From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, February 16, 2006 12:06 PM PT
To: Bill WOMAN HUNTER Purcell
Cc: rest; Dr. Fred Foldvary; Mark Gevisser - The Nation's southern African correspondant; Michelle Kube - Execuitve Producer, The Bill Handle Show KFI-AM 640 "More Stimulating Talk Sh*t Radio" [sic].; Vicky Schiff - co-Managing Director of Wetherly Capital Group; FBI; United States Justice Department; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention
Subject: FW:FUNNY GAMES..... C. Sue...GOLD LAST TRADING AT $544.20...---...


Mr. Purcell,


Continuing from where I left off 16 days ago, what you will first “uncover” once you get your “arms around” how I have been in pivotal position time and again to make a “difference” beginning with being at the “center” of the trading when in late December 1979 and early 1980 the price of gold more than doubled in a matter of 4 weeks before crashing, is that I fully understand that there are extraordinarily few literate human beings truly interested in searching for the truth and only do so once they are “down on their “luk” [sic].


Now is probably a good time to let folks know why I waited so long as the summer of 1999 after I had approached a couple of SCALs [Shareholder Class Action Litigators] to assist me collect monies owed to me by a subsidiary of Leucadia National Corporation [Symbol LUK] run by a buddy of mine, Joe Steinberg, before beginning to expose the deep rot.


While I have in fact stated repeatedly the importance of Bill Lerach’s decision to “go public” with the “astonishing” results of an anonymous interactive questionnaire put to 100 Chief Financial Officers of America’s largest corporations it may not have dawned on everyone why this served as a lightening rod.


Once you recognize, however, that after you read this article that spells out the systemic rot, put out by Lerach who was at the time the co-managing partner of the 2,000 pound SCAL law firm of Milberg Weiss-Lerach, it wont change a thing about what you do next so you will better appreciate not only my rather good “command of numbers” but my equally decent understanding of how extraordinarily sick mankind has become in very recent times when we could have so easily wiped out all human suffering while protecting the environment; moreover, to know that the only way to bring us all “around” without anyone getting a competitive advantage which is what the vast majority of us are all about in this race for “survival of the richest”, is to drag things out.  


The “sensitivity” of finding oneself “ignorant” manifests itself by accusing us independent thinkers bringing Knowledge-Information-Light to the masses who are poor and simply ignorant of why they are poor and downtrodden, of being first “rude” followed by allegations of “crudeness” despite my painstaking and methodical approach to pointing out all the hypocrisy beginning with how quick we are once “exposed” to paint the beauty of nudity as pornographic?


Bear in mind my focus of attention is not to waste time on the already so jaded, co-opted-corrupted but to use such human beings to empower the next generation that they don’t need to become like each successive generation more corrupted than the previous generation which is in fact the genius business model of the DAAC.


And you would agree opting out is an equally disastrous nutty move.


How sick can a woman be to wear a diamond today let alone desire that her loved one invest in such a worthless, so blood-stained item just because it looks pretty?


But is it simply enough not to wear diamonds given how the DAAC have already made out for some 100+ years as bandits of epic proportions?


Yes it is all about money and that is why I am counting on people such as yourself whether or not you respond appropriately to get the message out that there is still the hope of giving peace a better until such time as our extraordinarily SMART G-D says otherwise.


So what do u think of the DAAC’s ability to crash the gold market today bearing in mind not just my revelations of corruption at the highest levels of each and everyone of our governments, the proof much more than overwhelming forget even my first hand knowledge and forgive me for mentioning my credibility but moreover, the extraordinary level of distrust when compared to January 21st 1980 when gold hit its all time high of $850 a troy ounce and then factor in how this proof of why we should distrust each of our governments is being spread today at Light-G-D-speed?


I now realize that I could have worded my question in the opening paragraph more clearly in this E-mail I sent you back on January 30th although I am not clear as to whether it is you or Ms. McKinney or either of you who was the court appointed trustee of Epilady USA?


Both previous hyperlinks are telling of one rather fascinating story made up of many facets, the funniest since we all need a laugh once in a while when standing in early 1990 in the foyer of Bank of New York located at One Wall Street, Manhattan, the very clown looking but competent criminal attorney Mr. King Golden Jr. Esq. and I had retained to assist Mr. Solly Krok and his identical twin brother Abe come to their senses, with both hands grabbed hold of Solly Krok’s jacket collar and started to shake poor Solly back and forth that at one point had me putting my arm around Solly’s shoulders just to prevent whiplash, bearing in mind that Solly was already shell shocked by a number of very recent revelations I had brought to his attention regarding his international holdings that wouldn’t be remedied by the decapitation of his head so as to relieve the weight of the world on Solly’s shoulders.


On the other hand it is conceivable that this attorney was even smarter than I thought at the time and felt that such movements would create a permanent outage in the space between Solly’s ears resulting in Abe who was not as emotionally invested taking over which has me right now simply thinking of what occurred in March 1971 when my uncle David Gevisser and not Mrs. Jane Engelhard took over the running of the American side of the DAAC following the murder of her husband, Charles Engelhard to mention little repeatedly of how the $6 million advance DG received for being named executor of CE’s estate figured into him being influenced soon after when the price of gold and platinum began to skyrocket by his very good friend, my Royal Mater to have his close relations running Codiam Inc. located on 47th Street begin the process of me taking over from him.


Solly Krok’s ability to logically thought process had in fact taken a significant turn for the worse when I handed to him, just as we approached the elevator on the way down to the foyer to get a breath of fresh air, the note “Money or indictment” passed to me just minutes earlier in Bank of NY’s rather large boardroom by the most outspoken “phatso” [sic] lawyer-liar representing the consortium of banks, Bank of NY, as best I recall, were the lead bank of several other pretty well known fictitious financial institutions who had combined loaned Epilady USA Inc. a pitiful $25 million that was “underwater” the instant the loan was funded due to the management of Epilady at the time having produced sum $11 million in bogus invoices to mention little of Epilady’s “tTOo” [sic] South African Chartered Accountants, one the Chief Financial Officer and the other the Chief Marketing Officer also helping their fictitious bottom line by making certain that the folks in their warehouses responsible for handling the returns of used Epilady womens shavers that at times contained not just human pubic hair but flesh as well as not necessarily dried human blood, did not book the returns while adding them to the inventory numbers.


Such disgusting units, I seem to recall, another organization were responsible for “refurbishing”, the net effect which I will spell out for those who didn’t take arithmetic 101 in middle school, adding a $1 to the profit line for every $1 counted back into inventory.


And of course why sell anything if you can make more money simply counting it twice in inventory which should have bells going off in your head about the business practices of the DAAC granted free pass after free pass to engineer-manufacture-distribute unlimited supplies of untraceable, lightweight and never not once inventoried diamond currency that is used time and again as collateral to finance everything under the sun including wars where “money is no object”.


But one can in fact get quite a kick out of selling such a torturous device only, however, troublesome to those who didn’t read the instructions or who were like all of Solly Krok’s daughters born with extraordinarily coarse hair, only on their legs as far as I know, to mention in passing that just a couple of weeks ago I had the most extraordinary pleasure of waxing the incredibly well shaped long legs of my gorgeous wife, skin as soft as her unbelievable perfect bottom to mention a lot about how Pypeetoe the other night decided when he saw her lying on her most awesome front to crawl on to her naked back before falling back to sleep.


Worth mentioning, I think you would agree, that the Kroks brothers made a SIGNIFICANT part of their fortune at Twins Pharmaceuticals, South Africa selling permanently scarring skin lighteners to millions of Black South African women in what is known as the Vaal Triangle, the details of their wealth first brought to my attention by my cousin journalist-author Mark Gevisser just hours before the premier of the Kroks Broadway Musical, Meet Me In St. Louis attended by elitists such as my RM, Walter Cronkite and Alan Greenspan to mention little of MG by the time I was done with him explaining that his time would be better served by calling up Ted Kennedy and asking this so liberal drinking, driving and diving drunk Democratic Senator who attended the funeral of the American Charles Engelhard, a name that you also simply cannot get out of your head especially if you have now done the right thing and the smart thing which is to read time and again THE DIAMOND INVENTION an extraordinarily fascinating INTERNET ONLY book, whether he along with MG’s father, my RM’s very “luky” [sic] friend ever paid taxes on the gratuities the DAAC, while never providing an inventory of their untraceable diamond currency, have made it their business-personnel to keep track of all their prostitutes.


No doubt, you would also agree, as my brothers and sisters were led into the gas chambers during World War II a good number of them while relieved to be parting this world as far away as possible from their Jewish Capos and while remembering to recite under their breath the Shamah, as in “Hear, O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord is one! (Deuteronomy 6:4) a good number would have found a moment or “tTOo” [sic] for humor especially if they were as fortunate as me to have been so carefully guided to work out the puzzle of life.


You know of course that our mutual friend Devin Standard was born in 1964 which I don’t believe has much if anything to do with the English expression, “The $64,000 question?” but the decision by the United States Congress and the Johnson Administration in mid-1964 to send the nuclear powered aircraft carrier Enterprise to the southern tip of Africa which the DAAC required as confirmation that the newly elected Democratic President Lyndon Johnson got the extraordinary clear message what would happen if he like Ted Kennedy’s brother forgot who buttered his bread, is worth mentioning repeatedly until people like Ms. Kube get with the program.


So were you the court appointed trustee of Epilady USA Inc. who stood by as creditors got further fleeced by a system gone haywire that in my humble but seasoned opinion began in earnest just when President elect John F. Kennedy was given his formal marching orders by the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, the mafia of mafia who was the Kennedy clan’s primary pimp to proceed post haste in the wholesale slaughter of 30 million odd anything but communist Vietnamese hard working farmers?


Then go ahead if you think what you are doing is more important than helping me expose why it is that people such as yourself get so much support from the authorities going after little “sh*ts” [sic] like Ms. McKinney versus assisting people such as myself going after the criminals at the very top of the pyramid bearing in mind that not only do I have a 1,000 batting average in uncovering fraud in every instance I have been called in to assist not only the most competent and experienced SCAL in the world who are the richest and most powerful business people on the planet BUT AT LEAST EQUAL IN IMPORTANCE, the authorities are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN I have such irrefutable “smoking gun proof” of fraud that leads to the very top politicians and their very rich and powerful supporters here in the United States.


I assume you also made the mistake of typing “AD” instead of “DA” as in District Attorney to mention little of Ms. Vicky Schiff the co-managing director of the Wetherly Capital Group headquartered in Los Angeles, California which was responsible for masterminding and executing the voter fraud that led to the reelection of California Governor Gray Davis back on November 8th 2002, a year earlier Ms. Schiff partnering with Mr. Mark Weinstein of MJW Investments in a self storage facility in Oakland, California where Mr. Weinstein a former state prosecutor executed a standard practice amongst many, if not the overwhelming majority of mini real estate tycoons not high up enough within the DAAC who don’t really need to bother with regulated financial institutions, by getting a kickback on the purchase of the Beacon Self Storage facility to mention in passing the final settlement agreement between Ms. Schiff and Mr. Weinstein who is not related to Dan Weinstein, the other co-managing director of the WCG, including a rather bizarre paragraph that called for both Ms. Schiff and Mr. Mark Weinstein holding each other “harmless” in the event that I, who was not a party to either the original agreement or settlement agreement between Ms. Schiff and Mr. Weinstein, decided to sue either Ms. Schiff and/or Mr. Mark Weinstein.


Furthermore why not look at this hyperlink that takes you to an email sent to me on December 3rd, 2001 by the manager of the Beacon Self Storage facility, Mr. Eugene Ortiz, in which Mr. Ortiz makes it patently clear that Mr. Weinstein Esq. made it patently clear that he was willing to trump up charges against Mr. Ortiz if Mr. Ortiz wasn’t willing to go “along with the flow” to mention little of what has both Ms. Schiff as well as Mr. Mark Weinstein at this time not calling upon the likes of Mr. Ron Burkle who provided $2 million in seed capital for the WCG, courtesy of the CALPERS where he had just prior received $200 million, to send in his trade union goons to deal with me, not because they have the slightest concern about the justice system putting any of them behind bars even for a single hour but rather my extraordinary stellar connections with both members and former members of Israel’s most elite Special Forces units, the same individuals who made certain that not even the Chinese who could care less about patent and trademark laws never went so far as to even think about producing knock-off Epiladys that were manufactured in Israel.


Yes, Mr. Purcell, as you begin to realize the way things work in this “real world” have absolutely nothing to do with the “rule of law” which only applies to those way down at the bottom of the pyramid, the rest beginning with the DAAC make the nations that then legislate their legitimacy.


So important that meeting at the Carlyle Hotel and not at CE’s private Camp Chaleur across the border in Quebec, Canada, between President elect JFK and Harry Oppenheimer as the Secret Service most of all got to see first hand the futility of protecting the United States currency from counterfeiters when the biggest counterfeiters on the planet could make the next President of the United States grovel on U.S. soil.


As you play “back and forth” the economics of the Vietnam war so you should feel sick to your stomach as I strongly suspect occurred amongst more than just Secret Service personnel tasked with giving up their lives to protect this stooge of the DAAC who could command the President of the United States, the Command In Chief of all United States Armed Forces to not bother with taking on the most repressive Communist Apartheid regime the world has ever known headquartered on the southern tip of Africa but to rather send America’s poor armed, however, to the teeth, with big bombs to create a genocide in Vietnam a whole lot worse than what took place in Nazi Germany to mention little that despite how corrupt the State of Israel has become since its humble beginnings back in 1948, those in charge of Israeli intelligence certainly when they made direct contact with me for the one and only time just prior to when I finished high school in South Africa understood why it was that a very lightly armed commando group did not in fact take out Hitler and his crackpot brown shirts in the very early days let alone when they had already been granted by the DAAC and their allies all the necessary tools and most importantly financing to build one most incredible military machine, and to have following their World War II debriefings posted all around the world immediately following the extraordinary victory of the young Jewish State back in 1949 their very best and brightest looking for troublemakers who as we all know are mostly in the west having benefited the most from communism which in theory sounds great but in practice results not in sharing but in shaving the truth about the drawbacks of getting a nation hooked on big government entitlement programs that destroy individual initiative and logical thought processing so extraordinarily transparent when simply following my heavily broadcasted communiqués flushing out imbeciles people like Chris Little, KFI’s News Director and the likes of Winndy Winn who given how they are granted by the ruling elitists not much more than a pot to pee are counted on given their desperate lives to act desperately when confronted with the truth.


As you would know desperate people act desperately.


The Palestinians and Israelis are not only mostly secular, the vast majority anything but religious extremists, they are also as close as it gets to “brother and sister” and between these two most incredible people they could very easily own the world given not only their awesome brain power but their extraordinary hard work ethic were it not for mostly rich United States Democratic Communist Party elitists who know only from pitting brother against brother, sister against sister. 


In due course following my 1 week sabbatical I will be providing Ms. Sarah Cooke a student at San Diego State University with the Test of the Emergency Broadcast System while having in fact pretty much already “laid out” what it is precisely that I am doing.


In addition I will also be placing people such as yourself who look on the surface like you are doing good going after small time crooks with such extraordinary support from the authorities for such pitiful sums of money, under the brightest of spotlights.


You must surely appreciate by now and if not then have our mutual friend Devin Standard who I hope to spend time with later today, help explain things better, such as why it is so important to examine the deafening silence of people like Mr. Eavesdropper, Professor Robert H. Frank of Cornell University, as well as each and every person on my “deafening silence” list that will be updated over the course of the next week.


In this still very much “money grabbing” world it is SO VERY IMPORTANT to understand the “money creation” business, not to forget all those other blabbermouth academics like Dr. Fred Foldvary involved in the DEBATE ON MONETARY REFORM.


In conclusion I suggest you read not only THE DIAMOND INVENTION beginning with the all important Chapter 18, THE AMERICAN CONSPIRACY but Eugenio Ortiz’s plea for help while placing on your “flowchart” with a timeline the WCG organizing just 25 days later, on December 28th 2001 two very important meetings just 10 minutes apart, both involving California Governor Gray Davis, the first including the top executives of Vivendi, the French-French water conglomerate and the second Dr. Rod Smith of the to mention little time and again of the need for those new to my writings spread across the globe, to not fall into the trap of the DAAC by resorting to violence of any sort, most of all failing to learn from the lessons of the past, the most important, in my humble but seasoned opinion, from what took place during China’s counter revolution when the kids, no doubt aided and abetted by operatives of the DAAC saw fit to chop off the heads of all their educators, such a move resulting in the continuous widening of the gap between not so much the rich and the poor but between the educated and ignorant given how not all educated are bad just like not all poor are good, education, however, allowing one to logically thought process.


While it is true there are extraordinarily few good educated professors the fact that I happen to know of just 2, Dr. Rod Smith and Dr. John K. Pollard should be enough to give each and every independent thinker a sufficient level of hope to give peace a better chance bearing in mind I have in fact worked out both the economics as well as logistics to implementing all the solutions needed to solve all the problems of the world without the need for the spilling of a single drop of blood beginning with the will my wife had witnessed on January 3rd 2002, the day I was quite certain we would begin to see the precipitous collapse of Vivendi’s share price following my informing Ms. Vicky Schiff who I will be communicating with next, that I wasn’t willing to go along with the WCG’s “funny games”.


Take care,


Gary S. Gevisser

A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There


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From: Gary S. Gevisser
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To: Bill Purcell – Financial Investigator -
Cc: rest; FBI; United States Justice Department;;;;; Mark Gevisser - The Nation's southern African correspondant; Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki - President of South Africa; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.
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