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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Saturday, August 11, 2007 9:09 PM PT
To: Dr. John K. Pollard - JKPJKP@alum.mit.edu
Cc: rest; Michael Willis - wbsurfing@hotmail.com; NO LONGER PRACTICING, thank G-d, Dr. John Ben Stewart MD of Sharp Memorial Hospital - aka The Sperm Donor aka The It; Roger W. Robinson; King Golden Jr. Esq.; Hilary-Bill DeBeers-Rhodes Scholar Clinton; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; Oprah; President@whitehouse.gov
Subject: WE KNOW MOST OF US HUMAN BEINGS ARE FOLLOWERS...---... San Diego County Sheriff - Request for Inmate Charges


Ok, put on your dancing shoes and start while blasting Dave Matthews’ “GraveDigger” from his Some Devil album, all the while tapping away to Sevillanas.


Bear in mind that all I got from great artist painter Raye Anne Marks were steps 4 through 8 all the while increasingly excellent artist painter Marie Dion Gevisser the most awesomely sexy coordinated so strong minded dancer possibly of all time got from Raye Anne to my “great disappointment” her own private tutorial this past Tuesday after art class with Sebastian Capella but during these next 7 days while MDG has both her “tTOo” [sic] kids get to see that not everyone in the world is so very wretched as their so growl looking 60 year Sperm Donor, the studio cliff house is going rock big time as I make the most exhausting but fun filled attempt in futility to catch up.


Not to mention the so disgusting slimeball of slimeball makes you in your 83rd year look like you are ready to not only compete but win every single event in the next Olympics to be held in Beijing including table tennis, her athletic sister, Danielle Dion also like MDG 1/32nd Huron Indian and her partner-husband Radek a 60 or so year old most awesomely athletic Yugoslavian, anything but “old farts” and as logic would dictate not “all about money” and not having to hear repeatedly, “money cannot buy you happiness”.


To mention little of God who keeps THE IT around just to make all the rest of the miserable wretched sons-daughters-of-bitches feel not all that bad about themselves, no strike that, actually extraordinarily good as well as important as they now get on their hands and knees and pray to the Lord that He-She should keep Dr. John BIG BEN Stewart MD around longer than all the so many good amongst us who when rising from the dead once he and all those who ally themselves with him are all long dead will make much more of a point to paying careful to all the ant size human ants just doing their thing.


To mention in passing you being a witness last evening to MDG threatening that if I post one more nude photo of her up on The Internet she will drug me, dress me up in leathers, take photographs, post them up on The Internet and to top it off join forces with www.Plentyoffish.com.


And of course my so very radiant wife could easily pass for being in her early twenties especially when not listening to her make such perfect sense in the most breathtaking French accent and just looking at her gorgeous face and a body so out of this world I just want to cry for when waking up fully clad in those leathers.



Now turn up even louder track 3 GRAVEDIGGER so that when the train passes by the Doppler Effect forces when combined with that of the fresh ocean swept air originating from the shores of the awesome Peoples Republic of Communist China you begin feeling the effects of weightlessness.


Cyrus Jones 1810 to 1913
Made his great grandchildren believe
You could live to a hundred and three
A hundred and three is forever when you're just a little kid
So Cyrus Jones lived forever


When you dig my grave

Could you make it shallow
So that I can feel the rain

Muriel Stonewall
1903[1] to 1954
She lost both of her babies in the second great war
Now you should never have to watch
Your only children lowered in the ground
I mean you should never have to bury your own babies

When you dig my grave

Could you make it shallow
So that I can feel the rain

Ring around the rosey
Pocket full of posey
Ashes to ashes

We all fall down

When you dig my grave
Could you make it shallow
So that I can feel the rain

Little Mikey Carson 67 to 75
He rode his
Bike like the devil until the day he died
When he grows up he wants to be Mr. Vertigo on the flying trapeze
Ohhh, 1940 to 1992

When you dig my grave
Could you make it shallow
So that I can feel the rain

When you dig my grave
Could you make it shallow
So that I can feel the rain

Feel the rain
I can feel the rain



Do you have any more details apart from what it says below that your grandson “received known stolen property $400+”


Not to mention bail set at US$50K not US$250K!


To mention little of RoyMarc Rich Ally” Essakow

whose back of head you see in the photo above closest to the door in my Royal Mater-Mother’s Charm School


located in the converted garage of our home at 50 Bowes Lyon Avenue, Glenwood, Durban, South Africa, leading in to the driveway which we first had to walk down before most if not all of those you see in that one-of-a-kind pillow fight photo joined Roy after a sleepover where we would have our customary pillow fights, ending when Roy was arrested for stealing a bottle of orange juice that was part of a “sting operation” set up by the local South African police following a series of thefts which Roy nor any of us had been a party to, nor for that matter had we any knowledge that others less fortunate would do such a criminal act simply out of a basic need to survive in the very hostile environment of South Africa, hostile not only to the tens of millions of the most awesome peoples of color but all independent thinkers around the world who didn’t need anyone to explain to them that it was the brute force of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel’s United States Armed Forces which kept the most brutally repressive South African Apartheid Regime in UNINTERRUPTED power from 1948 to 1994.


Roy’s father’s reaction when arriving at the police station was to crack him so hard across the head that Roy went flying across the room but it was my Royal Mater who would have preferred that Natie Essakow hadkept his cool” and let Roy, who my mother cared for more than anyone else apart from her own 4 children, go to jail; Zena Gevisser not mincing any words when letting me know that had I stolen anything no matter how small she wouldn’t lift a finger, not even provide the bail money, “I would let you rot in jail!”.


Until of course it happens to one’s own children it is all so very easy to act so very preachy telling ones children repeatedly that if they ever felt they needed a hand to simply look at the end of their arm.


And when again saying it enough times it may in fact work wonders on the children but what about the grandchildren who never got a “fighting chance” beginning with having such awesome caring parents and grandparents as me and in fact a good number of us independent thinkers who have been able to see the writing on the wall for “sum” [sic] time now.


I got back a couple of hours ago after dropping Marie and the kids off at the San Diego Commuter airport where American Airlines officials and employees stole back on April 3rd a fair chunk of gold out of my hand luggage which I was able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt in a series of emails between myself and American Airlines’ General Manager upon my return from Europe, not to mention the retaliatory threatening phone call that on top of the “deafening silences” of Gerard Arpey, the President and Chief Operating Officer of American Airlines et al speaking volumes.


The best was a fatso at the United Airlines counter asking me “What is it that you don’t get?” after she provided me with her curriculum vitae which had me mostly focusing on apart from her fat the words, “8 and half years on the job!”


Not to mention that the reason she wasn’t going to check Marie through to Vancouver, Canada instead leave it up to officials in Los Angeles to decide whether my French-Canadian wife had the “right documentation” was because, “I don’t want to be written up!  


No surprise that Marie’s 18 year old Danielle would pipe in, “What is it that you don’t understand?


Is there any Pollard family member interested in seeing this 18 year old grandchild of yours get a "fair trial"?


Not to mention his father, your one son, has been labeled a “sex offender” since he was in his mid-twenties for having had consensual sex with an underage girl whose parents were simply looking for a “scapegoat” for their lack of parenting skills, causing not only your son but his children to be “cast out” despite repeated attempts especially by your son to try and do the “right thing”.


Bear in mind that behind the studio cliff house right by the garbage cans is a US$550 Willis Brothers surfboard


 I had made for Jonathan

which he has barely used because it is not quite to his "liking", wrong this and that which may in fact make perfect sense even to the Willis Brothers who thought it would be perfect given how it is unlikely they would want to see a board in pretty much perfect condition out there soiling up the San Diego dump for every surfer kid “down on his luck” willing to give their “front teeth” to be so fortunate to own which is not to suggest anything apart from why don’t you and I try selling it and even if we get say US$5 perhaps the person we sell it to will throw in a buck or "tTOo"

[sic] and before we know it we could have say US$5,000 enough for the 10% bail non-refundable deposit or if we think your grandson is a “flight risk” to get him a competent criminal attorney who with my guidance might be able to help not only your grandson but his younger brother fast following in his elder brother's path to a life of crime?

Not to mention how "gang-bangers" are such very easy "targets" for law enforcement to show the rest of the discombobulated citizenry that they are "tough on crime" as those most rapacious criminals build into their "cost of sales" the "cost of getting caught" getting away time and again with “bloody murder”.


Not to mention that even if your grandson has personally never committed a single violent act, gangs just by their very nature are intimidating which of course gives those of us who think we are above it all the perfect excuse to excuse all the reasons we know for a fact why it is that gangs are so very attractive to those whose very basic needs are not being met and who join the “bullies” who invariably make up a very small percentage but who give all “gang-bangers” such a very bad name.


We know most of us human beings are simply followers and when given no choice end up rallying around the bullies of the school.


Not to mention how it comes to pass that it is the self-righteous “bleeding heart liberals” out there the very first when “rising above the ashes” [sic] buy their “status symbol” BMW and Porche gas guzzling SUVs while continuing to voice so very loudly their call for “change” along with of course their disgust of so athletic President George W. Bush who is fully deserving of every vacation he and his awesome wife, I forget her name,,,, o yes, Laura, take.


Now think of Bill “Rhodes-DeBeers-Marc Rich-Scholar” Clinton and Hilary having their perfunctory sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It is no different in any part of the world all this outrageous hypocrisy although when you consider how extraordinarily nervous these days are people like Harry Rady standing to inherit one of the world’s greatest fortunes from his father Ernest Rady in command and control of American Assets that includes significant mining holdings in Canada, you have to think there is more to this story of Harry building up one most extraordinary arsenal in his La Jolla home to fight off those down and out tying up his parents and escaping with some US$43 dollars odd, than simply Harry also taking steroids which is what I believe I read as well as in the DAAC’s San Diego Union Tribune.


BTW after Marie took photos of JoNathan this morning to send to you to get in to the “right hands” to wean him you might think that much quicker off BIG BEN’s “handouts” I journeyed with Marie to an upper-end cosmetic store in Solana Beach located in a shopping center owned by Ernest, actually he owns both shopping centers on either side of Interstate 5 on Loma Sante Fe Road that a friend of mine from Durban, South Africa who I first lived with in Chicago when I arrived back on St. Patrick’s Day 1978, now in the street-parking lot cleaning business and as a result of my connection to Ernest, got the concession resulting in this check to me.


Not to mention last evening when I went to pick up our vegetarian and your albacore and yellowtail sushi from Matsu Gawa just up the road from the studio cliff house on 11th Street as I got off Marie’s red scooter I dropped a hundred dollar bill that a rather large patron waiting outside for a clearing at the very crowded sushi bar found and not knowing who it belonged to handed it over to the female waiter who was waiting on me at the cash register; the wad of $100 loose bills I had in my left hand left little doubt who the money belonged to, and of course once the honest gentleman and his lady friend were seated at the sushi counter I handed him back the money while letting him know that if there was anything remaining after eating Matsui Gawa out of “steak and Home” [sic], now come to think of it he was while very sweet as big as a house, to leave it with Jim the only other waiter who is of course on my email list and who had his hands full keeping up rather well on what may very possibly have been the busiest night in the history of Matsui Gawa benefiting from the overflow of drunk horserace goers frequenting the Del Mar Plaza just a few blocks north increasingly attracting the cheapest of whores.


Why not also leave, “goods things alone”?


Naturally, I made good use of the time while waiting for our delicious meal to be packed and shared with the gentleman Marie’s business card while letting him know to wait a few weeks before www.SELLNEXT.COM is fully functioning.


Now, of course, I could have gone overboard and started an auction to see if anyone would be interested in www.real-tycheck.com that expires on August 22nd.


Once, however, one recognizes why it is that rich spoiled brat kids who can go to their BIG BENs benefiting from real estate inflationary bidding wars when needing cash to buy the next and best greatest whatever, cannot even bring themselves to pass an opinion about how they feel about the possibility of a military draft being reinstated here in the United States in order to support our out-of-control industrial-military-complex that feeds the stock market that in turn feeds the insurance industry that in turns creates out-of-control real estate development dependant on the masses breeding out of control, all of which is responsible for their trust funds being worth more than the paper-deforested trees they are written on, so in the next breath you are beginning to see not only the “defense case” I am preparing for your grandson but to get all gang-bangers to realize that those members of law enforcement responsible for “tagging” them are nowhere close to being their enemies and to as difficult as it sounds at first, given the unmentionable violence that occurs in prison awaiting trial, to try while praying as hard as they can to God to place themselves in the shoes of local law enforcement “on the beat” who have also mouths to feed who each and every day that they see their mom and dad put on their uniform and place the gun in their holster it may be the last time.


When one considers how I was the only one in my family of 6 to be in the least bit interested in why my paternal grandfather, a very wealthy trader who could afford as many maids as he wanted had his very busy arms trader orphaned mother return to England from Israel to raise my very brilliant, secretive and not one to tell anyone what to do or how to do it mother at the same time never tolerated for a moment anyone DARING to question her, so you understand why it is that I am extraordinarily sensitive to those spoiled brat rich kids the most discombobulated which doesn’t mean that they should be allowed to turn their backs on people like your grandson.


Moreover, just take a look “on the faces” [sic] of any kid who has finished high school anywhere in the world once you inform them of yesterday’s news that the western world’s central banks had to pump in billions of their worthless currencies in to the totally underwater capital and financial markets, that such billions didn’t simply come out of “nowhere” but out of the hides of the next generation, you may rethink a number of things beginning with how the next generation of children throughout the world may decide to do something before the world runs out of oil in 5 years or less, depending.


Then look very, very very, carefully at the alternative to the United States Government reintroducing the military draft which you can bet your bottom worthless-fictitious and very blood stained DeBeers-Dollar will not be well received by those in particular who faired rather well on the battlefields against the DAAC United States British military post World War II.


To raise the pay of American service people to that which we pay our mercenaries, currently between US$75,000 and US$150,000 a year to protect not only American service people and of course our mercenaries are not doing the greatest job in the world but to make sure the oil flows not only out of the ground where we so purposefully create our “tried and proven” civil wars but on to oil supertankers which have to travel the high seas, not to forget the Cole or the USS Liberty spy ship for more than a picosecond, would mean our service people are then mercenaries no longer fighting for “love of country, freedom and democracy” being paid the “sniff of an oil rag”.


Not to mention please let me know what else I should mention prior to my follow up email to President George W. Bush when I will be spelling out in simple English although if you want it in Hebrew I am fully capable of doing it just as well, the Top Secret Israeli Military Intelligence report that makes China “central” to a date-time certain when the Israeli top military brass expect either Israel and/or Al Quaida and/or the United States of America and/or Great Britain to launch of series of attacks in the Middle East that in the next instant will paralyze the American economy.


Ps - I assume you read my email to you when you got home last evening.


Ps II – Perhaps you could also help me reach this Harvard University Professor, Ross Terrill who penned the abysmal “Dealing with China in the coming years” the ending saying everything,


Above all we [the United States] should continue to be a beacon for freedom, with dignity and patience, but also with tenacity and no apologies”.


Not to mention do you think Mr. Terrill has the excuse of being “discombobulated” or totally DAAC corrupted when forgetting the American led 8 Allied invasion of China in 1900 financed by DAAC financed American bankers led by J.P. Morgan?


You might in fact agree with my “drift” that the email below I began sending out this morning to “all interested” parties might not only help in your grandson’s defense but stop with this nonsense of making China the new EVIL EMPIRE.


Subject: I am trying to reach Ross Terrill.


I was most enlightened by his article "Dealing with China In the Coming Years".

Consequently, I am eager to make a significant contribution.

Before I dis…---…


Not to mention yet again my “Spago” pal aka “our man Roger” aka Roger W. Robinson a name The IT couldn’t help but mention on September 8th 2002, our JoNathan’s 10th birthday, and 3 days before THE IT filed the baseless criminal complaint against me, when during the birthday celebrations when Marie was busy making certain all the kids were having a great time, THE IT after totally “losing his cool” when seeing me in the driveway of his X-wife’s home on Barbados Way, Del Mar in my new Mini Cooper S, as this redneck of rednecks failed to goad me in to a fist fight then “out of the blue” while shaking the car from the passenger side began saying “Roger Robinson is also afraid” of what else besides for me exposing all those rotten selfish future shellfish who think the world is all about them.


To mention little again of  The IT who to the best of my knowledge has not met this “traitor of traitor” to the “Free Enterprise System”, also then asking Marie who had now come out of the house to find out what was causing THE IT to go utterly berserk to “assure” me that he had no problem with his eyesight.


“I detest those who derive great satisfaction in exceeding the limits of their small authority; i.e. evil does not come in the form of a pointed tail or pitched fork!” – Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esquire


Ps III – Don’t you think Hitler lying there in his grave might think he might still have a chance of rising from the dead and being absolved of all his sins when comparing his crimes to that of The IT bearing in mind that Hitler wasn’t really all that well paid an actor who spelled out right from the start his game plan?


[Word count 3763]



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[1] Our Mini Cooper S was the 103rd mini sold by Brecht Mini in Escondido, California