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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2007 3:01 PM PT
To: Chris "Little Mind Me" Little - dIRECtor of News - KFI 640 AM - "More Stimulating Talk Sh*t Radio" [sic]
Cc: rest; Martin.Wolf@FT.com'; John Loftus Esq. - Justice Department Nazi prosecutor; Mossad; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.; Gold Coast Moving; amartin@examiner.com; Leah Brandon - KFI 640 AM; Michelle Kube - Execuitve Producer, The Bill Handle Show KFI-AM 640 "More Stimulating Talk Sh*t Radio" [sic].; richard.rushfield@latimes.com; carol@panmedia.co.za; Dr. Laura Family; Rush Limbaugh; Oprah; Sternshow@howardstern.com; oreilly@foxnews.com; President@whitehouse.gov


The last words I recall out of the mouth of Rush Limbaugh earlier today on your radio station being beamed worldwide was, “I am not even convinced Osama Ben Laden is alive…” which followed verbiage that included the word “enemy”, Mr. Limbaugh strongly suggesting that he is not only the only arbiter of the truth but the only one we can trust to determine who exactly is “friend” and who precisely is “foe”.


Not to suggest that I am the only person in the world who knows that Rush Limbaugh is not alone in understanding perfectly well everything that I am writing despite my limited “air time” afforded DAAC stooges such as Limbaugh and his “bosom buddies” on the far left, the Socialist Democrats and Nazi Republicans one and the same, all in the business of “divide and conquer”.


To mention little of the exploding numbers of people from the ranks of the “dirt poor” who live “hand to mouth” to the “filthy rich” knowing versus believing that not only do I speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth but I am continuously providing overwhelming proof that the only enemy of the peoples of the world worth talking about is the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, the price fixers of price fixers who continue to not only breed controversy that keeps their talking head stooges in their highly lucrative businesses but the DAAC who STILL, but increasingly less so, interfere with the light, also have the power to fix the price of diamonds more than what you all pay for your highly valuable DAAC controlled broadcasting licenses bearing in mind once again that diamond currency is unlimited in supply, lightweight, never inventoried and untraceable.


I can only wish each one of you and those ignorant still buying in to all your nonsense talking not only that you be “well” but that you end up living a very long life that is only going to get more hellish with each passing moment as the past and the future all come together in the present.


A day does not go by when I am not informed of yet another multi-million cash transaction whether it be a drug trade between oftentimes competing drug cartels or a person in a business suite carrying his cash in a better than average briefcase to be used to grant the beneficiary of such monies a “competitive edge”.


As you know there is not nor will there ever be any corruption a human being is even capable of dreaming up more than the DAAC’s corruption that has now been going on for more than 100 years, the DAAC owning everything and everyone apart from the great majority of the hard working poor not getting close to their share of the graft-spoils of oils wars.


Time is increasingly not on your side as I make it my business-personal while enjoying this life to the fullest to expose your DAAC side that will never be erased much the same with the truth, “Black hands cannot lay white eggs”.


To even associate with someone you know which includes a parent who chooses to ignore the insidious implications of the Diamond Invention is as bad as taking their ill-gotten gains, even worse if you think you will get away with your “fast and loose” play by simply waiting to inherit such “blackened monies”, thinking, void of all logic, that there is nothing to be gained by being “confrontational”.


Increasingly difficult to even fool oneself let alone think you are smart enough to fool an increasingly enlightened world understanding perfectly well how each successive generation in the western world, the most poorly DAAC schooled, has got increasingly more corrupt and of course more violent.


Spirituality does not require interpretation by a philosopher-priest given how each of us is fully equipped to now figure it all out on our own in our own space and most importantly at our own pace.


You also know perfectly well that I have no interest in building any type of following but to fulfill my mission of giving peace one final last chance.


Logical thought processing is the name of the game and despite the fact that you are a moron you would know that there is no one you can think of capable of even beginning to refute my logical thought processing which again also explains your prolonged deafening silence.


If you got nothing out of the 8297 odd word email I sent out last evening at 9:20 PM Pacific Standard Time but the last sentence, “In due course I will be explaining in my next follow up email to Chris “Little Mind Me” Little how very easy it is going to be for the masses to change the “status quo” without being so foolish to resort to violence” I know, versus believe, you are right now sitting on the edge of your seat, knowing to read my missives from the “bottom up” much the same with all my 100 or so websites in various stages of construction - none more meaningful and easy to read as www.SupremeInternetCourt.com named by my so sic, so very cool, so over-the-top gorgeous, so sexy and so very brilliant math wizard artist painter French Canadian athlete of athlete wife who you would know given how closely you are following along also named my forthcoming book, THE HISTORY OF MONEY CREATION AND ITS FUTURE! along with the subtitle, A Message for the President, the title coming as we arrived in Xian, China this past summer, the first stop after spending 3 days in Beijing on our 24 day “fact finding mission” and the subtitle after I raced her to the top of a pagoda in Chongqing that houses U.S. General Stilwell’s museum where we began our 4 day voyage on the 5 Star going on minus 1 Regal Cruise line where we got to meet a whole bunch of very interesting people including Professor Xu Xin, head of Jewish studies at Nanging University who was taking a bunch of fatso Jewish New Yorkers on a sightseeing trip of China in the hope of catching a glimpse of what Marco Polo, just as Jewish as Christopher Columbus, found so fascinating about these Jews of the Orient, gold last trading at $668.80 a troy ounce.


You noticed how you are not feeling comforted by what you have previously considered to be a run on sentences!


Do you know what day it is today?


Do you notice how less important is your next scheduled appointment?


Would you now like to give some thought to how many deep breaths of fresh air you have remaining before possibly meeting up next with our maker who may not be in the mood for excuses such as,


Despite being so co-opted-corrupt I still thought I was smarter than this Gevisser character!


Since you know you are still with us why not devote whatever number of breaths of fresh air remaining to thinking about each and every ant you have stepped on throughout your miserable life followed by being tasked in your next lifetime with following simple DNA instructions beginning and ending with,


Tow the line and be courteous without bothering to be helpful each time you meet another ant along the way”.


Practice makes perfect.


You let your DAAC bosses treat you like an ant you become an ant.


The fact that my amazing fighter-bomber-pilot father with 71 odd miraculous missions dive-bombing the crap out of the Nazi bastards during oil World War II battled for all his business career to find a decent paying job despite being, in my humble but seasoned opinion, the smartest business person of modern day times, never afraid to break a sweat and so very gently encouraging others to give of their best while knowing that no one was anywhere close to being as skilled and competent as him, never, not even for a moment caused me to lose confidence in him because even during the toughest moments I would draw on the fact that there wasn’t a single other father of my friends who came close to accomplishing what Bernie Gevisser did while still very much in teens, qualifying as fighter-bomber-pilot while still 18 years of age.


Once an athlete always an athlete so long as you never allow scoundrels to enter the space between your ears.


Never once did my dad show resentment towards all those many Jewish South Africans so very aware of his competency who because they thought their life was more precious than my father’s chose to tow the DAAC line.


It didn’t take an advanced degree in rocket science to figure out that how systemically rotten was the entire community following the wholesale liquidation by the DAAC of my dad’s and his father’s trading conglomerate, The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies.


To this day not a single member of the decrepit Durban, South African Jewish community has every apologized to my father for their Kapo behavior even though you could bet your bottom worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollar that my “saintly” father would grant them “absolution”.


I on the other hand am a much happier individual than my father now on his last non-kosher pig valve given how I know better than to “play doG” [sic].


People don’t make a doormat out of you you make a doormat out of yourself.


The game of life is like the game of chess getting your opponent to play to your advantage and then “sum” [sic].


My quantitative skills are very possible better than my fathers as well as my mother’s only because they along with both sets of grandparents empowered me from the very start to fly free and high constantly questioning the status quo that had the filthy rich and lazy able to trickle down the costs of them getting richer on to the backs of the poor and downtrodden who were not stupid.


And now thanks to the Digital Age, a godsend, with Knowledge-Light-Information traveling increasingly at Light-G-D-Speed able to go “back and forth” at ease in their own space and time figuring out the genius of the awesomely designed system that today, right this instant should have you once again going back to the “need” by the “Powers that be” to have something so deranged as a stock market.


You have to surely take a very deep breath when understanding all the steps I took beginning on December 11th 1996 in creating in well under a year an asset which cost me nothing apart from my time, being worth upwards of half a billion U.S. dollars and then walking away from it only because my partner who had “gifted” me immediately after I had managed to throw mafia don Fred DeLuca “off her tail” half her two-thirds remaining interest in her medical device company, could not bring herself to simply saying,


 I screwed up!”


Moreover, you know perfectly well that you don’t have to take my word on this one of many non-fiction stories geared toward empowering the less privileged to flush out those who derive great satisfaction in exceeding the limits of their limited authority given how alive are each and every one of the players including Dennis Stanfill, formerly CEO and Chairman of the Board of MGM+++ and Newell Starks, an officer of the awesomely powerful Citicorp Venture Corporation who pass on Wall Street deals which you only get to hear about flogged by the DAAC controlled media which of course includes The Drudge Report.


The Power of the Internet is nothing short of mind-boggling awesome.


You can come up with every possible distraction in the course of a day not to find the time to read what I have to say and yet with all the time in the world to think of an appropriate response increasingly finding yourself at a loss for words.


Yet you find yourself increasingly drawn to check your email dreading it a whole lot more than finding out that your credit report that you have been so painstakingly working on to improve all these years would be totally irrelevant were you a higher ranking member of the DAAC who could fix their Diamond Currency to more than cover all your taxes including estate taxes when you die leaving your beneficiaries left with nothing more than to continue in my footsteps trashing your scoundrel name.


Did you notice how you don’t currently know whether to cry like a baby for being so dumb not having figured out sooner the power of the DAAC or to hang your head in shame for having allowed yourself to be so co-opted-corrupted for pennies on the worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollar versus say DAAC prostitute Jackie O not exactly by coincidence “latching on” to DAAC dealer Maurice Templesman who didn’t have to bother like Hilary Clinton having to carry the baggage of someone ratting out on her $10,000 investment in pork bellies that resulted in a measly $100,000 that shows you not only how short is not only your memory but how very desperate were the Clintons not all that long ago battling to make ends meet as very average lawyers for the Rose Law firm of Little Rock, Arkansas that has strong “blackened hand” traces to The Diamond Invention?


Again, people don’t make doormats out of you you make a doormat out of yourself!


You are not alone in wanting to be in the “in crowd” which is not to suggest that you are convinced placing a tattoo on your pint-sized shalong will have Michele “Coming 40 4 feet away” Kube taking pity on you as you know perfectly well that you have both DAAC co-opted-corrupted colleagues and otherwise who are no longer “egging you on” while doing nothing short of chomping at the bit waiting for me to make more of a spectacle out of you who they very possibly detest, a far cry from the disappointment I feel towards you, given how I don’t have to take any instruction from you not even where I should park my Ducati ST4S when I visit with you folks next.


What I would do to get a picture of your miserable face right this instant from Leah Brandon skipping around KFI’s offices in a skimpy outfit with one of those miniature cameras sewn into the top lining of her G-string underwear that you just get a glimpse of when she bends over to pick up a pencil she didn’t exactly accidentally drop on the floor, not even close.


All over the world enlightened parents and their kids understand it makes no sense to throw more worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollars at the poor just enough to make their lives just a “little better” since they have the “richness” already.


Nor would it make any sense suggesting to the “Powers that be” to give up on their superbly lucrative industrial-military-complex machine that is today very much “part and parcel” of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel’s old boy network.


What excuse would we have for polluting other peoples’ lands and water if we didn’t have our military bases?


U.S. military bases we all know versus believe the biggest polluters in the world.


Can you imagine what would happen to the assembly line workers over at Smith & Wesson once hearing that there will no longer be target practice at any DAAC U.S. military base?


Did you just notice the skipped heart beat of Devin Standard, the former executor of my estate who is today the head of marketing at Smith & Wesson?


We all know that worldwide peace is nothing short of worldwide lunacy for those nations such as the U.S. so very dependant on war to keep its economy moving.


Americans though are not the best fighters in the world despite the fact that you will find a good number of us in excellent physical and mental shape.


Just look at each member of the United States Congress.


But then there is George W. Bush who you wish would just like me disappear into thin air and then what?


China doesn’t take its “marching orders” from me because if they did there would already be worldwide peace just by China’s military announcing that they are moving over the next 30 days 1 million of their foot soldiers wearing Prada from top to bottom in to the Persian Gulf to come to the aid of any one of their trading partners who feels threatened by anything even if it is a yet to be discovered NextraterresTrial.


Comical is the only way to describe those amongst us who still cannot figure out why it is that we have not yet found an alternative to burning fossil fuels which provide us with the excuse to have our polluting bases all around the world.


In the fall of 1972 during my Gadna training in Israel I asked a number of rather good questions to Israeli military officers in charge of the Israeli military base at Kibbutz Sde Boker where us 15 year South African Jewish kids were based.


One of the things I noticed were the pools of oil that formed on the desert floor and I joked about how “neat” it would be to have built a series of canals criss-crossing Israel that would collect all the oil dropping from motor vehicles that could then be pumped into ships headed for the U.S. so making a significant dent in the U.S. 20% shortfall that once just the talk of expanding this canal network throughout the rest of the world would have the U.S. no longer having the excuse to “defend its strategic national interests.”


Bear in mind such comical relief was greatly sought by Israeli Commanding Officers tasked with “recruiting” the next group of Israeli Special Forces commandos to follow in the footsteps of those who were now tracking down and killing the masterminds of the Munich Olympic massacres that began on September 4th 1972 some 3 odd days after we arrived at Sde Boker, the retirement home of Israel’s most awesome first prime minister David Ben Gurion who when we met with him on November 1st 1972 was not exactly a “potted plant” not even close.


Not to mention that I wasn’t exactly a “nobody” at age 15, in addition to having demonstrated fast twitching muscles when jumping on ice over barrels 18 inches in height, numbering as many as 7, my Royal Mater’s “escorts” on prior trips to Israel saw fit to share with these military officers, a couple reporting directly to DBG that there weren’t that many Israelis at age 9 holding an Israeli Uzi sub-machine gun on the soon to be bloodied Golan Heights, some 6 months before the 6 Day Arab-Israeli War.


DBG, nor the Mossad nor the very deep underground Jewish Underground had the awesome power of the internet to spread Knowledge-Information-Light at Light-G-D-speed to all 4 corners of the earth that now has the DAAC who interfere with the light increasingly exposed as the masses begin to take back what is rightfully theirs without being so dumb as to resort to violence.


Those hungry and out of work simply need to take this missive along with a hard copy of Hollywood blockbuster author, increasingly edgy Edward Jay Epstein’s The Diamond Invention down to their local parish priest and ask with the entire congregation present what they in their wisdom think can be done to bring peace to this earth without the hungry sacrificing their lives, leading a life of poverty for the sake of the priests enjoying the good life.


Then after picking up all the priesthood after they have collapsed in to a heap of tears to go hand in hand to the local politician.


You get the picture loud and clear.


You also get the picture of some 800 Peruvian highly educated guides soon to be joined at the hip with some 1.5 odd billion non-aggressive Chinese, the so-called Jews of the Orient.


Honor thy Mother and Father is to trust one’s biological or otherwise parents with respecting the truth, as best they know it.


Parents, we know from an early age are not omnipotent, i.e. fail to meet the basic definition of “God”, a Superior Being with unmatched powers to bring about much more than “life” and “death”.


But exactly how vengeful is a kid supposed to be when either one or both parents abuse such an important doctrine and knowingly ignore the truth, that which does not change by buying in to the kid’s “excuse” that begins with, “You know I am poorly conditioned to think that my parents if not God than as close to God as it gets”?


Moreover, what should a parent say about their failings as a parent should their kid decide to play the “deaf, dumb and blind” monkey game and give them nothing more than “lip service” and when “talking back” with nonsense talk “just to talk”, inevitably when frustrated enough and can no longer make the logical arguments and not afraid to get a “fat lip” to tell it exactly the way it is with,


Listen here you slimeball. You have done an excellent job of bribing me with your ill-gotten gains to stay quiet, so don’t think you can begin to teach me a value system when the only thing I know is to follow in your footsteps, bide my time putting up on occasion with your nonsense knowing that you will soon die and with my well earned inheritance I will afford an excellent pair of shoes to come stomping on your graveside, bringing my god along to pee and like Pypeetoe do business #2 on command” [sic]”.


Don’t play monkey games” was an expression my fighter-bomber-pilot dad would use with me when feeling I was going just a little “overboard” when fooling around, rarely if ever frowning let alone displaying the sort of growl I have often heard coming out of the mouth of The It over the past more than 13 odd years that I have helped The It’s second wife that we know of raise “single-handedly” her daughter Danielle, soon to be 18 and son, JoNathan who is now well into his 15th year.


Not to mention how JoNathan and Marie Dion Gevisser laughed “to-get-her” [sic] this past week when he told her when recently writing an essay for school dealing with how and why American kids are losing their “competitive edge” to the industrious Chinese the result of being “babied to death” with mediocrity ending with my one quote, THE MEEK WITH TEETH SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH, thinking of directing his teacher to my one website, www.NEXTraterresTRIAL.com.


To mention little of how much the motor vehicle has stunted the growth of western kids, particularly here in the U.S. including those “dirt poor” kids who along with their parents live “hand to mouth” long before they learn the importance of how one needs to break a sweat in order to get fit they learn to most of all know how to exercise their right foot when stepping on the gas pedal.


China’s one southern neighbor, North Korea appears to be agreeing to an extortion payment of some $400 million [worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollars] in return for placing on ice their nuclear weapons program.


The United States Congress which turned back European Jewish refugees during the Holocaust of World War II resulting in most of them going to their horrible deaths in slave concentration camps like Auschwitz never once attempted, at least publicly to reprimand the State of Israel in its efforts to acquire sophisticated nuclear weaponry that today places Israel well ahead of the United States.


Not to suggest that opening up such a debate will do much to distract anyone reading this missive from the main purpose of this communiqué.


The purpose of this communiqué goes simply to the heart of the issue,


Why trust reporters-politicians-priests-academics-parents who cannot bring themselves to deal with The Diamond Invention that has been a fact of life for more than 100 years; diamond drilling bits rather important in the exploration of oil?


The business of “Money Creation” has for very good reason been left out of the curriculum of the top business-finance-banking-accounting schools throughout the world.

O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive?


Scot Free”, a term used often amongst the “sly English” probably has some interesting origins and perhaps even more interesting than the word “blokes” which at least one Quebecqua I know thinks it came from the word “block heads” which is what very warm and friendly French Canadians think most appropriately reflects the English who end up settling in places like heavily corrupt Del Mar, California although I know of one male French Canadian by the last name Bienvenue who if I were to refer to him as a “bloke” would be equivalent to me calling the Krok family from South Africa ugly and stupid when they would all agree I could call them fast worse names.


Funny how quickly everyone getting more than their fair share of the graft-spoils of oil wars is losing their sense of humor anticipating, at least those who know me that it is just a question of time before their names get added to my FOOLS NAMES, FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES list that you would agree may have a lot to do with why it is that I am alive and very well, putting aside for the moment “The Hand of God”.


Not to mention how much it gets on your nerves the fact that I was able to keep my mouth shut so very tight for some 24 years following my having infiltrated the highest levels of the DAAC on 47th-Wall Street.


Interesting how so far just a handful of individuals on this one email list of mine have commented in writing about the back and forth I initiated back in November 2004 with the principals of Codiam Inc., a very dark DAAC fronting organization headquartered on 47th-Wall Street who following orders from London and South Africa fix the price on Diamond Currency throughout the world.


Funny how such KIL is causing you all sorts of sleepless nights having no clue whatsoever what new revelations tomorrow will bring.


It won’t be long now before your deafening silence is understood by sufficient numbers of the poor and of course not necessarily the smartest people in the world but unwilling nevertheless to get shot fighting a class war.


You simply cannot get out of your head, “It is not class warfare I am encouraging, it’s the welfare system I am questioning, and I am a member of the favored class” who knows better than even most of the most senior DAAC membership the ins and outs of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, the most devious organization on planet earth who have of course managed to infiltrate Israel’s most deadly intelligence service.


The Mossad, as you well know, I can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt “set up” big time Jewish Hollywood producer-director Steven Spielberg whose deafening silence speaks as much volume at this most remarkable moment in time as yours as well as all those others co-opted-corrupted by the DAAC.


Nothing quite getting the attention of the poor who again are not stupid than my FOOLS NAMES, FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES list that of course will continue to grow but at nowhere near the rate at which the increasingly aware and not willing to sell their soul get “up to speed” on those so addicted to greed.


Without crime the street criminals would find themselves competing with out of work law enforcement tasked exclusively with enforcing petty crimes laws.


Not to mention everything is petty when compared to enforcing the so very important anti-Price Fixing-anti-Trust laws.


My beyond belief sexy French-Canadian wife who celebrated her birthday yesterday gave me in a matter of seconds the main thrust of the book Le Marché aux voleurs by Jean Montaldo which a Belgian lady had recommended.


Simply naming names of corrupt individuals without attributing how exactly they fit in with the conspiracy of conspiracy is foolish although it sells books and more importantly provides further distraction but increasingly insufficient to “derail” the momentum I have building at an exponential rate as time marches on and the relative calm prevails without anyone able to explain given the lack of predictability in the market places around the world why the capital and financial markets have not collapsed YET.


No elected or unelected government official in the entire world including China would unless willing to set in motion the collapse of the western world’s capital and financial markets, DARE to question, at least publicly, how apart from using Diamond Currency so well spelled out in Hollywood blockbuster author, Edward Jay Epstein’s THE DIAMOND INVENTION, did Israel acquire both its over-the-top nuclear weapons as well as delivery systems.


No member of the DAAC media comforted by the breach of trust of parents with “Money Power” is willing at this time to set such a “ball in motion.”


As you know, I haven’t been exactly asleep since letting Stephen Cohen of Codiam Inc. know when would be a good time to meet and “break bread” once I had “firmed up” a date to meet with Eliot Spitzer, now Governor of New York State and who back on November 24th 2004 was Attorney General of New York State preparing to be the next governor while making such a big deal of his success record in curtailing abuse on Wall Street thinking like most getting more than their fair share of the graft that no one “of note” would upset the applecart.


A surfer friend of mine who is rather well-known in the surfing world for shaping surf boards received in the mail one of those scam solicitations out of South Africa detailing how rich he could get so long as he kept this scam “confidential” which made my friend Joe rather suspicious since he does not have an Internet connection and only just very recently got to hear when talking with me only over the telephone about the DAAC, the scam artists of scam artists.


Not to mention that Devin Standard, a far more worldly and traveled individual than my board shaper friend Joe while coming in and out like the tide never did respond to this 1032 word email of mine from March 14th of last year that ended,


"Twelth" [sic], until you get your arms around the fictitious but wonderfully distracting Nigerian DAAC scams that pale in comparison to what the Federal Reserve and the such has managed to pull off, your children, assuming that are not hooked on aspartame, will help guide you, you will never be able to have that heart to heart talk with your family counting on you to pull out all stops.


The DAAC and all their corrupt governments could shut down in well less than 24 hours each and every financial scam going on throughout the world but to do so would interfere with their scam as each distraction keeps the focus of attention off the DAAC, the mafia of mafia.


Surfing has become increasingly an elitist sport like skiing and going into earths orbit.


According to the NY Times,


Two million people consider themselves active surfers in the United States, twice as many as 20 years ago, according to Action Sports Retailer, the leading board-sports industry trade show. An active surfer is considered someone who goes out at least eight times a year.”


Now do I really need to describe the look on the faces of JoNathan and his surfing buddies who congregate just to the left of the left oversized window at our cliff house in Del Mar to best observe one of the best surfing spots in all of southern California were they to read “at least eight times a year” when they are in the surf daily, at times all day not in the least “rili” [sic] bothered when tasting at times the foul tasting waters that serve as an anti-dote to those moron parents who have loaded them up from the youngest of age with antibiotics to the point that pharmaceutical companies like Amgen who specialize in hay fever and the such are having a “bumper crop” this year.


Not to mention that JoNathan is now back on antibiotics.


Continuing with the New York X’s article,


“Surfing’s popularity has helped drive international real estate sales, with property along remote coastlines being bought and developed into resorts and vacation homes. Parts of Costa Rica are considered so crowded that some surfers have pushed north to Nicaragua. And in Mexico, rumors abound about development in a remote area of Baja California known as Scorpion Bay.


A drive of more than 800 miles from San Diego, Scorpion Bay can be difficult to reach, and it lacks most amenities. Only private airplanes can land there, and those who drive must cover a few hundred miles along dirt roads through the desert. For years, most people stayed at a cold-shower campsite on a rocky bluff above the beach. On their Web site, Scorpionbay.net, the campground’s operators denied that they would sell out.


Surf schools have become another growth industry. San Diego had so many that the city began to regulate them.”


The word “regulate” just caused a shiver to go up your spine as you cannot get out of your head,


DeBeers have had now for more than 100 years a worldwide exclusive right to engineer-manufacture-distribute their own unlimited supply of untraceable lightweight and never regulated Diamond Currency.


Now examine the deafening silence of Paul Harris of the Jewish Telegraph, Arthur Sharp,  Rich Meislin, Professor Trevor Jones etc etc who anxiously await of number of things including my reply email to a Chinese trader which in due course you can all access by clicking on this The Thing hyperlink.


Again, David Ben Gurion who began in December 1949 having the Mossad report directly to him understood without reading Chapter 9, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER, subtitle, THE SECRET WAR REPORT OF THE OSS, that with “good credit” you could purchase anything and everything under the sun including the mind of someone like Albert Einstein who refused to become President of Israel not because he was upset that the Jewish State had downloaded his brain in achieving nuclear weapons technology breakthroughs ahead of the United States of America without having to bother with drawing down on the nonsense $3 billion odd set aside annually by the DAAC infested United States Congress.


There is no excuse for not being informed it is right there.


Einstein's "If I have seen further than anyone it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants" combined with his "Imagination is more important than knowledge" should have you immediately going back and in the same breath forward to his "2 c mE" in "reverse" which Einstein, the most extraordinary humble man and so slow to embrace Quantum Mechanics, that which goes forward must work in reverse, despite being one of QM’s founders, referred to as "The Mind of God" given Special-General Relativity’s most out of this world balanced and most important equation explaining the workings of the entire cosmos.


Mankind's most intelligent human beings going back to Pythagoras, the first mathematician philosopher to have taken all forms of mysticism and superstition out of the equation, have all had the most profound belief in a higher authority which should have you, a moron, thinking how extraordinarily dumb must the rest of the humans be to think they "sumhow" [sic] are more intelligent to think if even for a moment that that G-d/God does not exist.


Creationists who fail to the follow the evolutionary trail are not that much less dumb while certainly as hypocritical and why it makes no sense to debate either priests from all the major religions or academics, the new corrupt church on any subject including the subject matter "God does NOT exist" without having someone such as myself present to take such morons on an educational light journey where I will, using the highest levels of science and mathematics provide all the proof that not only does E=mc² represent "The Mind of God" but the so sought out "Hand of God" which the most intelligent humans thought it was just a matter of time before it would be within their "grasp".


"2" [sic] many people raised in the nonsense Bell Shaped curve educational system think themselves so smart because they can arrange letters and numbers in to some resemblance of order that they can then go on to make a living without thinking that anyone of note would be smart enough to "hold their feet to the fire" as they go off on one tangent after the other.


Starting with a theory and making it happen is very different to Einstein's "Mind of God" equation which has been proven by one direct experiment after the next for the past 100 years.


One of the best examples I can think of arrived in an email recently sent to my over-the-top brilliant and so distractingly beautiful and sexy wife which she began reading to me as she printed out at our studio cliff house in Del Mar a handful of very colorful photos of a market scene that she plans to paint and only stopped once I caught up with her letting her go on for a while longer enjoying her very sexy French accent.


Not to mention that so far the only person I know bored with all my wife’s sex talk is my wife who doesn’t read my emails, relying on you to increase the circle of those dependant upon my insight and analysis of the important events of the day.


It followed an earlier email where a woman, no doubt living in real estate rich Rancho Sante Fe, considered the following "bad taste humor"


The latest poll taken by the Governor of California yielded results on whether or not people who live in California think illegal immigration is a serious problem:


a) 21% of the respondents answered: "Yes, it is a serious problem."


b) 79% of the respondents answered: "No es una problema."


How is it possible for the truth, that which doesn’t change to be in "bad taste"?


The latest study coming out of UCLA attempting to show that women have a certain "chemistry" that allows them to "bond" with one another resulting in them being able to better counteract the effects of stress than men is so extraordinarily flawed no different to those studies that are made to show that women are less intelligent than men in the so very important science and math, the most precise and spiritual of the languages.


But of course who really cares about the truth so long as it makes you feel for the moment that much better about yourself while distracting you from dealing with the most important truths as to why there are so many morons such as yourself out there able to make a far better living than either legal or illegal Mexican-American immigrants whose parents don’t know any better.


For the past 4 years I have been conducting my own study with people at the very bottom of the DAAC socio-economic pyramid as well as those at the very top to determine what wording I can best use to get them to focus on nothing more than reading and then commenting in writing about Hollywood blockbuster author Edward Jay Epstein's most fascinating Internet only book, THE DIAMOND INVENTION.


Your "deafening silence" since I last emailed you back on January 21st and people like Dr. John K. Pollard still managing to communicate with me by sending me funny but so rather stupid old racist jokes that just like the “76%” [sic] respondent study is wrought with an undercurrent of racism which elitists such as the DAAC are counting on to continue keeping the masses feeling so helpless, so easily distracted, incapable of reading clearly the most important stuff beginning with food labeling that will allow them to see all the sugar and fat junk that has them while feeling good for an instant getting a cheap high loading up on the calories and consequently not able to figure out good science that shows that there is the most extraordinary correlation between obesity and dementia.


Not to mention how such "Poverty of Thought" individuals manage to spit out, "I know skinny people who suffer from diabetes".


There is a distinct difference between Philosophy and Science which people like Pythagoras and Einstein had no problem in addressing bearing in mind once again such individuals were smart enough to understand why they had such a profound belief in a Superior Being once noticing the extraordinary "patterns-geometry" of the universe, S-G Relativity all geometry.


Money and the pursuit of material wealth didn’t begin with The Diamond Invention which was simply geared toward elitists who had no belief-loyalty toward any religion other than a religion that would stop its membership from questioning their unbridled Money Power.


Christianity was the only choice for Charles Engelhard and Harry Oppenheimer who like Jesus Christ was born Jewish.


Christians all around the world should take, however, no comfort in the fact that Jewish people including rabbinical scholars such as Professor Rabbi Abner Weiss are so very quiet on all aspects of The Diamond Invention that centers around the conspiracy of conspiracy by these two very Jewish last named individuals who both got buried in churches.


The best of the best Jewish people are long dead.


The best of the best Mossad agents are long dead.


Both the Lavon and Altalena Affair are two incidents in the recent history of the Jewish people that like the Diamond Invention will cause all those secular morons such as yourself and Professor Rabbi Weiss to go increasingly "quiet".


Today as my breathtaking wife-partner ages so awesomely well I doubt there is a teenager in the world who would choose either their own body or their face over that belonging to my very smart wife who continues to have little faith in humanity ever getting it "to-get-her" [sic] despite knowing there is overwhelming evidence of the "Hand of God" at work beginning with how I, someone who is taking on the so over-the-top corrupt "status quo" will next month be 50 years of age without any army or one single vocal supporter in the world doing "my bidding".


Moreover, as I spell things out in simple English I continue to live the most unimaginable life without the slightest of fear knowing, however, how increasingly extraordinarily fearful are the millions of individuals backed by militia on all sides of the so contrived controversies.


While visiting this past Saterday evening our 90 year young designer friend who is so very on top of the plans he has drawn up to make an art studio addition to our Stone Home deep in the Cleveland National Forest I caught a glimpse of the CBS News which devoted an entire segment toward a DAAC infomercial as they detailed the "distinctions" between machine made gem quality diamonds and those coming out of the ground.


To you and all those copied this is all "old news".


Did you just notice that you didn’t even feel the slightest shiver going up your spine.


I have you and all those on my FOOLS NAMES, FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES list, by the short hairs and you know it.  



You are not alone in understanding PERFECTLY WELL the business of corrupt governments is to prevent grass roots organizations from getting “off the ground”.


You are not alone in providing proof to grass roots organizations forming all around the world how much you fear the reality of the Internet beyond the control of the most devious of organizations.


The DAAC, the cartels of cartels while able to do a whole lot than price fix diamond currency more than a barrel of oil and of course cover their taxes cannot explain why it is that increasing numbers of folks tuned in to my networks understand perfectly how and why movies like Blood Diamonds serve as just one of a myriad of distractions that has the ignorant masses failing to ask their politicians-clergy, one and the same very corrupt group, why the DAAC don’t explain in simple English their one of a not-so-kind to the next generation all over the world Diamond Invention.


You don’t need me to explain in simple English why, as logic would dictate, increasingly incorruptible grass roots organizations have increasingly little to fear from militants bought and paid for by DAAC corrupt governments infiltrating their ranks.


You understand perfectly well how much fun as well these grass roots organizations are having figuring out on their own how well your fear of them understanding the extraordinarily lucrative and insidious business of “money creation” is expressed in the increasing lengths of the gaps between you poking fun at what I have to say about the reasoning behind your increasing and very possible permanent “deafening silences”.


Corrupt governments understand that when the people lose trust in their currency they first begin hoarding gold followed by food and other precious resources like water and oil.


Gold not only continues to hold its own but rise at a moderate rate without creating panic.


Causing you to collapse in to a bigger pool of tears is the “real-ty” [sic] of me still alive and enjoying life to the fullest.


Filthy Rich people PERFECTLY UNDERSTAND that when they cannot trust their corrupt government to infiltrate grass roots organizations and create class wars they first “head for the hills”.


Hitler was not your ordinary clown but one who understood how important it was to ingratiate himself with the “Money Power” people all around the world and none more omnipotent than the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel that had such unbridled power.


There is no intelligence institution in the history of the world like the highly compartmentalized Mossad who have perfected the art of deception so critical in war.


The Jewish people have been at war with corrupt government long before the great Jesus Christ took to the streets outside the Temple turning over apple carts to protest the corruption of the Jewish priesthood by greedy people like the DAAC who have no loyalty but to those who feed their greed, willing to sacrifice both their young as well as those of the poor who over time have become increasing better educated as information, the most critical resource in keeping the have-nots from getting at the haves, spreads to grass roots organizations increasingly sophisticated in the “art of psychological warfare”.


There is nothing Jewish, Christian, Muslim or Buddhist when it comes to greed, just ask each and every one of the DAAC preachers of all the major religions and political groups who rely on the corrupt priesthood, academia the new corrupt church, why were it not for the fact that without the church there would be no poor and without the poor there would be no church that they fail to discourage their poor congregants to joining the “economic draft” where their Commanding Officers accepts bribes in worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollars that are increasingly untraceable as other corrupt governments prints monies 24/7.


The DAAC are not stupid and make it their business to hire right out of university the brightest of students who come top of the Bell Shaped curve educational system all geared by the DAAC to have the most average rising to the top; no better example than Bill “Rhodes Scholar-DeBeers” Clinton.


When you can no longer trust your father you do not have a family.


When you can no longer trust your President to protect your currency with brute force you do not have a country.


The purpose of a father is to provide the basics for the children to survive just long enough for them to stand on their two feet.


The purpose of the President of the United States of America ever since the advent of Gunboat Diplomacy aka Regime Change has been exclusively to recruit sufficient numbers of the poor and downtrodden with all 4 limbs attached but no longer having the means due the corrupt banking system to survive in the “dog eat dog” world to the point of having to sacrifice their “god” [sic] just to survive.


Nothing more disturbing to those such as yourself benefiting from the “status quo” than to hear it all spelled out so very clearly from someone as credible as me, able to blend in extraordinarily well with those at the very top of the DAAC socio-economic ladder as well as those mighty strong at the bottom rather impressed with both my physical and mental athleticism, no doubt having as my partner the most awesome Marie Dion Gevisser doesn’t do any harm.


When armed with KIL about how the real “dog eat god aspartame” [sic] world “rili” [sic] works has me repeating back to you suggestions like, “Why don’t all the leaders of the world fight it out in a boxing match and who ever wins wins


“Barstardosos” [sic] like you are increasingly shaking in your boots KNOwING that there are not only “illegal” Mexican-Americans while dirt poor, battling to find an honest paying slave wage job, relying increasingly on cheap alcohol to drown their sorrows but legal Mexican-Americans also increasingly finding outstanding good reasoning for smiling from ear to ear at every bright light even if it is a cop pulling them over for driving Mexican and to show them what a “bad ass” they are with badge and gun drawn much more often than you folks carefully choose not to report as well as bleakest moments when feeling hopeless, exhausted from harshness of the oppression brought on them by an increasingly so transparent totally untrustworthy corrupt government for good reason FAILING TO acknowledge Chapter 9, DIAMONDS FOR HITER, subtitle, THE SECRET WAR REPORT OF THE OSS, of the most fascinating INTERNET ONLY book, THE DIAMOND INVENTION written by Hollywood blockbuster author Edward Jay Epstein, the consequences fully understood well prior to the DAAC controlled United Nations granting the Jewish people their own country in May 1948 by enlightened leaders such as David Ben Gurion who advocated,


Let the Children of Israel be a light unto the nations”.


An awesome feeling if you don’t have much DeBeers-Dollars cash to speak of sitting in bank accounts but skills such as dry walling, landscaping, plumbing, pushing wheelbarrows like my grandfather Israel Issy Gevisser, trades that can be easy bartered.


Heart palpitating once also when increasingly strong of heart and soul and therefore able to get ones arms around why it is that without the poor there would be no church and without the church there would be no poor, the church failing miserably to explain their loss of words that there has to be more to life than a lifetime of Poverty of Thought that I am helping those not YET on my FOOLS NAMES, FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES list understand is more prevalent amongst those in so very dishonest professions such as yours all the way to the very top calls for increased rejoicing,


Not to mention what scares the living daylights out of you bastards the most is that the plan to keep my “friends” in the “poor house” where they have nothing but sex to keep them going, breeding like rabbits when no longer able to afford the gas guzzlers that give them an ounce of joy, the roaring sound of an engine a moment’s reprieve from imprisoned minds, is no longer resulting in these youngsters no matter how poor joining the “economic draft” as their parents also become increasingly more educated as the kids follow in my footsteps of parenting the parents who need the most help.


Like the Chinese, the Mexican-Mexican and Mexican-American communities are much more tight-knit than the Lily White Wheaty Eaters whose “money culture” is exclusively dependant on having the “biggest gun”.


Go ahead right now, this instant and conduct you own survey amongst your friends, colleagues and most of all family members who of course may be as tuned in to my missives as you eagerly awaiting your next “knee jrK” [sic] reaction.


For every action-reaction-overreaction there is an equal and opposite action-reaction-overreaction, nothing is gained nor is it lost.


What goes around comes around with a vengeance.


It is not class warfare I am encouraging, it is the welfare system I am questioning, and I am a member of the favored class.


And there is nothing right now, this very minute “egging me on more” than the 3 legal Mexican-Americans ages, 18, 19 and 45, all strong as a horse, watching over my shoulder as I type this soon to be heavily broadcasted missive, pointing out the extraordinary Poverty of thought of Martin Wolf who few would argue ranks high if not at the very top of your so co-opted profession.


Look at every talking head politicking media throughout the western world and name one more educated who upon graduation from Oxford joined the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel’s World Bank.


Let me know if you would like to join us this coming weekend most probably on Saterday evening at our cliff house in heavily corrupt Del Mar where I will be providing a “blow by blow” commentary on Steven SPIelberg’s 2005 blockbuster movie MUNIch.


I am trying to “persuade” retired Admiral Ami Ayalon the former head of the Israeli Navy to join us and to very possibly get an education he never received at Harvard University or when this awesomely respected commando was Commanding Officer of Flotilla 13, Israel’s most elite Special Forces Marine unit that continues to run circles around our Navy SEALs only because of the alcohol and drug addiction increasingly prevalent amongst western forces especially those units having served any time in US controlled Afghanistan which you all know is producing opium currency as quick as our mints are producing DeBeers-Dollars that of course could never quite catch up with the speed at which the DAAC have been producing and price fixing Diamond Currency for more than 100 years.


Not to mention that Flotilla 13 commandos’ principal focus is staying just that much sharper than Hezbollah Special Ops beyond belief invigorated following their rousing performance this past summer bearing in mind Hezbollah Special Ops are not as well informed as are Israeli Special Forces commandos about the deafening silence of western leadership as well their Arab tyrants to the role played by the DAAC in none of them knowing anything about the so very important and so lucrative business of “money creation” a subject that for good reason has never, not once been taught in any accredited school or university anywhere in the world.


Pointing out what is wrong brings nothing good and is wrong.


Conventional Wisdom is also dead wrong when pointing out, “Black hands can lay white eggs”.


Two wrongs can never make things right only worse and right now these are the best of times for pointing out what is wrong and the worst of times to be on my FOOLS NAMES, FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES list.


Bill “Rhodes Scholar” Clinton’s prediction back on January 21st 2000 at Caltech University that the United States is ripe for Bosnian-Serbian ethic cleansing civil war is now fully underway, the gang violence yet to pick up in intensity as what we see happening in the neighborhoods of Baghdad but like Hezbollah Special Ops learned from the best of the best of Israel’s Special Forces commandos who run circles around our Special Forces still eating disgusting hotdogs, it wont take long.


Not to mention the enthusiasm for becoming an Israeli Special Forces Commanding Officer is waning no different to young Israelis wanting to go up against extraordinarily energized Hezbollah Special Ops who also have yet to figure out why their COs continue to pay them in worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollars.


China, the “army from the north” is the best hope for the United States and the quicker Chinese military make use of their Panama Canal the better off we, the people of the world, will be, the alternative does not require a mind reader.


Oxford “reader” and Financial Times of London chief economist Mike Wolf can take no comfort in finding himself in the company for example of The It and his typist on-off again girlfriend Dawn whose last name is pronounced “kilicut”, sending me a 132 word email that began with the “f” word a year ago this coming May ending with, “Now stop violating the restraining order before we get another one,” without first checking with The It who might not have told her given the difficulty he has had a lifetime keeping track of his lies from day one that I have as much a restraining order on him as he may have on me, not to mention why apart from Ms. Kilicut not herself able to “fire right” would bother with getting “another one” if there was one already in place.


Wolf upon graduating Oxford University in 1971 the year the DAAC officially took over the managing of the western world’s monetary and fiscal policies when the greatest military power, the United States went officially off the Gold Standard on August 15th 1971 allowing the price of gold and other precious minerals such as platinum much more under the control to skyrocket is no different to The IT, Kilicut and everyone on my FNFFIPP list, caught between the rock and a hard plate.


Telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth no longer belongs only in the history books.


There is, however, something to be said for making a point at looking at couples who are honest and who stay together over a lifetime versus where one or both are dishonest they end up parting company unless they are “filthy rich” when having an affair-s is the only option.


The breakdown of the family unit is, however, predominantly amongst the world’s greatest welfare recipients and the United States of America is fast having to wake up to the reality of Israel, its front line of defense-offense in support of the fictitious-worthless DeBeers-Dollars HAVING ALREADY shown its “true colors” this past summer when some 20 handfuls of Hezbollah Special Op commandos mimicking brilliantly the best of the best of Israel’s most brutal Special Forces commandos not only held back the brutal Israeli Army armed with the most advanced tanks and weaponry but using the most unsophisticated missiles caused the evacuation of Haifa, Israel’s 3rd largest city housing a population of 300,000.


How quickly we choose to forget what happened just a moment ago instead wanting simply to hear what I have to say about how high or how low will the price of gold go over the next 12 months.


Even non-athletes and I am mostly talking about non-professional athletes unless they have been smart enough to never sacrifice their bodies=mind for the “sake of the team” in which case they most likely would have been mostly sidelined by a winning-at-all-cost coach, have figured out by now, those such as yourself heavily tuned in to my insight and analysis of the important events of the day, that the DAAC are singularly focused on having all the ignorant believe they are omnipotent.


Oxford graduate and World Bank official Martin Wolf is not the only person who can “read” now shaking in their boots.


In a 1581 odd word email this past Sunday to a Delmartian high school teacher in heavily corrupt Del Mar that tolerates like most corrupt governments 2 diamond-money laundering stores not exactly “side-by-side” giving the impression there are competitive market forces “at play”, I made mention of the following:


Money has been the "means of exchange" that most in the western world consider the most important when acquiring "goods and services" prior to the outbreak of wars when "money becomes no object" for the simple reason that in war we go back once again to the "barter system".


When realizing that South Africa sits atop the worlds' richest strategic resources apart from oil and such resources including uranium are used to "barter with" during wars as well as in the relatively peaceful periods so you begin to appreciate why IT IS that the Apartheid Regime was left totally "untouched" by the western alliance following the defeat of Nazi Germany while our Regime Change Foreign Policy not only continued but increased at a feverish pace throughout the rest of the world.


Not to mention how caught up in the “divide and conquer” game, so well executed by all the political parties in the United States not just the pretty much identically corrupt Democrat and Republican parties, are Americans not to figure out that something is very wrong when it takes the winner of the U.S. Presidential election some half a billion U.S. Dollars to be elected for a 4 year term in office that pays less than half a million a year when someone such as my uncle David Moshal-Gevisser Engelhard gets back in March 1971 a $6 million “sign on bonus” to take over from his murdered benefactor CharlesPlatinum King” Engelhard as the American “figurehead” head of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel with enough time remaining before the U.S. went officially off the Gold Standard to invest such monies in gold and platinum, never in a million years putting so much as a dime into worthless-fictitious Diamond Currency that the “Money Power” superrich use only as a “means of exchange” knowing the collapse of the nonsense Diamond market could come without a moment’s notice should just one member of the heavily DAAC infiltrated Lords-Lloyds of London or United States Congress have a miniscule of courage.


Never in the history of Cambridge University or Oxford where the “privilege” are afforded the opportunity to sit and “read” stuff like “law” have they encountered anything along the lines of the knuckleball I threw at Mr. Wolf from which he is simply ill-equipped to respond to in an even halfway literate manner, hoping instead that folks way down the totem pole like those at Gold Coast Moving will do him the “honours” by taking an ax to the back of my head ahead of the world reading this follow up.


No longer are those folks tuned in to my missives any where close to being as mad with me as they once were about my support of President George W. Bush who of course with each passing moment they understand how extraordinarily well he has executed his job as President and Commander of Chief of all United States Forces tasked EXCLUSIVELY now for well over 100 years in going to war with any nation daring to interfere with the “American dream-way of life”, specifically those co-opted-corrupted governments not willing to accept our corrupt government’s promissory notes better known as monies.


Not to mention yet again, the business of corrupt governments is to never let peaceful grass roots organizations take root.


The DAAC had counted on the entire world by now being embroiled in the most bloody, i.e. distracting oil war never figuring that the so smart Peoples Republic of Communist China would “hold back” their extraordinary technological advancements and not follow in the path of the west to grab quickly their “spoils of victory” having won World War III without having to fire a shot.


President GWB, to the best of my knowledge, never “read” at either Cambridge or Oxford but I would be willing to bet my bottom worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollar that he can read financial statements beginning with the Balance Sheet of the United States a whole lot better than Cecil Rhodes protégé Bill “Rhodes Scholar” Clinton who just a year prior to leaving office with the most extraordinary worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollars cash surplus gave his “legacy” speech at Caltech University where this pompous fatso, non-athlete of non-athlete at the end, after rousing up his MOST IGNORANT, so self-absorbed audience gave the citizens of the United States of America the “middle finger” as he defied all his “sly English” teachings by presenting the most jaw dropping problem when informing the world that the United States of America was ripe for a Bosnian style ethnic cleansing civil war.


Athletes, not matter how old or young can in fact overcome the toughest of the tough problems.


Feeling stupid is the number one cause of acting stupid.


One purpose of this communiqué is to help such athletes who have been so mislead about President GWB, the result exclusively of the western world’s DAAC controlled media so well represented by your owners, Clear Channel Communications.


Such individuals, again no matter how old, no matter how many disabling sports injuries will inevitably join hands and assist me spread the “word of hope” for our children and our children’s’ future as “to-get-her” [sic] we provide overwhelming and superior Light-Information-Knowledge to the masses of poor who are simply poor but not stupid, certainly not as stupid as those who “read” at nonsense universities like Oxford and Cambridge from where the DAAC do most of their recruiting.


Not to mention that at “sum” [sic] point you should have my very literate, but so very non-gossipy and might I add so awesomely well put-to-get-her French-Canadian wife in her very sexy French accent explain to you why we refer to Sarah Golden, the wife of my one former American attorney, King Golden Jr. Esq. as “Martha Stewart on cocaine” beginning with how rake-thin Sarah, thanks to Marie Dion Gevisser playing an instrumental role in getting Sarah her Ph.D. in early child education from Berkeley University, another fertile breeding ground for the DAAC, thinks everyone in the world would want to “emulate” her lifestyle as she manages easily to set aside sex tapes sent to her by her husband’s secretaries finally “getting the hell in” with all their hypocrisy.


Never forget that in addition to the fact that I never got off a boat yesterday I did much more than work for the DAAC on 47th-Wall Street in New York City back in 1980 as they fixed the price of their exclusive unlimited supply of untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried Diamond Currency at more than a barrel of oil while thumbing their noses NOT at the 3 Branches of the United States Government that were all “bought and paid for” but the so poorly educated American masses so dutifully pledging allegiance to the DAAC flag and the such.


The DAAC also never figured that President GWB would be his “own man” despite being born like many in politics with a “sliver spoon” in his mouth which if you are smart should not have you assuming he is therefore dishonest, and very possibly bright given how in all likelihood he ate a better diet and exercised his athletic body regularly versus Bill “Cecil Rhodes-Rhodes Scholar” Clinton who cant even catch a football.


The silence right now of Justice Department Nazi prosecutor John Loftus Esq. who has been hitting the DAAC talk show circuit pontificating on how if President GWB’s grandfather was alive he would prosecute him for Nazi War Crimes speaks volumes, the same with all those who were “up in arms” when GWB began “talking down the economy” soon after taking office, a year after Bill “Rhodes Scholar” Clinton gave us the “middle finger”; i.e. said in so many words,


Told you so!. So don’t bother with me. I’ll leave it up to the next Commander In Chief to command all United States Armed Forces to clean up my inexcusable DAAC mess!


Most likely most of the citizens of the world also don’t recall the courage GWB showed when taking on his father’s generation that the DAAC media have positioned as “The Greatest Generation” when he did the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing and condemned the atrocity of the Yalta Conference of February 1945 that began on February 4th, two days after the Soviet Red Army liberated Auschwitz where the best of that generation perished, only the stragglers and the sellouts in the form of Jewish Kapos survived to then so mislead the next generation.


The future history books, if there is going to be a future for humankind and of that I am absolutely certain given not my “belief” but my unimaginable “knowledge” of our Superior Being, will reflect accurately the greatness of GWB who while not the “perfect” orator is and has been doing the most incredible job of the most thankless job on planet earth.


Can you imagine what it has been like for GWB to have shaken the hand of Madam Speaker Pelosi who is now fighting so hard to be afforded 24/7 use of a military jet?


Allow me to go back to September 13th 1993 when Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin so uneasily shook the hand of Yasser Arafat on the White House lawn as President Bill Clinton glowed.


A good number of people around the world, Jewish and non-Jewish understood the difficulty Rabin was having in an effort to give peace a better chance.


Today everyone familiar with my writings knows that Rabin had to also be thinking of the blood on his hands belonging to Jewish underground fighters when he was commanded by David  Ben Gurion, Israel’s most awesome first prime minister to use deadly force to suppress the insurrection during Israel’s War of Independence 1948-1949 when from the earliest days of 1949 my Royal Mater visited Israel as a 19 year old,


two and three times a year writing reports for different publications. Her paternal grandmother had been an early resident of Tel Aviv only returning to England when Zena was born. The Gevissers (she married Bernie Gevisser when she was 19 after only a few months in Durban) owned land in Haifa harbour and Zichron Yscov and she rapidly felt at home in Israel.


Reporting on the many wars when Israel was attacked she was the first civilian in the captured area of the Sinai and in later years at her own expense twinned Durban with Eilat. In 1978 she left Durban eventually making her home in Netanya [Israel] and England.


My RM, like many Jewish people around the world including those in Israel shed no tears for this “soldier of peace” who understood the fragile peace not just in the Middle East but around the world given how peace is not good business for the “Money Power” elite who depend on wars to keep their gravy trains running in perpetuity.


It is hard for me to say how much my RM has simply forgotten the result of having led for so very long a “double life” but given her access to the highest levels of Israeli intelligence from Israel’s very beginnings as well as her grandmother’s so very close connections to DBG, both born in the very tiny village of Plonsk, Poland-White Russia and not much if any of an age gap, it is hard to imagine that my RM would not have known about the Altalena Affair that occurred in mid-June 1949.


Not to mention that her father, the son of Nechie Badash after World War I which he joined up at age 14 then traveled first to Canada where he helped build the Niagara Falls putting a pick ax through his one big toe before entering the U.S. illegally, making his “home” on the lower east end of Manhattan.


To mention little of how quiet my RM has always been about what exactly was Albert Badash-Ash doing in the States apart from securing weapons for Israel before then returning to England where according to my RM he made his one million pound sterling fortune owning and operating grocery shops before then abruptly informing his family in 1947 that they were going to settle in the over-the-top humid hell hole of Durban, South Africa, a very import port that served many “needs”.


To mention in passing how Al Ash’s adopted son, Durban City Counselor-Deputy Mayor Joe Ash, a printer by profession, was also the Commodore of the highly anti-Semitic Durban Yacht Club.


My uncle Joe Ash’s first wife, Ada Parker, eventually became the mistress of Connie Mulder, a very well known conservative member of the National Nazi Party of South Africa.


Not to mention Joe’s second wife, a virulent anti-Semite producing two anti-Semitic children who may only just now be finding out how their mother’s brother Tony Tillum has over the years “assisted” greatly the very deep underground Jewish Underground keep track of Nicholas Oppenheimer who thought enough of Tony to have him on the DAAC’s cricket team.


To mention little of my RM’s father-in-law, my paternal grandfather, Israeli Issy Gevisser, may the Lord continue to rest his good soul, who gladly handed over his priceless Haifa harbor properties to the deep underground Jewish Underground who in order to survive had to “play ball” with the DAAC, the most highly anti-Semitic organization the world has ever known apart from the entire United States Congress who make the Brits House of Lords look like a bunch of saints.


To mention in passing there is, to the best of my knowledge, not a single photograph of Issy Gevisser and Al Ash who were only about 12 years apart in age but who would have visited frequently when Issy, still a bachelor after his beloved wife died on June 8th, 1945, the last day of WWII, lived in my parents house known as “Highlands” in Durban North, South Africa where he one day nearly killed himself when accidentally walking through a glass door.


Issy, my RM would tell me, died on February 24th 1970 from a “broken heart” following the DAAC liquidating The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies and putting my father out of work.


My RM is a good story teller who always thought it better given how the DAAC were able to get to her very brilliant and so very quiet father, only to tell people what she felt they needed to know.


With me she “sumhow” [sic] knew I could figure out the puzzles even if I got easily bored doing them but enjoying every moment breaking things apart.


Letting the chips fall where they may suggests that being “passive” is somehow okay.


Issy Gevisser knew Highlands that my parents had built was paid for out of the 1 million pounds sterling Al Ash brought with him from England when the extraordinarily secretive Ashes who sent out many “conflicting signals” all settled in South Africa back in 1947 around the same time as the American Charles Engelhard, one of the first financiers of Hollywood and owner of the “Money PowerEngelhard Minerals and Chemicals headquartered in Newark, New Jersey.


You should pay attention to the beginning of the movie Pancho Villa. 


Not to mention yet again there not many of even the Hollywood crowd with all their untold ill-gotten fortunes making their pilgrimages to India who are afforded 2 weeks as the guests of Pandit Nehru, not exactly a “nobody”, at his private residence in New Deli.


To mention little of the Muslim Indian Salot family of Durban who did much more than provide physical protection for my immediate family following the assassination of my granddad Al by the DAAC who “picked up” on his desire for my father to leave his job at Moshal Gevisser which would have made it that much easier for the DAAC to cover their tracks.


To mention in passing of my decision back at 11:15 AM on Tuesday, August 15, 2006 to place myself in SIGNIFICANTharms way” when going to the assistance of a very poor white American whose camper which is his only home had been surrounded very deep in the Cleveland National Forest by two rogue San Diego county Sheriff’s deputies, one of whom was in fact in charge at the time of the local police station in Pine Valley that borders the CNF.


I know that my flesh is not hardened enough from physical labor to stop a high caliber bullet such as a 44 or 40 magnum containing at its base not enough mercury to kill someone if digested slowly over a lifetime but such a charge ignited by the firing pin of the gun when in the next instant lighting the gunpowder that then sends the bullet out of the casing spiraling like a well thrown football can play havoc with the sternum even if wearing amour.


I am also no where near as fit as I was when deciding after a hiatus of several years following high school to play competitive rugby where I performed at a level equivalent to how well I skated as kid when I had really no competition.


The guys that I played with only knew me as Steven, my middle name, which is the name my mother used to use when I would only very occasionally misbehave, knowing how very hard working was my highly deceptive and totally non-greedy mother.


And once I had accomplished my goal of getting extraordinarily fit well beyond what I at first ever thought possible I decided it was time to give up this very rough but most ingenious sport that truly separates the athletes from the non-athletes like no other sport I know.


When Rabin, “a soldier for peace” was assassinated on November 4th 1995 I had already returned from South Africa to the United States after “concluding my business” with my uncle David Moshal Gevisser Englehard-Oppenheimer who thought himself so very smart to declare out loud, “Gary is naïve” during an intimate family gathering where my RM was present along with her second husband, Alan Zulman.


Again, while I have never been a member of any official or unofficial military organization or intelligence gathering organization like the Mossad it would be very foolish for anyone who knows me to suggest that I am either a fool or naïve.


I am in fact “nobody’s fool”, an oft used expression of my RM when so matter of factly letting me know that she knew that I was “nobody’s fool”.


Hearing from Israeli intelligence officials who visited with me in South Africa following my return from Ulpan at Sde Boker during the 4 month trip when I arrived with group of other spoiled rotten Jewish South African kids of median age 15 on September 1st, 1972 some 3 odd days before PLO terrorists began brutally murdering 11 defenseless Israeli athletes at the summer MUNIch Olympics in Berlin, Nazi Germany, about how Israeli soldiers manning border posts on the Golan Heights during the surprise 1973 Yom Kippur War surprise attack had their equipment cut off while still alive and stuffed in their mouths, bleeding to death, had a profound impact on my decision not to “further my education” in Israel given how I was convinced I would be a hindrance to any Special Forces unit including Israel’s so extraordinarily competent and brutal Air Force given my total lack of confidence in Israel’s intelligence gathering capabilities that were then and remain significantly better than all the rest of the world’s intelligence services all combined but still not enough to satisfy my “curiosity” to be that much better in an effort to “give peace a better chance”.


On September 12th 1977 when South African Steve Biko died in police custody I was in my final year of studies at Natal University located in the area known as Howard College, short walking distance from our home on Bowes Lyon Avenue.


I can’t recall much other than how absolutely nothing changed on the look of my peers and members of the faculty who again chose very carefully never, not once, to say anything in the least bit critical about the DAAC who buttered all their bread including the American lecturers who came over to teach more of their utter nonsense.


Do you know how much easier it is going to be for GWB to debate anyone from any debating team in the world so long as his Attorney General of the United States shares this communiqué?


Would you be ok if I were to “fill in” for GWB were he to be too busy making love to his awesome wife and take on every member of the Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Berkley, University of Virginia Law School debating team?


Again, there is “good reason” which does not mean it is ethically correct why the President of the United States has also the title Commander In Chief is because in order to execute the primary responsibility of this thankless job beginning with protecting the currency and then printing as much money as quickly as possible to afford the military to force our trading partners to accept our worthless fictitious currency that has only the backing of the military and out of control real estate development both dependant on a growing worldwide human population.


Again, were Bill “Rhodes Scholar” Clinton’s self fulfilling prophecy were to have come true and our trading partners refused to accept as payment our worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollars cash surplus without any “assets” backing it up, no gold, no economic base that had shifted to folks like the Chinese and Indians who ate Clinton and his fatso wife up for breakfast, lunch and dinner, whatever little monies in the hands of the hard working poor Americans would have been long by now worthless not able to afford a pot to pee forcing them in to the “economic draft” and so shell-shocked not to recognize history repeating itself.


Yesterday Wall-47th Street reached another record high but ask the hard working poor of America being taxed to death how that helps them cover their overheads.


Yes, Mr. Little Mind Me Little I have the brains to explain why it is that the filthy rich thanks to the DAAC in command and control of all the western world’s legislatures are able to trickle down the cost of getting richer on to the backs of the poor who are only poor but not stupid and have in my humble but seasoned opinion only GWB and G-d to thank for now having the relative calm to “give peace a better chance” by first and foremost NOT BECOMING DUMB.


Violence will only play in to the hands of the DAAC who “I” now have against the ropes and as G-d is my witness their only way out is to agree to my terms of TOTAL UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER or face TOTAL ANNIHILATION.


China will not sit still for very much longer listening to the nonsense spoken on Capital Hill in Washington DC and they invest their hard earned trade surpluses in our worthless-fictitious Treasury Bills that prevent a run on the worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollars.


Chinese people, the “Jews of the Orient” have been setting the Scholastic records since before records began being kept.


Chinese officials who also happen to be educated Chinese don’t have any difficulty getting their arms around how Wall-47th Street are now using all these nonsense paper profits to buy up the rest of the world that the DAAC don’t already own.


Again, the DAAC are counting on the world’s masses believing they are omnipotent and own everyone and everything.


They don’t own me.


They don’t own a lot of people like me.


They only own what they say they own because they are very corrupt.


The world’s riches STILL remain buried deep underground.


The world’s poor must just remain relatively smart compared to the filthy rich most of whom look like Dr. Jonathan “Trouble Bubble” Beare.


Time is on the side of light.


Those who remain “light on their feet” don’t need to brandish weapons to exercise both their right to free and truthful speech.


But those who oppose the will of G-d found mostly in those not appreciating what it means to be afforded “free will” from the moment of birth will have to inevitably be willing not only to confront G-d but all of us “light on our feet” who can if push comes to shove more than “hold our own” without having to break a single manmade law most of which are nonsensical, for the simple reason having the DAAC, the mafia of mafia, special interest of special interest group in charge of making the laws for the past century makes absolutely no sense.


There isn’t an athlete anywhere in the world who shouldn’t feel invigorated after reading this while knowing it is not only me who can win any debate with an imbecile like “Mike” [sic] Wolf who allowed his formal education to interfere with his learning in the pursuit of earthly riches.


There is “good reason” why you so very “communicative” in the past, choosing, however, to joke about everything I have to say as you have gone about doing quite the hatchet job when “cutting and pasting”, never once giving me “credit” for any of my insight and analysis of the important events of the day that all goes to show a rather insidious pattern especially when you know versus believe I have a track record in the area of “due diligence” unmatched by very possibly anyone you know including all the lawyers who work for your megalopoly Clear Channel Communications Inc.


Drudge Report has a lot going on today as usual given how the world’s population continues to explode despite all the “bad news” which sells newspaper versus Wall Street which is totally dependant on “good news” to sell the ignorant public so “hooked” on “bad news”.


Such “disconnects” which I bring to your attention are the sort of intellectual reasoning that has the smartest people in the world beginning with my Royal Mater not hesitating to ask my opinion and of course very willing to pay an “arm and a leg” to get a “leg up” on the competition.


Perhaps the most “relevant” story “We do use books that call Jews 'apes' admits head of Islamic school...” to addressing the biggest problem the world faces which is the extraordinarily large numbers of liars so very desensitized that they can no longer figure out on their own the so obvious disconnects that exist between what sells newspapers as in “what bleeds leads” and Wall Street very dependent upon an exploding human population of ignorant masses.


Now you feel better as I explained there is really no one analyzing carefully the “agenda” of both groups no disconnect whatsoever.


Both the media and Wall Street working in perfect harmony to keep the masses ignorant, breeding like rabbits and prepared to die quickly like flies when there are too many of us.


It is a sick world only because each one of us makes the choice to tolerate such nonsense that must now end.


Again, there has to be “sumthing” [sic] going on in the rest of your life no different to the vast majority on this one email list of mine, not to mention the expanding FOOLS NAMES, FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES list, who are now so very extraordinarily silent knowing that you can connect each and every gap, each and every story on the Drudge Report, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, San Diego Union Tribune, The Economist, London Financial Times, South African Sunday Times etc etc with The Diamond Invention.


Neither you nor I can do a thing about the past.


Go ahead and spit toward the closest corner in the room.


Going forward you can reflect on what happened a moment ago but you cannot change what is now history.


The future is, however, very different as each of us knows perfectly well we have “free will”.


Go ahead and think about spitting toward the closest corner of the room and you will see that you are already starting to think differently about your impact on Mother Earth and whether what you do or say helps or hinders toward the goal of the “betterment of humankind”.


My command of the English language is not quite as good as my quantitative skills but I think you would agree that while vastly inferior say to that of my Royal Mater or for that matter my over-the-top sexy and very literate French-Canadian wife I can in fact “run circles” around you and anyone dumb enough to choose you as their “company”.


Going back to the mid-1980s those of us in the “risk assessment” business, mostly found in insurance related fields had lost all “faith” in our ability to “evaluate risk” given the fact that even without The Internet there was so much Knowledge-Information-Light out in the “public domain” that to keep fooling the masses “fooled” beyond another day let alone a Calendar quarter prior to announcing a public corporation’s earnings seemed simply impossible were it not for an “Act of God”.


Those of us capable of reasoning at the highest levels using all the mathematical tools tend to think of ourselves far too smart to “believe” in a Superior Being and we are right.


Why would a Superior Being want to have “believers” as opposed to “knowers”?


You would know that besides for being gifted 2 very gifted parents as well as two sets of extraordinarily gifted grandparents, not to ever forget my maternal great grandmother, Nechie Badash who was orphaned following the slaughter of her entire immediate family by a gang of marauding Cossacks long before Hitler was born, I was also afforded the most extraordinary Jewish education by Professor Rabbi Abner Weiss who is mostly discredited by all the imbeciles who have supported him over the years.


Rabbi Weiss’ reasons for now being “deafeningly silent” are not “al-to-get-her” [sic] different to yours although he is of course significantly more intelligent than you and those who choose your “company”.


It is, however, very unnerving for intellectual elitists all around the world covering all the major isms including atheism and academia, the new corrupt church, to see Rabbi Weiss who they all know knows me not only very well but has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was at least paying very careful attention to what I had to say right up until I questioned him on the simple matter, “Do you believe, or do you know G-d”, which Jewish people tend to spell with the letter “o” separating the “G” and the “d”.


Risk Assessment” is my business and there is not a single person as well informed on either Wall Street or 47th Street which is in fact one and the same since they are both in the business of allocating the world’s resources, both labor and materials, using both laundered and non-laundered monies, .


In 37 days I will be 50 years young having also defied the odds, but for “The Hand of G-d” which I can explain better than anyone including the smartest atheist in the world is capable of arguing, “G-d does NOT exist” which again explains MOST OF ALL Rabbi Weiss’ deafening silence.


Let me explain for those not as advanced as you in your reeducation.


Without “controversy” Rabbi Weiss, all the Mullahs, all the priests, all academics, again academia the new corrupt church, have NOTHING to sell.


Rabbi Weiss knows most of all that the ultra-orthodox Hasidic-Black Hatters that congregate on 47th Street serving mostly to “intimidate” are the antithesis of what it means to be “Jewish”.


Jewish people know more about the clay feet of their leadership than their strengths as we are encouraged following in the basic principals well spelled out in the Hebrew word, “Israel” which literally translates in to “Wrestle-Struggle with G-d” to question until such time as finding “truth”, a rather difficult word for people not familiar with my writings to define.


That which does not change applies rather well to the Black Hatters who are so very non-descript apart from their so very common drag clothing.


Rabbi Weiss like each and every secular Jewish person in the world knows perfectly well that the Black Hatters are at best “wolves in sheep clothing” and yet I am the only Jewish person I know of speaking out against these so non-Jewish thinking people who serve as the “cushion” for the DAAC, the cartel of cartels hell bent on never letting the Free Enterprise system take root anywhere in the world.


It is, however, a very different world today than it was yesterday or for that matter when you last thought about spitting toward the closest corner in the closet you are now thinking of hiding out in.


The Chinese wherever they venture set the scholastic levels.


I am in fact SIGNIFICANTLY more Chinese than I am western in my thinking, always have been, thanks again to one extraordinary and inspirational mother raised by an orphan who watched as an 8 year old from inside a closet her entire immediate family being wiped out by a gang of marauding Cossacks well before Hitler’s father’s sperm beat out the other 300 million.


Being a sperm donor or sperm recipient is no excuse for bad judgment!


Being non-confrontational cannot be blamed on parents who were poorly conditioned!


Being a sperm donor or sperm recipient does not make you a good parent.


Being non-confrontational is no excuse for bad judgment!


Each one of us can change the future by simply eliminating politics from good business practices.


The business of politicians especially those who pontificate on the need for more funding for schools and teachers is to MAKE CERTAIN there is “downsizing” in schools in order to keep the next generation advancing with the Internet, staying stupid.


Once you teach everything you know then you have nothing else to teach and teachers understand this PERFECTLY WELL and why they are hell bent on not teaching THE DIAMOND INVENTION.


The DAAC have now owned the entire western world for more than a century leaving their leadership with all the time in the world to plot, to stay more than one step ahead of any “independent thinker” never believing in a million years they would ever find themselves going head to head against someone who is in fact much more than one step ahead of them and not just their ruthless and murderous Black Hatters but each and every member of the DAAC media who now are increasingly faced with superior and overwhelming forces of KIL.


It would be nice if Bill Gates Jr. were really able to detach himself from his scurrilous Anti-trust lawyer father, the entire “brain trust” behind the monopolist Microsoft but Gates is “done”, not even his best friend, the big crook Warren “BO” Buffett owns a single share in Microsoft not because BO cannot get his “arms around” the computer industry but because he is deathly afraid that Microsoft would have failed awhile back and in the next instant competitive forces would eliminate all the “fast and loose” play by insurance carriers beginning with the awesome truth of not a single actuary, mathematician, you name it anywhere in the world in a position to “gauge risk” THE INSTANT you throw DIAMOND CURRENCY in to the equation.


But you would know that it is not only you, Bill Gates Snr. and Jr. reading what I have to say in “real time”.


Rather impressive how I could get Maurice Hank Greenberg the former Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of American International Group to take my call without me having to drop the name of my uncle David Moshal-Gevisser Engelhard.


Ron Bellows, senior risk management specialist at AIG will confirm that he cannot recall in the decade and more he has worked at AIG ever saying much more than “hello” to Hank who was never in to “small talk”.


Greedy capitalists are loyal only to money even if it means them selling out not just America or Americans but the citizens of the world.


If you get too strong the DAAC have always their untraceable “Money Power” to “set you straight”.


Even those with children who would argue, “If you have children you get fighting mad” talk out of both sides of their mouth should taking on the “status quo” affect their pocket book.


Kids learn very quickly how to play the “Money Power” game thinking increasingly given their “Poverty of Thought” beginning with a poor diet, lack of exercise, horrifically evil teachers who know better, this world is all about “money, money, money, me, me, me” in the “im-me-diate” [sic].


Today they know what in fact CAN be done to fix the problems SO LONG AS they know exactly WHAT WAS DONE to make their elders so bastardly.


Now go back to that lack of urge for spitting in the closest corner.


Now recall film footage of President John F. Kennedy having his brains splattered on the dress of his DAAC prostitute wife who later looked so non-Hollywood-like when crawling on top of the boot of the car.


Now recall the pleasant atmosphere of Camp Chaleur in Quebec, Canada where Jackie O and JFK first got their respective assignments from American Charles Englehard that were later formalized with CE’s crime partner Anglo-South African Harry Oppenheimer at the Carlyle Hotel on U.S. soil with the 3 branches of the U.S. Government including the Secret Service looking on in utter amazement as President elect JFK was forced to eat the most foul tasting crow that both CE and HO thought would have been sufficient for JFK as well as all his co-opted-corrupted advisors to never forget.


Now you understand perfectly well why the DAAC don’t always rely on poisoned darts in getting the message across to their second-in-command not to make the same mistake and start acting like they also suddenly had a conscience when in fact the only thing the Kennedys and Johnsons were concerned about more than their lives was being liked by adoring fans, their Hollywood and Madison Avenue image so carefully choreographed for the increasingly brain dead American public happy to have as their leader someone who was most of all good looking.


Deciding to pull out of Vietnam too quickly would have negatively impacted those investors benefiting from the increasingly out of control American industrial-military-complex but MUCH MORE IMPORTANTLY it would have focused more attention on what was happening in South Africa where the DAAC hung.


There is nothing rhythmic seeing anyone being hanged let alone decapitated from a hanging.


The DAAC understand given their knowledge of human psychology how easily distracted-attracted humankind is when it comes to sex, drugs and rock and roll.


Notice how quickly you are no longer thinking of death let alone a tortuous one, nothing quite like dying of thirst.


Again, while I have never been a member of any official or unofficial military or intelligence gathering organization like the Mossad I am very possibly better “schooled” in the area of deceptive military tactics than the best of the best Allied Commanding Officers including those in Israel fast running out of “option plays” given how very well briefed as well as trained I was by individuals in Israel who were “assigned” to “test my mettle” beginning much earlier than most Israelis raised on Kibbutzim who are not only very comfortable around guns but who are eagerly sought out when still very young to become members of Israel’s most elite Special Forces killing machines.


There is today one and only one solution to giving peace a better chance given how the direction the world is going in right now is certain Armageddon, the only question is when, which again comes back to the so important point of “predictability” of “good news” for Wall Street which right now is awesomely “bad” and yet the capital and financial markets have not YET collapsed.


Nor has there been a very big bomb going off in a place like Jerusalem right next to the Wailing-Western Wall or in the exact same spot where “terrorists” in 1907 exploded a bomb at the building housing the New York Stock Exchange on Wall-47th Street.


But we can all agree it will happen, whether it be nuclear annihilation or the total collapse of the financial and capital markets that depend on a “rosy picture” of the ignorant masses remaining ignorant, breeding like rabbits and prepared to die quickly like flies.


The media, the corrupt politicians, anyone not contributing to the betterment of humankind has to constantly make tougher and tougher decisions and as time progresses and we each get older so do we think more about there being a Superior Being watching us “play business”.


The 360 tonnes of cash shipped by the U.S. Government over a 13-month period in to Iraq before disappearing just prior to us installing Saddam’s replacements is not much different to how the U.S. Treasury managed things with the Shah of Iran who didn’t have to bother given the lack of the Internet with spreading the dollars to his subjects, instead redirecting such worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollars to a “safe haven” like DAAC militant South Africa without causing the U.S. Treasury or their infomercial director Steven SPIelberg to lose any sleep dreaming about a run on the anything but Almighty Dollar.


So here we have $12 billion in cash simply left unattended, stuffed in duffle bags and yet there wasn’t enough left over to bribe Saddam to leave peacefully or was all the “muni” [sic] in the U.S. Treasury simply not enough to quiet Saddam all “up in arms” about accepting worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollars?


This once highly guarded Mossad secret lasted in all probability, no more than the time it took the Hollywood Mossad agents to connect to SPIelberg’s cell phone and feed this so full-of-himself producer-director a whole bunch of other nonsense.


To mention in passing SPIelberg’s legacy will be that of a co-opted-corrupted director of DeBeers-Dollars infomercials.


Hopefully, if you are part of the world’s industrial-military-complex, a good chunk of that cash does end up in the hands of the “enemy” who know where to go?


Finding a seller of arms in the U.S. Treasury Dept. is less cumbersome than tracing those so very few Chinese selling body parts!


Moreover, you just figured out even before I began writing this sentence that us so unkind human beings to both humankind and G-D-Nature are following in the footsteps of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel who have now for more than a 100 years been laughing all the way to their banks while gentlemanly suggesting, “Don’t bother us with credit scores!


You simply cant get out of your head, “He who controls the water-oil, grabs the land, owns the bank!


The U.S. has for more than a century relied on its big gun industrial-military-complex and out-of-control spent earth development leading to real estate inflationary bidding wars to support “demand” for our worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollars but you may have noticed that it is the U.S. today doing most of the running away from the war torn battlefields that once quiet and without the combatants all dead or disabled will get awfully painful for those so deafeningly silent on a number of important events of the day including the Bretton Woods Conference of July 1944 when British Crown economist John Maynard Keyes placed the barrel of our big guns to the heads of the 730 delegates from 44 nations making it clear that were they to ever “wise up” and refuse to accept our worthless DeBeers-Dollars, increasingly less backed by gold, we would simply support their “second-in-command”.


Mob psychology was not invented by Hitler just like the British Crown were not the first to invent concentration camps during the Anglo Boer-Farmer War of 1899-1902 although possibly that is when the words first came about.


It is true, however, that the great masses will more easily fall victim to a big lie than a small lie, such a statement said to be attributable to Hitler the clown who I doubt thought it in the least bit important to be profound.


Look at the names in the carbon copied section apart from the President, Attorney General of the U.S. and the Mossad.


Such names you haven’t come across before, in all likelihood.


You probably don’t read the Financial Times of London who a good number of folks around the world may recall “picking up” on the very first “peace” [sic] I began broadcasting on October 18th 2000 with an advance copy sent to the day before to “friends”.


Romans such as Plato made a whole lot of sense such as when arguing “good people don’t need friends” and that one can never have harmony when engaged in the trading of real estate but the likes of Plato were for the most part sitting around a table with their self-righteous friends not hooked up to the internet and really cared about the suffering of their fellow man until such time as it meant them having to break a sweat, but I could be wrong.


I have chosen you as well as those copied to let Hollywood and Madison Avenue know not to bother waiting for me to complete any of the handful of emails I have already started and well less than a handful remaining before going “deafeningly silent” to compose, if necessary, my forthcoming book given how extraordinarily well everyone I care about is responding including Gold Coast Moving.


You understand the SIGNIFICANCE of what PRECISELY it means for the western world’s “filthy rich” having lost its way in allowing the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel to get away taxing the poor “to death” while allocating based purely on “brute force” the world’s precious and limited resources such as water and highly polluting fossil fuels leading the DAAC to believe that I, for one brief moment in the history of time, one of them, am making a convincing argument of their argument that the masses demand a strong leader.


The only problem with such a reasonable position are the words, “strong” and “demand”.


There was nothing in the least bit strong about Hitler other than of all the leaders of the worlds’ gangs willing to go along with the “status quo” he demanded the least, not even a decent tailor.


Allow me to draw the “connecting dots” with the utter nonsense of the DAAC, the mafia of mafia, special interest of special interest group, terrorist of terrorist financing institution, being able to price diamond currency more than a barrel of oil.


No matter how many “slaps across the wrist” people like Devin Standard, the former executor of my estate, would just love to see being so lethargically imposed on the DAAC without it of course “upsetting” Devin’s “perfect world”, nothing can escape the increasing awareness of such nonsense to peoples like the 1.5 odd billion strong mind=body Chinese who are slow to judge any peoples harshly apart from our stooge Japanese who of course cannot even say “sorry” for the crimes committed against the Chinese peoples while continuing to execute the DAAC’s industrial-military-complex’s foreign policy with the type of enthusiasm you possibly witnessed during Super Bowl, watching along with 93 odd million Americans within moments in the history of time of getting the most extraordinarily rude awakening.


Not to mention the ransacking of Nanging, the invasion of China in 1900 just a continuation of the unfair trading practices that began with hooking the Chinese on opium in exchange for stealing their tea.


Don’t you just want to vomit when simply thinking the words, “Free Enterprise System” followed by “one man’s system, another man’s corruption”.


Now take a look at this photo taken in the morning of June 21st of last year where you see my not exactly “dog” and a body to-die-for French-Canadian wife holding a bouquet of red roses gifted by the married Chinese gentleman next to her, and to Storm’s left is our one private guide Maggie who prior to becoming a guide for China Tours practiced for 7 years in Beijing as a radiologist.


Not to mention that if I were to develop a lung problem of any sorts long before I would bother with any physician from say Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego I would follow the advice of Maggie who chose to give up practicing medicine because she simply didn’t care for dead bodies.


And of course you know why physicians in China are not as well paid as those so very out of shape here in the U.S. nor are they close to being as corrupt and incompetent as you notice how despite less material wealth the Chinese remain significantly, also in better shape learning as you would expect given their focus on education from the mistakes of mortgaging children’s future through out of control real estate speculation, the U.S., the welfare society of welfare societies in the history of the human race, so very fortunate to have GWB so willing to take it on the chin but for how much longer?


You can figure out all on your own how so very little I leave to the imagination of an individual such as yourself where the space between your ears so well reflects that of a vacuum tube where like Deep Space no sound as we know it travels.


I now charge you while executing the “light bulb” effect as well as the “dimmer switch”, until next meeting up with our maker, light up the way for the masses around the world no where near as dumb knowing without being told so repeatedly, “it is better to keep quiet and let people think you to be a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt”.


Pull out this instant your latest pay stub that shows exactly how much “muni” [sic] the United States Government authorities, having ignored the theatrics of the DAAC for more than a century, took out of your last paycheck.


Not to mention the Red Shift Effect, the first indicator of “The Hand of G-d” so sought after by Einstein following his mind-boggling “Mind of G-d” so precise explanation of the workings of the cosmos.


Now take that number and compute how many Chinese Yaun you could purchase today at the current exchange rate of 7.725.


Do you have any idea how extraordinarily expensive those most beautiful red flowers cost Storm along with the most delicious red cherries whose taste I still remember very well?


Do you have any idea of how much smarter Storm is than anyone who works for your incompetent monopolistic socialist-Nazi-fascist organization?


Would you believe that Storm who had never heard of DeBeers summarized my 15 minute explanation of THE DIAMOND INVENTION written by Hollywood blockbuster author Edward Jay Epstein as “Nonsense” before suggesting that in the future I should refer to U.S. Dollars as DeBeers-Dollars.


Do you have any idea how little, relatively speaking, gold currency I have spent over the years educating people particularly in China about my forthcoming book The History of Money Creation and its Future! subtitle, A Message for the President when figuring out soon after I returned from China on my first trip just prior to the Tiananmen Massacre in June 1989 that the DAAC CIA had instigated the violence that erupted, aimed both at embarrassing George H. Bush Senior as well as destabilizing China?


You do now understand as well as these so non-aggressive and extraordinarily hard working peoples what intellectually honest George W. Bush meant after “reading” the balance sheet of the United States, pumped up with worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollars, when he declared, “The rich don’t pay taxes” and at the same time he was doing the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing and “talking down” the American economy so as to encourage Americans to get back to the basics.


Do you understand how important the past 17 odd years have been to those making a living off Wall Street to get their “houses in order” who you would also agree should think very carefully about investing their ill-gotten gains in places like the Peoples Republic of Communist China, China, Nicaragua, Philippines, Peru, etc etc unless it is to clean up the mess at our military bases?


You do understand that China can lead the way to worldwide peace within 24 hours given how its so peaceful but INCREASINGLY AWARE peoples, battling their hearts out to modernize while not falling victim to our obesity, big homes, big butts, big mouths and the such, an outgrowth of having no value system culminating in the so demonstrative “Poverty of Thought” as our “most average”, i.e. you rise to the top of the Bell Shaped curve, can “think and march on their feet”.


Yes, you understand a lot more about yourself as well as those who egged you on.


You also understand perfectly well that the DAAC who interfere with the light can in fact price their diamonds not just more than a barrel of oil but produce as much as they need to pay their taxes.


You just felt the weight of the world on your shoulders as Knowledge-Light-Information increasingly travels at Light-G-d-speed, the past and the future all coming together in the present, the Digital Age, a godsend.


I now challenge each of you miserable bastards who choose to keep company with one another knowing perfectly well that not only do I speak the truth but how what I say makes perfect sense to have me and/or my wife on each one of your shows knowing perfectly well your ratings will go through the roof and of course you know not to bother with getting advertisers to pay for airtime.


BTW – Need I remind you that should a single hair be bent out of shape on any of the 4 Ps – People, Pets, Property & Plants – I hold dear, I will hold my tongue and let G-d’s vengeance befall each and every one of you who know better!


[Word count 19,001]