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Subject: 'Fasten your seat belts, ladies and gentlemen, because we're in for a crash that will make 1929 seem like a day at the spa.'..: BEWARE OF STILL WATERS...small


As it continues to rain “still waters” here at Stonehenge II deep in the Cleveland National Forest, continue to pay careful attention to not only Mr. Little “tracking along” so “dutifully” but his careful “cut and paste” hatchet job.


G-d forbid I forget to mention the importance of the colorful hyperlinks that all combined makes the $1.99* per month charge for “admission” to be one of my “invaluable friends” receiving “the most valuable financial information you can hope to receive before the coming collapse” the most extraordinary bargain!


Ps – Thought you might find it interesting this paragraph below that I “cut and pasted” from a commentary by Christopher Buckley who writes for the Washington Monthly on Alan Greenspan’s forthcoming book that I will be using as an introduction in my forthcoming response to my tax accountant, Greenspan writing:


Sometimes, looking back, I wish I had said [to members of the United States Congress during public hearings],


'Fasten your seat belts, ladies and gentlemen, because we're in for a crash that will make 1929 seem like a day at the spa.'


It would have been amusing to watch the blood drain from their faces.


Ps I - My very attractive and happily married female tax accountant informed me this morning after I reminded her of the “tTOo” [sic] checks I received from Ms. Vicky Schiff on October 23rd 2001 but only deposited into my bank account sometime after the all important February 8th 2002 meeting of the California Agricultural Partners at Arden Realty Inc.’s [ARI] headquarters in west Los Angeles, “we should report all of your income” before going on to say, “this additional income will have no effect on your 2002 tax return so therefore, I believe you should file the returns as prepared.”


You will recall that such monies were the first and only two payments of the 10% “lifetime kickback” agreement I had with Ms. Schiff following my rather clean “extrication” of this high-powered, athletic, single Los Angeles “mover and shaker” from the “clutches” of Lou Gonda, a SIGNIFICANT shareholder of AIG to mention little of Ms. Schiff remains the co-managing director of the Wetherly Capital Group, responsible for masterminding and executing the “voter fraud” during the California Gubernatorial elections that were held on November 8th, 2002 resulting in Democratic Governor Gray Davis being re-elected for a second term as head of the 6th largest economy in the world to mention in passing of Ms. Schiff, once I got my hands on this document that establishes “nexus” between the WCG which is essentially a heavy-duty Democratic criminal lobbyist organization and Bill Simon, the Republican opponent who came “out of the blue” to beat the former mayor of Los Angeles, Richard Riordan in the Republican Gubernatorial primaries, then getting “cold feet” and holding back not only our private deal but the monies due me under my monthly retainer agreement with the WCG as I began to “turn up the heat” on the WCG whose principal funder apart from ARI’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board and Dick Ziman’s two top lieutenants of this rather large New York Stock Exchange REIT [Real Estate Investment Trust], is none other than Ron Burkle.


Need I remind you that Burkle’s “claim to fame and fortune” apart from giving Bill Clinton a job immediately after this really not all that bright-scoundrel President left the White House in a shambles, not to ever forget Clinton and Co’s Presidential pardon at the 11th hour and 59th minute of Marc “Trading with the enemy” Rich, is Burkle’s SIGNIFICANT ties to labor unions affording him the illustrious title of being one of the largest, if not the largest contributors, to the United States Democratic Communist Party.


Rather important that meeting on February 8th 2002 where I was a whole lot more than a “potted plant”!


It is one thing to get one’s arms around a handful of Internal Memoranda prepared by Ms. Schiff, BUT IT IS another thing “al-to-get-her” [sic] to have such highly incriminating documents now being spotlighted in “real time” by Mr. Little and Co., one of which can be seen with squiggly marks in the February 8th 2002 hyperlink above.


G-d forbid again I were to forget that this so important meeting of the CAP that included in addition to me, Dr. Rod Smith of the, Mr. Joe Campos, the “RENTER” of the WCG, both Ms. Schiff and her co-managing director of the WCG, Dan Weinstein, coming on the heels, according to the WCG’s lawyer-liar Mr. William H. Jackson in this document, of me being “terminated” some 3 weeks earlier.


This Stanford Law School graduate “sumhow” [sic] missing the “pivotal role” I played at that so EXTRAORDINARILY important meeting that had been convened by Ms. Schiff in an attempt to “calm me down” after I had on or around January 3rd 2002 done all but “blow up” the pending 42,000 acre real estate deal between the WCG-CAP and Vivendi, the French multinational water conglomerate who owned this rather important acreage in the all important Imperial Irrigation District just a little further east of the Cleveland National Forest, following Ms. Schiff finally informing me of the WCG and their “RENTER” orchestrating not one but “tTOo” [sic] meetings at the California State Capital, ten minutes apart, back on December 28th 2001; Governor Gray Davis attending both meetings, the first with the American top dogs of Vivendi and the second with Dr. Rod Smith who presented Davis with a rather important White Paper that not all that mysteriously immediately thereafter “bit the dust”, to mention little time and again of my prescient timing, January 3rd 2002 the day I suggested my MDG her will witnessed, the same day the share price of Vivendi and its 63% owned subsidiary, Vivendi Environmental, began a 280 day precipitous collapse, losing some $63 billion in market value.


And of course we should not forget when focusing on the fact that there are no coincidences, the joint safety deposit box, number 280, that Ms. Schiff and I kept at the Union Bank branch at the corner of 15th Street and Highway 101 in downtown Del Mar housing the original of our “10% kickback” agreement.


Don’t you just love this question:  If a man speaks in a forest and there is only a woman around, is he still wrong?


Ps II – Note the lack of response on the Blue Nile Yahoo message board to my request for a poster “talking up” this Internet diamond fronting organization for the DAAC to provide me the name of the retailer who was all but guaranteeing the sort of profits from the buying and selling of diamonds limited only to those at the very top of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel who have had now for more than a 100 years a worldwide exclusive right to engineer-manufacture-distribute their own unlimited supply of untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried diamond currency that for good reason doesn’t bother either David Rockefeller chairman of the board of Chase Manhattan Bank and founder of the Trilateral Commission or their left wing militaristic stooges, the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.


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Please pay careful attention  my uncle David Gevisser, now sees me as a big  [sic] corrupt sheep.  Baaaaa.




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Cc: rest; Chris Little - KFI 640 AM - dIRECtor of News;; Larry Winokur - Baker Winokur Ryder; Jeffrey Malatskey CA-CPA - South Africa, Israel, Australia blah blah; Guy Friedman; FBI; United States Justice Department;