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Raye Anne, your words are kind, generous and we know very heartfelt.


Should the FBI be tracking me as closely as this fukukta “Kathryn Murray” indicated I would like them to know that in the event they were to decide to place me in a padded cell I can rely on you and the rest of the incredible artist-painters guided by Sebastian Capella to paint me pictures that would have me flying the coop in tTOootTOooos=2028=18=9 which is the date Marie and I first decided would be our year of matrimony.


Shit though happens, to mention little of how crap spreads especially when one gets too accustomed to going around in the same direction in ever expanding circles, much like what we see in particle accelerators that have those at the top, i.e. TOES thinking they are above it all while those more in tune with the inner workings of the universe will soon emerge making mincemeat out of those who have for ions been sticking it to the masses.


Everything is about perspective and until one has been around the world at least once gaining speed with each slingshot, one has yet to live. First though it helps to prepare well for such an educational journey by starting out crisscrossing the “planes” [sic], text to encompass more hyperlinks, to mention little of the 3 dimensional effects of cross-hatching, formal education never to interfere with one's learning, i.e. one is better off just standing still, taking up the least amount of space until such time as “dog” [sic] says,


"Enough is Enough; now is a good time to return you to earth as possibly an ant and to gain perspective from the bottom up like kids closely in tune, paying attention this time round to the flies hovering over doing 360s but at times moving in to figure 8s;butt to really see this up close it is best to be at the foothills of Machu Picchu after a night filled of making love” [sic].


Just so that you don’t think my mind is constantly devoted to thoughts about great sex you should know that most of the time when playing pong with Mr. Jeffrey Krinsk he constantly reminds me that each moment I take up of his precious time prevents him from making love to his wife.


Now to be clear on this point I have yet to even see Mr. and Mrs. Krinsk hold hands but certainly they both know how to dance whereas I pretty much stand still mesmerized by my one & only who proved to me in physical terms that time does stand still evidenced when being in love.


And of course I can prove mathematically that God not only controls light but is all about love, never though to take anything for granted constantly aware of thin ice. I assume you read that I was once in an ice-skating show called Around the World in 80 days?


Back on October 24th of last year Judge Hendrix in Superior Court in downtown San Diego concluded the hearing by warning Marie’s ex-husband as well as me that we would both be under the “spotlight.”


Although this very fair-minded judge had midway through the proceedings made, in my opinion, a half-hearted attempt to admonish me about my “writings” I knew from the very start that if I just kept my cool Judge Hendrix would undoubtedly drop the guillotine right smack down on the heads of both Dr. John Ben Stewart [JBS] and his equally sick attorney, George “Hearst” [sic] Esq.


At first blush it appeared that Judge Hendrix had more in common with JBS than myself baring in mind though that JBS and his attorney “George Hearst” [sic] had carefully gone about depicting me in a very crafty way by “cutting & pasting” things that I had written that would lead any reasonable person to conclude that I was “abnormal.”


Although to be precise Judge Hendrix chose his words ever so carefully when addressing me, also letting me that he thought I might possibly be the “smartest person in the wor.d” [sic] although I might have misheard exactly what he said for I was by that time in a state of euphoria knowing it was just a matter of time before JBS would be forced to begin chewing on his malicious and insidious words as well as actions for the rest “of his” [sic] life assuming of course he doesn’t end up with a life sentence before I am done with him, to mention little of his final act of desperation, attempting to depict Marie as some sort of moron under my misguided influence.


Had I opened my mouth and told Judge Hendrix that most of what I write I pick up from Marie then it is very likely he might have decided to have us both committed and I doubt the FBI let alone the CIA would allow us to share the same padded cell which reminds I still need to respond to Professor Brown of who could possibly be in cahoots with this “Kathryn Murray.”


And of course we know that blushing is different and considerably apart from why we shouldn’t paint with too broad a brush.


You may have noticed that there is an additional red “sic” that I have now thrown into the email I first sent out yesterday to the FBI as I began writing that email while stopped at a red light at the corner of Mango Drive and Del Mar Heights. I had just finished writing “I hope you don’t think I am” when the light turned green and by the time I started to head down the steep hill on Del Mar Heights to Coast Highway 101 where the wireless signal sometimes gets cut off I hit the “send” button without realizing that I had thrown in a “knot” [sic] creating somewhat of a double negative.


Just the other day I suggested to Jonathan he ask his math teacher why it is that two negatives when multiplied make a positive and yet a positive multiplied by a negative makes the equation always negative?


Prime numbers much like the primary colors are things we so often take for granted without first thinking of holding our horses, measuring our words and of course it pays to check our stirrups which reminds me of Sebastian’s “Horseman” masterpiece which won first prize in the National Portrait Seminar in Washington, D.C.


I came very close to acquiring that piece from his daughter in Spain before realizing that I had no place  big enough to hang it. Perhaps one of these days I will build for my queen a large enough palace to house this masterpiece along with the other masterpieces we are so fortunate, unfortunate, to own although I was never quite comfortable with the gold watch on the horseman’s left wrist.


I did, however, suggest to Jeffrey Krinsk that he consider buying it for himself but at the time I was unaware he was “pinching & scraping” looking for a way to purchase the former mayor of San Diego’s home all for cash.   


Although today is for Jewish people the Sabbath there is unfortunately, fortunately a lot of clean up still to do including my commitment to Marie to “pick up.” And of course she never reads any of my emails which is probably a good thing as I thunder forward picking up the pace on those out of control morons who have yet to figure out that I am invigorated for every split second I detest them deriving great satisfaction in exceeding the limits of their small authority, i.e. evil doesn’t come in the form of a pointed tail or pitched fork, action-reaction.


Jonathan returned a little earlier from his baseball game where no doubt he continues to benefit from the pitching lessons he received from his French-Canadian uncle who Marie plans to call today with the “good news.”


It is another most gorgeous day and my most beautiful wife decided to travel all the way east of LA to watch Danielle play ball while I will have my right hand full throttle on the Ducati thinking about ways to keep the world twisting left and right, up and down, until we all get with the program that will allow us to party as in 5678 tTOo infinity.


First though I must call Mr. Kenneth Standard whose son earlier confirmed waits expectantly. Devin though had a little family emergency that prevents him from joining in at this particular moment.


Marie called a little earlier to let me know that she had picked up a number of new ideas for as well as while traveling through east Los Angeles and a moment ago my very good friend Derrick Beare called to wish “everyone love.”


One of the things I like about Derrick is that he doesn’t make a big deal about my weight & height and despite me now weighing 140 pounds and with my hair standing on end reaching as high as 5’8” he never takes pride in poking fun at my shortcomings, perhaps because he is noticing that as he gets balder my hair seems to be growing like never before and please believe me it is nothing more than the lotion I use to massage Marie’s feet every night.


Now what Marie does during the night with my SCALp while I fly high exploring new universes is between “her & eye” [sic].






Ps –  Marie mentioned the other day that you might have missed an email or two from me over a period of perhaps a week and so this [is] “ketchup” [sic] time for everyone. I will probably replace that last hyperlink with the latest masterpiece.



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Congratulations!  So happy for you and Marie!


Raye Anne