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Subject: ...---... Solly Krok - Why the world's financial markets have not imploded, yet...If not now then when?...---...

Rabbi Weiss,


Again, how many articulate and courageous people like Tefo Mohapi r us LWWE Boys prepared to sacrifice...---...?


Think again how the likes of Sam Hackner, Jonathan Beare, Gunter and Bernard Lazarus, Arnold Zulman, Anton Rupert, David Gevisser, and most of all the disgusting South African Oppenheimer-DeBeers Diamond Cartel have managed to compete not just in the Republic of South Africa...---...?


Again not just since the ANC Black South African government came to power in the early 1990s but going back to 1948 when the words of the O so liberal South African Oppenheimers with friends in high places such as American Charles Englehard were at odds with their actions that led to the greatest mass enslavement, torture and murder of all time.


Agree, nothing quite like having friends in the highest office of the United States of America’s Justice Department, the big time “fcuker” [sic] of colored peoples, Attorney General of the United States of America, Robert F. Kennedy, deriving with the rest of his Kennedy clan and their rich Democratic Communist Party big time donor friends living off government entitlement programs great satisfaction at their clam bakes leading the likes of Mr. Mohapi’s parents and grand parents down quite the garden path?


Think again of what Mr. Hearst, the former and now deceased ever so quiet chairman of the board of Hearst Corporation informed me in December of 1993 how his operatives including a former Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission [FCC] r tasked with providing the public with all that they want, “tits and ass” while hell bent on snuffing out competition.


Sex quite the distraction tactic of corrupt business people, their bought off politicians ”locked in arms” with the church, so very dependant on its survival for the poor remaining poor and downtrodden, such constant knocking, one generation after the next, eventually sucking the life blood out of the best and brightest, polluting our DNA, the youth of the world all our futures.



Next tTOo

Breeding is everything!


The problems of the world have nothing to do with race, color or religion simply poor parental religious teaching, agree?





Built tTOo






Then shame on u, shame on all those people who DARE to remain so silent at this very late hour, especially when one considers we have quite the clean water fund solution for everyone to reflect on while “saving face”, agree?


Hell has no fury like a woman scorned, so what that I am at X [Times] a little horny, no strike that, corny, agree?


Vengeance is sweet to the heart of an Indian, if not right this very instant, then when? If I am only for myself who am I? If I am not for myself who is for me?


Gary S. Gevisser


The Rattlesnake



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Sunday, November 21, 2004 11:44 AM
Subject: Re: Solly Krok - Why the world's financial markets have not imploded, yet


Why do u want to reveal in less than 500 words (why .....have not imploded yet?) aprt from revealing the truth, which is somthing I pursue but sometimes get scared. e.g. A company called Safmarine that has Safmarine Computer Services as a subsidiary with HQ in Cape Town and SCS africa as a front organisation to obtain .gov deals in RSA.....



I will tell u more on this corruption later because it also involves at higher levels links between some high za politicians having talks with the A.P. Moller Group in Denmark....I need to sleep, being self-employed and all that. Will communicate more tommorrow. i also need to rest I managed to fall down a couple of atirs this weekend as it was raining so I have quite a cut on the back of my head.....take care.


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Tefo - since I am online working with others around the world on reducing the answer of “why the world’s financial markets have not imploded yet” to less than 500 words please feel free to ask me questions along the way, bearing in mind I have already begun to take steps in the event someone such as yourself were to feel “harassed” by those fearful of the truth...---...