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Dear Danielle,


If nothing else this timely response from Tefo should give you a sense of how important are my communications to people all over the world busy just trying to feed themselves, not in a position to seek out any distractions that are abundant to those of us getting significantly more than our “fair share” of the graft, but who drop everything they are doing to assist me help them, most of all, remain peaceful.




Ps – I will be following up with what I sent you yesterday once I have stirred Newell Starks who while producing no “value added” spends in a month on psychologists and psychiatrics what takes people like Tefo a year if not more to make bearing in mind that Tefo when not assisting me assisting him is producing around the clock translations in all the 11 odd official languages of South Africa.


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Try a person named George at .




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With my 1 week sabbatical over, I am now going to bat.


Were you able to get any email addresses of the more “enlightened” folks who put together the website commemorating the 76 riots?


Let me know if you also come across any of the email addresses of Nicholas Oppenheimer’s cricket team bearing in mind that my Royal Mater’s half brother, former councilman and deputy mayor of Durban, Joe Ash was married to the sister of Tony Tillum who was-is on NO’s team, not to forget that Joe’s first wife was journalist Aida Parker, the virulent supporter of the 3rd Reich’s southern division.