From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2006 3:06 AM PT
To: Newell Starks - Chairman of the Board - Sterling Holding Company - A Citicorp Venture Corporation fronting corporation
Cc: rest; David Berman - Berman Capital; Eliot Spitzer - Attorney General of New York State; United States Justice Department; FBI
Rabbi Abner Weiss; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Mark Gevisser - The Nation's southern African correspondant; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.;; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; South China Morning Post;; robert@theodigitalgallery
Subject: ...---...GO AHEAD AND FART…U CALL ME…---…




It is quite obvious with reaction already coming in from all over the world to yesterday’s communications with a gentleman involved with a radical but thoughtful organization known as the FREEDOM ROAD SOCIALIST ORGANIZATION as well as the expected non-response to this email I sent on Sunday evening to Devin Standard, the executor of my estate, that you are pretty close to running on empty to mention little of you not, however, being alone when it comes to failing to disclose “material items” to the shareholders of Stratos Lightwave under the “command and control” of your very crooked employer, Citicorp Venture Corporation a Citigroup organization that is without a single peer when it comes to “management friendly”, i.e. “shareholder hostile” takeovers.


Furthermore, with my one week sabbatical now over and having accomplished the task that I set out for myself you have to be wondering whether this attack on Nigerian oil fields had anything to do with my prescient writings?


While I am not a mind reader I think it is fair to say that Devin Standard in addition to reading at least once each and every word of Edward Jay Epstein’s fascinating book THE DIAMOND INVENTION and making notes of things he thinks I may have missed is also preparing not only his staff at this leading water testing multinational conglomerate but everyone he knows who I am quite certain will give him more than the time of day to listen patiently as he describes in his own very articulate way starting out with the reasons why so very few of us human beings on my one a kind email list that represents a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate human population HAD read this EXTRAORDINARILY fascinating book prior to my 1 week sabbatical that “sumhow” [sic] fails to say amongst a host of very significant non-disclosures as well as very significant disclosures that leave the reader with false impressions that were designed to have the reader “bouncing off walls” much the same as light refracting off a brilliant cut worthless pure carbon stone that burns into thin air, the fact that one co-conspirator-inventor of THE DIAMOND INVENTION, American Charles Engelhard was an “open supporter” of the South African Apartheid Regime and the co-inventor-conspirator, Anglo Harry Oppenheimer was an “open opponent” of their stooge Apartheid Government.


Achieving common ground is as we all know the first step to anything so long as we can in fact get more than ourselves to agree with ourselves.


My decision to state the obvious about my Royal Mater not being stupid, not even close when considering RM was and remains a very good friend of my uncle David Gevisser, the “male heir” of CE, does more, however, than simply inform my rather powerful and very corrupt extended family something they all already know for it mostly sends a signal to people such as yourself who think that because I have the DAAC, the special interest of special interest groups as close to “check mate” as it gets without them igniting that many more “scams” around the world, you will “sumhow” [sic] be able to take cover other than with your pricey psychologists and psychiatrists.


So apparently moronic the decision by the Israeli government to hold back on paying a pitiful $50 million due to the Palestinian Authority that of course accomplishes the most important objective of each and every bought and paid for government on the planet which is IGNORE the obvious worthlessness of currency, particularly the United States Dollar.


Talking up any currency other than the Chinese Yaun is nothing short of laughable which leads me back, please forgive me as I yawn, first to the “rule of law” followed by how each and every public corporation is now in breach of their fiduciary responsibilities to inform their shareholders which includes minority shareholders who have no say in the “funny games” of all the material failure to disclose issues and I now do your job of beginning to inform the entire world that the over the top share prices of most public corporations cannot be maintained were the masses in those parts of the world responsible for producing all the goods and services we desire in the so-called 1st World were to “go on strike” first in producing offspring like rabbits and dying like flies and second, much more importantly saying to hell with being paid in U.S. dollars.


Go ahead and fart.


Now we are in the next instant calling for the revocation of the bs Bretton Woods Conference of 1944 that resulted in the hard working masses being sold into wage slavery by their despots we in the west, with the biggest guns, corrupted not only with our fictitious currency but using the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel to do what they do best, engineer-manufacture-distribute their own unlimited supply of untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried diamond currency transported “back and forth” in diplomatic pouches at times the size of Aristotle Onassis’ super oil tankers.


You would agree that more than just the 30 odd “interesting read” Black South Africans all under age 33 both understand and can recite without looking at their computer screens that so important mantra while each of them throwing in their choice words to describe this scam of scams.


The decision, however, by the New York Times to not only print such utter garbage but have it as headline news that Israel was holding back on the paychecks of some 135,000 Palestinian government workers made up of mostly security personnel is this very hour being understood by more than sensitive Lilly White Wheaty Eaters like my wife’s 16 year old daughter and her boyfriend.


How nuts or how very desperate are my Israeli brothers and sisters to think they could get away with such duplicity other than the fact that Israel has been selling itself short from the very moment it was granted Statehood by a world, not just Hamas who wanted to see each and every Jewish independent thinker tossed into the Mediterranean Sea which in my humble but seasoned opinion would not satisfy even Hamas given how I have yet to find living in Israel today a single independent thinking Roman, Buddhist, Jew, Christian or Muslim person.


Forget Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Roman and lets start getting SMART by simply flushing out all the bullsh*tters” [sic] such as you.


You and I ever since we met in the early 1990s soon after I flushed out Israeli banker, Shimon Topor, that culminated in you trusting me to the point of not only encouraging me to write Perfect Storm II on, my first very basic looking website, but you contributed SIGNIFICANTLY because you were so pissed off with Tom McWilliams the English literature major and head of CVC for being smart enough to put you “out to pasture” given how when it came time to restructure your hair-brain financial machinations you were nothing short of a bull in a china shop.


Our combined efforts, however, resulted in not only McWilliams rehiring you but much more importantly truly smart business people like SCAL [Shareholder Class Action Litigator] Jeffrey R. Krinsk of Finkelstein & Krinsk were shaking their heads wondering whether I had gone out of my mind by starting up other websites that served in Mr. JRK’s humble but seasoned opinion to do nothing more than distract from the extraordinary success of to the point that even my rather bright one American programmer, Adam Tucker, who has been instrumental in not only setting up each and every website including Footsak but responsible for the “look and feel”, would prove beyond a shadow of doubt when recently writing a business plan calling for funding a business everything both you and Mr. JRK figured out in a flash.


Topor as you well know, given your intimate dealings with him when I was doing a whole lot more than representing Steinhardt Partners, the most successful hedge fund in the history of Wall Street before Steinhardt decided to retire to his farm and raise lamas leaving it up to his idiot Harvard Business School trained son-in-law David Berman to attempt to follow legitimately in his footsteps, was, and to the best of my knowledge, is still the right hand man of Michael Steinhardt who built up his very impressive $5 billion hedge fund, walking away with some $400 million after 25 odd years on the job, by mostly snowing besides for government regulators people like my client Irving Cooper, one of a handful of investors who in 1967 when Steinhardt was all of 27 years of age, put up a quarter of million dollars each giving Steinhardt his $1 million “kick start”.


Adam Tucker who is Jewish, his parents meeting in Israel I believe at the time of the 1967 6 Day “Boot” War in which his father fought, has a Roman Catholic uncle who made no secret about the fact that he got a $2 million “kick start” when an Iranian gentleman approached his business partner with the monies all stashed in a suitcase sized to fit a future nuclear bomb, containing I assume only $100 notes.


We are talking about saving the world and the last words I recall coming out of your mouth was that you were considering becoming an Episcopalian priest to mention little again of this one priest presiding over the funeral of Loretta King earning sum $3 million last year and justifying his actions, at least according to the JohnandKen show on 640 AM “More Stimulating Talk Sh*t radio” [sic], that Jesus wasn’t poor.


And to “save the world” we have to get rid of all the bs that requires “full and complete disclosure” by each and every one of us bearing in mind the constant thought of my extraordinarily desperate but very brilliant military tactician Israeli brothers and sisters who you have my word will not go down without bringing down the entire world to mention little again and again of the little time that the ever brilliant investor Warren BO Buffet had to say about the domino effect that will take place “within the next 10 minutes and 50 years when there is the certainty of either one terrorist nuclear or biological bomb going off in one of our major cities followed by another followed by another and then another until all the lights go out” [sic] that then has you thinking back to the delegates and their equally corrupt successors at the Bretton Woods Conference back in 1944 that resulted in each and every country a party to this garbage being a bunch of terrorists.


Rabbi Abner Weiss, who you have not met knows a great deal more about me than you as this very brilliant scholar has little difficulty reading Perfect Storm II as well as connect up all the dots pretty much going back to when I was born, 49 years ago this March 24th and please send a gift, bearing in mind Rabbi Weiss was the “treasured guest” when David Berman married Steinhardt’s daughter.


You recall of course, now that you are going light on the aspartame, that before Berman even stepped foot into the offices of Steinhardt Partners located not that far from the Carlyle Hotel on the upper east end of Manhattan, Steinhardt, given my stellar “credentials”, saw fit to get my opinion on what he was quite certain would be his future son-in-law so long as he could be assured Rabbi Weiss presided over the nuptials to mention little of Rabbi Weiss my Royal Mater’s closest friend in the world.


Just like I suggested on that Devin take a very breath before reading the 8 questions in the 619 odd word email, so should you when examining possibly for the umpteenth time the “back and forth” between Berman and myself back on May 18th of last year, the 4th year anniversary of you writing this “binding agreement” signed by both you and your most recent wife that once understood by no more than Tefo Mohapi’s “interesting read” colleagues could very possibly be sufficient to have you not waste a moment longer in forking over the monies you owe me.


Given, however, the reality that these “interesting read” Black South Africans have yet to feel their extraordinary power, just wait 24 hours, it is therefore highly unlikely you could be stirred right this moment in a way that would have you reacting appropriately, at least not until you fully appreciate the “back and forth” between myself and Berman who like me also attended Carmel College, the Jewish day school in Durban, South Africa, very much under the command and control of the very darkest forces in our very corrupt Jewish community, the Durban North Lazarus clan who like the American CE made no secret that they were “open supporters” of the South African Apartheid regime.


I will now spell out for my new paying audiences why it is that people like you and Mr. JRK couldn’t believe your eyes that I would not focus all my energies and rather vast and relatively very SIGNIFICANT resources on, footsak to repeat is South African slang for giving someone a “kick in the rear end”, no doubt laughing yourselves silly when Adam Tucker sent me an email asking me to keep his business plan secret for something I had already proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to a whole lot more folks than you and Mr. JRK who few would argue constitute very much part of the very corrupt “SMART MONEY”.


At precisely 11:36 AM on Wednesday, May 18th 2005, Berman whose email particulars have him down as Berman Capital Mgt, occupying 767 fifth avenue floor 11, new york, ny 10153, telephone number 212-319-6000  emailed me the following:

Subject: gary u call me - how did this email land up on the web? google me u will see?


Just the “google me” you would agree should have been enough for anyone with a single neuron firing in the space between their ears let along someone as smart as Adam Tucker but clearly distracted by his new beautiful wife who has seen this going on for years now, to at least when taking a break from making love 24/7 and using every other precious moment to spend the time writing me an email asking me to keep what he thinks is a good way to not only do “good” but make a bunch of money in the process, reflect back before putting his foot in his mouth on the fact that we are talking about a very busy person like Berman with deficit needs helping bring on Parkinsons disease, racking me, this poor, poor midget-wimp who has to hide under my wife’s over-the-top beautiful skirts, over the coals while having to live up to the impossible crooked standards set by his father-in-law, the Wall Street outlaw of outlaws who in fact taught Martha Stewart when she was a stock broker every basic crooked act including how to park shares of public corporations and not get caught, but also the fact that there was a pretty good chance someone other than Berman who may have SIGNIFICANTLY greater deficit needs was even busier keeping track of me may have mentioned to Berman and Steinhardt who in turn may have contracted Rabbi Weiss who in turn may have contacted my RM who in turn without bothering my father may have contacted his first cousin David Gevisser who in turn may have contacted his and CE’s attorneys located on Bush Street in San Francisco who in turn may have contacted Stephen Cohen at Codiam Inc. on 47th Street in Manhattan, just a brisk walk from the Carlyle Hotel where President-elect John F. Kennedy got his official “marching orders” from HO to murder some 30 million odd Vietnamese farmers, who in turn may have contacted Martin Rapaport who I understand is spending more time in Israel than ever before who in turn may have saw fit to contact the Israeli authorities who know at this time just like you that there is absolutely no one who can be trusted given not only the inordinate level of distrust out there that has the financial markets tottering on the point of collapse, it not taking a rocket scientist to figure out what moves I could make while sitting in front of my desktop computer here deep in the Cleveland National Forest were I not on the “side of light”, FOR BERMAN TO BE SO DAM ASSERTIVE IN SUMMONING ME:


u call me


Let me just mention briefly one other deeply deprived human being, Mr. Ben Laden who instead of playing right into the hands of the DAAC and resorting to violence to have used his monies for the betterment of mankind beginning by letting it known that he was going to help us westerners by first helping pay off our National debt and in the next instant he would have found support amongst his rich and very well connected Saudi family hoarding gold for donkey years to reintroduce the Gold Standard, were it not for the fact that there isn’t a government on this planet in the least bit interested in peace other than, in my humble but seasoned opinion, George W. Bush and his stellar administration who are with each tick of the almighty powerful clock running out of option plays, but he does have me on his team.


Berman’s decision 3 minutes later at 11:39 AM to follow up with me before I had a chance to thank him personally for his short-circuits that in compliance with Newton’s first principle, for every action-reaction-overreaction there is an equal and opposite action-reaction-overreaction, nothing is gained nor is it lost, and therefore increasing the circle of those dependant upon my insight and analysis of the important events of the day, all such matters increasingly understood by a whole lot more than the likes of Tefo’s “interesting read” again 30 odd black South Africans all under age 33, adding SIGNIFICANTly to what has members of even Israel’s most elite special forces who have gone “bad” standing very still at this time, to repeat Berman’s proof of his demented state of mind:


gary where can i call you??


And when I do respond within the hour, at 12:28 PM PT, providing Berman with just the telephone number at our RENTED Cliff House, obviously someone, possibly G-D as well, told this moron to, “shut the fc*k up!” which didn’t stop me from then sending him this 2064 word email at 7:34 PM PT that same day.

Although I feel quite awake but not in the least bit interested in rereading what I have written above which I know given how much thought I gave to it on my several walks yesterday as well as the one I took with the dogs just before sitting down to type it rather fast doing very little of my usual “cut and paste”, I will hit the send button leaving it up to others to suggest later how best to get the message across to you that like the DAAC and The Sperm Donor et al I will accept from you nothing short of your total unconditional surrender.


Gary S. Gevisser

A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There


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