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Dear D the Duck,


How much time out of your very very very very busy day would it take 4 u to call Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk?


Again, Mr. JRK is one of the most "skilled and experienced" SCALs [Shareholder Class Action Litigators] on the planet who eventually saw fit to compensate me handsomely for holding his "feet to the fire", doing the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing in filing a one of a kind class action complaint against Ronald O. Perelman of Revlon Corporation, bearing in mind Perelman is also known as The Finagle King but according to Mr. Gaudet, a former executive of Revlon, in his deposition conducted on October 17th 2002, Perelman is also known amongst his co-opted stooges as the "Capo Di Capi".


Even tho the truth does set each and every one of us free I don’t expect u to assist with my one of a kind “dog and pony show” for peanuts, agree?


Please provide me a copy of your most recent paycheck and I will double your hourly rate should u get to speak with Mr. JRK at his one of a kind home located at 567 Gage Street, Point Loma and triple your hourly rate if u also manage to converse with his wife Marcy Campbell and just in the event one of their 10 odd servants keep u on hold please use the time smartly, i.e. help increase the value of my intellectual property by using your other hand to click on to this hyperlink which takes u to the deposition of Mr. Gaudet that lasted a full day, do we have a deal?


Please be aware that I did my level best to send Mr. JRK telepathic messages [in pink] that may have helped get O. Ring Perelman to settle ahead of trial, our concern being first and foremost the dire straights of the insurance industry  plus the fact that Mr. JRK assured me that the SEC along with the FEDS were about to conduct a criminal probe in to the activities of Mr. Perelman that was likely, at least Mr. JRK assured me in order to get me to "sign off" on the deal, to have the Capo Di Capi meeting up with Bubba and u surely noticed how I was sum 8 hours ahead of the mainstream media in broadcasting this one of a kind complaint filed on October 1st 1999 against perhaps the biggest crook in the history of Wall Street, agree?


Good Day,


Gary S. Gevisser


Ps – U can email me directly at cc_rest@nextraterrestrial.com