy clan, such incorrigible scoundrels so easily bought off by Oppenheimer-Engelhard and Co, feel quite as “used and abused” as my non-Lilly White Wheaty Eating South African brothers and sisters,,, starting to feel the pawns, no strike that, the clams beginning to rise, G-D forbid u were to clam up, thinking at least a little about how u might return, save yourself a lot of head-trips as well as visits to the toilet by getting others high up on the pyramid to see the wisdom of coming clean ever so quickly, to do the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing, nothing quite like the power of suggestion coming from someone with quite the prescient timing, agree?


Ps I – U won’t mind if I be4 following up again with u I first communicated with the likes of Tefo Mohapi not suffering from burdens of slave masters, their formal education clearly not having interfered with their learning understanding perhaps better than most of us Sly English the incredible weaknesses of the Bell Shaped Curve that has the “most average” rising to the top, up to folks like u and me to help those Emperors without clothes “save face” or face superior and overwhelming numbers, the economic clout of the 3rd world enough to at least make u frown to mention little of the need to constantly “twist” while reflecting “back and forth”, the power of an Almighty SMART G-D surely helping u get closer to seeing the “writing on the wall”, the past, the future all coming together in the present.


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