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Let me or Ziegler or Art Bell know what is it you don’t perfectly understand about what I have written below.


From: Gary S. Gevisser
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Subject: FW: FORT...---...LITTLE...---...




While walking Maggie, our Chocolate Lab just before heading back on the Ducati ST4s to Del Mar I had a very funny phone conversation with Devin who had so much to say but because of both of us laughing so much, the conversation beginning not all that funnily with Devin happily declaring, “Good to hear your voice”, I couldn’t figure out exactly what else was so funny that had both of us laughing so hard we were crying, other than the distinct possibility that Ms. Kube of KFI 640 had proposed to him IGNORING what I had said yesterday about both Devin and I happily married.


Now I cannot talk for his father, Mr. Kenneth Standard Esq. the former president of the New York State Bar Association who lives down the street from the Clintons in upstate New York, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if contributing to Devin’s laughter was Kenneth deciding that he wasn’t going to again fail to follow through on my thoughts about the demise of the DAAC and is today the most active day trader shorting the stock of Blue Nile concerned that if his pension goes down the tubes his most awesome wife would force him out of the house to take a decent paying job with Devin and me?


Now I could go on and on connecting up the dots that has people apparently so busy busy busy as Chris Little the Director of News for KFI incapable of controlling his desire to place my heavily broadcasted missives in his “junk folder” but I have little doubt once the high powered lawyers for Clear Channel Communications now copied on this heavily broadcasted missive get hold of him he will in fact “shut the fc*k up”[sic]!


There isn’t a single individual on my email list that does not include my wife Marie who isn’t thinking very hard about not only the reaction to all this feigned IGNORANCE but what is being spoken rather quietly but deliberately amongst a very good number of my Chinese friends whose names have never been mentioned in a single email nor does a single computer I have ever worked on contain any information about these extraordinarily bright and worldly individuals who I figured right after the Tiananmen Square massacre would know based on the conversations I had with them and their parents and teachers just weeks before at the Beijing Hotel overlooking Tiananmen Square, to simply access my website where they will find both “less said the better” that works from the “bottom up” and that works from the top down.


I am expecting by the time my 1 week sabbatical is over to be in receipt of several hundred more email addresses including those belonging to an additional 200 highly educated Peruvian guides.


May I suggest, however, that you just focus your attention on what your parents who marched with the rest of the school kids back in 1976 that led to the Soweto riots as well as what each and every member of your 30 odd black South African “interesting read” colleagues all under age 33 have to say about how easy they can take advantage of those who think themselves so smart that in this Digital Age, a G-D-Send they would be able to get away with feigned IGORANCE worse yet act just like the DAAC and thumb their noses as the masses who while dirt poor are not stupid, not even close.






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simply put, their brains short circuit.






Ps – Are we on for an early dinner this evening, better yet Cristal Champagne at the cliff house where we can discuss the reaction of folks from around the world to this last heavily broadcasted communiqué? Call Marie 1-858-WIL-NEXT as I am about to leave the rock home on the Ducati.


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