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Subject: RE: This will add creativity to your day and give you peace...DANGEROUS


Given the name of the artist that combined with the music and the subject matter it didn’t require all the neurons firing in perfect sequence to be close to certain of Ilana Yahav’s Israeli background which was confirmed when I went to her website


I would forward the clip to Marie but such a move would most likely be an effort in futility given her choice to focus on other more breath taking subject matter leaving it up to me as part of my household chores to inform her of  everything of SIGNIFICANTLY less importance happening in the world which I can capsulate in “tTOotTOos” [sic] but maybe Danielle can at least get one of the clips all set up to go so that her mother can just enjoy the very interesting show while not forgetting this “peace business” is exactly that.


It is all about “business as usual” and maintaining the “status quo” so long as one is not only getting more than one’s “fair share of the graft” and much more importantly since we still have sufficient but increasingly less distractions to grab hold of in time of need, attending organized religious settings increasingly embarrassing, not to have to bother with someone such as myself popping up incessantly with this DeBeers stuff that you cannot get out of your head,


No intelligent woman would dirty their hands by investing in diamonds and the emotional aspect of this trade is wearing thin. Your youth will reflect on it badly.


When I was Danielle’s age I could appreciate the greatest of Jewish-Hebrew literature such as Samuel talking about “decrepit men” that in Hebrew sounds like “Ish” as in “Fish” which means “man” and “kuf-dan” which you can draw the connecting dots all the way from the chemistry that translates in to the math and science through the Hebrew the next most spiritual language until you finally get to English which was ripped out of the Latin one of the spiritual languages like Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic and Greek by politician lawyer-liars hell bent on confusing the masses beginning with having everyone attend mass without talking about Einstein’s “Mind of G-D” equation where mass plays a rather important role in this most balanced equation that also just happens to describe the workings of the entire cosmos.


Even today although I rarely get to speak Hebrew I can understand enough to be EXTRAORDINARILYdangerous” to folks with the “gift of the SLY ENGLISH gap” grabbing as much as they can while setting off smoke screens in those parts of the world housing their despots who cannot be relied upon indefinitely given the Digital Age where Knowledge-Information-Light travels at Light-G-D-Speed exposing everyone, the good, the bad as well as indifferent, the most nauseating who when not talking about all the ills of the world are all about peace, brotherly love and the such and when “called to task” by yours truly who didn’t just get off a boat, call upon their “handlers” to incite violence amongst those they have indoctrinated with a great deal of the truth but for good reason leave out critical elements like THE DIAMOND INVENTION.


Please let me know if I can add the email addresses of Mary X, Suzy X and Salli X to my one of a kind email list that represents a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate human population which again does not include either Marie, Maggie or Pypeetoe.


Moreover, given how savvy you are now to perfectly understand that I would never fall for anyone thinking they could use me as an excuse if things don’t go their way given your non-response to your so well expressed desire to avoid getting “blown away” in your forthcoming to be highly celebrated divorce, you surely therefore appreciate given my very public and most important “revelations” that have elevated to the highest levels imaginable the state of anxiety amongst those at the very top of the pyramid who along with their prostitutes again getting more than their “fair share of the graft” have picked up the pace of lighting fires all over the planet, that each and every one of my communications are being very carefully monitored beginning with the authorities looking ever so carefully at the email addresses both in the CC as well as the BCC sections and why once you read again what I wrote my one American programmer Adam Tucker back on Wednesday, February 1st, you would be doing both yourself and everyone on your email list a very big favor by letting them decide for themselves whether you should serve as their filter.


Just a question of time before we here in southern California call upon local gang members to provide protection unless we shape up real soon?


Why wait for George G. [click on THE DIAMOND INVENTION hyperlink above] to respond appropriately with assets I can hold on to while leveraging to Kingdom Come “knowing” versus “believing” it cant be that far away given my ongoing increasingly heated up follow up communiqués when it is quite obvious that no matter if George G. and the rest of the very literate folks from the FREEDOM ROAD SOCIALIST ORGANIZATION have never heard of the fascinating book THE DIAMOND INVENTION they have little choice but to do as I suggested to them earlier today and place a hyperlink on their website taking their paying audience who could be mostly sheep but as I strongly suspect “wolves in sheep clothing”, to both THE DIAMOND INVENTION as well as any one of my websites, best you would agree to start off at where they can connect up all the EXTRAORDINARily SIGNIFICANT gaps in their own time, at their own pace by working back and forth, up and down, never going around in circles in defiance of our very SMART G-D-NAture who got rid of our dog tails for good reason.






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it's not Dick Cheney with a cannon but it is worth watching.



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Can we get Sebastian to make one of these clips?



This is amazing. Enjoy!