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I was about to catch 41 winks but your response just invigorated me to respond in kind that could lighten up your life from until Kingdom Come but no promises as I am totally exhausted physically and mentally.


I will comment in turquoise


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 Wasn't it clear in my email to Denga that I would continue later with the " case study ", the second to last paragraph ending with,

It was clear but I was confused with you wanting my opinion on an uncomplete case study and I thought I had missed an e-mail.

How do they gain monetarily from your real-time services?


Remember, a balance sheet that lists assets and liabilities and the difference between them shows up as either a positive or negative number, is a “snapshot” in time that fades very quickly under the best of circumstances when all parties are working toward a “common goal”, such stakeholders made up of the investors, the employees as well as the customers and suppliers. The instant a single stakeholder begins to play things “fast and loose” so in the very next instant that that “snapshot” isn’t worth the paper it is written on.


Put your hand in your pocket and pull out everything including possible crumbs that go back to the beginning of time that no amount of washing has changed its composition and of course even gold benefits from fools constantly trying to reproduce this most amazing material.


Materiality is a word that we use often but none of us has the first clue about what exactly it means when you have the overwhelming majority of executives running public corporations lying, stealing and cheating, a fact that has been made available to the general public going back to the spring of 1999, when Bill Lerach of Milberg Weiss-Lerach pulled off the most extraordinary scam by going public with such a finding that was not exactly a secret.


First, everyone who steals knows they are stealing, lying and cheating.


Second, because they are nervous about being left holding the bag they end up taking out an “insurance policy” beginning with their “loved ones”, family members the “easy targets”.


Third, once one understands how the system works, i.e. that of all the things you pulled out of your pocket, the most worthless is the currency that your corrupt government tells you to “trust” so when you next look at a balance sheet of any corporation public or private you will begin to look at them with my “set of eyes.”


Fourth, knowing who to trust when having to make split second decisions is the “name of the game” and when you have someone such as myself who doesn’t lie, steal or cheat who is unwilling to ever compromise knowing without having worked it all out that there was more to life than simply chasing girls, eating like a pig and ending up old, fat and ugly like most if not all the people I knew growing up in a hell hole like Durban, South Africa no different to any place on this planet where people are so full of themselves they cannot even find the time to search for meaning by first looking at the extraordinary complexity of the body without a fricken doctor explaining using complex language what is nothing more than sacks that open and close and switches that go “on” and “off”.


Fifth, when “working out” any problem once understanding the puzzle of life is all about “problem solving” then it is inevitable that you don’t really have to do very much before you will be “gifted” the answer.


Sixth, knowing, however, the right questions to ask comes from having lived a righteous life of never, lying, stealing or cheating.


Seven, but when you have your parents, teachers and professors all in their own way, each able to use their command of language to justify lying through their teeth then you have to be ever so patient waiting for the right time to “strike”.


Eight, SMART people like Jeffrey R. Krinsk “know a good thing when they see it” and don’t waste time trying to “second guess” someone such as myself who despite not being as fast a reader as my Royal Mater and not quite able to download the written word anywhere nearly as fast, not even close, I can in fact read numbers at a blinding speed and when given “reliable” information on those tasked with putting together the numbers I can by simply lining up no more than 3 balance sheets transform that “snapshot” in to what amounts to nothing short of a “real time” movie.


Nine, such a skill has today as much meaning as Latin, given the fact that there is no information that is reliable beginning with the folks pushing the buttons on the printing presses producing both paper money as well as digitized money.


Tenth, when I wake up tomorrow morning I will revisit what I have written to you and perhaps condense it all into one sentence along the following lines:

If you cannot trust your father you do not have a family.


If you cannot trust your president you do not have a country.


There is not a single leader of any country and that includes our great President the most honorable George W. Bush who can continue to play ostrich when there the overwhelming majority of all the peoples of the world who are engaged in business of one sort or another who use currency as a means of exchange are all of the same opinion that the DAAC is the mafia of mafia and no one gives a dam, no one that is but perhaps less than a handful of us, at least right this very moment but that could change in the next instant.


Eleven, such reliable information about the true money laundering business of the DAAC could so easily result in each and every human being on the planet beginning to take deeper and deeper breaths until such time as the everyone is operating off the same page and then in the next breath, one shuts down the DAAC and starts off afresh beginning with a brand new balance sheet with the entire world’s population its stakeholders.



NOTE: I am reading and commeting paragraph by paragraph based on your original e-mail.

Aha, I have to agree with you on that one. I do have "aways" and "slumps" and this as a cause of being distracted by not so important matters of having to make a living. Once focused I could figure most things out at first read but at times when reading my mind is thinking something else, so a lack of focus could be the problem.



I am now going to re-read those two e-mails and will get back to you.


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you didn't get to finish the cse study with the banker or am i missing an email?

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This e-mail I sent out earlier might help you give me "feedback" on the "case study"