From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, March 10, 2006 8:44 PM PT
To: Lory
rest;  Bill
Subject: RE: IN CONTROL... Prayer request]


Thank you sweetheart.


I, like our great President, the most honorable George W. Bush, have increasingly limited options to ward off the collapse of the over-the-top underwater United States Dollar, SIGNIFICANTLY more fictitious than each and every banana republic currency to mention little of this “risk assessmentanalysis of THE DIAMOND INVENTION that friends of mine particularly in China thought was a “long time in coming” a good number of them already letting me know through a variety of “channels” that what I accomplished [see RSI hyperlink] was more important than this previous communiqué to Mr. Standard as well as if I were to produce a 3 step book, as my wife suggests, that combines Special-General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and Chaos Theory into one


Unified theory

For the inner workings

Of the universe


Without mentioning the word DeBeers.


Allow me to now share with you an excerpt from Alan Greenspan’s forthcoming book that is being commented on in today’s newspapers:


Sometimes, looking back, I wish I had said [to members of the United States Congress during public hearings],


'Fasten your seat belts, ladies and gentlemen, because we're in for a crash that will make 1929 seem like a day at the spa.'


It would have been amusing to watch the blood drain from their faces.


While I promised you that I would not copy you on my heavily broadcasted communiqués until after the end of tax season there is something “inside of me” that says given your DNA-Breeding-Education that doesn’t show irreversible interference with your learning, the same with Bill, which is not to suggest by any stretch of the imagination that you are both not STILL in deep DENIAL, just significantly less so than the overwhelming majority of us Lily White Wheaty Eaters, I feel you could benefit SIGNIFICANTLY even before the end of tax season from the Knowledge-Information-Light I am sharing for free at this time, not because I couldn’t do with all the riches of the world to help spread the truth at Light-G-D-Speed but rather because of the fact that this world IS all about “money” the result of the vast majority of the educated world having been “conditioned” to evaluate their “worth” in terms of this ONE MEANS OF EXCHANGE that in times of war “money is no object” and therefore isn’t worth fighting for, I am choosing to “buck the system” in an effort to wake-shake folks up that they are all better off contributing significantly to our “social cause” without me having to “pull teeth”, relying on whatever remains of peoples’ conscience because the alternative to being SMART as in Science, Math, Art, Religion and Technology is not pleasant.


The feedback I got from you, your husband Mike, Bill, the new black receptionist and the relatively quiet LWWE sitting guard over the narrow entrance to Mike’s office was well worth the hair-raising trip from heavily infested LWWE and over-the-top corrupt Del Mar to the City of Angels although if I had simply sat in the chair next to Bill’s desk so strategically positioned to keep an eye on all of you including the receptionist who was a little surprised that a LWWE X-South African like myself would be so into the movie Hustle and Flow I would have gathered enough “intelligence” to complete my forthcoming book Manager Minute One as well as the DAAC Treason Complaint against the United States Congress et al.


And of course it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how much of an extraordinary resemblance Bill is to the so very cool LWWE DJ-mixer who in many ways pulls this terrific movie “to-get-her” [sic] but of course your awesome UCLA history major Bill with a well above average mathematics-logical thought processing background is to most beyond a shadow of a doubt a whole lot better looking which is why I assume you and not your husband hired him while of course letting Mike think that he is the one “in control” no different to any over-the-top brilliant woman, but then again I could see why even more enlightened black women would be turned on by this great actor who may never get the credit he deserves the same with each and every actor including Terrance Howard who was totally awesome.


Truly, I think Hustle and Flow is one of the greatest if not the greatest movies of all time, period.


One cannot, however, get carried away from the stark realities that Hollywood is all bs and to “get real” by constantly getting back in to the “fundamentals of the economy” and coming to terms with the “real-ty” [sic] and yes I think we still own that things are SIGNIFICANTLY worse than in 1907 which in turn where SIGNIFICANTLY worse than in 1929 and were it not for one man, J.P. Morgan who was not around in 1929 and as I have said repeatedly may have been in jail for all I know, the crash that would have occurred back in 1907 would still not make today’s pending economic collapse pale in comparison.


So extraordinarily few people truly understand the phrase “fundamentals of the economy” and that includes each and every member of the Federal Reserve tasked only with “exercising good judgment” which makes it that much more difficult to explain that it would have been the greatest thing in the world if in fact J.P. Morgan had not prevailed in getting the rest of his banking buddies to go along with his utter nonsense.


Bill made the comment that given how “everyone from around the world wants to live in Los Angeles” and therefore there would always be a demand for residential property and the such and even if he actually meant to say there would always be “sufficient numbers” of people from around the world wanting to bs their way to the “promised land” he would have been “dead wrong” because of the simple reason that while Bill has a well above average IQ, not seemingly all that distracted by what everyone in the office seems to concur is his very good looking significant other, no different to you, he doesn’t have a fricken clue about the important subject that I refer to as “Economic History”, the same pretty much with everyone I know and that includes the most successful “Captains of Industry” such as Joe Steinberg, President of Leucadia National Corporation who you must simply trust me when I say that Joe could run circles around Warren BO Buffet, his $6 billion joint venture partner.


It wouldn’t even take a single bomb blowing apart the New York Stock Exchange and finishing off the terrorist job that in fact took place on Wall Street in 1907, the scars still remaining on the masonry building, to collapse the entire world’s financial “house of cards”, just one not necessarily “legal jurisdiction” which could be a single State like Nevada deciding to “revolt” given the flagrant corruption of the United States Congress most visible in its decision for more than 100 years to turn a blind eye to THE DIAMOND INVENTION that allowed the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, the mafia of mafia, the special interest of special interest groups, to engineer-manufacture-distribute its own unlimited supply of untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried diamond currency, used to first buy off each and every so called “legal jurisdiction” on the planet that came about by virtue of none other than the “barrel of a gun” followed by buying up everything else imaginable including the land and water that was not only first stolen using the barrel of a gun from the peoples of the world that afforded them their “kick start” but then to have the chutzpah to enslave these peoples under the guise of them being “wage earners” being paid in such worthless bloodstained currency and the such.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to piece together how a less structured “legal jurisdiction” like Cuzco, Peru could before you have finished reading this relatively brief missive have already reintroduced the Gold Standard and with it demand for residential housing in places like hellhole Los Angeles would dry up in an instant, not forgetting what a big bomb going off anywhere in the world could do in the very next instant or the instant before.


Ever since 1980 when I came “face to face” with the money laundering business of the DAAC I been strategically placing my “assets” all around the globe in anticipation of this miraculous day eventually arriving, making it my business wherever I have traveled to meet the “movers and shakers” beginning with finding at least one person connected to the Israeli embassy which every literate human being in the world knows is Israel’s “front line of defense”.


Intelligence services like the Mossad would like to think that people such as myself versus idiots like the American-Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard would keep them informed given my extraordinary access to KIL on a regular basis without ever demanding payment of any sort but of course they would be “dead wrong”.


From the moment I heard when still in my early teens that the State of Israel had given sanctuary to a South African crook who had embezzled both Jewish and non-Jewish peoples’ hard earned monies I knew it was just a question of time before Israel’s over-the-top brilliant intelligence services would be infiltrated to mention little of while it is an injustice that Jonathan Pollard remains in prison other than I assume his lawyers arguing that putting such an idiot back on the street would possibly add to the level of already heightened competitiveness amongst panhandlers, the American intelligence services have had good reason not to trust the Israelis with their intelligence even when it affects the security of Israel which is the United States “front line of defense” in a very hostile dictator led-bred environment.


But what the American intelligence services who see Jews and Israelis as “one” don’t seem to have been able to get over when knowing that it is principally Jewish people in the diamond-money laundering business is that every member of the United States Congress is complicit to “sum” [sic] degree or another to mention little of how “our man Roger” who entered the White House as a senior member of the National Security Council right when THE DIAMOND INVENTION first got aired back I believe it was in March 1982, how much really is Jonathan Pollard the “evil incarnate” to mention in passing of the SIGNIFICANT leaks at the time coming from both the FBI and CIA while always bearing in mind Roger W. Robinson was an expert in USSR economics when working for David Rockefeller at Chase Manhattan Bank and therefore understood the importance of diamond-hard currency to the Soviet-Evil Empire very much under the “command and control” of the DAAC once they caught the Soviets playing it “fast and loose” with their machine made diamonds and “our man Roger” perhaps if he weren’t so “full of himself”, pot belly to boot, could have “in a flash” ended the “arms race” between the USSR and the United States before it even began thus avoiding “al-to-get-her” placing the United States on track to bankruptcy.


I keep coming back to the very recent decision by the Israeli government to withhold a measly sum of $50 million in taxes that everyone including the Israelis know is due to the Palestinian authority whose recent democratic elections resulted in the militaristic and seemingly, as you see how everything “adds up”, less beastly Hamas, now constituting an overwhelming majority in the extraordinarily fictitious Palestinian Authority, arguably less fictitious, however, than the Israeli Knesset and most certainly our over-the-top corrupt United States Congress.


It is in fact a last ditch ingenious move by the Israelis, perhaps the least corrupt government on the planet apart from the Chinese government still very much under the west’s “command and control” to support the United States Dollar.


Remember THE DIAMOND INVENTION is not a figment of anyone’s imagination, the information revealed in this Internet only, extraordinarily fascinating book has been out there since at least 1982 referencing KIL made available by the United States Justice Department under the Freedom of Information Act beginning with that all important so extraordinarily carefully orchestrated meeting at the Carlyle Hotel on the upper east end of Manhattan between President elect John F. Kennedy and Harry Oppenheimer, the Anglo head of the DAAC who along with the American Charles Engelhard, the major benefactor of my filthy rich uncle David Gevisser, was the co-inventor-conspirator of THE DIAMOND INVENTION, all such heathens anything but Jewish.


How long after you have read what I have written above do you think it will take with KIL traveling at Light-G-D-Speed reaching my extraordinary well placed “assets” in places like Beijing, Cuzco, Johannesburg, Tel-Aviv, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and the such before it all leaks to the masses who while poor are like my Royal Mater not stupid, not even close?


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From: Lory
Sent: Friday, March 10, 2006 9:21 AM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: RE: [Fwd: Fw: Prayer request]


Although we should report all of your income, this additional income of $1X will have no effect on your 2002 tax return so therefore, I believe you should file the returns as prepared.




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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2006 12:06 PM
To: Lory
Cc: rest; Bill
Subject: FW: [Fwd: Fw: Prayer request]


Dear Lori,


I just remembered that I got these 2 checks from Vicky Schiff of the Wetherly Capital Group back on October 23rd 2001 that I think totaled around $1200, in compliance with our 10% agreement, but I only deposited them I believe it was in February 2002. Is it enough for me to come back all the way to LA to get my tax return changed?


BTW this was the invitation to my New Beginnings-Retirement party back in December 2000 which friends of yours Paul and Tracy Tomson attended to mention little again of Paul introducing me to Ms. Schiff.


I said I would not include you and Bill unless you insist otherwise on my one of a kind email list at least not until the end of tax reason but I thought when you next take a break you might want to read my response to a former neighbor of mine here in Del Mar asking me to forward a “prayer request”.


Given the number of things I have on my plate between now and when tax reason ends which includes promoting this ATTENTION: ALL NEXTRATERRESTRIAL SHOPPERS ad in an effort to get the entire literate world beginning to reason once again, may I suggest that you make a note in your calendar to email me on April 18th by which time this spectacular portrait of my wife by the master Spanish painter Sebastian Capella should be complete, although we may have to venture to a museum in Paris to enjoy its magnificence since we don’t quite have the space to hang it at 84 inches tall and 54 inches wide without a frame, not even close.


Framing the right questions to ask on any subject especially one as complex as an art painting which so very few know about given the extraordinary investment of time required to logical thought process resulting in an end product so spectacular as this portrait of MDG all made to look so easy by the very few out there like Sebastian Capella who never lost the professor, the ability to teach, willing to teach anyone willing to listen knowing perfectly well that so extraordinarily few amongst those who can in fact draw well, the so extraordinary few that there are, will ever be really able to master color, and in so doing, repeating the same old stuff even if the audience is deaf, dumb as well as blind, helps keep the mind fine tuned.


Aging is a “mixed blessing” since the body organs begin to slow down just as one is working out all the “mistakes” which makes life worth living given how it therefore takes less time fixing all the mistakes that we make repeatedly when young, the gravest mistake besides for not understanding the importance of the anti-trust laws is that the universe thanks to work of Einstein is in perfect balance.


Empowering the kids to parent the parents who need the most help is the essence of my one forthcoming book Manager Minute One and I look forward to you continuing to contribute toward this lifetime endeavor as well as giving very serious thought to contributing financially to our social cause by selling that diamond post haste and gifting me no less than 10% of the proceeds because if I fail to achieve “critical mass” it is highly doubtful there will be another tax season to celebrate.


I am back at our rock home deep in the Cleveland National Forest just east of San Diego having got back from a quick walk with our 11 year old chocolate Labrador, Pypeetoe who will agree behaved himself rather well yesterday just as he always does, spending the night with Marie Dion Gevisser at our amazing RENTED studio cliff house in Del Mar.


While the sun is shining bright it is still rather cold outside but inside I have the fire blazing to the point that I could be comfortable in my birthday suit.


Of course I wouldn’t want anyone reading this and clicking on the hyperlinks to vomit all over their computer screens if they were to see me in the nude which is why I take the liberty time and again of showing photos of my wife who just happens to be not only blessed with the most incredible body but smart enough to know how best to take care of this greatest asset afforded each of us by an extraordinarily smart G-d.


Religion has been a business almost from the get-go but one cannot blame G-D for the abuses of mankind, instead we should be looking ever so carefully at how a smart G-d would “negate” such evil without telling us what to do and how to do it.






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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2006 10:00 AM PT
To: Susan M. Jeannette
rest;; Michael Grant; Stephen Scola; Camilo Sanchez;; lonely dolphin;; Harrell, Angela;; Ron Bellows Senior – Senior Risk Management specialist – AIG; Herbert Claudio;;; Jeanne Donohoe;;; Matt Scull;; Maria Plewka;;;;;; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC];Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.; Mark Gevisser - The Nation's southern African correspondant; United States Justice Department; FBI; Oprah
Subject: RE: [Fwd: Fw: Prayer request]


Nice to hear from you…--…