From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, March 26, 2004 3:16 PM
To: Damon Siskin
Cc: rest; FBI, Letters LA Times; Welk
Subject: Next Symposium {:}...---...shine...---...{:}


Damon – Another “hang up” as I pulled to the side up of the road in the mountains east of San Diego, the call coming in at 2:33 PM PST and lasting all of 13 seconds, another middle eastern sounding voice, very possibly just another wrong number doubtful it was the folks from the Lawrence Welks Resort in Escondido, California, hi Mr. Rot, hi Mr. Sterling.


As soon as I get the low jack security system installed on my Mini Cooper S which came with the car when I purchased it awhile back it will be even much easier to keep track of me, your Hebrew good enuf I assume to c that the letter “k” looks a whole lot like the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet which looks lot like X in capital letters and like this “1c” in so-called “script” and just ask Egyptian-Israeli-American Sammy while letting Sammy Shoe Shine Haim know that I am expecting Citicorp to serve me anytime now a lawsuit at my former address, this one guy Randall from a San Diego lawfirm [1-858-244-7600] when calling constantly changing his voice 4 sum reason thinking that I have bought into this nonsense put out by the media that there is some kind of global “grand conspiracy” going on.


Butt then again Randall refuses to give me his email address, oh well.


Since he is such a talker, Randall as well, but now I am now referring to Shoe Shine, and still able I hope to walk about every so often despite being quite the widescreen TV “couch potatoe” [sic] ask him kindly to direct the “server” over to his landlord Greg Beckham who I will be advising to either direct the duly authorized person-s to the new west coast headquarters of Manager Minute One




Greg can simply take possession of such documents.


Which reminds me that Sammy stills owes me an accounting of the rentals from that pewter candelabra he is supposed to be renting to developers like yourself who apparently have impressive model homes?


Ever mindful of watching my Ps and Qs, nothing quite like those “shit stirring” stories we heard coming out of the mouths of those too blonde-good looking-long-legged Twins from Los Angeles who once “owned” the Black Mercedes sports that ended up costing me a couple of grand, my not able to recall once when I haven’t reaped rewards on those less than a handful occasions when things haven’t turn out quite full-on Aces, always wishing those who even wish me “bad luck” forget those who so very few who have actually attempted to “rip me off”, the very “best [of] luck”.


Although my understanding is that despite never actually completing the purchase of this one-of-a-kind vehicle from Sammy’s nephew, Ian Lerner, and therefore not in possession of the “pink slip” the Twins apparently did try and collect on an insurance policy they had taken out, these too quite-the-ladies-around town, Los Angeles that is.


As u know they tended to stay pretty much in the “tree house” when “hiding out” in the “rich chick” section of Del Mar from all these “gangsters” up in Los Angeles, knowing quite a bit about these “rear end” not quite “bump and run” collisions since this scam, different to spam, hi Norman Lazarus, hi William H. Jackson Esq. involved mainly the insurance companies feeling the “aches and pains” which could be were the expression “no gain without pain” originated, quite the “sandwich” every so often with ketchup splashed on top of the cars “front and reverse”, now whoever comes up with an instant DNA verification system that each one of us should carry in our hip pocket could do rather well, certainly I would be interested in investing in such a group, this all very different to a Dutch Sandwich.


To the best of knowledge nobody other than the folks apparently trying to kill these 2 Twins feeling the need to use say either a sand wedge




Even an Avenger Pitching Wedge since the folks orchestrating this lucrative “hi-end” [sic] operation were quite the “gentlemen” with these too very “gentle ladies” always on hand to “close the deals”.


I hate the game of poker, what about u, to mention little of the card-gambling-casinos funded supposedly by the “kick backs” in this multi-billion dollar a year auto-insurance-medical-legal-industry, the one Twin married to quite the business broker-politician, blah blah perhaps, perhaps not, so important to the feds, hi…---…hi…---…hi…---…


Good Day.