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To: lisa
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Subject: Re: DECEPTION...---...Tracking No. 06-0602F(17)


Dear Lisa,


I am in receipt of your email offering to purchase our uniquely isolated property in Minehead, Somerset, England that while spelling out very specifically all the items that could do with improvement you failed in my humble but seasoned opinion to make sufficient notice of all the positives including not only the fact that you dont have to take care of the "adjorning" [sic] forest but in the event you were to let our anything but "delapidated" [sic] one-of-a-kind home with an attached successful cafe be taken over by Mother Nature building it again from the ground up employing the most skilled labor familiar with both the Chinese work ethic and state-of-the-art building methods then I would suggest you should be looking like I am at this property being worth well in excess of my asking price which given your articulation has me now very seriously considering raising my asking price to 300,000 English pounds sterling but I will wait before taking such action to return to the United States in just a few more days.


May I suggest that before responding you take the time out to read the "back and forth" between myself and an employer of the tour agency to mention little of Tricia while "feeding me the corporate line" is while still thinking that I am someone who can be "easily flattered" has yet to recognize either the "method to my madness" or the fact that I didnt get "off a boat" just yesterday.


Leveraging the power of the Internet is "sumthing" [sic] I began doing more than 6 years ago when first "coaching" the most successful and rapacious SCALs [Shareholder Class Action Litigators] how to "respond to fast balls thrown at or near head" which you may know is to fire off "knuckleballs" from which there is no response.


What I chose to "reveal" to the world in my YET to be heavily broadcasted communiqu to Tricia about China no longer needing the west given my "risk assessment" that they can now begin to exclusively focus on their own rather significant market made up of hard working and ever so polite peoples was not something I decided to do on the "spur of the moment" but after painstaking and methodical analysis.


I make it my business-personal to surround myself with the best and brightest beginning with my wife and to then focus almost exclusively on the "negatives" who by virtue of "attracting negative attention" are "best equipped" to help spread my "findings".


Mankind having become so extraordinarily selfish in this race for "survival of the richest" has lost touch not only with his "sensivity" [sic] but most importantly his mind which in order to logically thought process requires one to maintain a "steel trap mind" that can only begin to "take shape" once one understands the insidious business of "money creation" that was first "perfected" by my DAAC [DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel] family at the turn of the last century following the end of the Anglo-Boer-Farmer War.


Without such Knowledge-Information-Light one can, at best, only hope to "tread water".


All the best,


Gary S. Gevisser


Ps - May I suggest you read the INTERNET ONLY book, THE DIAMOND INVENTION written by Hollywood blockbuster author Edward Jay Epstein in order to give you some rather good background as to why I felt the time was right to write my next forthcoming book whose subtitle is, "A message to the President".


I have taken the liberty of editing what I wrote very quickly "sum" [sic] 24 hours ago by adding just one "sic" that you can see in capital letters and throwing in the letters "LY" after the word "brilliant" in the 3rd paragraph.


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Subject: Tracking No. 06-0602F(17)
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Please do not remove the tracking No. in order to guarantee
our better service for you.


Tracking No. 06-0602F(17)
Please do not remove the tracking No. in order to guarantee
our better service for you.
Dear Mr. Gary Gevisser,
Greetings from travelchinaguide.


Thank you for spending time on the following comments.

According to your writing, we believe that you are really

a teacher-writer. We appreciate your wonderful writing

about your feeling and information during your tour.


Though we can not understand your words well. We can

still understand your feeling and your experience.


For your comment on China Regal cruise ship, we will take

serious investigation into it and reflect your comment to the

cruise ship company. But we promise that it is really a 5-star

cruise ship authorized by the Chinese Tourism Bureau. And 

this ship is the most safe one in the Yangtze river. So

considering of this aspect, we are always recommending

this ship to our clients. We will make it better in the future

and will be always supervising all aspects.


Anyway, thanks for your kind comments and so much

information. Hope you will enjoy your following tours

in Hangzhou and Hong Kong.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and please feel
free to contact us should you need any information or help.


Yours sincerely,



Tricia Lu/ Sally Si
Travel Counsellors
US and Canada: 1-800-892-6988 ext.378
China Mainland: 800-840-9555 ext.378
International: (86-29) 8523 6688 ext.378
Fax: (86-29) 85258897; 85265801    



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From: Gary S. Gevisser c/o Marie Dion Gevissers email account

To: tours

Sent: Wednesday, July 05, 2006 8:11 AM

Subject: Re: DECEPTION...---... Tracking No. 06-0602F(16)


Dear Tricia - all I was asking of you was to check in to whether what

we had been told by a store your guide took us to was accurate not

simpy in terms of their representations but whether what they had told

us about the purchases DID  NOT violate China's laws bearing in mind

that you are to the best of my knowledge a government agency and

even if not then to be a little more forthcoming in terms of what options

would be available to us bearing in mind again the fact that one of YOUR

GUIDES made a point of taking us to a store that Y0U HAD EVER SO



Now moving on to even more important matters AND DO NOT test my

patience by waiting a single moment apart from convening the members

of the board of directors of Travel Guide China to address the following

over-the-top deception of deceptions.


The "unfair trading practice" which my wife Marie Dion Gevisser and I

experienced immediately opon being shown to our anything but 5 Star 

cabin room with a shower and toilet all built into one on board the China

Regal Cruise "5 Star", 5 Star service only, is very possibly the only thing

preventing China who won World War III without "firing a shot" from trickling 

down the benefits of this so extraordinarily peaceful and brilliantLY fought "battle

of battles" - "victory of victories" - to its increasingly happy and so hard working

masses including the relatively insignificant elder farmers currently displaced

by the 3 Gorge Dam project that while saving immeasurable lives from death

and "desease" [sic] due to continuous flooding will rise up the standard of living of

everyone without detracting either from the environment that now has remote

villages more easier waterway accesses or worse yet creating a real estate

inflationary war given China's so obvious awareness to the mistakes of the 

west's real estate development practices that may in fact make the practices

of China's worst of the worst landlord owners look like saints.


Surely, once these elder farmers inevitably get their "arms around" the overall

benefits of such a brilliantly thought through project that may be one of the very

few, possibly the only truly "good" projects of mankind, the oxymoron of all times,

harnessing the awesome power of "G-D-NAture" [sic], they would not be so

selfish as their western elders who have demonstrated beyond a shadow of a

doubt as "western's" [SIC] continue to allow the mortgaging of their children's futures

through out of control real estate development that they dont "give a dam" about

what "extraodarily" [sic] little remains of their "rights and privileges", few arguing that

apart from being told the truth from "minute one" the next most important, the

most basic and precious human right is the right to clean drinking water leading

to the cultivation of healthy food resulting in healthy body-healthy mind.


You may not know that "good English" requires that we use the Latin adverb

"sic" after there is a grammar or spelling "error" in the "expression" in quotes.


Bear in mind as you begin to follow "my train of thought" geared toward taking

you one most extraordinary Educational Light Journey, my typing at a blinding

speed on an unfamiliar and very old computer at this Pacific "luk" [sic] hotel

but very clearly designated in our "itinery" [sic] "3 Star" in rainy Shanghai; first, there

was never a breakdown of costs in this one-of-a-kind "eye-opener" trip where

I have almost "mastered" the expression "I love you" as well as "You love" me

as in "Wall Eye Knee" and second, prior to this extraordinary "memorable

Yangtze River tour" deception everything apart from one very poor lunch had

been "picture perfect"; in fact I think it is fair to say everything including the

guides was as good if not better than all that YOU had clearly delineated in

the so carefully crafted itinery [sic].


I am, however, ever so aware of the "sly English" influences that is the "thrust"

of this very deeply felt complaint.


Although not everything is perfectly clear to MDG and me about China's

spectacular victory that could have the Chinese people in AN INSTANT

spreading the "gains" of such an unheard of victory to each and every

one of your citizens not yet living the "good life" while increasingly aware

of EXACTLY WHY IT IS that the western media owned by corrupt corporations

"make it their business" to focus almost exclusively on the "negative", all part

of their distraction game in wanting to grab as much as they can as quickly

as possible before you all wake up to their over-the-top "superficiality",

WHAT IS crystal clear is that China is fast approaching the moment when

it can tell the west to go "stuff" all their "financial instruments" such as U.S.

Treasury Bills that you have been purchasing with your "excess trade surpluses"

which would in the same instant turn such "welfare recipient" nations such

as the U.S. into 3rd world nations barely able to find a "pot to pee in" given

the lack of "proper and adequate" planning on the part of corrupt western

corporations for their "stake holders'" future, western corporations in "

command and control" of each and every political party such as the Democrats

and Republicans anything but "transparent" to mention little of the past and the

future all coming "to-get-her" [sic] in the present, the Digital Age a Godsend,

Knowledge-Information-Light now traveling at "Light-G-D-Speed" [sic] to mention

little of MDG and I given our "worldliness" that encompasses most of all a unique

and "unversal" [sic] perspective of the most important subjects, politics, economics

and history are intimately familiar with such a "bait and switch" business practice

never, however, in our wildest dreams thinking such a "western influence" had

made its way in to the psyche of your more educated and so hard working masses.


Such "Oscar" performances so very much "in our faces" as the cruise ship's

staff member looked on in the passage way so smart to "step in" just moments

before our jaws dropped to the ground to mention little of my drop dead

"gorgious" [sic] and over-the-top brilliant wife no doubt could have like other females

on the cruise managed to make the most of the 1 star boat "accomadation" [sic] while

dreaming about having sex with those very in shape farmers hauling just "tTOo"

 [sic] days ago our rowing boats over the rocks of a tributary to the Yangtze, for

the first time in my life I got to witness first hand the benefits of having fat people

on board who contributed significantly to the bulging muscles of these men 

some old enough to be our fathers displaying their "wares" right in our faces

and to think that it wasnt that long ago that they were doing all this in the nude

must have you thinking right at this moment what exactly is it that I am complaining

about as MDG continues sound asleep on her extraordinarily hard bed at this 3

Star Pacific Luck Hotel to mention in passing MDG is fully knowledgeable of my

ability to "leverage" such a "black spot" in to an opportunity to do good until

"Kingdom Come".


Turning "negatives" in an instant in to "positives", always seeing the "glass as

half full" versus "half empty" is "Second Nature to me, the result of never,

not once, turning a blind eye to evil" once figuring out how the "whole system"

works, each of us dealt cards according to how well we play the "game of life"

which like the game of chess is getting your opponent to "play to your advantage".


But I am not God and "know" versus "believe" that while I can afford to be ever

so "chinese" and very patient TIME IS NOT something I can control.


I am, however, fully aware given my "risk assessment" skills of the pending

western world's economic collapse from which the west will never, not in a

million years, recover which brings me almost immediately back to the main

purpose of this rather lengthy communiqu.


First, allow me if you dont already know to make you aware that the word 

"SIC" is also a "made up" word used by western kids to denote that "sumthing

" [sic] is "cool" to mention little of the digits 1421, The Year China Discovered

America, when added or multiplied result in the awesomely "lucky" number of 8.


My command of numbers helps immeasurably in being able to keep track 

of a myriad of things "knowing" versus "believing" that there is no such thing

as a "coincidence" that not only does everything "add up" but more importantly

that "design is everywhere", just a matter of how one goes about piecing the

"puzzle of life" together.


China has everything to lose in this most brilliant "chess game" played by your

over-the-top brilliant and caring very senior government officials beginning in

1978, the year I emigrated from South Africa, the home of the DeBeers-Anglo

American Cartel [DAAC], the mafia of mafia, the price fixers of price fixers to

the United States.


It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that most if not all of China's future

"customers" made of up hard working chinese who constitute a market size

more than 4 times of the U.S. who even if able to find an open piece of land

couldnt afford a "pot to pee in" given the bs U.S. environmental protection laws

 that havent stopped the mortgaging of our children's future, would have been 

EXTRAORDINARILY happy with the tiny smoke filled cabin even the one we

had originally been shown that had obviously been previously reserved for

chain smokers but the deception EXECUTED by the not exactly rich staff is

what concerns me the most bearing in mind of course you dont need foreign

tourists especially their soon-to-be worthless foreign currencies as the west's

over-the-top fictitious currencies begin to plummet big time following the "full

release" of my next forthcoming book dealing with the insidious business of

"money creation" by my DAAC family that I wrote on scrap pieces of paper

during this one-of-a-kind eye-opener trip that has me so eager to come and

live in the Peoples Republic of Communist China if only to make certain that

such DECEPTION ends right this instant helped GREATLY with YOU forking

over to me the additional $600 in cash EXTORTED out of me by the staff of the

5 Star Regal Cruise PRIOR to my returning to the U.S.


Even if it turns out that this the first cruise where such a deplorable action has

been used so typical of the most very corrupt western world's business practices

you had to have at least felt the grumbling that reverberated from  my making

others around the world aware of such deception given again the fact that the

only thing 5 Star was the service of its staff, the food at best 4 star and the ship

 itself 5 star going on minus 1.


Regal Cruise was not responsible for our itinery [sic] nor did they have anything to

do with you so carefully spelling out everything else about this trip including all

the other ratings which were so accurate BUT LEAVING TO OUR IMAGINATION

only the big bold letters "5 Star".


You have but very few choices in addressing this very SIGNIFICANT wrong given

how I was left with no option but to pay the monies demanded given how very few

suites remained to mention little of the "competiteness" [sic] felt by the other travelers 

very much in the same position which really wasnt very pleasant.


Moreover, even if I couldnt have afforded the extortion monies I would have quite

easily found the monies by taking up a "collection box" and gone around beginning

with the crew members offering each of them not only a steep discount on my book

but in order to make my "queen" totally satisfied to offer each of them an opportunity

to come to work for me EXCLUSIVELY selling my book that I am quite certain the

Chinese "Goverment" [sic] and their many supporters all around the world fed up with the

"hipocrisy" [sic] of the west would support.


Time to fly.


Gary S. Gevisser  

tours <> wrote:


Tracking No. 06-0602F(16)
Please do not remove the tracking No. in order to guarantee
our better service for you.
Dear Mr. Gary Gevisser,
Greetings from travelchinaguide.


Sorry for the late reply. But we are really not sure for the year

of the items and can not offer the exact information to you

about the customs. Hope for your kind understanding.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and please feel
free to contact us should you need any information or help.


Yours sincerely,



Tricia Lu/ Nancy Bai
Travel Counsellors
US and Canada: 1-800-892-6988 ext.378
China Mainland: 800-840-9555 ext.378
International: (86-29) 8523 6688 ext.378
Fax: (86-29) 85258897; 85265801


Tour Code: S-111 (Revised)


24-Day Standard Tours of Beijing - Xian - Kunming - Dali - Lijiang -

Kunming- Guilin - Yangshuo - Guilin - Chongqing- Yangtze River -

Wuhan - Shanghai - Hong Kong


Departure: Based on the cruise sailing date, Please click.


Jun 18(Sun): Arrival in Beijing
Our guide will pick you up by the flight JAL785 at 12:10 at Beijing

airport and transfer to the hotel. The rest of the day is on your

own to explore the city.


Accommodation: Holiday Inn Central Plaza (4 star)  - the best

Holiday Inn Hotel in Beijing

Jun 19(Mon): Beijing
Visit the Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and the Summer

Palace. The Beijing Duck Dinner is served at the original, century-

old Qianmen Quan Ju De restaurant followed by a lively Peking

Opera performance at the Liyuan Theatre. (B+L+D)


Accommodation: Holiday Inn Central Plaza (4 star)  - the best

Holiday Inn Hotel in Beijing

Jun 20(Tue): Beijing
Visit the Simatai Great Wall. The a la carte dinner is served at a

famous Cantonese cuisine restaurant in the Wangfujing area. 



Accommodation: Holiday Inn Central Plaza (4 star)  - the best

Holiday Inn Hotel in Beijing

Jun 21(Wed): Beijing - Xian
Visit the Temple of Heaven. Take a flight MU2128 1435/1620

to Xian and transfer to the hotel. Visit the City Wall. This evening

we will offer the best a la carte Banquet at a top Cantonese cuisine

restaurant. (B+L+D)


Accommodation: Gloria Plaza Hotel (4 star)

Jun 22(Thu): Xian
Visit the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum. To avoid

having the poor food at the site, you will take highway back to

downtown to have lunch at a well-known Cantonese cuisine

restaurant. In the afternoon, visit the Big Wild Goose Pagoda

and the Great Mosque. After you enjoy the local speciality, the

Dumpling Banquet, you will be entertained with the marvelous

Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show. (B+L+D)


Accommodation: Gloria Plaza Hotel (4 star)

Jun 23(Fri): Xian - Kunming
Visit the Provincial History Museum.After enjoying the a la carte

lunch at a local famous restaurant, take flight MU5724 1640/1840

to Kunming and transfer to the hotel. (B+L)


Accommodation: Wei Long Hotel (3 star)

Jun 24(Sat): Kunming
Visit the Stone Forest and the Golden Palace. (B+L)


Accommodation: Wei Long Hotel (3 star)

Jun 25(Sun): Kunming - Dali
Take a flight MU5899 0700/0740 to Dali and transfer to the hotel.

Visit the Dali Museum, the Three Pagoda, the South Gate of the

Dali ancient town and transfer to Foreigner Street. You can let

your guide/driver go home and have the dinner by yourselves.



Accommodation: Asia Star Hotel (4 star)

Jun 26(Mon): Dali - Lijiang
Take car to Lijiang, visit a local market, the tie-dying in Zhoucheng

and the Yan's Compound of Bai Minority in Xizhou. Transfer to the

hotel. (B+L)


Accommodation: Grand Hotel (4 star)

Jun 27(Tue): Lijiang
Full day tour to the Tiger Leaping Gorge. Enjoy the Naxi Ancient

Music and Dance Performance at Dongba Palace in the evening

after dinner. (B+L+D)


Accommodation: Grand Hotel (4 star)

Jun 28(Wed): Lijiang - Kunming - Guilin
Take flight MU5805 0945/1030 to Kunming and connect flight MU5797

1410/1530 in Kunming to Guilin by yourselves. Pick you up at Guilin

airport and transfer to the hotel. Visit the the Elephant Trunk Hill. Enjoy

Ethnic Songs and Dances at Lijiang Theatre after dinner. (B+D)


Accommodation: Guilin Bravo Hotel (4 star) - former Holiday Inn Hotel


Jun 29(Thu): Guilin - Yangshuo - Guilin
Enduring memories are created today as you cruise down the Li

River to Yangshuo. Transfer to the hotel. A short bicycle trip to the

countryside will then be arranged. You will visit a local villager's

home to experience the farmer's lifestyle there. Alternatively, you

can take our electric car instead of taking bicycles. Transfer back

to Guilin and visit the Reed Flute Cave. (Tips: Since the lunch on

the Li River cruise can not meet your expectation, TCG suggests

that you have enough breakfast at the hotel today.) (B+L)


Accommodation: Paradesa Resort (4 star) - the local best hotel


Jun 30(Fri): Guilin - Chongqing
Take flight MF8403 0905/1005 to Chongqing. Visit the Panda

House in Chongqing Zoo and the Residence of General Joseph

W. Stilwell. After having a rich buffet dinner at 4-star hotel, Holiday

Inn Yangtze, check in at the deluxe German-made cruise ship to

stay overnight. (B+L+D)


Accommodation: China Regal Cruises (5 star)


Jul 01(Sat): Chongqing - Fengdu
At 08:00 as the cruise leaves Chongqing, your memorable Yangtze

River tour begins. At 8:30 this morning you will have a Safety,

Orientation & River Briefing. You will learn the geography & river

lore of China. After lunch, disembark at Fengdu, the "Ghost City" for

an excursion. Around 20:30 Captain's Welcome Party presents

Chinese folk dancing and music performance. You can also join in

the fun. (B+L+D)


Jul 02(Sun): Badong (Shennong Stream) - Xiling Gorge - Sandouping
Begin the passage with Qutang Gorge, the shortest and the grandest

of the Three Gorges. Later we will pass the Wu Gorge with its famous

lofty and misty peaks. Disembark at Badong for an excursion to the

Shennong Stream. The trip features natural beauty and an exciting

boat ride drifting along the crystal stream. The pea boat allows you

to experience a speedy adventure and have a close look at mossy

rocks, verdant plants, plank roads, ancient coffins and precious animals.

The unique songs of the local Tujia people are very impressive. The

continue sailing into the western section of Xiling Gorge. Pass the

five-step ship lock. Dock overnight at Sandouping, close to the Three

Gorges Dam. (B+L+D)


Jul 03(Mon): Sandouping
After breakfast visit the under constructed Three Gorges Dam.

Afterwards pass the eastern section of Xiling Gorge and the river

guide will be available to provide a narration. Exit the gorges at

Yichang city, where you pass the ship lock of Gezhouba Dam. At

20:00 enjoy yourself with the dancing and music performance in

the evening party. (B+L+D)


Jul 04(Tue): Wuhan - Shanghai
After breakfast at 9:00, guests will be reminded of disembarkation.

At 12:00 you will arrive in Wuhan and our local guides will get on

board to meet you. Visit the Hubei Provincial Museum. Take flight

to Shanghai and transfer to the hotel.  (B+L)


Accommodation: Pacific Luck Hotel (3 star)

Jul 05(Wed): Shanghai
Visit the Qibao Old Town, the Shanghai Museum, the Yuyuan Garden

and the Bund. The Farewell dinner is served at Central Hotel, whose

restaurant Wang Bao He has a history of around 260 years and is the

best place to serve Shanghai Cuisine. The memorable dinner will be

followed by the Portman Acrobatic Show at the Shanghai Centre

Theatre. (B+L+D)


Accommodation: Pacific Luck Hotel (3 star)

Jul 06(Thu): Shanghai - Hangzhou

Take soft seat train to Hangzhou and transfer to the hotel. Visit

the Six Harmonies Pagoda and the West lake. (B+L)

Accommodation: Lily Hotel (3 star)

Jul 07(Fri): Hangzhou - Hong Kong

Visit the Linyin Temple. Take flight to Hong Kong and transfer

to the hotel. The rest time is free for you. (B)


Accommodation: Regal Kowloon Hotel (4 star)


Jul 08(Sat): Hong Kong
You will enjoy a half-day Hong Kong Island tour by taking peak

tram to mid-level of Central District then to Victoria Peak. Later

visit Repulse Bay, Aberdeen and Stanley Market. Afternoon is

free. (B+L)

Accommodation: Regal Kowloon Hotel (4 star)

Jul 09(Sun): Hong Kong

Full day is free. We only book the hotel with breakfast for you. (B)


Jul 10(Mon): Hong Kong

Full day is free. We only book the hotel with breakfast for you. (B)


Jul 11(Tue): Departure from Hong Kong
See off. (B)

B-- Breakfast        L-- Lunch        D-- Dinner 


Quotation: USDX net per person

The extra room rate in Hong Kong: USD131.00 net per room per night


Total Price: USDX x 2 pax + USDX x 2 nights = USDX net


(The above price is for only two persons as a private group in land tours)


Full payment paid on Jun 21, 2006 by cable transfer!!


Extra charge on Jun 27: CNYX net per person




Quotation Includes
1. The economy class airfare of Beijing/ Xi'an/ Kunming/

     Dali; Lijiang/ Kunming/ Guilin/ Chongqing; Wuhan/

     Shanghai and Hangzhou/ Hong Kong; the soft seat

     train charge of Shanghai/ Hangzhou in the itinerary.
2. One hotel standard twin room during land tour and one

    standard twin cabin during cruise. The accommodation

    is based on two people sharing a twin room/cabin with

    private facilities in all relevant locations.
3. For the land tour in each city, daily American breakfast

    is served in the hotel, and Chinese lunch and/or dinner

    will be served with two cups of soft drink outside the hotel.

    All meal arrangements are served as the itinerary specifies.
4. On the cruise daily American breakfast, lunch and dinner

    are served. The beverage arrangements are subject to

    policies of different cruise companies. We are only your

    travel agent to purchase the ticket of the different cruises.

    All clients of our tours are kindly asked to follow the beverage

    policies of the cruise companies once you confirm the tour. 
5. The cruise shore excursion in groups and daily activities are

    subject to the arrangements made by the cruise company

    and subject to change without prior notice.
6. Private transfers for you and your party as a group between

    airports, train stations, hotels and all sightseeing spots.

    Separate arrivals and departures will incur extra charges.
7. One private English-speaking guide and driver will

    accompany you on all normal sightseeing tours in each city.
8. Admission fees applicable are included.
9. Chinese government taxes and the city construction fees

       applicable to your travel are included.
10. Travel Agencies' Liability insurance with the tour inside

      China is included.


Quotation Excludes
1. The air charge of arrival in Beijing and departure from

    Hong Kong.
2. Expenses of a personal nature such as laundry, telex, tele-

    phone calls, postal and fax services, bar, massage expenses

    or overweight baggage charges.
3. The departure tax of CNY90.00 (USD11.00) per person for

    departure from China mainland. Any flight to Hong Kong or

    Macau is also subject to a departure tax of CNY90.00

    (USD11.00) per person.
4. The tips for the guides and drivers.


Reservations and Payments
1. Our quotation is based on the fixed exchange between US
    dollars and CN Yuan. The rate is USD1.00 equates to CN
    Yuan 8.05.

2. The first payment USD600.00 per person including USD200.00

    reservation deposit plus USD400.00 tour charge should be

    paid 90 days prior to the tour by check or 60 days prior to the

    tour by cable transfer upon your confirmation. The transfer 

    charge is on your own. A reservation for your tour will not be 

    considered firm until the first payment is received. By sending 

    the deposit, you agree to be bound by our General Terms and 

3. The final payment should be paid 90 days prior to the tour

    by check or 60 days prior to the tour by cable transfer. The

    transfer charge is on your own.

4. Payment by credit card: the additional 3% card charge by us

    is on your own. Debit cards are not eligible as payment method.

5. We accept different kinds of currencies besides US dollars

    as EUR, CAD, GBP, AUD, JAP, NZD, SGD, NLG, HKD etc.
6. Bank Account Information: Please check the following page

    for our bank information


Changes and Cancellations
1. For any changes made 50 days prior to the confirmed tour,

    the client may enjoy our free change options.
2. The reservation deposit of USD200.00 per person is non-

    refundable if the client makes cancellation of the tour but it

    may be applied for your next trip within 18 months. The

    reservation deposit will not be calculated into the charge

    of the cancellation percentage.
3. The cancellation penalty will be a certain percentage of the

    tour price. 50 days to 30 days before the arrival day, the

    penalty is 20%; 29 days to 15 days is 50%; 14 days to 8

    days is 70%; 7 days to arrival day is 100%.
4. After the tour begins, any extra charges caused by clients'

    changes will be added, as air cancellation fee, hotel

    cancellation penalty, etc. Any unused portion is neither

    refundable nor exchangeable.
5. If the client cancels the trip, the client must notify us by mail

    or by fax. We calculate your refund on the day when we

    receive the written cancellation by Beijing time. All refunds

    to the client will be processed within 20 days of receipt of

    your cancellation. The service charge of the refund is

    USD40.00 per time.


Group Size
The above private guided tour is tailored for you, your family

or your friends exclusively. No other participants will be in your

group. In other words, others will not join in your tour and you

will not take part into any tours of others during our land services

except the excursion parts of the Yangtze River cruises or any

other cruises. For the whole of your tour you will benefit from

a private guide and driver we provide. You will have flexibility

within reason to agree with your guides on your daily departure,

sightseeing and even mealtimes.


Passports and Visas
1. Please make sure that you have got your valid passport and

    visa 20 days before your entry to China. We can send you

    a free official invitation to assist you to obtain your visa after

    the reservation deposit is received.
2. If your tours contain other Asian countries arranged by us,

    you are requested to check and follow the visa policy of the

    country you are going to visit at the nearest embassy or



Kind Notice
1. Please be sure to check carefully your international and

    domestic air tickets you purchased so that you are fully

    aware of the policies of different airline companies.
2. You are asked to visit the FAQs and Travel Essential of

    our website before the tour starts. After your confirmation,

    you are considered to understand and accept our FAQs

    and Travel Essential.


1. The responsibility of our agent, parent company and

    affiliated companies is strictly limited. As a tour operator,

    we organize, promote, and sell tour programs consisting

    of certain travel services, including guide service, surface

    transportation, air transportation, water transportation,

    excursions and accommodations that we purchase or

    reserve from various suppliers. The suppliers providing

    services for our tour programs are independent contractors

    and they are not agents or employees of ours.
2. To the extent that we are involved in booking air and/or

    cruise transportation for you, we act as your agent and

    not as an agent for the airline and/or cruise companies.

    However, we promise that we are responsible for the

    willful or negligent acts of our partner travel agents for the

    land services. 

3. We reserve the right to change the flights we have arranged

    for you in the itinerary, but we make sure to guarantee your

    tour unless the the flights are being cancelled or chartered.

4. We will take all benefits and all losses of any fluctuations,

    lower or higher in airfares, cruise fares, currency devaluation,

    park fee increases, taxes, or fuel surcharges after we have

    received the full payment. And we reserve the right to correct

    promotional or pricing errors or to increase the tour price in

    the event of cost increases due to changes in airfares, cruise

    fares, currency devaluation, park fee increases, taxes, or fuel

    surcharges before we receive your reservation deposit.
5. We are not responsible for acts of terrorism, political unrest,

    war, earthquake, landslide, delay or cancellation of the flights

    or cruises.
6. We are not responsible for any unauthorized extra services

    that the client requires with the local agent, local guide or the

    driver temporarily in different cities beyond our confirmed

    itinerary. In this case, we will not take any responsibility for

    losses on shopping, extra attractions, destinations etc, but

    we will try our best to help our clients get out of the difficulties

    including chasing compensation if any damages or losses

    occur. Our mission is to provide an exceptional experience

    to every person who travels with us.



----- Original Message -----

From: Gary S. Gevisser c/o Marie Dion Gevissers email account


Sent: Friday, June 30, 2006 6:58 AM

Subject: tracking number 06-0602 - check into purchases made at Boyitan National Art Museum


Triceia - we would like you to check into 2 purchasers my wife

and I made at the Boyitan National Art Museum in Kunming to

make certain both items clear customs here in China.


We have been informed that antiques older than 1795 are not

allowed out of China unless they have some sort of "red seal".


The one item is a Jade Screen and according to the reciept we

have it is from the "Qing Dynasty, about 300 years.


The other item is a dresser, also from the "Qing Dynasty, about

280 years.


We purchased other clothing items from this store that we understood

from our guide is a "government owned" and were told some of the

items were around 180 years of age and we have now reason to

question the age of such items.


We leave shortly for Chongqing. Please get back to me asap.


Gary S. Gevisser


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