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Cc: rest; Edward Dodson;; United States Justice Department; FBI; Eliot Spitzer - Attorney General of New York State; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Robert H. Frank - Profefessor of Economics - Cornell University ; Professor Joe Grundfest - Sanford University - former Chairman of the SEC;;;; Professor Richard Klein -Stanford University; South China Morning Post
Subject: NEXT SYMPOSIUM... last resort..bat...blow up...---...NOSE…---…




You have probably noticed there are a number of “interesting” things going on right now none more important than the reality “setting in” that I am not alone in knowing for “sum” [sic] time that the “numbers” have not been “adding up”, not even close.


The smartest financial engineers in the world have known since the mid-to-late 1980s that while employing the most sophisticated computer models, the “input” provided by the smartest analytical minds who had no hidden agenda in the “output” and those equally if not smarter minds doing the analysis of the data when “all told” spelled out gloom of epic proportion which simply required that the masses remain “forever” ignorant which you would think wouldn’t be all that difficult considering the masses ever since Adam and Eve didn’t get along while coming a long way haven’t really changed all that much in their desire to be “led by nose” whether one subscribes to either “Creationism” or “Evolution”, G-D forbid I were to suggest that not only does the science shows them one and the same but what about my French-Canadian wife’s thing about dogs not getting colds because they,


nose sh*t from the start” [sic]?


I may have mentioned before when Marie uses the “s” word one is first left with a delightful even exotic feeling as opposed “tTOo” [sic] something “foul” and of course one would need to see her facial expression when combined with not able to pronounce the letter “h”.


Were in fact the data available to the enslaved masses then, i.e. any time after Eve got bored with her sex life and started to have children and prior to the introduction of Aspartame in to the American diet in the mid-1980s, the world would be very different today?


So what exactly you must be asking occurred between the mid 1980s and today that prevented “doomsday”.


And then in the next instant you realize that you had the answer in the instant before were it not for the fact that “doomsday” came and remained with us, inevitably the information flowed to the enslaved masses without there being any indication of fear amongst the elitists of the outraged masses getting angry which assume a number of things beginning with the masses ability to logically thought process as say someone like Windy Winn?


Again, one just needs to look at the “spread” between the “high” and the “low” population numbers of the United States 100 years from now when you remember the greatest investor in the history of the stock market, Warren “BO” Buffet predicated just 4 years ago when I was atop Machu Picchu for the first time, doom and gloom being a “certainty” 46 years from now if not sooner when the smartest analytical minds employed by the insurance carriers predicated the “probable” likelihood of a terrorist biological or nuclear weapon being exploded on a major U.S. city NOT as BO told the “investing public” back in early 2002 that such a doomsday event would happen “between the next 10 minutes and 50 years for certain” but “well within 5 years”.


You will recall me mentioning that the “high” number was well over 1 billion and the low number less than it is today and the low number I am told does not take into account even a single thermo nuclear war that could have begun 10 minutes ago, 30 seconds before Israel was hit, Israel using this “window of opportunity” to send every country in the Middle East including itself back to the stone age.


My Super Intelligent-Italian Greyhound is now whining as he moves from being laid out in front of the fireplace where it was getting too hot to up on the coach a couple of meters away and is now wanting to be covered with Marie’s red blanket.


Let me inform you of another “publicly available” piece of very important information.


A future astrophysicist that the New York Times simply labels “astronomer” by the name of Bradley E. Schaefer has been allowed by the mainstream communist media, e.g. The New York Times to get his name published for the world to see, such a moron like a good number before him have seen fit to take a stab at undermining the credibility of Einstein and although as you read the article it doesn’t take long to begin laughing at this idiot’s lunacy you also quickly notice your heart pumping a little faster when realizing that the only people reading more than the headline, New Doubts Are Cast on Einstein's Cosmological Constant are the lawyers-liars doing their prediscovery work for a class action lawsuit that for all I know just like the end of the world has come and gone has already been filed by the likes of Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk of Finkelstein & Krinsk against the New York Times the principle claim,


Irreparable damage to the sex lives of those forced to read Gary S. Gevisser’s insight and analysis of the bullsh*t!


You should also take a very deep breath even though you are much more on top of things than the average educated young fellow?


I assume you are in good enough shape to beat me and our “tTOo” [sic] dogs around the 90 minute walk loop walk of Noble Canyon near our rock home deep inside the spectacular Cleveland National Forest just 30 minutes east of Del Mar, California on my Ducati ST4S when the traffic is very light and the CHP officers who work this beat and know me rather well while not doing their job of bringing in the critically needed cashflow have mentioned to me on those occasions when they pull me over, never, not once setting up a roadblock as they did when a police airplane spotted my company leased Porche convertible when I first got it back in the mid-1980s, that they “get a kick” watching me go by especially over this one section of the 52 Freeway right by the Road Runner athletic store where poor engineering resulted in these most terrific bumps that when heading west back in the direction of Del Mar have me airborne feeling just like the pilots taking off at the Marine Airbase on the other side of the road to Road Runner.


Now I could go on and on comparing the energy I exert both on the handlebars as well as against the tank of the Ducati ST4s just prior to “takeoff” after coming around at approximately 70 meters per second testing mostly the Pirelli tires before straightening up when it becomes a “breeze” whereas these pilots possibly have their $100 million + fighter jets on automatic pilot even before taxing on to the runway.


Would you be in the least surprised if when carrying their laptops into the cockpit they weren’t already hooked up to the internet downloading pornography all at taxpayer expense, a point I have made both successfully and repeatedly to this one California Highway Patrol officer who has a poor habit of catching me fortunately when slowing down on this one almost hairpin turn just after the last bump in the road as the road veers to the right and remember traveling even at even 50 meters per second [180 KPH] while not exactly “light speed” not even close, the smallest f…en bump in the road is a hair-raising experience even for some of the very best riders I have ridden alongside and as I have stated at least once before, only someone who is not very good on one of these crutch rockets and quite frankly there are not that many people I know who really have the courage along with the athleticism to go through what it takes to ride a Ducati like mine well, but those few that there are would probably when seeing me at my very best rate me no more than a 4 out of 10, my ratings, however, going through the roof once Marie is on the back, the result of the combination of how hot she looks in her leathers stark naked and her “go for it” as in “Giddy up-Get it up-Go for broke” attitude that works wonders with a whip I had hoped to buy her for Christmas.


Few would argue as I notice the price of gold holding steady at $545.90 a troy ounce in Hong Kong trading that when both going in to hair-turn bends as well as coming out with my midget sized arms battling to keep the front end down, Marie’s athleticism on more than a handful of occasions has saved the day.


Still no signs in Hong Kong at least of the “common man” dumping his wife’s diamonds in exchange for gold bullion remembering all I have had to say about owning shares in any public corporation including gold mining companies who could have already had their fictitious “claims” revoked.


You haven’t forgotten the world could have all ended, of course outside of Asia?


Lets just assume that it is business-personal as usual throughout the world, i.e. we still just love to see the hell beaten out of the person on the ground who for all we know is part of an insurance scam.


Such reminders helping to wean folks off their “victim mentality” which is “part and parcel” of the justification for supporting the “underdog” like the Sperm Donor no matter their mischief.


Today, we are inching towards a virtual standstill rich and poor, engaged as well as unengaged in this most important debate of all time.


The deafening silence of these very talkative members of academia’s elite on the subject matter, A DEBATE OVER MONEY REFORM is forming one most incredible dark hole, drawing each of us that much closer.


Again, I am not the only person in the world who has known the financial markets were “upside down” going back not to the year dot but less than 30 years ago when those of us watching ever so carefully the “risk markets” were “quite certain” as we observed how rapidly technology was advancing, doubling every 18 months according to the founder of Intel, that the masses of hard working people actually producing goods and services that people need to both stay alive and enjoy their lives would realize “very soon” that Wall Street was pushing the same bunk as the DAAC’s,


A Diamond is Forever-A Girl’s Best Friend”.


That “very soon” has now stretched to the point of “infinity” i.e. everything becomes “mathematical”, no one but G-D really knows what will happen when the hard working masses get hold of the information known to folks like The New York Times, Rush Limbaugh, Bill Handle, Diane Henriques, Bill Clinton, names you may or may not recognize have known for “donkeys years” and I leave out George W. Bush because our great, most honorable President has been telling everyone the truth as best he can without the markets grinding to a complete halt best illustrated when he said words to the effect and reported at least in Time Magazine,


The rich don’t pay taxes”.


And of course our extraordinarily SMART G-D would not keep us in the dark, each and every one of us knows exactly what will happen next.


So go ahead and read this article in the New York Times that I have taken the liberty of cutting and pasting, placing it as a hyperlink in my pdf file directory on the website, doubtful the NTX will get a “cease and desist” order against me before you read this very important piece of news but if they do, then just do the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing and subscribe but for no more than a week to their online edition or do as I have been doing for “donkey years” and take advantage of their free offer.


Then email me back with your thoughts about the most important news of the day that has scientists all around the world now this instant beginning to worry about their next paycheck as NASA and the such “CHOOSE” to “turn off” their satellites.


BTW my computer crashed yesterday soon after I sent out the heavily broadcasted email to this Tim “Neoliberalismcharacter and I didn’t realize the computer date changed and I assume you learned such a word in Grammar School?


Did you get my reply to your email below which I sent early yesterday letting you know that I was quite certain I had replied to your “stalemate” but that I would check?


I went on to ask you what you thought of the “Money Reform Debate” you suggested I enter that I ended “blowing up”?


Yesterday, January 11th was a very important 4th anniversary.


It was the reaction of family members to my “findings” [see page 1 of] about this Blombos rock “discovered” in South Africa, “Art or someone like Professor Richhard Klein of Stanford University doodling” [sic] that led me to the conclusion I had to “pull up my horses”.


I am though about to “let go of the reins” and I would like you to try and dedicate beginning 6 hours from now and for the next 2 hours to providing me feedback on what I will be writing next.






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You didn't reply to my e-mail ending with Is it a stalemate.

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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, January 11, 2006 12:00 AM PT
Cc: rest; Edward Dodson;; United States Justice Department; FBI; Eliot Spitzer - Attorney General of New York State; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC] ;; Robert H. Frank - Profefessor of Economics - Cornell University; Professor Joe Grundfest - Sanford University - former Chairman of the SEC;;;;
Subject: FW: ...NEXT SYMPOSIUM...---..lender of last resort...---...ARM TO ARM COMBAT...---...


T im…---…