From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, February 1, 2006 2:01 PM PT
To: Bill Purcell – Financial Investigator -
Cc: rest; FBI; United States Justice Department;;;;; Mark Gevisser - The Nation's southern African correspondant; Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki - President of South Africa; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.
Subject: RE: ... C. Sue Mckinney...SENATOR TED KENNEDY....PAYING THEIR RESPECTS...GOLD LAST TRADING AT $569.20...---...




It is important that if you don’t read a word that follows to understand what else I was doing besides for keeping track of the commodity trades of Joseph Siegel of The Siegel Trading Company located in downtown Chicago between December 21st 1979 when the price of gold closed at $473.10 a troy ounce and 4 weeks later when it hit an all time high of $850 just two days before Democratic United States President Jimmy Carter gave his final State of the Union Address and while mentioning the word Soviet umpteen times said nothing about Vietnam to mention little of Mr. Siegal who next to my uncle David Gevisser’s the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, the mafia of mafia in full control of the world’s monetary system following the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944, was probably the single largest commodity trader in the world to mention in passing I was “drawn tTOo” [sic] keeping track of Mr. Siegel’s trades while working for the accounting-consulting firm of Bernstein & Bank, Chicago, Illinois, almost immediately after arriving in the United States on March 17th 1978, just one week shy of my 21st birthday.


Of course you would know to start out clicking on my hyperlinks from the “bottom up”, the “Dr” hyperlink taking you to an article published on March 4th 2004 in The Bernardsville News making reference only to very liberal Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy, former Democratic President Lyndon Johnson and Democratic Vice President Humphrey being “drawn to” the funeral of their primary benefactor back in March 1971.


You would agree that as best you know, no member of the Bush family or for that matter any member of President George W. Bush’s stellar administration had to endure “paying their respects” to the American Charles Engelhard who “chose” my father’s first cousin DG as the executor of his estate with of course the approval of his murderous partner Harry Oppenheimer who you would know from having read Chapter 18, The American Conspiracy of The Diamond Invention forced President elect John F. Kennedy to eat the most foul tasting crow at the Carlyle Hotel while the future President of the United States and Commander In Chief of all United States Armed Forces was given his “formal marching orders” to murder as many anything but communist Vietnamese farmers, no different to what HO, a decade later, following the murder of CE, forced upon very liberal Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy, former President Johnson and Vice President Humphrey at St. Mary’s Church in Morris Town, New Jersey.


May I strongly suggest that you now take a deep breath, get used to the need for repetitiveness that will get less as time “marches on”, the past and the future all coming “to-get-her” [sic] in the present, the Digital Age, A G-D-Send, and then do your best and when that is not enough to do whatever is necessary and realize how increasingly difficult it is even for the so easily distracted not just to those parts of what I write that they so carefully select that then allows them to continue in their so fictitious life BUT NOW MORE SO THAN EVER to restrain themselves from acting like they are IGNORing those parts that has them cringing.


Even those very few amongst us who actually contribute positively to the betterment of mankind who fully understand without me having to still spell it out that the price of everything from bread to the table silverware to the price of a local high class prostitute giving a blow job is and has been “fixed” by my-our DAAC mafia of mafia family for the past 100 years.


You will also agree if not right this instant but certainly by the time you and everyone you know has read this entire heavily broadcasted communiqué that is being uploaded in “real time” on to The Internet that the truth of the matter is that most if not all of us are prostitutes, those of us of course in the best physical and mental shape simply able to charge more than the rest so co-opted-corrupted by the systemic rot?


The alternative of course is that you are like me who when not reaching out to help out our slave laborers scattered throughout the world to “rise up” without being so dumb as to resort to violence of any kind, you remain faithfully your extraordinarily beautiful and mind-boggling sexy spouse’s sex slave?


I’m taking a break for a late lunch following a late start and will resume, G-d willing, after taking Maggie, our 11 year old Chocolate Labrador for her midday walk and if you are worrying about my Super Intelligent Italian Greyhound be rest assured he is in very good hands following his return earlier today with my gorgeous, out of this world beautiful and unimaginably sexy French Canadian, 1/32nd Huron Indian, wife, Marie Dion Gevisser to our magnificent RENTED studio cliff house in Del Mar, California to mention little of the photograph MDG took of me at the crack of dawn outfitted in my “armor” following both sets of very recently refurbished disc brakes on my super-duper second hand Cannondale bike failing.


To be continued…


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Subject: Re: ... C. Sue Mckinney...YOU HAVE 60 SECONDS IN WHICH TO RESPOND...---...GOL...



  Ms. C. Sue Mckinney is not the one that I, know as appointed trustee of Epilady USA.

 She is a lawyer from Oakland, California and worked in AD office till she came her 12 years ago to fleece who ever she could. If you would like more INFO on her that I, have sent out to our friends just let me know.

 Tell Devan, thanks for pass on your name.