From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 11:01 PM
To: Derrick Beare
Cc: Devinq@Nethere. Com (; Jeff (
Subject: Poor Poor Gary


DbTonight’s experience walking the dogs on a “dark lit” beach alongside our 21 year old Canadian friend was unusual uplifting the too of us treading ever so carefully, Bryan the epitome of an individual who has not allowed their formal education to interfere with his-her learning.


So hard to tell these days “friends” from “foe” the quietness of our neighbors the Pratts almost as invigorating as my having come to terms with what makes the likes of Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. tick.


U once asked why I felt the need to have Newell Starks, Citicorp’s maestro at “blowing up” companies involved in Sunmed Inc given your assessment of my areas of expertise that would at first blush seem to overlap with his, his financial engineering skills, that is, were it not for the fact, however, of my so intimate relationship with Mr. Starks, how different would things be today, he and I doing pretty much everything other than holding hands and kissing and certainly I understand that sum people can have sex without either touching




Kissing and so in the interests of full disclosure the prospect of having sex with a male let alone sumone who goes to bed “stinky” is more than enuf 4 me to vomit.


No surprise then to you that Mr. JRK so much like Mr. Starks in a variety of ways has now chosen at this time to play it “fast and loose” my having sum 6 hours ago ended a conversation that now guarantees that the “remainder” of us on this incredible planet can be as rich as we want to be without feeling as though we are being “pigs at the trough”.


I am only copying at this time Jeffrey and Devin Standard along with a handful of other individuals who shall remain anonymous 4 the time being but in the event I were to say “go missing” one or all of them I believe could be counted on to do the “right thing” and support all 3 of u if need be, not that I have the slightest fear 4 any of our safety, The Internet each and every one of our lifelines, but just in the event you feel the need for a shoulder to cry on as we go “hand in hand” laughing all the way to bank and back again and again and again, gaining speed with each tick of the clock, my so looking forward to meeting my maker, feeling ever so confident that I can look him-her square in the eye declaring,


“I know I have not disappointed you so can we move on through the preliminaries and get down to business of why I was so first of all so very fortunate to have a guiding light burning ever so bright right from the start that allowed me not only to get up quick right from the start but most of all never resulted in me attaching myself to things




Anyone once I saw them beginning to behave worse than say a cow?”


My plan tho is to reappear come May 1st which is the day I had committed to Mr. JRK for my holding off on disclosing to the world a number of things geared toward getting things “to rock on and on and on and on ad infinitum”, in exchange for him taking care of a piddly piece of my business as in “quid quo pro” apparently Jeffrey having already cleared enough of the “underbrush” that he no longer “feels exposed”, Jeff go ahead and smile and at least think u r on Candid Camera.


Derrick, u heard about how insurance adjusters go about getting insureds to dispense with evidence, my seeing for the first time just the other night on TV the famous criminal defense attorney Leonard Weinglass, saving, the insurance adjusters that is, the insurance companies a bundle, and of course u know that a penny saved here and there eventually can add to supporting the lifestyles of the “rich and famous” attorneys who have this thing of looking like they are beating up on each other on the screen but then hobnob while the commoners as in common shareholders, those jumping up and down looking over the fences of these elitists eventually give up exhausted




Possibly end up dead if they keep at it, not from an ax to the back of the head, but from the “shell shock” of seeing how the Defense and Offense so often work “hand-in-hand” as in MOBBED




Do you prefer ROBBED?


U and Devin perhaps understanding in your own way why Jeffrey may be willing to stop at absolutely nothing, I repeat, absolutely nothing to assist my immediate family who I consider at this time very much in the “enemy camp” in having me declared “mentally insane”, I would have preferred, simply can’t get Prefcor off my mind right now, the word “senile” but it didn’t seem to rhyme well, his attempts to distract me into “taking the bait”, going after “Poor poor DeBeers” who he knows perfectly well I have the “inside track” while hoping against all hope that this would result in me “letting go” of Citicorp which is the standard bearer 4 all that is wrong with the addiction of those such as Mr. JRK benefiting from “cheap money” slaved over by momworker63s, widows, widowers, orphans and pensioners, and nincompoops knowing that the stock market is rigged yet hoping to beat the worse than Casino odds, my picking up enough in his “u know of course” how incredibly desperate he is, perhaps without fully appreciating not simply how pitiful he sounds but how very close he


And/ Or


Those he talks about caring so much about are just moments away from collapsing in to a heap of tears.


There is as u know truth in just about everything we including the most pathological amongst us say from time to time, Jeffrey having fed me more than a handful of very meaningful expressions including I detest those who derive great satisfaction in exceeding the limits of their small authority, i.e. evil doesn’t come in the form of a pointed tail or pitched fork, the best one however, which it seems tu me at this time most accurate depicts Jeffrey’s sick state of mind is the one, “Black hands can-cannot lay white eggs.”


Putting aside the fact that Jeffrey is only now coming tu grips that philosophically he has backed the wrong horse politically is the distinct possibility that he may have in fact “committed a sin” I thought was reserved 4 the very worst of the SCALs [Shareholder Class Action Litigators], my spelling, not tu forget Ms. Tori Spelling, things out more clearly at this time than perhaps ever before given the meanness I picked up within the enzymes of someone I have not only considered a friend but someone who I went about painstakingly protecting, dispensing with a written agreement that could have had Mr. JRK Esq facing sum pretty awfully sounding music much like the ongoing Grand Jury investigations of Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Lerach giving their partners nothing short of migraine






My plan is to sleep on things before responding to Devin’s “Why is your [apartment building] loan in default?” thinking positively about how tu influence Mr. JRK tu see the light, my real concern, however, is that in having possibly dirtied his hands in the manner I know has befallen his supposed “arch rivals”, Melvyn Weiss Esq. and Bill Lerach Esq. the too at the very top of the dung heap, taking poor poor Jeffrey on an educational light journey may be insuffice, on the other hand maybe my reference to his wife, Marcie as “wifey” may have taken him over the edge, nothing worse than seeing “one of the best” in this “God eat God” [sic] world implode, the possibility also that it was not Jeffrey calling and waking me up from a deep sleep but rather his partner, former U.S. Attorney Mr. Howard Finkelstein Esq. still ticked off that I once referred to him as an “old man”, my always so weary of people who derive great satisfaction in ripping the meek apart.


Now exceedingly well aware that not a single individual I have ever met in the company of both Mr. JRK Esq. as well as Mr. Finkelstein Esq. despite their so impressive formal education and very possibly very “filthy money” wouldn’t dare to lift a candle anywhere near their anuses once I were tu fully engage them in a debate on pretty much any subject that would say interest someone so “on the ball” as my Marie including the one that has them all at this time so scared shitless, my having “turned the tables”, the question, not whether G-D exists, but rather forcing these “frauds” into providing evidence that G-D does NOT exist.


Derrick, I spelled out tu u on the cell phone this morning how the likes of Milberg Weiss intimidate, possibly innocent, hard working, honest, Chief Executive Officers to settle cases before even insurance adjusters get a whiff of the foul smell, off balance sheet accounting simply an outgrowth of offshore banking, once again Maritime Law pretty much supreme, he-she who controls the waters, grabs the land, owns the banks, insurance and banking so intertwined these days, my ability, however, tu explain in simple English what is happening to all our life savings to folks in particular who have not allowed their formal education tu interfere with their learning, quite an uplifting experience.


And so it should be for you, you a rare breed who does not lie, steal or cheat, my having spoken with your United States attorney, David Winterton Esq. in Las Vegas later today, my expecting this coming Friday to receive in the mail your “one of a kind judgment” against Sunmed Inc, so many things Mr. JRK Esq. had trouble recalling as he conjugated nothing short of gibberish, the fact that like him I made my money in the “real world”, mostly though, investing in people in small businesses as opposed to real estate, nothing to speak of in terms of the stock market, my track record though, in this arena, picking “winners” and “losers” I believe “unsurpassed”, before making a “clear cut” choice in going after the biggest crooks on the planet, never for more than a minute thinking of “selling out” my soul, focused mostly on “value adding”, so have u come across 4 numbers which when added together as well as multiplied add up to the same number as 1142?


Jeffrey does in fact have the means to stop me from being able to introduce into evidence if I were to fight Washington Mutual [WAMU] placing a “receiver” on my “one of a kindSanta Monica property this coming Friday by alerting WAMU’s attorney-s as to my “game plan” which was to begin tu place in the “Public Record” the “smoking gun proof” in my possession of political corruption at the highest levels of our State and Federal Government.


I offered Jeffrey a “face saving” opportunity given his pitiful “command performance”, not even bringing up why he would be so idiotic as to leave a message on my voice mail to the effect that my Santa Monica property was “under water” such a declaration again further evidence of Jeffrey possibly having had a series of yet to be detected minor strokes, much like each of us has every time we encounter a “negative”, sum of us though, know a thing




Too about managing “one’s principal interest”, a mind a terrible thing to loose, tooloosletrek?


My explanation though of  how the super rich continue tu get super mighty rich, the inverse of when someone buys a property and is willing to “pay more” than the asking price receiving a “kick back” from the seller at the close of sale, money in their pocket “4 jam” not exactly falling on “deaf ears.”


Quite funny how by getting a “credible” individual like Mr. JRK Esq. to come forward and declare all the “ills” of one’s property things begin to look brighter with each almighty collapse, remember this is all about Bottoms Up Schooling [BUS], blasting a little hole in a wall, a tiff between a tenant




Too, “quiet enjoyment” goes out the window especially if your are smart enough to bring in say too family members, 3 perfect to start say a 100 year war, remember though, to buy a corner florist specializing in red roses and before you know it your property is now suddenly depreciated below its “tax basis” allowing you the owner to get out of paying his-her fair share of taxes while entering into a “side deal” with this “one of a kind” purchaser who has say, “International Status” willing tu have say, “poor poor Gary” now out on the street, Nanny-boy-Gary knowing enuf, however, not to pee in his long-Johns, finding a way to look pitifully attractive to the best looking prostitute on the block impressed say with, when, however, traveling on the International Circuit, “not-so-poor Gary”, now part of the mile high sex addicts club, he-she-Gary eventually donning a whole different look to the clown-like look of “poor poor Gary” so painstakingly worked on while hanging out in places like the deck of the Del Mar Plaza.


When Jeffrey wouldn’t accept this “face saving” offer choosing instead to go on about all the “good work” he is doing and so so busy taking care of exactly who within his inner circle that could be so needy, I just wanted to cry, sorry most of all for Jeffrey who by leaving me in the lurch at this time may get his wish that I be incarcerated “placed in a padded cell” where I will put the finishing touches to Manager Minute One and yes only G-D will assist the first one attempting to bone me up the ass, G-D remember is DNA, NAMEd within each and every one of us.


Amazing how those so deeply deprived, their deficit needs oozing, exposing their underbelly to the likes of me very much in tune with the inner workings of the universe, the audacity of this so-called Jewish man, priding himself on his piety above all else




So it seemed tu me, enuf to want to make me vomit, placing his friends and family who I have met on at least one occasion, the likes of Dr. Paul Tierstein and his Harvard crybaby Business School buddy, on several occasions, Ms. Susan Bailey’s “bought and paid 4 p.ick” [sic] of a husband declaring so effortlessly at Jeffrey’s wedding that Jeffrey is “bi-polar” which of course, Jeffrey doesn’t remember, each and every one of us, however, is, those of us, however, understanding the workings of the cosmos, the sun included who have painstakingly spent a life-time not making others co-dependants but looking for real economic value added solutions 4 solving the problems of the world, most of all using our G-D given SMARTs to work on things like “the meaning of life”.


Use it




Lose it I do my level best never to abuse the system, my fingertips showing the “wear and tear” up until more recently, now my voice beginning tu show signs of despair, able tho to explain in ways that seem to captivate more than a handful of folks how the universe not only works both in deep space as well as within the only known non-vacuum environment with the Hand of an Almighty G-D-Nature constantly fully extended wanting each and every one of us to most of all think 4 ourselves, applying our minds, making the most of the patterns, poor behavior quite easy to detect, gentle though with the hands that have the universal imprint, much like the back of the neck of my dog Pypeetoe putting aside the expressions such as “an eye for an eye” but rather more in lines with “Let the Ays have it”, as in “Yes, baby yes”.


So easy tu say “no, no, no”, why bother with changing the status quo when it would mean not only your gravy train will end but those who have witnessed your turned up nose developed over a lifetime will look at u from here on out simply saying, “Shame, Shame and Shame” as the masses unite, nothing quite like E=mc˛ tu unify all peoples each and every one of us pretty much properly designed right from the very start including this awesome thing we refer to as SpaceShip Earth


The fact that I was forced tu remind Jeffrey of how much “I have left on the table”, coincidences not part of this dialogue 4 that could have caused a total meltdown and there was still 40 odd minutes before Jeffrey would be forced to answer his own telephone which could really begin “ringing off the hook” if sum folks think they can possibly “make hay” out of this discourse including his firm’s negligence in prosecuting one particular SCAL his excuse that he finally “fired” their one associate-attorney not quite satisfying given not only my effort in this “one of a kind” case, not tu forget Marie’s rendering, moreover a former senior executive from Peerless Systems putting lots at risk never asking 4 a dime while journeying “back and forth” from Los Angeles doing what he believed was simply the “right thing”.


Enuf said 4 one day, me now rather exhausted, so well aware, however, of what becomes of those in the past who have “ticked me off”, and don’t hesitate to let me know if I am losing “my touch.”


Cheers, tomorrow will dawn, a New Beginning, and then some.