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To: Danielle
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Subject: FW: Art Presentation: "ENDLESS." DNA at work, representative single species example....IF YOU ARE ONLINE...


… and once finished viewing this “Endless” Art Presentation sent to me by Dr. JKP, bearing in mind your mother’s IN-FINITY that has the infinity symbol within a circle, I would have you join a dialogue I have begun with an individual involved with this website commemorating the 1976 uprising in South Africa by school and college kids protesting against being taught in Afrikaans versus English and as you may already know Tefo’s mother spent a night in jail.


Today Joyce Mohapi has to deal with a number of “debilitating” issues apart from having to survive in a very hostile environment brought about by individuals like Newell Starks, financial geniuses doing the bidding of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel and of course being paid handsomely.


The most upsetting is the fact that at the half century mark and having to overcome obstacles that you couldn’t experience in your worst nightmares Tefo’s mother is now experiencing her worst nightmares.


Given how there has never been a movie made or a book published in print that begins to talk to the horrors of THE DIAMOND INVENTION you are only now possibly able to appreciate as you begin reading THE DIAMOND INVENTION what Joyce Mohapi has to face each time she not only faces herself in the mirror but when she faces both of her children as well as her husband, the father of both Tefo and his younger sister.


Wars are most often if not in every instance won not by those with the biggest guns but by those who have the least to lose, a good example were the boots left behind in the desert by deserting Egyptian soldiers during the 1967 6 Day War.


Right now Tefo’s mom thinks the possible loss of losing her children is greater than any horror she could experience in her backyard which is a war zone, jail especially if placed in a padded cell nothing short of a sanctuary.


Joyce Mohapi knows, however, that by me so rapidly bringing Public International Attention to all our social cause I at least mitigate the risks of physical harm coming to her and her loved ones.


The psychological damage, however, of coming to terms with one’s stupidity when the facts surrounding why it didn’t really make any sense protesting being taught in any language other than sign language which just the middle pointed towards the heavens would have been suffice, is really almost impossible to mitigate given the reality setting in that it didn’t really matter what language was being spoken by the teachers since it was all gobbledygook, no different to what you and every other kid on the planet is currently being taught.


The reality for you should have been when your boyfriend Ryan told me the story back on Sunday, December 4th 2005 of his history teacher telling him that all the wealth of the United States is backed by gold because at that very instant, assuming you had never heard such a statement before and were it not for the fact that you, no different to most, are conditioned to “turn the other cheek” and “get on with it”, would not be talking about anything else going on in the world, not in the least bit interested in spending both your time and money this coming summer taking a creative writing course at any academic institution anywhere in the world unless of course it is to teach the professor as well as the students all about THE DIAMOND INVENTION and then they should pay you handsomely for the privilege.


The instant you let anyone get away with talking garbage in your ear so the next time is it that much easier to “move on” and before long “turning the other cheek” can get painful unless of course you make certain you alternate and in the process of turning your brain to mush you at least get to strengthen the scalene muscle in the neck and very possibly mitigate your exposure to repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome that has certain connections with Victim Role Syndrome [ViRuS] which I would be happy to discuss whenever.


The deafening silences all around support, beyond a shadow of a doubt especially when you consider my “credibility” in the “real world” operating at the highest levels of the pyramid, nothing else worthwhile to discuss today, tomorrow and forever other than THE DIAMOND INVENTION that has resulted not just in Ryan’s history teacher talking absolute nonsense but to the best of my knowledge the garbage spoken by each and every teacher on the planet who for very understandable reasons fails to address in a forthright fashion, now, this instant THE DIAMOND INVENTION and its implications on all the wars being fought today to mention little of those remaining first dying of thirst before starving to death.


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