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Good morning.


I noticed that spelling “Re: RE” [sic] but I still thank you for bringing it to my attention given how it is important since we don’t know when exactly what day will be our last to pull out all stops to correct any mistakes we make.


If you can standby for what I am about to send Adam Tucker that would be great but even greater if you and Ryan [sorry if my spelling is wrong] were to come visit with me at the rock home where it is raining hard, a distinct possibility it could snow which it did yesterday at elevations less than a couple of hundred meters above in the surrounding hills.


Again, you can choose to simply "observe" or join in at any time - my preference for email is that you have the choice of being very spontaneous or deliberate in your thoughts without anyone but you and of course G-d knowing the truth.


Ps – You are aware of course that there is more than Devin, the executor of my estate, receiving copies of our “back and forth” for reasons that are obvious to “sum” [sic] but there are other reasons that not everyone blind copied would understand nor may they “care”, at least not until they see how it all comes “to-get-her” [sic], pertaining to our “safety”, most of all “peace of mind” given how I “know” versus “believe” the existence of not only G-D but one who is extraordinarily SMART guiding us to use our smarts to not only keep track of Knowledge-Information-Light but to share it in “real time” as the past and the future all come “to-get-her” [sic] in the present, the Digital Age, A G-D-Send.


I choose for good reason to bring Public International Attention to these very important matters of “protection” that are all covered in the all important will of your mother.


And of course I could accomplish the task given my “credibility” operating rather successfully in the “real world”, my prescient timing along with my quantitative skills having attracted the most successful business people in the world long before I arrived in the U.S. back on March 17th 1978, without ever invoking the word “God” which Jewish people replace the “o” with a “dash”, that I perfectly understand oftentimes distracts from the “message” even “tho-ugh” [sic] the vast majority of literate human beings would admit to “believing” in “G-D” but when faced with the reality of what it means to be truly under the “spotlight”, that there really is “design everywhere”, quickly start talking in terms of something much more vague, using a word like “spirituality” to suggest that they are “sumhow” [sic] more evolved than those of us who have already figured out the “puzzle of life” using the highest levels of Science and Mathematics to “prove our case” that then gets them to quickly “shut the fc*k up” [sic].


Bear in mind that outside of Einstein’s “Mind of G-D” equation, “2 c mE” [sic] in “reverse” having been proven time and again in one direct experiment after the next, there are extraordinarily few if any “certainties” in life other than death which we figure out pretty early in life without anyone really having to make a big deal about it to mention little of the importance of Quantum Mechanics one of the 3 most important scientific discoveries of the last century along with S-G Relativity and Chaos Theory discovered in the “upside down” year of 1961, QM having us go “back and forth” as in 01 and 10, gathering evidence in search for the “truth”, all about “probabilities” no “certainties” to mention in passing once again how it would possibly please your mother if I just got on with producing a 3 step book that combines all 3 awesome theories into one


Unified theory

For the inner workings

Of the universe


Without mentioning the word DeBeers.


Certainly there isn’t anything even close in terms of Special-General Relativity’s significance in this “dog eat god aspartame” [sic] world where so few of us can in fact maintain more than a single thought at any one time to mention little of how a significant part of my “proof” of the existence of our Extraordinary SMART G-D is tied in to E=mc², the most “balanced” equation known to man other than Pythagoras’ Right Angle Triangle theorem that doesn’t quite carry the explosive punch as, to repeat time and again, as you give a quick thought to “Rat Face”, the most humble genius of genius’ own reference to his work product as the “Mind of G-d”.


Of course it is more than my ability to keep track of more than one thought at a time which remember is only relative to mankind, that scares the living daylights out of the overwhelming majority of human beings including those who believe as well as don’t believe in G-d which is why you wont find a single human being on this planet willing to engage me in debate on the all important subject, “G-D does NOT exist” given how up until now it has been so much easier to talk endlessly when not pontificating on why a “messenger of death” didn’t deliver Saddam Hussein the ultimate so logical ultimatum that he would most certainly have accepted for well under what our very poor but beautiful and extraordinarily smart Secretary of State is trying to wiggle out of the United States Congress to destabilize the nutcases in Iran working diligently to produce with all the other despots in the world including the current South African government a suitcase size nuclear bomb, about there being vague “proof” of G-d’s existence that inevitably has led to mankind, the oxymoron of all time, being able to relatively easily and so quickly change the subject, increasingly less so, however?


Picking up on what I said last night about your mother Marie Dion Gevisser who is much more than very brilliant, able to have figured out in a flash without me “spelling it all out” that E=mc² is not only “proof”, better the evidence the better the proof, of the much sought after, “Hand of G-d” but proof of Evolution that brings to an end the bs debate that has been going on for far too long between those who subscribe to “Creationism” versus “Evolution”.


MDG is also the most “mindful” human being I have had the pleasure of meeting and remember with us having already been so blessed with Einstein there really isn’t much if any need for super intelligent people, more important that we show genuine care for one another which includes our pets and plants.


Such a will which her X-husband JBS, your biological father, chose to use as an exhibit in a criminal trial back on October 24th 2002 in an effort to portray me as having done “wrong”, goes to the heart of one of the most important things I am trying to inform you about.


And of course when reading it from the bottom up it doesn’t take much of an imagination to figure out what had him short-circuiting possibly more so than when you asked him back in the summer of 2004 if he wanted you to “miniaturize the phone and then stuff it inyour mother’s most beautiful ears.


G-d forbid I bring up time and again how JBSblew off the handle” at your 12th birthday party back in July 2002 when he overheard me informing your mom how I had offered Mr. Newell Starks, chairman of the board of Sterling Holding Company owned by Citigroup, a “double or quits” bet that in the event MDG, not me, were to buy herself a Lear jet within a 12 month period Newell would have to pay me double the amount of money he had borrowed and if she didn’t then I would forgive the debt as I have done with numerous people over the years involving SIGNIFICANTLY more sums of money bearing in mind, however, such a pitiful $40,000 amounted to a little more than what JBS was making a month, at least on the books of Sharp Memorial Hospital, San Diego the last time we discussed his personal finances following his illegal unilateral decision to reduce your and your brother’s most pitiful child support checks.


I began around the time of my Barmitzvah in 1970, a year before Charles Engelhard was finally poisoned to death, to think seriously about this extraordinarily easy to understand will which once understood will in the next instant put the entire world on the “peace path” as each one of us increasingly finds “common ground” helped immensely in my humble opinion but seasoned opinion by what I began writing you last night.


The thinking behind this important document is very troubling to JBS and all those other over controlling and totally out of control human beings deathly “af-raid” [sic] of what it would mean to actually have “peace in our time” feeling increasingly desperate with each tick of the almighty powerful clock that he would once again break the law when illegally accessing my database to retrieve such a “good” document that serves to highlight the “smarts” behind such a very carefully thought through document that again I first began thinking about seriously when I was just a year older than you when your Sperm Donor decided it was time “to go to war”.


But there can be very little doubt my Royal Mater had a been preparing me possibly well before I began speaking at age 3 to produce something as “good” as this will that first saw the “light of day” 7 odd years later at the University of Natal, Durban, South Africa while reciting it “off the top of my head” to the elderly professor of Deceased and Insolvent Estate.


I am now taking a break to walk-run the dogs on their morning 90 minute loop walk of Nobel Canyon and when I come back, G-d willing, I will pick up with reading you more of a letter I came across the other day from my dad written on Monday 2nd. February 1987 that begins:


My Darling Gary,


I really don’t know how to start to thank you enough, not only for your generosity to and concern for me…You are without a doubt a great “KID”, a fantastic son and a concerning human being...”


Bear in mind that some 8 years later when I bought from my Royal Mater at market value a one of a kind bachelor pad with a balcony view of Robin Island in Seapoint Cape town, South Africa, I allowed my father to derive all the financial benefits, never in the past 11 years receiving a penny in return, but now despite my RM shoving my amazing but non-confrontational father in the behind big time when aligning herself with my dad’s first cousin, David Gevisser the “male heir” of CE, I cannot even get my father to put in writing that to the best of his knowledge I never “gifted” this now much more valuable property back to his X-wife as she now protests to mention little of the “comfort” you should feel about your own situation knowing that while you have a miserable human being as your Sperm Donor who at least provided you with your gorgeous blond hair that you choose to dye the color of your mother you have both your mother and me who has helped raise you since you were 4 making up for his negativity and then “sum” [sic].


To be continued…


[Word count 1932]



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spelling *response



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The email to my dad is a reasonable responce to his

actions, nothing is disagreeable that I see. hopefully

this provokes change on my fathers part

i don't have much more to say, i feel im missing

something that you are trying to inform me about?



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