From: Gary S. Gevisser
Monday, December 27, 2004 11:35 AM PT
Mcdermott, David E.
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Eliot Spitzer - Attorney General of New York State
Subject: FW: Insurance...BULL...


Attention: Officers and Board of Directors of Washington Mutual [WAMU].




In others words it seems to me that the average Blow Joe out there who may not be as well informed as yours truly about the “true nature” of the insurance industry will conclude from what Ms. Blackwood, my independent insurance agent, has to say that the insurance u planned on sticking me with not only would have cost almost twice what Ms. Blackwood managed to obtain for me in less than 24 hours but the coverage she has now obtained also protects my best interests, u pencil pushers thank G-d serving, however, to add value by continuing to increase the circle of those dependant upon my insight and analysis of the events of the day, again this is a very affirmative and positive step on your part that is highly appreciated.


Your continued obfuscation of your poor performance is with each tick of the almighty powerful clock being better understood by the masses around the world much like why it is that Public Defenders who sit at the bottom end of the totem pole of lawyers-liars here in the United States have sat on their hands refusing to “buck the system” as their colleagues further up the totem pole continue to sock it the masses, such malfeasance by public defenders, providing the poor and downtrodden nothing but a false sense of security much like the SCALs [Shareholder Class Action Litigators] at the very top end of the totem pole of lawyers-liars causing pretty much anyone including possibly u with a morsel of intelligence remaining to take a deep breath, agree?


Those more in tune with the heartbeat of the universe seeing the “method to my madness” increasingly coming in to focus anticipating radical changes at my one of a kind website in time to be linked to, agree?


So important to watch out for my rather simple English explanation how the distraction techniques perfected by greatest criminal enterprise in the history of man is now part of the human psyche, the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel at the very top of the pyramid fully anticipating my next chess move but like u they r increasingly paralyzed, again it's like fishing here. I have baited and cast the hook but the fish is still obligated to do the biting, agree?


So why not make the most of your remaining time, go out smell the roses, take a stroll, careful not to get your pulse racing, the end of your suffering perhaps not quite in sight, so clear tho, wouldn’t agree that the fish rotting from the head down is now systemic, agree?


In other words given my humble opinion that the space between your ears is as close to a perfect vacuum as humanely imaginable that it is no good simply chopping off the head but all the gangrenous limbs, our grass roots organizations around the world as we prepare to break thru the “light speed” barrier making their presence felt, agree?


General Relativity considered by Einstein, “The Mind of G-D” so awesome that this genius of genius would not only throw “God” into the equation, remembering that the first mathematician-philosopher Pythagoras who remained very spiritual “tTOo” [sic] the very end took all forms of mysticism and superstition out of the equation with his Right Angle [90 degree] Triangle Theorem, but in coming up with the extraordinarily precise explanation of the working of the universe, Einstein refused to embrace Quantum Mechanics which while leading to the Digital Age has no “certainties” only “probabilities” but since u obviously don’t subscribe to anything I hold dear and r only interested in numbers u surely r therefore capable of getting your arms around the awesomeness of E=mc² which has at its core the speed of light not only being a constant but to the power of 2, well aware that as we reach the awesome speed of 300,000 kilometers [186,000 miles] per second the clocks stand still and everything becomes “mathematical” leading me back once again to have u who found comfort with the likes of the miserable Professor Aaron BrownNose Brown of the Yeshiva University poking fun at me thinking that I had “thrown in the towel” with this “bull” communiqué, consider that the genius of geniuses not only considered this awesome equation containing 3 letters and only 1 number, “The Mind of G-D” but its one “constant” that had the cosmos “in balance” was a speed of not simply 300,000 kilometers per second but 90 billion kilometers per second, not to forget Special-Relativity has stood the test not only of some 100 years but direct experiment after direct experiment unlike String Theory which despite its eloquent mathematics no on has yet designed a physical experiment which would or would not support or for that matter disprove the concept, agree?


Back to Quantum Mechanics which Einstein considered in his latter years as he failed to complete a


Unified theory

For the inner workings

Of the universe


His greatest mistake, so important to gather and examine the evidence going “back and forth”, truth, proof a function of evidence, the better the evidence the better the proof, agree?


U would think that an Almighty SMART G-D would think twice in revealing His-Her hand making us exercise our G-D given minds beginning by looking at our fingers that contain quite the blueprint of the universe our soft skins the first thing we have in common with one another along with a knowledge that may in fact be specific to only our species that at some point in time no matter what anyone one of us with a pulse will eventually die and for each of us to make up our “own minds” before reaching once again “eternal life”, leading back to what goes around comes around, nothing is gained nor is it lost, my contention after examining the evidence that while Einstein nailed down the workings of the Cosmos his and Mr. Grossman’s ingenious equation provided more than “proof” of Evolution, remembering that the Cosmos which makes up pretty much the entire universe is Deep Space, a perfect vacuum, and if no light bulbs r going off at this time, it should give u hope, further proof that the space between your ears is not a perfect vacuum, yet, agree?


So important to keep revisiting “The Mind of G-D”=E=mc², that has Energy [E] equaling Mass [m] multiplied by the Speed of Light [c] to the power of 2, and what u see is a human face, 2 c mE, Isaac Newton was in fact right some 400 years earlier that Mass always remains a constant in a non-vacuum environment such as within SpaceShip Mother Earth, that by combining the works of these 2 geniuses what emerges is “The Hand of G-D” at work, His-Her hand on the “dimmer switch” controlling “the speed of light” that thru direct experiments show time and again in various mediums outside Deep Space is not a constant, bearing in mind the significance of “The Mind of G-D” which constitutes pretty much everything out there as we hurtle thru space at an accelerating rate, the Red Shift Effect, measuring light waves that tells us from our perspective we r getting increasingly alone, that the night sky is getting darker, the mirror image of the Doppler Effect, measuring sound waves, sound the only sense specific to the unique environment of SpaceShip Mother Earth, so one must begin to feel increasingly as one goes back in time examining the first writings of “Let there be light... Hear O Israel I am the Lord thy G-D, G-D is one”, there is omnipotent presence watching each and every one of our moves, unless of course one thinks oneself above it all, hence why I so look forward to debating Czar Nicholas Oppenheimer the head of the DeBeers-Diamond Cartel in the flesh.


Again, wouldn’t it be incredibly boring for any one of us to be so “certain” of the existence of G-D that we would end up being even lazier than we already r, it very possible that String Theory may lead to greater enlightenment assuming there exists amongst us a genius such as Einstein to perform a direct experiment, bearing in mind the same was true of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity for many years, the proofs leaked in slowly over the decades.


Time to fly on my Ducati to pick up my KO DOG [Knock Out Dog] license plates to match the DOG KO [Okay GOD] plates of the Mini Cooper S taken over my one of a kind Client-Partner-Wife Marie Dion, and be sure to let me know if u come across a great deal for someone such as poor, poor Gary to own say a Lear jet, MD quite adamant that my Super Italian Greyhound, Pypeetoe, despite being quite the world traveler will have to stay home on the next trip geared toward continuing to wake up the masses, enough is enough, agree?


Your move,




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Kim Blackwood [mailto:kblackwood@CLEEWILLIAMSINSURANCE.COM]
Monday, December 27, 2004 8:55 AM
Subject: Insurance


Dear Gary,

In reply to your request for an explanation on why the banks insurance cost more than ours and how it differs, I can not tell you why their insurance cost more, however, I can tell you how it differs.  The Banks insurance only protects themselves and their interest  in the building.   I will be forwarding to them an insurance binder today, please advise where I can fax this binder.

Thank You

Kim Blackwood

C. Lee Williams & Associates, Inc.


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From: Gary S. Gevisser [mailto:]
Friday, December 24, 2004 10:26 AM
Kim Blackwood


Kim – in an email to my bank after we met I sent them an email that said “I will take the liberty of forwarding to Ms. Blackwood as well as a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population your suggestion”,


Your insurance agent should be able to explain

how the Bank's insurance differs from a policy that you might purchase

and why those significant differences cause the Bank's premium cost to

be higher than your own premium cost.


Second, after explaining to me what he meant pls tell me how I would go about getting renter’s insurance for my place in del mar.


Happy Christmas,