From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2006 11:43 PM PT
To: Danielle
Cc: rest; Devin Standard
Subject: ...SPEAK THE TRUTH...


Dear Danielle,


Earlier this evening I received this email from Ray Anne Marks who is much more than master painter Sebastian Capella’s personal assistant, wanting to let me know how your mother is destined for great things.


Marie Dion Gevisser is very much a realist and knows perfectly well without being told how extraordinarily talented she is a “good” number of us have to not only survive the pending epic economic collapse but be in a position to both appreciate and afford her “masterpieces” but to hear it from those such as Sebastian and Ray Anne who have “been there, done it” keeps much more than hope alive in a profession that so very few are actually capable of appreciating to mention little of what it takes to be as good as Ray Anne who knows deep in her heart there are areas of this most extraordinarily difficult art where she can hold her own against Sebastian without Sebastian feeling in the least bit threatened since he knows deep in his heart he is without peer.


If Sebastian were to read what I have written he may at first be furious given how he knows how relatively little I know even compared to your mother who has been training with this godly man religiously for only 7 years compared to Ray Anne who I believe is in her 17th year and for me to be passing an opinion about the greatest living artist possibly of all time is enough for him to vomit uncontrollably.


But I speak the truth. And Sebastian, and Ray Anne as well as your mother may end up being the only 3 people who will one day acknowledge this one of very few truths.


I am someone who knows what I know and smart enough to know when to keep my big mouth shut tight.


Now, however, is not the time to be humble but to tell it the way it is for we are experiencing a lull before the most extraordinary storm reaches all of our shores.


This is not to scare you but to wake you up while you still have time to do something about it.


The mere fact that the price of gold has not collapsed despite the inordinate amount of pressure being placed on it by the SMART MONEY people who constitute the overwhelming majority of the relatively few very rich people has them doing nothing short of shaking in their boots because they know versus believe I have yet to release my abundant resources that would counter any more recklessness on their parts without me having to invoke the support of G-D.


As you follow along, working at your own pace you will see how everything adds up rather easily.


At first it seems like there is a lot to absorb but once placing a pivotal stake in the ground, everything becomes nothing short of “child play” and fun to boot.


The very first question we should all ask ourselves no matter our age, background, socioeconomic level is why so few of us are so rich and so many so poor when there is in fact enough of everything to go around?


All you have to do is go down to any new or used car lot and see how many motorcars stand idle, such an analogy I have used sparsely.


Then ask to take any one of them on a joyride and what you will find is that the one you will choose actually has an engine with enough gasoline to at least enjoy yourself even if it is only to go around the block.


And if you knock someone over, after filling out the paperwork you will very likely forget the point I am making that this is the same pretty much all over the world, at least in the so-called western world, whatever that means.


While we can all have our porches, white picket fences, big houses, vacations anywhere where they will accept our dollars the problem inevitably comes down to who is going to keep it all up which includes of course which one of us communists is going to be willing to keep the swimming pool walls of our communist bosses sparkling and not everyone like me willing to be a slave just so long as she has a clear view of G-D-Nature at work.


The price of the rich who we all know contribute mostly pain and suffering to our slave laborers is inevitably born by the next generation who up until now have never had the tools like the 41 dots Excel spreadsheet I put together for your younger brother and his co-founders, to figure it all out before they too become just as corrupted as the previous generation, more so because there is that much less precious resources to go around as the land mass actually gets smaller while the overall human population grows out of control to mention little of how rude and crude each successive generation gets, for reasons that are increasingly apparent to mention in passing how quick the out of shape both mentally and physically older generation when caught with their pants down, their hypocrisy so transparent, resort to suggesting that nudity is somehow obscene oblivious to the fact that we are born nude nor is there any even a suggestion in the 10 Commandments, at least to the best of my knowledge, of nudity limited to Blacks Beach, La Jolla, California?


Such a photo in the previous hyperlink of a very well put “to-get-her” [sic] woman whose most beautiful face you cannot see, only your mother’s most awesome smile, used by your biological father in an attempt to get her to cover up his perjury when he filed a baseless criminal complaint on 9/11/2002 against me suggestive of rape against you, such repetitive evilness on his part which of course begs many questions such as what he was doing when building you a bedroom in his closet in such a big house, such nauseating matters can only be put to bed when he agrees to my terms of total unconditional surrender that begins with him placing in writing a heartfelt apology that would bring tears to the eyes of Pypeetoe and then asking me, your mother, you and your brother for our forgiveness and only then will I begin to consider agreeing to leave him alone with his canoe boat and enough gasoline to barbeque any swordfish he manages to harpoon on his way to Robin Island in Cape town, South Africa where occasionally when visiting my bachelor pad with a balcony view of Robin Island which housed Nelson Mandela for most of his 27 years of incarceration I will make a point of waving.


Remember now the entire universe is in perfect balance something we know for a fact given Einstein’s most balanced equation, E=mc², most comforting to all of us even those of us who don’t even know what the 3 letters represent.


It is mankind who is out of balance and to fix the problem simply requires logical thought processing that requires most of all being able to put aside all the manmade distractions and doing as I have been painstakingly and methodically suggesting by us all first finding “common ground” which I believe I spelled out rather well in the previous hyperlink.


It has been well over 24 hours since I contacted the FREEDOM ROAD SOCIALIST ORGANIZATION whose website contains very accurate information spelled out in rather flowery English, the reader constantly being reminded of their use of “choice words”.


Today, at 10:51 AM PT I responded to George G. a gentleman “involved” with a “linked” website that is also highly informative but containing much more specificity on who precisely is the root cause of the current evil in this world.


I would like you to read 3 times what I wrote above.


Now store it in your head.


Now go back and ask yourself what would be the big deal about them placing a hyperlink on their websites calling for nothing short of a revolution with very strong militaristic overtones with THE DIAMOND INVENTION that talks to pretty much each and every ill that has been going on in the world for the past 100+ years, naming names, places and whole bunch of Hollywood faces.


Now go back to what you have stored in your head.


Common to both websites is first a sense of urgency and second, a hatred towards the west, specifically the United States, yet the delay in getting back to me begs the question, “I think he does protest too much?


If you were not in so much of a hurry you should at this precise moment be able to sit back and without going “back and forth” through each of my emails be able to figure out on your own what it is that I am trying to inform you of as well as why you should care.


Just try closing your eyes and think about how easy all our lives could be if only we could learn to get along with there being so many of us.


Now open your eyes and look at both of their websites and what you will notice is that there isn’t a word about human overpopulation.


It is one thing for bankers like David Rockefeller to clam up and not want to enter into dialogue with me since we all know without having to get a degree in banking just being able to follow along my back and forth with his one assistant Ms. Valder that Mr. Rockefeller is as corrupt as his father John D. Rockefeller, the founder of Standard Oil,  forced to be broken up at the turn of the last century the result of the Herculean efforts of one human being who happened to be a female journalist.


Ida Tarbell is a name that to the best of my knowledge is unfamiliar for good reason to most school as well as college educated kids and those that know about her so important work once they understand how in many ways I am following in her footsteps clam up just like Mr. Rockefeller.


But you would never have expected unless having walked in my shoes to find the FREEDOM ROAD SOCIALIST ORGANIZATION clamming up as I now go about in real time exposing their significant weak underbelly that could in the next instant set the world on the path to everlasting peace.


But I have already explained why peace does not serve the best interests of people like David Rockefeller who rely on people like the FRSO to spread their “filthy half truths” while fully aimed at the likes of David Rockefeller who know just like I do, and now you, where exactly is the FRSO’s weak underbelly located.


Money does not in fact make the world go around.


G-D-Nature does just a fine job with that.


Any time someone wants to get off and take a comet to far off distant planet can always do so at any time so long as they are willing to pay their way.


It is not so much what people have to say but what they fail to say.


The failure of both the folks behind the FRSO as well as David Rockefeller to even acknowledge the importance of the fascinating book THE DIAMOND INVENTION should have you this instant now beginning to close your eyes once again and think a little more about first the folks behind the FRSO which I have battled to do as they now find themselves caught between a rock and hard plate realizing that they are about to go to war with someone who not only does not scare easily but who has mastered the game of chess which as you have heard me say repeatedly is like the game of life getting your opponent to play to your advantage.


Mr. Rockefeller on the other hand is a very well known international gangster whose main claim to fame is that he is chairman of the board of Chase Manhattan that in the world of high finance is as close to gold as it gets.


Moreover, Mr. Rockefeller is the mentor of Roger W. Robinson a very powerful Washington figure whose best friend is King Golden Jr. Esq. a close neighbor of your biological father, King as you know serving for many years as my trusted attorney on a number of assignment both domestic and international.


What you may not know is that RWR who was a very senior member of the National Security Council during President Ronald W. Reagan’s first Administration and King have been more than a little concerned about information I have at more than my fingertips that goes well beyond “our man Roger” besides for having the same initials as the President also born on the same day, February 6th, 40 years apart, that is proving extraordinarily unsettling for them with each tick of the almighty clock as they go about exhausting all their avenues to have me “cease and desist” and that includes trying to get your biological father to take another “stab at me”.


This is not about “He says-She says” it is all about the failure to tell the truth.


The problems of the world having nothing to do with race, color, sex or religion simply poor parental religious teaching and out of control greed.


Until such time as you understand the business of literally “making money” you don’t stand a chance of figuring out anything of importance including your purpose in life which is not to assume that you think such a pursuit is really all that worthwhile all the while thinking whether should George Clooney get the Oscar for I don’t know what and when receiving his applause which is really what he and the rest are thinking of most, G-D forbid anyone dare mention that Oscar isn’t made out of any of the gold that Charles Engelhard secreted out of South Africa, destination Hong Kong.


Yes, I am now jumping around but only just a little, creating my own little “blog” and to have the world voice their comments which I can assure you will be getting increasingly less negative as the world gets to see in “real time” this pivotal stake I have now placed in the ground from which there is simply no escaping the truth of what I know.


How I know what I know is and will remain between me and G-D but “sum” [sic] of what I know I am trying to teach in a way that is not only interesting but much more importantly will do enough good to counter all the manmade evil that is getting increasingly easier to figure out and put an end to evil in the next instant, if in fact that is what we as one people are really interesting in doing.


I happen to think that it wasn’t in the least bit a mistake that the words “in pursuit of truth” are conspicuously missing from the United States Constitution or for that matter the Pledge of Allegiance because in the next instant the reader would then begin to follow the truth of who exactly were these elitists actors of actors working for corporations that saw themselves so mighty as the British royalty they hoped to one day become while protesting ad-nausea to the contrary?


I am not about to suggest that we rewrite the United States Constitution because that would result in anarchy which again is why I think these very smart men, no doubt having even smarter wives chose smartly to hold on to their money.


But it is now time since we have for the first time I believe in recorded history “common ground” to begin immediately cutting through all the bs by examining ever so closely what exactly took place at the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944 and in the next instant after understanding this 267 rather precise “risk assessment” communiqué that talks to modern day SMART MONEY public corporations you will understand fully exactly and precisely what it is that I wish to inform not only you and your brother but each and every human being deprived of their most important and precious human right.


The truth is in fact more precious than clean drinking water since without an ability to logically thought process you don’t know to ask for clean drinking water the second most precious basic human right.


Not in the least bit surprising that I haven’t got any feedback on an email Tefo sent me early today as folks around the world both rich and poor understand my recent rather bold moves that are shining the brightest of spotlights on those who they have always assumed were “sworn enemies” when in fact they are “comrades in arms” armed to teeth with both weapons and most of all hard currency believing that there would never come a moment in time when anyone would ever put “to-get-her” [sic] the fact that it is not so much their differences but what they have in common, their dependence on money, that is now their downfall, exposing them in real time for the wrongdoers that they are, having got away for so long with their bs they ended up getting extraordinarily careless, matters I will if necessary spell out clearer when I respond to Tefo.


Its been a long day and with your mom hopefully visiting tomorrow I must now sleep.


G-d bless.




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