Chapter III - CUT AND RUN … Part I and Part II


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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2007 12:23 PM PT
To: Tefo
Cc: rest; Augusto Benito Vargis; Devin Standard; Adam Tucker; Alvero Sabogal;;; Mr. Gonzales - Attorney General of the United States Justice Department; Mossad; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.; Dr. Laura Family; artbell-coast; Rush Limbaugh;; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; Arthur Carter - Publisher of the New York Observer;;; Roger W. Robinson; Mary Valder - Trilateral Commission; King Golden Jr. Esq.;; Sergeant Lopez – U.S. National Guard; Neil Gould; Molly H. Hubbard - Director of Development James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy; David "Poli" Pollak - Co-Chair of the NY "demoratic" [sic] party; David Gaffen - Dow Jones; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC];; Solly Krok; Mark Gevisser - The Nation's southern African correspondant; Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki - President of South Africa; Trevor Manuel - South Africa's Minister of Finance; Louis; Dr. John K. Pollard -;; South China Morning Post; John Loftus Esq. - Justice Department Nazi prosecutor; William Clark - Petro Dollar Wars; President Rosenberg of the Screen Actors Guild; Captain Dale Dye; Mary Bradley (Holdridge); Gemma Dempsey -- PBS Producer of The Treatment hosted by Elvis Mitchell; Merrick Wolman CA blah blah - nephew of Sol "Gambling Czar" Kersner;
Subject: FOR ME TO CUT AND RUN.....Out of Office




Are you following the “money trails”?


As well as the “smart money” people such as me and Stephen Cohen of Codiam Inc.?


You know Stephen in the past wouldn’t have needed a yacht when transferring wealth from a “hot spot” like the mainland of the United States to a more tranquil Caribbean island like the BaHAMAS.


Diamond trading amongst the senior echelons of DeBeers contain no spread, no difference between the “ask” [sic] and “selling” price, which goes a “long way” when needing to move “in a hurry” especially if one of the “stopovers” is at a “friendly” casino.


During relatively peaceful periods the only items worth talking about kept in the safe in Stephen’s office located on 47th-Wall Street are other currencies which while equally worthless serve as a reminder to the Feds were they to raid that in the event they were to “push things”, i.e. not get written authority by the Secretary of the Treasury, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Attorney General of the United States as well as both the Prime Minister of Great Britain and President of the United States who also carries the title Commander In Chief, by the time each one of them received their next pay check such monies wouldn’t be worth the paper they are written on!


Were you aware that one of my eldest brother’s poetry books is dedicated to “ROZ THE PROZ”; Rosalind is my Royal Mater’s middle name?


Rather important when in charge of allocating the world’s resources, both minerals and human beings, that one just leaves an undercurrent of Anti-Jewish-Semitism, not letting any Jewish person get to the point of drawing worldwide attention which would then create the distinct possibility that those educated to not see further than the edge of their noses, “ugly Americans” - in particular given the predominantly Bell Shaped curve educational system that breeds such mind numbing mediocrity, each successive generation increasingly brain dead thanks to epidemic cold sores, obesity and drug dependency including Aspartame the sugar substitute that does its part to induce premature senility - not questioning most of all the absolute nonsense of Jewish people being the head of that “one worldwide conspiracy” they all keep hearing about, may when exploring further someone like the halfwit Solly Krok operating out of South Africa, discover rather easily that he, while involved in pretty much every scam imaginable, has no “standing” with the one and only worldwide conspiracy run by the conspirators of conspirators who choose well before coming to the end of their lives a religion such as Christianity that is plagued with guilt and forgiveness so intertwined.


Not to mention how rather transparent bloated Al Gore was when speaking on Global Warming before the choir earlier today, telling a joint session of the United States Congress,


As the world’s largest economy and greatest superpower, we are uniquely situated to tackle a problem of this magnitude”.


If only Gore, the hypocrite of hypocrites was to have simply thrown in the word, “CONSUMER” before “economy” then in the very next instant there could very well have commenced a precipitous run on the worthless-fictitious U.S. Dollar from which there isn’t a “chance in hell”, hell only here on earth, of this one very mean “means of exchange” ever recovering.


This previous paragraph explains a number of important events of the day including why Gore who lives in a heavily polluting mansion, courtesy of a trust fund soaked in bloody and dirty oil wars, gets invited to so many places where controversy is the “order of the day”.


Out of shape politician freeloaders simply want what they think is their fair share of the graft-spoils of oil wars since they have to put on such a grand show when so painstakingly, methodically and painstakingly choosing the political hypocrite of political hypocrites to continue all their wrangling.


The poor who are getting poorer financially but not necessarily suffering as much from “Poverty of Thought” as the politician freeloaders would prefer, increasingly having less of a difficult time figuring out that there is in fact no “open debate” in the United States.


Both Democrats and Republicans only debate people who agree with them.


But with each tick of the almighty powerful clock political hacks and their equally bought and paid for media have to be CONSTANTLY and increasingly aware that it is just a question of time before sufficient numbers of the world’s military personnel including people like Sergeant Lopez of the California National Guard battling with her disgusting hotdogs to recruit to fill the ranks of the dead and so many disabled, become intimately acquainted with why for 45 odd years, while the United States of America engaged in Regime Change throughout the world when our tyrants could no longer be counted on to force their enslaved masses to accept our worthless-fictitious United States Dollar, the 3 Branches of the United States Government didn’t so much as touch a glove on any part of the most tyrannical South African Apartheid Regime sitting atop the world’s richest resources including gold, platinum, diamonds and uranium.


Not to mention that Bill Gates Jr. is in Mexico today, seemingly not as afraid to be kidnapped as he is of ever increasing gang violence already an epidemic here in the U.S., begging Mexico, rich in oil, water and land, to send us their relatively speaking peaceful and extraordinarily hard working workers to prop up the U.S. mired in colossal debt the result of a lazy, CONSUMER dominated economy about to head into the most deadly tailspin that unless “A” President acts decisively and immediately suspends the trading of shares in public corporations will result in the Bosnian style ethnic cleansing civil war predicted by Bill “Rhodes-DeBeers-Scholar” Clinton on January 21st 2000 with a full year remaining in office, atop the most extraordinarily worthless-fictitious Dollar cash surplus.


You are aware that not a single offspring of either Solly Krok or his identical twin brother despite all their wealth has managed to sustain a single successful venture worth talking about!


Would you be in the least bit interested to check in to the service records of the helicopter that crashed on October 11th of last year near Sosua, in the Puerto Plata province of the Dominican Republic killing South African Sol “The Gambling Czar” Kerzner's heir, Howard (Butch) Kerzner?


What exactly does it mean to you when the most ruthless, most arrogant, richest people in the world laugh their heads off at people like big time crook Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Snr. Esq. and his son Bill Gates Jr. figurehead of Microsoft, Steven SPIelberg, George Soros etc etc doing the most wonderful job of promoting worthless money?


Does it make a difference whether it be the U.S Dollar, the South African Rand, British Pound, Euro etc etc while you want to be rich like these very public figures and at the same time draw on all that you have been taught beginning with “money cannot buy you happiness” and you getting real deep in your thinking, wondering without Oprah being “filthy rich” how much attention would she really get versus say a well put together Dutch prostitute living on a houseboat just outside of Rotterdam whose real business is hiring herself out to the “highest bidder” to commit cold blooded murder?


Eventually, you forgetting not only all the debt of the U.S. with possibly the most non-productive workforce on the planet – just look at the health of the average American worker SIGNIFICANTLY worse than the Brits who don’t “touch sides” with the slender Chinese who set the scholastic levels wherever they go.


But I have yet to mention the acronym DAAC.


The world’s masses outside of the U.S. think they come to the United States to “make money”.


Few if any foolish enough to think there is more to this “money, money, money, me, me, me” culture while quite “taken” by the so very noisy mudslinging that goes on 24/7 between the politicians both within and outside of the parties whose policies even the least educated know are all geared toward self-enrichment when not raising fortunes of monies from the biggest crooks who have them write the laws that allow the rich to trickle down the costs of getting rich on to the backs of the poor who are poor but far less stupid and distracted than the nonsense talkers would prefer.


The “belief system” of corrupt elected and non-elected government officials is that when occasionally they get caught with their hand in the cookie jar the “audience” looking in, nodding their heads in agreement with themselves that they were right in the first place when indoctrinated with the belief that all politicians are crooked without ever thinking their U.S. based politicians are more corrupt than those in poorer lands who have our military pointing big sniper rifles at their heads telling them to “behave” or the 3 branches of the U.S. Government will bear down on them and increasingly with only the anything BUT Almighty Dollar in their hands, support the next regime.


You also forgetting after having taken a deep breath that I have yet to mention the words, DeBeers-Anglo Apartheid American Cartel, the cartel of cartels who have no interest in anything close to the spread of democratic principles.


Right now you are remembering MIT and Cornell University alumnus Dr. John K. Pollard whose last email back on March 2nd before going deafeningly silent read,


The point being that rampant corruption, even DAAC style, is perfectly acceptable, even desirable in a democratic system, if the governed are happy with the results.”


You also recall perfectly well my mentioning awhile back how Dr. JKP thought your formal education would be well rounded off were you to attend and “read” at either Oxford or Cambridge University but now you are thinking even without my help you are fully equipped to debate not only the idiot Dr. JKP but each and every graduate as well as professor that has ever stepped foot in either Oxford, Cambridge or any one of the so-called Ivy League universities here in the U.S.


Dr. JKP is a clown and as you know clowns are mostly very scary to young kids yet circuses insist they be an integral part of the entertainment.


Conventional Wisdom is mostly wrong.


Until the world’s poor arriving on the shores of the U.S. find themselves taxed to death they help promote the “American dream” to their brothers and sisters spread throughout the world increasingly figuring, no different to you, that this is all not one big game but the most horrific nightmare with no end in sight apart from me repeating time and again, now is the time to begin celebrating BIG TIME without the masses of hard workers daring to resort to violence and play right into the hands of the DAAC and all their bought and paid for politicians and media talking heads who froth at the mouth waiting for the next most bloodied act, so fearful of a time when the masses would give up their “victim role” and simply ask for their “cut” of The Diamond Invention.


Even Hollywood shows no shame to hide this absolute fact of life while suggesting our “money culture” is something even worth dying for.


Hollywood, as you recall, has yet to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the cold hearted brutality of The Diamond Invention, the conspiracy of conspiracies that puts all the world’s nonsense conspiracies all combined to shame.


Nonsense because were it not for the Diamond Invention that allows the DAAC, the special interest of special interest group to fix the price of essentially everything, since they can fix their currency at more than a barrel of oil, they and their “supporters” can also fix the price we pay folks like you, our “slave wage earners” as well as law enforcement to focus on mostly petty crimes that trip up mostly the dirt poor.


You may think for a moment but only a moment that you have heard all this before.


Now take a deep breath after you have already taken a deep breath, remembering that is all in the past, we are now in the present, and understand how I have stuck to just one single subject and explained why it is that the United States of America who has been the principal military power backing the DAAC, the mafia of mafia, terrorist of terrorist financing organization can no longer count on the world’s HARDEST WORKING peoples to continue accepting our worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollars.


The Chinese have the population, the work ethic, the 8,000 year old culture that embraces the merit system and yes they have the most awesome military that no Allied Commanding Officer including any Israeli Commanding Officer would DARE to issue an order apart from “Stand Down” were a Chinese flotilla to venture into International waters with the clear intention of initially only protecting the oil sea lanes; the Chinese oil purchases backed up by gold, the most awesome military and an economy that continues to press full steam ahead, fueling the world economy that wouldn’t suffer one iota were the U.S. to declare bankruptcy.


In other words what else apart from sex and art is there to talk about once we have all agreed that the world population is relatively soon to be Chinese and the American dollar going the same way as Diamond Currency?


Both currencies are fixed by the very same mafia of mafia organization.


It is doubtful that when seeing an email coming from me you have EVER said to yourself, “I’ve got to get going” given how my insight and analysis of the important events of the day while not always to your liking might provide you with a competitive advantage!


Of course neither you nor the overwhelming majority of people on this one email list of mine in the least bit “concerned” with any “moral teachings” as you are perfectly aware that it is simply not possible for there to be an ounce of morality remaining in any human being aware of The Diamond Invention and who has chosen just like you to “play ostrich” having convinced yourself that nothing good can come out of me having now accomplished nothing short of checking mating the mafia organization of all time.


Telling it the way it is, has in the past done not much more than result in the death of the messenger.


But today it is a very different story as I now impart to you and everyone tuned in how you can in fact gain competitive advantage over your fellowman and fellow woman including all those receiving a copy of this very heavily broadcasted communiqué.


To be continued…



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Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2007 12:07 AM PT
Subject: 10 FOOT PADDED CELL...price out...for me to cut and run....Out of Office




It is possibly more important that you look closer at the email sent to me by Dow Jones-Wall Street Journal reporter Chris Bain who I don’t know, no idea how I have his email address, never heard from previously, in response to the first part of this very heavily broadcasted communiqué than my 904 word response.


You would agree his 25 odd word, again first ever, communiqué has the earmarking of a “personal” email:


gary please remove me from your list. i am swamped with email and can barely keep up with work email obligations these days. thank you.


As you also know I don’t share all my communications let alone all the emails sent to other email accounts as well as messages posted on message boards that wouldn’t make much sense to anyone but me and the poster-s.


But this email along with my response may be the “hook” I have been looking for all these years.


We really don’t know much about all that many reporters anywhere in the world.


But you know I know a whole lot about my cousin Mark Gevisser who is considered one of the top, if not the most respected authors-journalists in South Africa which is why Thabo Mbeki, the President of South Africa chose Mark as his biographer or did he?


Mark Gevisser is a liar.


Mark Gevisser’s father, David Moshal-Gevisser Engelhard Oppenheimer is a liar, a thief and a cheat.


I have perhaps a better than “above average” understanding of the media given principally who is my Royal Mater who never once had a “bad press day” in her entire career that spanned some 30 years from the time she arrived in South Africa in 1947 at age 18 to when she officially “bowed out of the limelight in 1978 the year I left South Africa for the United States.


In the 29 odd years that the United States has been my official residence not a single person has ever asked me why I chose to come to the United States while of course like anyone leaving any country I have been asked why I left South Africa but even then it is probably no more than a handful of people who were in the least bit curious.


No doubt the main reason why there has been so little “dialogue” on this subject has everything to do with how very close lipped I have been, only beginning to open my big mouth in the fall of 2000 in anticipation of the 27th anniversary of the passing of David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister.


DBG didn’t need to read a single history book to know that Jewish people have been “selling out” Jewish people going back to at least when the stronger tribes of Israel “wiped out” the Lost Tribe who may have ended up in China and then there is of course Cain and Abel who like most family members got along famously at one time until personal sacrifice knocked heads” with the utter nonsense of “family loyalty” which belongs in the “DAAC ages” [sic]!.


But the Jewish Holocaust changed the entire landscape when it became quite obvious to people like DBG and his “kinsman”, Nechie Badash, my great maternal grandmother that being awfully quiet was the only way to secure an everlasting peace for independent minded and non-greedy people looking for their Utopia in the Promised Land.


First, the modern, highly efficient “Communist” State of Israel with everyone working smart towards one common goal of “Live and let live” was going to have to secure weapons and more importantly intelligence on the highly organized “enemy”.


Second, sad as it may at first appear to be, the overwhelming majority of Israeli Special Forces commandos over the past 3+ decades are unfamiliar with both the Altalena and Lavon Affairs, the first involving Israelis killing other Israelis in order for DBG to maintain “command and control”, familiar was DBG with the problem of placing 10 Jewish people in one room and having before they slaughter one another 11 arguments, while his “foe”, Menecham Begin was not exactly a “bad guy”, not even close.


Trust in the “chain of command” is essential to the completion of a mission.


Jewish Capos in the World War II death camps were not a figment of the imagination but someone had to have first imagined how easy it would be to break the “free spirit” of just one single human being who thought saving their own life just to survive was worth setting an example for the worst of the worst who survived to live one hellish life.


Tensions in the newly formed State of Israel, back in the spring of 1948 were running extraordinarily high compounded by Jewish refugees coming out of the Nazi death camps arriving in droves carrying with them VERY SIGNIFICANT “baggage” and why it was so very important to DBG to have a group of Jewish people who not only “suffered fools badly” as well as quickly separating them from the fighters but who he was quite certain had not been “broken” by the Nazis, it making no difference whether a Jewish person came out of a concentration camp and/or was hidden by “righteous Gentiles”.


Once you have “turned” there is “no turning back”.


In other words there was no time for the niceties of Charm School when it came to protecting the “heart and soul” of the very best and brightest who either escaped from the concentration camps or better yet was smart enough to have never got caught, but the best and most trusted was the next generation that came from the womb ofpogrom orphaned” Nechie Badash and they didn’t get any better than my mother’s father Albert Badash-Ash, may the good Lord continue to bless his soul.


While Menechem Begin could be “forgiven” and at the same time he “forgave” DBG for DBG getting his very best field commander, Yitzhak Rabin to fire on the Altalena ship killing many of Begin’s best Jewish fighters who simply had a “difference of opinion” of how to “wage war” in order to win the so elusive everlasting peace, the Lavon Affair struck at the core problem of who to trust?


After a while “deception” takes the most brutal toll on the mind, the first indicator of the Supernatural.


And why now with the world so quickly beginning to spiral out of control why not take a chance and put our trust in G-d to give peace a better chance apart from the fact that for many to truly believe in G-d begs many a question beginning with how a vengeful G-d will make use of first and foremost our choice in not being smart, having ignored all the warning signs along the way, failing to lend a helping hand to all those in need, failing to pay attention beginning with the animals followed by the forces of nature, the wind, the clouds and most of all the heartbeat of every living thing guiding us every single step of the way?


Life is great if you know what you are doing and if you don’t, G-d help you!


My Royal Mater while making certain I got in from a very young age my basic military training let me know on each occasion when I would ask her about when she was going to introduce me to all her worldly contacts she would always give me the exact same answer, “Anyone I knew of importance is dead”.


And of course even when I knew the truth about the pivotal role played by both sets of my grandparents in securing both weapons and again most importantly “intelligence connections” that included “safe houses” in very strategic locations and none more important than those in Israel’s harbors it still didn’t stop me from continuing to ask my RM which was simply my way of making sure my ingenious mother hadn’t yet lost her mind.


Anyone who arrived in South Africa after the 1948 South African General Election that resulted in the South African Apartheid Regime “seizing power” from the “forces of light” led by the awesomely great Jan Smuts is “questionable” which is not to say the very deep underground Jewish Underground didn’t double and redouble their efforts to get their “arms around” the DAAC who they knew were not only the principal financiers of the fearsome Nazi Military Machine that arose in no time out of the ashes of the Weimar Republic thanks to the DAAC’s American bankers beginning with the United States Federal Reserve but had an intelligence network so widespread that DBG never, not once, had a telephone conversation or even wrote a single letter to those Jewish as well as non-Jewish people scattered throughout the world who were doing the “heavy lifting”, risking much more than “life and limb” but that of their children who could never be trusted unless it was okayed by DBG himself.


Without breathing another word you should be able to figure out on your own why it is that I am so very “disappointed” with Steven SPIelberg who would surely have known that not in a million, possibly a trillion years, would the Mossad be ALLOWED to pay for its intelligence and run the risk of the “foul-ups” that you see rather well depicted in Spielberg’s 2005 blockbuster action-drama-documentary.


What is first so offensive is the stupidity that he attributes to the very best of Israel’s most athletic and battle hardened Special Forces commandos as well their over-the-top intelligent and highly sensitive case officers helping track down and killing the masterminds of the Munich Olympic massacres.


But it was his words in the 5 minute introduction, “You should make no mistake that I am not attacking Israel with this film, in no way shape or form am I doing that”, the little repeat at the end, the catalyst in having me do more than question this idiot’s “stupidity” for which we should forgive one another unless there is a pattern such as “Heads Spielberg wins, tails Israel loses”.


Finding oneself in a no-win situation is why I decided to come to the United States on March 17th 1978, one week shy of my 21st birthday given how I knew for a fact that to “further my education” in Israel would never allow me to enter the innermost hallways of the DAAC and besides my RM would have “no part of it” as she began to steer me away from Israel where I would have been a “shoe in” to follow in my father’s footsteps and become a jet fighter-bomber-pilot given how his and my RM’s very close friends were “calling the shots” both in the military as well as in the intelligence community all around the world, everything emanating from secret bases in the Negev Desert where DBG would meet with his most trusted operatives who needed no history lessons to know, “Loose lips sinks ships”.


But my RM would tell you that not only is she not G-d, nor would she have ever been placed in a position where she knew anything more than what she needed to know, just the way it is for Israeli Special Forces commandos who only know their specific assignments, mitigating all sorts of problems in the almost impossible event of capture when interrogation isn’t exactly something to write home about.


BTW would you know why every American service person when handed their regulation toothbrush and toothpaste aren’t also provided something a little more advanced than a cyanide capsule apart from how much difficulty we are already having with “friendly fire”?


Charles Engelhard was a “somebody” who was assassinated at age 54.


Two months before he succumbed to “mineral poisoning”, buried on March 2nd 1971 at St. Mary’s Abby Church in Morris Town, New Jersey with the leaders of the American Socialist Democratic Party forced to pay their respects to this very OPEN SUPPORTER of the South African Apartheid Regime, more aptly named by Dr. John K. Pollard as the 3rd Reich’s Southern Division, I was vacationing in Arosa, Switzerland with my RM, my sister and first cousin Karen Gevisser who was one of my RM top models although Karene was simply too distracted by good looking guys to ever be recruited by either the Mossad or deep underground Jewish Underground who masterminded the killing of CE while convincing his crime partner Anglo-South African Harry Oppenheimer to “call the hit”.


My “secret weapon knittingFrench-Canadian wife Marie Dion Gevisser is still probably thinking that the cover of my book should be plastered with the word “FICTION” and while it would no doubt initially sell a lot more copies than my RM’s fiction-non-fiction The Winking Cat it most of all wouldn’t do justice to the “unsung heroes”.


There is not a single hero in either the South African Government including all the opposition parties who go along with “rubber stamping” the DAAC’s orders or the United States Congress and our nonsense Judiciary, that includes not only the Justice Department but the Supreme Court of the United States.


I carefully avoid “looping in” the Executive Branch only because George W. Bush and his most trusted aides are not lawyers and I have yet to find any evidence linking them directly to The Diamond Invention, certainly nothing close to the crystal clear “lineage” of the Kennedy clan and very specifically Senator Ted Kennedy who it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why he is still alive.


How is it possible for any human being let alone a worthless piece of trash like Ted Kennedy to think that their life and that of their offspring is more valuable than freeing a nation made up of some 300 million slaves, today so very ill-equipped to compete on a level playing field that is moments away from being a reality unless of course the Ted Kennedys of the world plummet the world in to another world war.


Not a single lawyer anywhere in the world is capable of saying, “I don’t see why I should hold my head down in shame” unless they are “lying through their teeth” or suffering from dementia.


The photo below is one I cut and pasted off a website that serves as a tribute to Israel’s first squadron that following the death of Modi Alon was then headed by Dr. Syd Cohen who you see standing second from the left. In the back is a South African gay gentleman Leslie Shagam who has his head “bowed” deep in to his chest.


To the best of my knowledge Les Shagam is still alive but ailing and if you were to ask my RM she would tell you that he is a genuine close friend.


If you were to ask my father, Bernie Gevisser who doesn’t know much more about Leslie apart from the fact that he was not a very good fighter pilot, all that my dad would say, assuming he was also to be “intellectually honest” is what I just said plus the fact that he always thought Leslie was “different”, only finding out many years later how important are the “differences” when it comes to times of war especially when the soldiers cant even get their civilian leadership let alone their military commanders to not simply “define the mission” but tell it the way it is,


We are in Iraq to make certain they and their neighbors continue to accept our worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollars”.


What most bothers my dad about Leslie is how whenever they would get together over the years, mostly in London Leslie’s primary residence since he got thrown out of the Israeli Air Force because he was gay, although my RM would “rebuke” me by simply saying that by that time Leslie was working as a pilot for El El, the Israeli airline, which is a bunch of “poppycock”.


There is no distinction in times of war between anyone anywhere in the world.


You are either “friend” or “foe”.


The reader of Chapter 9, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER, subtitle, THE SECRET WAR REPORT OF THE OSS/CIA of Epstein’s book THE DIAMOND INVENTION, comes away “feeling” that the DAAC were “playing both sides” which is like saying there were days when Hitler was not only kind to his dog but made a point of petting the animal even when there were no photographers present.


Tefo, are you awake?


Do you know what century this is?


Can you believe for a minute that not every single Jewish person in the world is not right this very instant screaming “bloody murder”, and if not every single one then how about everyone on this one email list of mine who is so fricken sick and tired of hearing me mention the 3 words, THE DIAMOND INVENTION?


There are no live heroes in this so selfish world.


Israel is as it has always been in a constant state of war.


Leslie Shagam owned a small hotel in Earls Court known as the London Travelers which he opened when he got booted out of the brutal Israeli Air Force because of the fact of life that he could not be trusted given how very expert are Israel’s adversaries that come in all shapes and sizes, different religions but most of all, these selfish bastards are so very easy to corrupt with diamond currency which is unlimited in supply, untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried used principally to bribe elected and unelected government officials and the “balance” used as a down payment on giving all those willing to “turn a blind eye to evil” a competitive advantage in their business-personal.


I think you would agree it makes no difference whether Leslie Shagam knew or didn’t know that he was being used as a “safe house”, certainly my father had no clue.


My father could not in fact be “trusted”, at least not when the deep underground Jewish Underground were recruiting the best of the best Jewish fighter-bomber-pilots from around the world to do battle in Israel’s pending War of Independence.


My father was a drunk!


My father when he met my mother may have got drunk no more than once.


My father was a drunk!


Once my RM has made up her mind about someone come hell or high water unless G-d Him-Herself stands before her and tells her otherwise, my father was a drunk!


The fact that my amazing father who survived 71 odd miraculous missions dive-bombing the crap out of the Nazi bastards was forced to quit when his family back in South African were dead certain that his beloved mother was on death’s door plus the fact that right after the longest trip possible from the front lines in northern Italy zigzagging all the way back to South Africa he then has to defend himself against his mother’s crazed brother who attacked him with a knife, blaming my so non-aggressive but very athletic father for causing his mother’s cancer, meant nothing to my RM.


My father was a drunk!


Drunks could not be trusted, period!


You would agree that wipes out pretty much every Roman Catholic in the world, at least all those that I know since by my RM’s definition my father at his most depressed moments and just 22 years of age having experienced as close as it gets to death on each and every dive-bombing mission and to then have to dramatically “shift gears” and deal with the reality of not his own demise or a close friend like Dr. Sid Cohen but his own mother who he had no idea was even ill and whose brother now wants him dead, was a tea-toddler when say compared to Senator Ted Kennedy.


Just compare the two figures you see below showing my dad on the left standing next to Syd Cohen, the photo taken in December 1944 in Pontedere, northern Italy and then think about Senator Ted Kennedy who at one time had a pilots license, swimming under a bridge.



Below is what the back of the photo-postcard reads:


Isn’t it important that every elected and unelected government official at least try and answer the question where they think the money comes from that enables citizens of one country that may not be as productive as the next to buy more goods and services as well as energy related items like oil and water with worth-less monies?


Isn’t it important to look at the very first thing that came out of Arnold’s mouth when talking today with Rush Limbaugh, the Governor of California, touted as the 6th largest economy in the world, what a joke, for crying out loud mentions NOT LAST but FIRST, that the 6th largest economy in the world is proud to announce to the world that we are building more prisons?


Tefo, get a grip.


Hold on to all four walls to prevent you from laughing yourself to death.


I assume that if you are right now being housed in 10 foot padded cell and being told that your executioner is waiting that you are still in nothing short of hysterics.


Don’t forget Arnold, raised in a Nazi household spent quite a bit of time in South Africa during the height of the mind-boggling ruthless Apartheid Regime whose PRINCIPAL support block in the United States was the Kennedy clan.


And of course it didn’t take long for Mr. conservative Rush Limbaugh to acknowledge that the last time he hobnobbed with Arnold, Rush was seated next to Arnold’s wife, Marie Shriver NBC News Correspondant Kennedy at a fund raiser for prostate cancer research.


You are what you eat.


You choose the company you keep.


You choose very carefully your dinner company.


Charles Engelhard who “journeyed” to South Africa in the late 1940s was much more than an “open supporter” of the South African Apartheid regime.


He was also much more than “a large contributor to the United States Socialist Democratic Party and a good friend of former presidents Kennedy and Johnson.”


Charles Engelhard and the Anglo-South African Oppenheimer family rigged the 1948 general elections in South Africa that deprived the world of the most enlightened Field Marshall Jan Smuts.


Charles Engelhard and Harry Oppenheimer also rigged the United States 1960 Presidential elections and as a reminder to the Kennedy drunks made certain that President elect John F. Kennedy showed up to meet with Harry Oppenheimer at the Carlyle Hotel in New York City.


Since this is all “old news” what stops the DAAC controlled United States media from simply confirming, other than to do so sets a chain of events in motion that right now is being watched very closely by a number of “interested parties” including the Chinese who are increasingly more “standoffish” to all those having profiteered from The Diamond Invention.


To be continued…


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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2007 6:21 PM PT
To: Chris Bain – Dow Jones
Cc: rest; Sidney Abelski Esq.;;; South China Morning Post;; Kenneth Standard Esq. - Immediate Past President of the New State Bar Association; Mr. Gonzales - Attorney General of the United States Justice Department; Mossad
Subject: PRICE OUT...for me to cut and run....Out of Office


Chris – do you have any idea of the impact on the world’s capital and financial markets Part I has already had and I have yet to have my buddies in China load it up on Chinese websites?


You know of course that before I began writing this 2472 word email I ran it by very trusted buddies who understand perfectly well that the “hardest nut to crack” are the nutcases mostly here in the U.S. who have yet to figure out that the game plan of our DAAC politicians wanting to pull out of Iraq is to quickly move back in to south America.


Not to mention that the beating we are getting in Iraq is only going to get worse long before it gets better since “smart” but of course “cold hearted” American military strategists understand perfectly well that the instant we “high tail” it out of the Iraq, the peace vacuum that is then filled wont contain a spot for our military offense contractors to force the Iraqis to accept for their highly precious oil our worthless currency backed ONLY by WHAT HAS BEEN our superior and overwhelming military mite.


China isn’t exactly “asleep at the wheel”.


You will recall that the Chinese who only eat when having sex ate up DeBeers-Rhodes Scholar Clinton for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


Does this not all “ring a bell”?


Do you not recall the American foreign policy at the turn of the last century?


The only problem with a repeat performance when we led in 1900 an 8 Allied Nation invasion of China is the following:


First, China would wipe out in a matter of minutes if not seconds any and all military “intrusions” we were to make whether or not high on opium, either on the mainland of China or either one of “The Roosters two legs”, namely Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Second, the Chinese who set the scholastic levels wherever they go and of course that includes strategic military thinking have not exactly been “sitting still” since winning World War III without having to “fire a shot”.


Moreover, China doesn’t need Senator John McCain or Hilary Clinton or for that matter a single bought and paid for member of the United States Congress who refuses to even acknowledge the awesome “Money Power” of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel when deciding they are no longer going to give Americans a “free ride” and raise their SIGNIFICANTLY undervalued currency and in the very next instant pricing the United States totally out of ALL markets.


You do understand the significance of the United States of America having decided to turn a blind to the DAAC, the mafia of mafia who for more than a century all 3 Branches of the United States Government have granted a “free pass” to flagrantly violated our sacrosanct Anti-Trust-Anti-Monopolies-Anti-Competition-Anti-Price Fixing laws.


Not to mention what precisely it means for the United States of America to have “LOST THE HIGH MORAL GROUND” in allowing the DAAC’s South African Apartheid Regime to “run roughshod” throughout Africa for some very critical 45 odd years following the July 1944 Bretton Woods Conference.


You have exactly 63 seconds to get your conscience “in order” and respond appropriately before I will add your name to my FOOLS NAMES, FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES list.


Do you realize that if I am not successful in convincing Americans to very quickly “pull up their socks” they are not going to be able to afford the wool to knit their own clothes?


Not to mention who amongst the people who set your work assignments have skills apart from “pushing pencils”?


Are you not in the least bit interested to hear “first hand” how you can get a competitive edge by simply reading Part II of “FOR ME TO CUT AND RUN”?


Bear in mind even Sidney Abelski Esq., an old time American buddy, may have already decided to take the rest of the week off from his sole proprietorship law practice, sold everything that isn’t nailed to the foundation of his house and of course sold his house, dumped all his kids with all his Xs, chartered a Lear Jet and is now traveling the world meeting not only all his girlfriends but having them bring their girlfriends to the airport as they shovel their soon-to-be worthless diamonds in to the hold of the plane.


Not to mention Sidney is to the best of my knowledge only once divorced and does not have kids who of course he could rent to empty twice a day his post office box of the overnight deliveries; the regular mail service would also work perfectly fine were it not so slow,


What may possibly be slowing Sidney down right before reading this all in “real time” has been his psychologist’s failure to come to grips with the reality that DAAC stooge President Franklin D. Roosevelt could have stopped Hitler “dead in his tracks” long before any railway tracks led in to places like Auschwitz that I believe housed both his parents, by simply shutting down 47th-Wall Street and in the next instant collapsed the entire DAAC criminal enterprise were it not for the diamond studded bloody iron grip the DAAC had over both Roosevelt and Joe Kennedy, the first chairman of the Securities Exchange Commission appointed by the sickly, neophyte and so very corrupt President in 1933!


Gold last trading at $663.40 a troy ounce!


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Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2007 2:05 PM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: RE: FOR ME TO CUT AND RUN.....Out of Office


gary please remove me from your list. i am swamped with email and can barely keep up with work email obligations these days. thank you.


Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2007 8:00 PM
Subject: Out of Office


Thanks for your email.  As of March 2007, I am no longer working at KCRW (as I'm moving across the country).  Please read on to find out who to contact...

If you're a friend and this is a personal email, email me at

If you're emailing about The Treatment (for programs after April), please email Elvis' new producer, Gemma Dempsey (

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It's been a pleasure working with everyone through KCRW.




Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2007 8:00 PM
Subject: Out of Office


Thanks for your email.  As of March 2007, I am no longer working at KCRW (as I'm moving across the country).  Please read on to find out who to contact...

If you're a friend and this is a personal email, email me at

If you're emailing about The Treatment (for programs after April), please email Elvis' new producer, Gemma Dempsey (

If you're emailing about the Subscription Drive, Fringe Benefits Program or member clubs, please email Laura Shumate (

It's been a pleasure working with everyone through KCRW.