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While the masses of the world get used to the fact that it is not “DeBeers and half dozen others” that control the world but one single entity that has now for a century hoodwinked the world into believing that the world would be far worse off were it not for them “running things” let me suggest that now would be a good time to get your “interesting read” friends to “tune in” although I am quite certain you have already taken the “liberty” of bringing some if not all of them up to speed.


If there is nothing else that they get out of this rather lengthy missive is that I have had the “goods” on this special interest of special interests groups “running things into the ground” well before my Royal Mater and I negotiated my “entrance” on to 47th Street in New York City just a brisk walk from the Carlyle Hotel where the Anglo head of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel had the future President of the United States who also holds the title, Command In Chief of all United States Armed Forces pay his respects to this mafia of mafia don, Harry Oppenheimer the co-inventor-conspirator of the Diamond Invention.


It can never be overstated the significance of this extraordinarily important meeting that could ONLY have taken place on United States soil in order for President-elect John F. Kennedy to fully appreciate that so long as he was willing to continue in the footsteps of his father, Joe Kennedy, the first Chairman of the Securities Exchange Commission, and submit to the demands of the DAAC so will he be allowed just like his father and brothers, Senator Robert F. Kennedy and Senator Ted Kennedy to not only live but live the good life while being assured that the DAAC would continue to be counted to do the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing from the standpoint of elitists whose primary skill is the “gift of the gab” and maintain their diamond studded iron grip on the entire world’s monetary system and if things were to go “upside down”, and you know enough about Chaos Theory to a least be aware that it was invented in 1961, the “upside down” year, the very same year JFK was inaugurated, then it would be incumbent upon the Commander In Chief to immerse the poor masses of world in combat.


I have repeatedly suggested that each of us produce our own flowchart and timeline in order to make sense of the nonsense such as “in war money is NO object” that has been sprouted by academia as well as by both our elected and non-elected government officials each of them along with the corrupt church “playing their part” where no one and everyone is to blame for the turmoil beginning with not only the rise of the South African Apartheid Regime but its continuance while we murdered in cold blood some 30 odd million hard working Vietnamese farmers us communists suspected of being “communists.”


It would be pure folly to simply consider The DAAC the “masters of disguise” or even the mafia of mafia since neither expression come close to what they really are which is the communist of communist bosses whose expertise has been to cultivate corrupt governments whose business is to prevent honest people from “making a living” by ensuring that no grass roots organizations take root.


I knew the minute I sat down for breakfast with South African industrialist Dr. Jonathan Beare back on January 13th of last year to discuss the rather impressive overview of the Clean Water Fund project that Dr. Rod Smith and I had pulled together gathering input from rather smart minds in this rather important topic that it was just a matter of time before things would start to get better and the world would begin to heal.


Only once before had I ever seen such fear in the face of another human being but it was Dr. Beare’s body language that mostly gave him away as he battled to keep his head from bouncing off the table, time and again, just a couple of tables away from where Larry King of CNN was sitting.


In recent times there have been few witnesses to my ability to “paralyze” when dealing with someone who has allowed their formal education to interfere with their learning, still memorable the one time when Devin Standard, the executor of my estate, had me meet with a gentleman at an In N Out Burger shop in Mission Valley, San Diego, California and were it not for the fact that I was also enjoying one of their delicious meals and thinking about how we would get The Sperm Donor to personally test out this supposed cure for herpes that has one place the one electrode up the anus and the other permanently sown into the tonsils I might have accomplished the task in less than 30 seconds instead of 3 minutes.


This little “stretching exercise” I just took you on was to prepare you for what comes next bearing in mind that it is still good but not all that important to maintain a sense of humor as the likes of Ben Laden are given any voice let alone such a loud voice in the mainstream media.


There has been for generations now talk about the “Kennedy Curse” as well as the “Kennedy Clap” well illustrated in Peter Evans’ blockbuster book NEMISIS but as you examine your flowchart and timeline you will have a box in there for when I last met with my uncle David Gevisser back in 1995 when I informed him that his “boy”, Trevor Manual, was doing a “superb job” in “f…ing up the South African economy”, such an important meeting coming within 24 hours after I had met with Trevor at his offices in Pretoria.


For those “brand new” to my missives it is important to note that first, my uncle David is the “male heir” of the American Charles Engelhard who orchestrated the meeting of President elect JFK with CE’s partner HO just before JFK’s inauguration on January 20th 1961 and second, Trevor Manual is today South Africa’s Minister of Finance and 11 years ago he was the Minister of Trade and Industry.


Now move forward on your timeline some 19 years to January 21st 1980 when the price of gold hit an all time high of $850 and by the time President Jimmy Carter made his final State of the Union address just two days later gold had fallen nearly 18%, bearing in mind that during the prior 12 months gold had risen almost 270% not to forget that gold ended 1979 at $512 and in the course of 14 days of trading had risen 66% before plummeting as the DAAC began issuing sell orders KNOWing versus Believing the Diamond Invention would continue if not “forever” then long enough co-opt-corrupt at least the entire United States Congress.


While you keep in the back of your head those so meaningful words coming out of a mouth of the scumbag JFK, “ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country” examine ever so carefully President Carter’s last State of the Union Address that as you would know was not presented ad-lib, i.e. not only would it have been leaked but much more importantly it would have been tweaked just enough to provide the DAAC with assurance that their plans would not be interfered with.


With that said, allow me to take a quick break, possibly as long if not longer than 24 hours depending upon the reaction to this heavily broadcasted communiqué that I am counting on you, your friends, as well as my adversaries getting SIGNFICANTly smaller, relatively speaking of course, to help spread throughout the Internet.


I will, however, repeat the opening paragraphs of this very important address by Jimmy Carter who you remember was once a farmer making him you would think much more in touch with how best to cultivate grass roots organizations to mention little of my skipping some 7 paragraphs having you focus on the paragraph I have highlighted in red, 32 times in this so important speech mentioning the word Soviet, no mention of the Vietnam war or in terms of how to shut down the USSR by cutting off in a matter of seconds this “Evil Empire’s” access to “foreign currency”, how in fact President Carter’s Justice Department was sitting on irrefutable “smoking gun proof” of the Soviet’s extraordinary close ties to the DAAC with their unlimited supply of untraceable, lightweight and never once inventoried diamond currency, to mention little of the Treason Complaint I am having put together in to The DAAC book, subtitle, “Black hands CANNOT lay white eggs” to be presented to each and every member of the United States Congress including Senator Ted Kennedy.


Jimmy Carter
of the Union Address 1980

January 23, 1980



This last few months has not been an easy time for any of us. As we meet tonight, it has never been more clear that the state of our Union depends on the state of the world. And tonight, as throughout our own generation, freedom and peace in the world depend on the state of our Union.


The 1980's have been born in turmoil, strife, and change. This is a time of challenge to our interests and our values and it's a time that tests our wisdom and our skills.


At this time in Iran, 50 Americans are still held captive, innocent victims of terrorism and anarchy. Also at this moment, massive Soviet troops are attempting to subjugate the fiercely independent and deeply religious people of Afghanistan. These two acts--one of international terrorism and one of military aggression--present a serious challenge to the United States of America and indeed to all the nations of the world. Together, we will meet these threats to peace.




Now, as during the last 3 1/2 decades, the relationship between our country, the United States of America, and the Soviet Union is the most critical factor in determining whether the world will live at peace or be engulfed in global conflict.


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