From: Gary S. Gevisser
Wednesday, February 16, 2005 1:37 – 3:51 AM PT
To: Whitman Knapp Esq. - Whitman Knapp Esq, Assistant United States Attorney

Office of Attorney General
Cc: rest; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Enid Enga Pigors - Office of the Chairman & CEO of Coca Cola;;; Eliot Spitzer - Attorney General of New York State ;
Subject: WIT...---...


Dear Whitman – About 3 hours ago I was awoken from a deep sleep by the executor of my estate, Devin Standard, still to the best of my knowledge fully embraced by his father Mr. Kenneth Standard Esq., President of the New York State Bar Association, possible the two of u have met, more likely tho, your boss Eliot Spitzer, the “tTOo” [sic] of them no doubt when greeting one another make little or no mention of the thoughts circulating in their heads how in fact they could both do so much more to help improve humanity, agree?


Then again being fully compliant with my requests might interfere with “The Hand of G-D” at work, agree?


Devin understands that despite no TV, probably having watched no more than an hour over the past 3 years, my body also benefiting greatly from the improved state of mind, clearly the space between my ears the primary benefactor, I would be well served if he gave me after landing in George W. Bush International Airport a blow by blow of Eliot just nailing it big time.


Where in G-D’s name did this hound dog of hound dogs get the fricken balls to refer to the “unlawful” and “shameful” employers of Ron Bellows Senior as, r u ready for this, “responsible for aiding and abetting a culture of illegality” [sic] and then apparently going on to say,


“As much as it pains me at this late hour as I prepare to pull in the big bucks from Gary S. Gevisser’s Jewish brothers and sisters, imbecile supporters of our Democratic Communist Party that will soon entitle me and my family to free rent in the Governor’s mansion, I must admit that GSG is right, The Fish Rots From The Head Down which is why I also decapitated the head of Marsh and McLennan but at the same time given my not altogether perfect knowledge of DNA I doubt that Hank Greenberg the patriarch of the First Family of Insurance can grow another offspring like either of his tTOo sons who prior to my arriving on the scene were the heads of MandM and ACE Ltd which together with AIG make up the fony crap $280 billion megalopoly leading me to finally state, not wanting to let GSG get a word in edgeways that there is absolutely no evidence in this case that the rot I have uncovered in every spot Whitman Knapp, Michael Berlin and I have investigated of this endless head monster extends to the rest of the independent insurance agency network now walking on eggshells given GSG’s ever increasing command and control of each and every message board on The Internet he chooses to voice his humble opinion, supported of course but an extraordinary number of irrefutable facts which in the interests of full disclosure I must admit constitute irrefutable ‘smoking gun proof’ of fraud, the better the evidence the better the proof, at the highest levels of our financial markets which again in the interests of fair and full disclosure, G-D forbid GSG were to brief Mr. JRK or Ms. Deborah “I’m very aggressive” Sturman Esq. about the merits of filing a class action complaint against me talking out of both sides of my mouth be4 the markets of the New York Stock Exchange open later this morning which is at least partially why I directed my assistants Whitman Knapp Esq. and Michael Berlin Esq. not to pursue matters with GSG, G-D forbid GSG were to now, the time is 1:36 AM PT, and go on to the AIG Yahoo message board and interfere with such plans I would then be forced to find a way to have RBS or his KeepAndBearArms son, Ron Bellows Junior do my dirty work which again I hate to repeat myself verbatim is only part of the reason I have not hauled in RBS to at least find out whether he would be willing to undergo an FBI lie detector test with GSG lobbying in a handful or tTOo questions for good measure that would undoubtedly open up a hornets nest of epic proportions” [sic].


Whitman with all that said, what can u tell me that I don’t already know about this Carlos Coello whose name I came across while trolling AIG’s Yahoo message board soon after broadcasting yesterday this communiqué to Tefo Mohapi, a 25 year old Black South African entrepreneur whose name I revealed to the world when my very good buddy Derrick Beare assured me I would get the support of his rich uncle as well as Dr. Jonathan Beare’s other rich so loyal friends, again all it taking was putting up one more “lamb to the slaughter”?


And I think u would agree just by reading thru again and again the communications back and forth involving T4 who displayed quite the balls to call my Royal Mater quite the consigliore to extraordinarily powerful and rich communist Democrats so self absorbed that they promote policies to assuage their guilt that destroy economic opportunity for those who are trying to make a living that I did in fact follow thru on Derrick Beare’s request to the point that his later “mea culpa” can only be interpreted in one of “tTOo” [sic] ways; one, Derrick underwent a frontal lobotomy perhaps performed at a significant discount by my cardiologist cousin Dr. Barry Molk or two, he is truly remorseful providing me now with all the ammunition to nail shut the coffin of his miserable “trouble bubble” uncle and each and every person who this Lilly White Wheaty Eating phatso of phatsos has ever broken bread with, who fails to step up to the plate in at least answering the question publicly, “What did u know and when did u know it?” as it pertains to the DeBeers-Oppenheimers-Kennedys-Engelhards-Gevissers-Rothchilds-Beares-Lazaruses-Gordons-Ruperts-Greenbergs-Buffets-Anglo American Cartel’s involvement in The Diamond Invention, responsible for the greatest enslavement, torture and murder of all time, agree?


A brief interlude!


Furthermore, it doubtful if RBS had he mentioned Carlos’ name to me he would remember, quite the terrific cocktail Aspartame blended in with selective memory-poor conditioning,



Next tTOo

Breeding is everything!


I have yet to hear back directly from Dr. Jonathan Beare’s former young lover who he brought out from South Africa who is today quite the big shot international guru on pretty much everything under the sun and for the life of me I cannot understand why when Colin Cowie was on the Oprah Winfrey show recently she didn’t have the “intelligence” to ask Colin,


Hey sweetie pie what can u tell me about what u heard when sitting around the dinner table playing footsie-footsie with your big time benefactor other than overhearing Dr. Jonathan Beare tutoring GSG on how to slice an avocado?”


Not to suggest that Oprah is showing signs of suffering from any degenerative disease, yet?


Then again I only caught the tail end of that so brilliantly choreographed performance, it possible that the producers and directors of Meet Me In St. Louis with help possibly from both Alan Greenspam and Walter Cronkite with of course input from my Royal Mater had a hand in making certain Lilly White Wheaty Eating Colin showed his Epismile teeth while having the camera people only pick up the better side of his face?




Whitman, upon hearing more information than my African-American mind could possibly absorb I collapsed on to the floor of my one of a kind spot without a doubt the greatest view along with hearing only the sound of the ocean waves and passing trains which to-get-her with the fresh ocean swept wind explodes my mind opening up the wildest fantasies causing me to call back Devin Standard who went on to tell me that Eliot was also harping on Grasso, the former head of the New York Stock Exchange, “turning the New York Federal Reserve along with the NYSE into his own illegal piggybank” [sic].


So what exactly is the big news of the day?


U won’t mind if I share with u the birthday card gifted by our JoNathan this past Sunday to his mother my Artist painter-Client-Partner Wife Marie Dion on loan from G-D:


  Dearest mother that I love

  You must have fallen from above

Although you don’t have angel wings

You help me do the hardest things

   You are there every day

 Helping me in every way

 I know your love will not stop

 On my list, you’re at the top

  Here are some things I can do

To express my love I have for you


Cover sheet of the miniaturized list reads:


All things

listed in

this catalog

are 100%



Page 1: 1 cup of coffee

Page 2: 1 cup of coffee

Page 3: 1 cup of coffee

Page 4: 1 foot massage

Page 5: 1 day free of driving

Page 6: 1 breakfast in bed

Page 7: 1 thing of your choice. (write it here _________)


Whitman, please share with me the email address of Eliot’s press agent even if it turns out to be my Royal Mater.


Time don’t u think for u to do the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing and recognize first of all that u cannot win all bets against mother nature and second once the masses know what u and I both know about the pending collapse of our monetary system they would be rather foolish to continue paying rent which makes it that much more urgent that u assist our “social cause” in getting DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC] to do the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing and open up to public scrutiny their entire real estate holdings as well as ownership in both public as well as private corporations.


Enjoy the rest of one more glorious day, remembering to thank G-D for gifting us our great President, the most honorable George W. Bush and his gorgeous wife.



A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There


Ps – Within the next 30 days, G-D being well, I plan to have configured around the globe one of the most sophisticated computer networks imaginable and I will simply suggest in helping your imagination be crystal clear in terms of exactly what I mean that u seriously consider calling my Royal Mater in England, direct dialing from the United States 44-1-98-46-24-0-88, and ask the extraordinarily smart Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman what assuming I were to have her on my payroll, not to suggest that I am engaging in business which would require me filling out a Delmartian business license form plus writing a check for G-D only knows what, what more I could do to spread the good word, “Can’t is not in my vocabulary, the impossible shall be done, miracles take it a little longer”.


Ps II - There is not a single “risk assessment” specialist anywhere in the world capable of telling u with any degree of precision when exactly the world’s financial markets will implode, it not taking, however, a rocket scientist to figure out why it is that these chieftains of industry r stealing blind at this time and of course it goes much deeper than simply greed, how about stupidity?


Folks like u and me know perfectly well the Golden Rule, “Whoever has the most gold makes the rules” and so I will end off repeating what the biggest crook on Wall Street had to say when in early 2002 soon after 911, Warren “Body Odor” Buffet doing quite the marvelous job in distracting the masses so having bought into quick fixes which is all about mortgaging our children’s future thru out of control real estate development, betting on the masses continuing to populate until we run out of land and water, He-She who controls the water, grabs the land, owns the bank, agree?


So idiotic to still believe that masses will remain oblivious to the Digital Age, a G-D-Send, the youth who r all our futures able to see thru all the bs of  BO’s “Between the next 10 minutes and 50 years there is the certainty of a terrorist biological or nuclear attack on one of our major cities” and as explained ad-nausea in Quantum Mechanics embodied within Chaos Theory that up until the mid 1980s had some bearing on how the world’s financial markets behaved but since given the alarming decline in the quality of financial reporting not worth the ram in computers now doing these bullshit calculations, there is no such thing as “certainties” only “probabilities”, agree?


Not forgetting as we blow the shofas-ram horns, back in early 2002 there wasn’t anyone on this planet having a decent command of mathematics and no more than 7th grade Delmartian American-English along with some Zulu tucked under their belt following what I have had to say about the “true nature” of the insurance industry who would have been so intellectually dishonest to have placed 50 years at the extreme end of such a catastrophic event, agree?


Then again Warren “BO” Buffett is in my humble opinion could very well be the reincarnation of Goebels and again in my humble opinion a far bigger crook than even than my pals Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman and Hank Greenberg combined, agree?


Ps III – When hauling RBS over the coals assuming u don’t think I am doing a good enough job have him also explain to u why it is that he keeps repeating time and again about all my failures in life unless u think it has to do with me repeating time and again ever since the faculty at the 3rd World crappy University of Natal, South Africa bid me, a “failed university business-accounting tutor” farewell back in March 1978 on my travels to the U.S. where I would begin to fine tune my pitch to assist people in first finding out more about themselves by getting a job assuming they hadn’t been fortunate enough to pick up stuff off the streets better yet not having the sort of parents and grandparents as I did who while choosing to sweep the horrors of the Holocaust under the carpet did as good a job as one could expect in this “dog eat god aspartame” [sic] world not to interfere with the perfectly programmed sequencing between ears, treating us like adults when sitting around the dining room table teaching everything there was to know about business-personal, the more we know about each other the less likely we r to go to war with one another, agree?


Once again there will be nothing civil about the next civil war bearing in mind there remains “sum” [sic] truth to what Warren Buffet had to say.


Tick tock.


[Word count 2470]