From: Gary S. Gevisser
Saturday, December 25, 2004 1:00 PM
To: Attention:
Solly Krok – International industrialist, financier of Epilady USA, co-founder of Twins Pharmaceuticals.
Cc: rest;
Eliot Spitzer - Attorney General of New York State
Subject: Chase


Dear Solly,


Continuing from where I left off a week ago tomorrow while picking up a string or “tTOo” [sic] from more recent missives such as this communiqué to the renter of what we refer to as The Cave, a converted garage below the one of a kind panoramic view house in Del Mar across from the rich chicks congregation at the Del Mar Plaza and at the same time not taking our eye off the ball of the big news of the day, Eliot Spitzer “in a Shift, Will Yield Inquiries to U.S. Regulators”, u may recall me being the first to announce after his refreshing complaint against the $280 billion criminal megalopoly of AIG-Marsh & McLennan-ACE Ltd that this top United States cop was totally “outgunned” altho I may have used the word “outmatched” and of course it is not only Mr. Spitzer watching every one of my one of a kind chess moves but reading like every single literate human being on the planet in receipt of my missives these days at the very least my opening paragraph, all roads ultimately leading to not simply the dismantling of the DeBeers-Oppenheimer-Englehard-Gevisser-Beare-Krok-Rupert-Samson-Greenberg-Buffet-Anglo American Cartel but more importantly world peace while I go about empowering grass roots movements around the world who like this gentleman Saul see a lot of “cool” as in “sic” stuff, agree[1]?



Sent: Friday, December 24, 2004 4:28 PM PT






I stumbled across this site which seems to be some form of encrypted messages. What was amazing were certain passages of information which relatively unknown to the public; were quite accurate.


If you wouldn't mind telling me what

is all about?


Kind Regards,



Earlier today I spoke with my mentor Mr. Amos “Your ‘Yes Men’ will kill you” Wright who probably knows me as well as u but who I have stayed more in touch with in recent times fully appreciating why I have yet to begin selling advertising on my one of a kind website, just one of approximately 100 in various stages of construction from the bottom up, so important to understand why the next generation r so turned off by television being able to see far better than those who have allowed their formal education to interfere with their learning the connections between the advertisers mostly drug companies pushing pain relievers and newscasters painstakingly making the most of all the bad news every so often throwing in some bs light hearted warm story of say a housewife after being rapped by a gang of thugs coming forward and admitting how much this experience has helped her sex life, just the other day for the first time I saw the movie Straw Dogs.


As u know Solly us sly English with our gift of the gab have quite the ability to duck and dive, going around in circles eventually short-circuiting but with the Digital Age fully underway there is increasingly less and less wiggle room, hard to even find a spot to collapse in to a heap of tears not really knowing who is being truly compassionate or simply wanting to be the first to leak me the story of the day, agree?


No way to keep ignoring things like the chronology of events which makes each and every one of us accountable first to our fellow man-woman and ultimately to the one Almighty SMART G-D, agree?


My story telling catching on rather well especially amongst the young who have not had their sequencing as much interfered with as the adults who keep repeating the same old tunes when following “tTOo much” [sic] questioning respond,


“Just be patient, your time will comes, let us old farts continue to destroy the land, gobble up as much as we can so that when we die u will have a head start on the likes of Tefo Mohapi” [sic].


Quite interesting the reaction I have got especially from us Lilly White Wheaty Eating Boys and Girls to my comments the other day of my not knowing a single LWWE BOG who wouldn’t sell their mother and father to be “apprenticed” to someone such as yourself, then again the Mr. Mohapi of the world does not carry the burdens of being raised by slave masters, agree?


Slowly but surely the literate masses r beginning to understand better and better not only the “method to my madness” but how all the evils of the past century can be traced to the Diamond Invention, my last communiqué to Washington Mutual officials getting quite the reaction, again one must understand more and more folks around the world increasing recognize why people such as yourself call on my unique “ferreting” skills to get to the heart of the matter, my ability to “cut to the chase” once I get my arms around the evidence now being shared with the masses who r being awakened that there is no time to be lost in putting up with any more of the bullshit, there no such thing as a generation gap only a credibility gap, agree?


To repeat,


“There is good and bad in each one of us but so much easier to choose bad the further up the totem pole one is having got away time and again with building in to your ‘cost of sales’ the ‘cost of getting caught’ knowing that at the end of the day should things blow up be4 meeting our maker at the very top was the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel who would ultimately bear the brunt of the masses’ vengeance without figuring in to the equation things like Dutch Sandwiches that DeBeers-Anglo American have perfected over time that result in those getting the crumbs, so hooked on government entitlement programs, end up the ones first under the spotlight, agree?”


Solly, may I direct to a lecture on DNA which one can access over The Internet as well as check in from time to time with a handful of other message boards other than my own, WAMU, Coke, DeBeers-Anglo American, Revlon, BUD, AIG, Waste Management, Arden Realty, & Stratos Lightwave at least for now.


I plan to call u your time this coming Monday evening and following no more than a couple of minutes of dialoguing during which time I am quite certain I can answer all of your questions I would then like to conference in Tefo Mohapi.


Be well.



[1] Click on here for the follow up to your assistant Ms. Rehbock.