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Please don’t apologize, certainly there is nothing to be really all that “sorry” about when you allow me to take you on repeated educational light journeys and in the process increase the circle of those dependant upon my insight and analysis of the important events of the day?


Let me take it one step further for those not as up to speed as you at eBay and I assume your board of directors are currently hooked into my network, scrolling down to the first,


less said the better”?


Especially for those such as Ross Norris who I don’t know but who make an excellent point, “it's stuff that doesn't relate to me” rather eloquently versus say JSchleimer, again someone I don’t know but who you might not agree goes overboard with his repeated,


Who the fuck are you and why do you keep sending me these bullshit emails?  Fuck off already”.


Accept my apologies as I hook you into the “dialogue” going on between myself Ed Bartolas and his eclectic circle of friends including a “spy”.


SMART money people, especially those further up the food chain were at first shocked out that I would continue a dialogue with Ed given his penchant for unsubstantiated conspiracy theories whereas you folks they clearly recognized from the start when you sent me this E-mail back on December 29th that I would leverage your imbecilic conduct until Kingdom Come, when I could be out there in the “market place”, operating discretely having private bankers without me going so far as to “lift a finger”, executing untraceable both stock market and commodity trades while not being so foolish to live behind the likes of a white picket fence?


eBay have surely provided you with the perks given your adeptness as handling the likes of me 24/7, you spending every other week hanging in Amsterdam’s fish market which wouldn’t stop you from appreciating why increasing numbers of future diamond purchasers can now put FOOLS NAMES FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES to The Fish Rots From The Head Down?


Important that in compliance with “blue sky” provisions of the securities laws that I now provide you, as I would expect from both the executives and board members of eBay, full disclosure of my private banking experience that began in earnest when I was 10, hours before you see me in the photo contained in the “10” hyperlink, that’s me with the big ears looking out the window of a train exiting Zurich train station for Kitzbuhel, Austria.


Now of course there are many kids, rich and poor, throughout the world with their own bank account from a much earlier age; a good number, unlike me, born with a trust fund already in place established in “sum” [sic] cases several generations before, the result of the most carefully thought through idiotic laws imaginable, bearing in mind I never had a Swiss bank account.


And of course I am not about to give a tutorial on Generation-skipping tax strategies that only serve the likes of relatively small time crooks like George Soros with his pitiful $10 billion even smaller centi-millionairres crooks like Newell Starks, Chairman of the Board of one of Citigroups’ fronting companies who for reasons I have explained crystal clear in previous heavily broadcasted missives has yet to repay me a pitiful loan of $40,000 I made him going on 5 years ago, Mr. Starks as well as his and Citigroup’s extraordinarily brilliant “management friendly”, i.e. “shareholder hostile” attorneys copied on this heavily broadcasted communiqué to mention little of the DAAC “power money” people who derive great satisfaction “pulling the strings” of “know-it-all” financial engineers like Newell Starks have never, not since diamonds became the currency of choice for our tyrants around the world really paid much attention to any of the laws on the books that they play a significant role in establishing leaving them up to the more desperate types like Soros and Starks to promote.


Playing on a level playing field has never really meant much up until very recent times, fair to say the past no more than a couple of weeks since I began to spell out in simple English how the “real world” works that allows the “nouveaux riches” to trickle down the cost of getting richer on to the poor while the “old money” has never bothered with such a germ infested and increasingly worthless but traceable “means of exchange”, instead sticking to “securitization” of mineral deposits and the import-export of chemicals?


You would know that whoever controls the water, grabs the land owns the bank?


Do the “tTOo” [sic] names Engelhard Minerals and Chemicals out of Newark, New Jersey and Vivendi, the French-French water multi-national conglomerate headquartered in Paris, France mean a whole lot more than they did before you started reading the previous two paragraphs even if you didn’t know Vivendi owns a whole bunch of stuff here in the United States?


You can now better appreciate how I have been painstakingly and methodically spelling out first in the case of Vivendi the irrefutable “smoking gun proof” of voter fraud here in the State of California, the 6th largest economy in the world which I began collecting well before I had my unimaginably beautiful and sexy wife get her will witnessed on January 3rd 2002 the day the share price of V began a 280 day precipitous $63 odd billion market value decline AND my INTIMATE knowledge of the even more underhanded dealings of Charles Engelhard whose partners in crime extend all the way to each and every member of the United States Congress?


Probably not a single human being on this planet that has ever got the type of introduction I was “blessed with” back in December 1967 just 6 months after the Israeli-Arab 6 Day War?


I will now proceed to be “sumwhat” [sic] “diversionary”… In fact, this entire section that immediately follows could be said in less than two lines allowing me to get to the point of my uncle David Gevisser and the DAAC, i.e. less of me, more the scam, the sham.


Zena Gevisser who in late 1967, just 38 years of age but first showing signs that she was human, i.e. capable of making mistakes, was married to my father, Bernie Gevisser.


ZG was much more than a pretty face with as my dad would say, “a very good figure for she was also brilliant and extraordinarily shrewd, aware for “sum” [sic] time of my “good common sense”, never, not once “going overboard” to tell me what I already knew like most over controlling parents thinking that the more they protest how brilliant is their kid that “sumhow” [sic] their kid wouldn’t pick on, “Me Thinks You Doth Protest tTOo Much” [sic], ZG simply making the one point repeatedly from when I was much younger when she thought I was getting “tTOo big for my boots” [sic] without “scolding me” that she knew there had to be “good reason” why she went through 8 miscarriages before having me, her 4th and youngest child at the “ripe old age” of 28 which you would know is the 2nd Perfect Number after 6.


While a little surprised, Mr. Jost, my Royal Mater’s most trusted and tight lipped Zurich, Switzerland based private banker, did not take long to “appreciate” the “urgency” given how my RM had made the cardinal mistake of placing in her stolen genuine leopard skin pouch, not handbag, as I have previously misstated, information that in the “wrong hands” could prove embarrassing not for her but rather my uncle DG, RM’s very good friend; such information specifically relating to the $6 million DG would receive should he be accepted by the DAAC as the executor of the estate of the “filthy rich” American CE.


BTW Bernie Gevisser has never met or spoken with Mr. Jost and in fact only heard his name for the first time in very recent times when I decided the time was right to open my “big mouth” given the fact that although RM raised me mostly in Confucius teachings versus Judaism I had difficulty with certain of his fundamental concepts such as, “The tallest trees attract the most wind” which was at odds with essence of Judaism which, by feeling comfortable in, “Wrestling-Struggling with G-D” one should not even fear G-d let alone the wind and fire just to name but 2 awesome forces of G-D-Nature to mention little of mankind so unkind and increasingly stupid, mankind the oxymoron of all time?


While RM has been an orthodox Jewish person, i.e. giving up her BLT sandwiches that my eldest brother loves to tease her with, from very soon after she married my father, like most orthodox Jewish people she nor my father nor our over the top brilliant, highly educated rabbi, Professor Abner Weiss know the first thing about this awesome religion that would have swept the world were it not for G-D blessing the world with the very honorable and brilliant Mohammed, Muslims contributing greatly to the benefit of mankind and then “sum” [sic]?


I DARE anyone including my pal Larry Winokur of Baker Winokur Ryder, let alone the dumbest of them all David Letterman followed by his sparring pal Bill O’Reilly to point a finger at a single murderous and cowardly bastard who sets off roadside bombs to murder and maim our beyond a question of a doubt “best and brightest” service people who are not only the very young.


The shame on these Hollywood “collaborators” who I am in the process of proving beyond a shadow of doubt are the ones along with their “handlers”, the most responsible for not only the slaughter of our heroes yet to die but the murder of those heavily misguided, murdering the good name of Mohammed.


And the fact that I have not read the Koran which many if not most bought and paid for religious pundits in the west regard as “violent” and “intolerant” while our Bible talks to the most “ungodly” animal sacrifices ad-nausea, will no doubt be part of my full disclosure in the “Treason Complaint” I am in the process of being produced in to both a book and movie script.


The information that has been made available to the western world for decades now about the insidious money laundering business of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, its tentacles extending all the way back to the beginning of Hollywood, when coupled today with the extraordinary deafening silence of these FOOLS NAMES, FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES says everything about the western world’s hypocrisy and culpability.


It is not only what you say but what you fail to say that is your legacy.


When, however, you combine again such extraordinary public documents available for decades now under the Freedom of Information Act with the personal knowledge I have of the DAAC, Mr. Jost probably the first person other than my RM to know that I was being “groomed” to take over from my uncle David Gevisser, it is enough to do a whole lot more than “sink a battleship”, so much for the English expression, “Loose lips sink ships”?


Worth repeating for investigators of the United States Justice Department tasked with executing our sacrosanct Anti-Trust-Anti Monopolies laws geared toward not only wiping out “price fixers” but preserving both the livelihood and wealth of those trying to work hard and make an “honest living” that my uncle DG is the “male heir” of CE, considered at the time of his murder back in early 1971 not only the cash richest person in the world but beyond a shadow of a doubt the mineral richest human being the world had ever known, significantly richer and much more powerful than his “Anglo” partner Harry Oppenheimer who along with CE was the co-inventor-conspirator of the Diamond Invention.


Without CE the South African Oppenheimers would be today nothing more than “white trash” which is where exactly they were heading had my Jewish brothers and sisters following the defeat of Nazi Germany decided to do the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing and band together people like my amazing father, a well above average fighter-bomber-pilot with 71 missions over very hostile terrain tucked under his belt to do no more than what the American pilot did in the true drama The Great Raid and distract sentries posted at the points where people like Nelson Mandela instead of looking to write speeches one day along the lines of “I am NOT prepared to die”, put aside his plans to join the African National Congress in 1944, the same year whatever little lifeblood remained in the enslaved masses of the 3rd world was quickly liquidated following the atrocity of the Bretton Woods conference, first free some of South Africa’s and neighboring states’ enslaved men located in Slave Only mens’ hostels strategically located in close proximity to diamond mines dotted throughout South Africa and to drop far less than the power of the bombs carried under the wings and fuselage of a plane flown by Bernie Gevisser who flew as wingman to Sid Cohen, a live hero and founder of the Israeli Force when bombing the crap out of the Nazi bastards and in “atoning” for the sins of their Commanding Officers during World War II who failed to disobey orders from their higher ups and grant permission along with the necessary flying coordinates and have the likes of BG ever so slightly deviate off course and demolish the death camps, so also send the clearest signal to the DAAC, the 3rd Reich’s southern division that finally the world would get used to history not repeating itself?


Bear in mind when CE came out to South Africa in the late 1940s around the same time my RM and her “cash rich” family emigrated from England this most powerful American had inherited much more from his father than the title “Platinum King”, it not taking rocket scientists just folks who could logically follow the “money trail” to conclude how easy it would be to have taught the next generation just like the next generation today to ask rather straightforward questions like,


Who else besides for the DAAC stood to gain from war where not only is money no object, but we get to clean out of the ranks the poor and downtrodden troublemakers who interfere with elitists’ “divine right” to live the life of Riley?


It is “FAIR to say” the very SMART money folks, spread like gold pretty evenly around the globe, are more intimately familiar with not only my stellar “track record of accomplishments” but my very probably well above average “risk assessment” skills that mean of course a whole lot more today to those of us with “deficit needs” versus those possibly like yourself simply in a “survival mode” because you would know from reading stuff like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs that the most felt losses, bearing in mind the brain feels no pain, are “deficit needs”, i.e. the fear of losing an erection,,, just checking to see if I bored you to death.


The loss of what one has is SIGNIFICANTLY greater than the need for water, food, shelter and of course sex.


What goes around comes around but with a vengeance especially as we all begin to realize that hell is here on earth for those who usurp their limited authority.


The world getting smaller and wiser as the past and the future all come “to-get-her” [sic] in the present, the Digital Age, A G-D-Send.


Few would argue that not only is there no such a thing as a coincidence there is therefore, “design everywhere” which doesn’t in the least bit interfere with our “free will” given how we also know that for every action-reaction-overreaction there is an equal and opposite action-reaction-overreaction, nothing is gained nor is it lost.


“Negatives” simply when “multiplied” instantly become “positive” and thus the need to highlight the “fast and loose” who make it their business-personal to “attract negative attention”.


And of course so long as Ed sends me interesting stuff I will continue to “dialogue” with him even though he has yet to confirm that he has attempted to make contact with my assHOLE of ASSholes cousin Mark Gevisser, the so stinky author-journalist son of the buffoon-baboon DG who dared on top of his most foul acts, to call me of all people, “naïve”.


Interesting how Ed while so busy finding his next playmate while “sum play” [sic] has managed to weed through my missives finding this tidbit on “Bozo the clown”:


of elitists such as Mr. JRK sitting around a table with the likes of Dr. Paul “Bozo the clown” Tierstein “bullsh*tting” [sic], you would agree a whole


His [Bozo the clown] father wk'ed at Mt. Sinai on 98th st nyc? If yes my mom wk'ed for him .. Smaller world . So yu were COO .. Impressive .


Bozo, according to his “acquaintance” Mr. JRK of Finkelstein & Krinsk, a very “competent and experiencedSCAL [Shareholder Class Action Litigator], owns G-d only knows how many hundreds, perhaps now in to the thousands of vacant condominiums on the upper east end of Manhattan, many, I also assume, in close proximately to the Carlyle Hotel which is just a brisk walk to 47th Street that houses the largest wholesale diamond-money laundering in the world?


Never forgetting again the importance of the information publicly available under the Freedom of Information Act going back to the 1970s that talks loudly and clearly to HO and his mafia of mafia partner CE forcing their buddy President elect John F. Kennedy to eat the most extraordinary foul tasting crow as the 3 men, all in their early 40s, saw fit to escalate the Vietnam War and when JFK showed strong signs of getting “cold feet”, off with his head.


The continued deafening silence of the United States Congress beginning with Senator Ted Kennedy who like other operatives of the DAAC, former President Lyndon Johnson and Vice President Humphrey drawn to CE’s church funeral, will begin to have a very SIGNIFICANT impact on the heads of state of other countries like China who while still run by our tyrants, far less so than in the past, will inevitably begin to assert their SIGNIFICANTLY greater strength assuming we the peoples of the world agree on a “war of attrition”.


Once we agree to all put aside our guns and instead focus on “fair trade” where productivity in “good and services” which do not include fictitious real estate development and those sectors of the economy we refer to as the “financial services” sector in the next instant even those just barely surviving off welfare checks found almost exclusively in western style economies, again ALL the problems of the current world traced to the Bretton Woods Conference of 1944 while World War II was not, by a long shot, over, will find themselves “out of luk” [sic] unless in that same instant we, in the west, either declare war on China which will simply cause the Chinese significantly less “communistic” than us westerners so hooked over so many decades on entitlement programs, to do no more than smile wider knowing that only a berserk renegade group of CIA operatives under the command and control of the DAAC would DARE to further cement unrest in that part of the world which they own, including the United States of America,




We have in the White House a man like our great President, the most honorable George W. Bush who will listen patiently to the demands of the Chinese while at the same time reading each and every one of my missives before responding to their terms of “unconditional total surrender” of the DAAC.


Then in the next instant the increasingly responsive leadership of the world will inform all its citizens that we are first of all disbanding the United Nations using its offices overlooking the East river of Manhattan to teach the next generation of kids not only how to fish but to constantly question “Conventional Wisdom” which I will be addressing first in my follow up heavily broadcasted communiqué to my one American programmer, Adam Tucker.


Next, suspend the trading of shares in all public corporations.


Next, all the remaining operatives of the DAAC, made up of mainly “mom and pop” wholesale-retail diamond-money laundering operations located on each and every main street in the world, be placed “on notice” that they along with all the “regulated” money laundering operations, i.e. banks will be provided with everything they need as well as everything their “hearts desire” to see them through the rest of their natural lives and if that includes 42 as opposed 17 virgins not in the afterlife but in that same instant, just mighty fine so long as they simply provide their “demands” along with their financial statements that don’t need to be certified by an “audirtor” [sic].


Again, I have painstakingly and methodically thought through each and every alternative to Armageddon which is not to say that the 6.4 billion of us on this planet shouldn’t be entitled to their own opinions as well as suggestions just so long as they also explain their reasoning in a manner that will be understood by the masses and not just elitists like Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk.


I will now end by going back to something else profound Ed had to say:


No one gives a hoot what you ate who yu slept with how small your dick is etc.. Got it? 


As you come to grips with the reality of why there is more than simply Ed Bartolas out there who think in the process of us giving “peace a better chance” they should interfere with my right to free and accurate speech, give thought to the influence I am having on those out there invigorated by the deafening silences of others on my one of a kind email list that represents a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population.


Never have I once said or even come close to suggest that a “good number” of them agree with me, not even close, and of course the overwhelming majority of them, probably 72%, not only wish I would “shut the fcuk up” [sic] but hope one or more of them will have the balls to kill me before word spreads at Light-G-D-Speed.


You would agree with the mathematics the most precise and therefore most spiritual language alongside “true art” that choosing change always, without exception, increases the odds of success by having read word for word what I first sent yesterday to Ms. Cooke, a San Diego State University student ending with “tTOo” [sic] hyperlinks over the words “Y Curious”?


Why not continue to respond with your fast balls thrown at or near head which you would know only encourages me to not simply competetoe to toe” with but very likely kick the crap out of you folks who employ individuals who besides for banks of lawyers-liars bring to the table sarcasm to boot not even bothering to think about the ramifications of how your pricing model is immediately outdated once sufficient numbers of your customers figure out the implications of the imminent collapse of the diamond market?


Moreover, when caught with your shorts down can only respond with the most pitiful “I'm sorry if I came across as short…” and then after going “back and forth” looking at all the pictures on my one of a kind website of nude, semi-nude and extraordinarily well dressed and sexy women, barely manage to muster the most lame erection,


“…so that we don't receive any more of your Spam…”?


Shame on you all, most of all those egging you on just loving to see me kick the crap out of you for DARING to display such a midget sized intellect again which only encourages me-we greatly especially when you consider that in addition to me bringing to the table heap loads of both credibility and integrity we have folks like you as well as Ed with “sum” [sic] of his playmates promoting the hell out of all “sorts of things”?





Built tTOo




It is important to go not only “back and forth” but up and down and every so often sideways bearing in mind what the greedy folks simply cannot get their minds off besides of course for having sex with Ed and the hottest looking people in the world, is this DAAC movie script which is an additional assignment I am taking the liberty of using this heavily broadcasted missive to task Ms. George with.


In the beginning folks were probably not paying as much attention as the “sly English” to stuff like beginning a sentence with a preposition since they were very much in a “survival mode” which of course is no different than the way each and every one of us on this planet today feels given how not only is everything relative but we only know what we know?


Hope to hear from you soon.


Gary S. Gevisser

A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There


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In the future please do me the courtesy of just stating clearly without me having to read in between the line that you are rather upset and that, no matter what, my computer chooses your email address when I decide to broadcast an email?


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