From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Sunday, May 21, 2006 12:22 PM PT
To: Eve Woodford
Cc: rest; Ms. Valerie Coster; Devin Standard; MDG
Subject: RE: Sea Crest Cafe




Thank you for being so EXTRAORDINARIly clear.


We can conclude these matters right this very minute by you either phoning or emailing Valerie who will tell you what sales she did for the last season bearing in mind that she kept a daily tally and as best I recall with all the many other things going on in her very busy life she did in the region of 20,000 pounds last summer to mention little of Valerie being the first to tell you that she is not the most efficient person in the kitchen that should generate gross profit margins upwards of 70% but what this “Godsend” possibly lacks “in that arena” where I am nothing short of “worthless” certainly when compared to my over-the-top efficient partner-wife MDG now sporting this new Maui sunglasses “sophisticated look” versus the more “casualMiklis look, Valerie makes up for in spades by giving customers far more than what they ever bargained for beginning with her most extraordinary contagious smile and a personality to boot that in my humble but seasoned opinion has a lot to do with why “us British” are SIGNIFICANTly healthier than “us Americans” in terms of our bodies which thanks to our over the top corrupt, prescription drug crazed physicians so many of us throughout the world forget is connected to our brains but until one breaks a sweat on a continuous basis one will inevitably lead the most miserable life never, while losing oneself vicariously in fiction-non-fiction-fiction Hollywood entertainment, capable of adapting to the “built in change” thinking the two are not only disconnected but two “inanimate objects” to mention little of how the mathematics-science male dominated world who DARE to suggest that women are “innately inferior” to men in the all important math and sciences that are the most quantifiable disciplines that measure “intelligence”, the ability to logically synthesize leading to a life of harmonious logical thought processing such DERANGED human beings FAIL MISERABLY in recognizing that apart from my wife, Marie Dion Gevisser, the smartest person in the mathematics the world has ever know is Marie von Savant who painstakingly and methodically went about embarrassing the “cr*p” [sic] out of the male, heavy testosterone clad clubby world of academia particularly in the all important sciences and math when proving beyond a shadow of a doubt using mathematics, the most precise as well as SPIRITUAL of all the languages that ‘CHOOSING CHANGE” no matter what, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS increases the “ODD OF SUCCESS”.


So the next time you hear either a male academic or a female with elevated levels of testosterone such as Ms. Dawn the “on-off” one of several crime partner of the now “sidelined” Sperm Donor who continues to work for now indicted money laundering evil of evil Shareholder Class Action Law firm of Milberg Weiss-Lerach former clients of mine, saying ANYTHING even if you think it makes PERFECT SENSE, bearing in mind why it is that MW-L “saw fit” to “choose” physicians as they easiest group to further corrupt when paying them off to be “lead plaintiff” who ultimately can be relied to fuck the innocent and naïve investing public so oblivious to the role “Gaming” plays in their increasing lack of intelligence, may I humbly suggest you do the following:


First, ask, “What do you mean?


And even if they were to respond, “What do you mean, ‘What do you mean?’ since I know you are on the Little Rattlesnake’s email list and know perfectly well that this time I am making perfect sense which understand all too well” just plow right ahead and ask, “How do you know?” and when they become more unglued to without missing a heartbeat, G-d forbid you suggest that these intellectually dishonest specimens get in touch with the heartbeat of the universe, state the obvious ever so softly, pausing continuously at the right spots,


Why is it that you imbeciles who pontificate on us women being inferior in the all important math and sciences which combined constitute the chemistry that make up our all important mind, the most basic and first proof of the “supernatural”, you constantly seem to lose track, could it be your addiction to aspartame, of the awesome work product of Marie Vos Savant with the highest IQ ever recorded who embarrassed all you awfully intellectually dishonest males when she had to painstakingly and methodically go about proving beyond a shadow of doubt applying mathematics not even at the highest levels why IT IS that “CHOOSING CHANGE” always increases the “odds and success”!


The inability of those so myopic not able to see always the “glass as half full” instead focusing on the negatives, hoping especially now as the past and the future all come together in the present, the Digital Age, a G-D-send, that they can STILL distract the masses with their increasingly poor sense of humor, Hollywood to boot, WHILE “banking on” their knowledge of how extraordinarily unstable are the capital and financial markets that by continuing to “short the market”, i.e. place heavy bets first and foremost on the share price of public corporations falling that they KNOW versus BELIEVE will NOT simply drop but MOST IMPORTANTLY, drop PRECIPITIOUSLY resulting in WIDESPREAD panic leading inevitably to ALL OUT WAR allowing these scoundrels, these intellectual midgets, these disgusting academics IN CHOOTS with Hollywood under the “command and control” of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel’s MADison Avenue, “A Diamond is Forever-A Girl’s Best Friend” to disappear back once again into the “shaDows”, has everything to do with their inability to logically thought process which again is a function of not able to see the connecting dots between the body, mind and soul thinking that the world is about “me, me, me” never bothering to stop being stupid for the simple reason that they MAKE THE CHOICE to be a moron given how incredibly easy it is in this “dog eat god aspartame” [sic] world to blame others who they think, bearing in mind that they cannot logically thought process, are much worse human beings.


Negative people invariably attract negative attention but why be so hard on oneself in wasting time on such “lost souls” especially once one has concluded that not only does “G-D exist” but is EXTRAORDINARILY SMART in empowering each one of us to be INDEPENDENT THINKERS right FROM THE START beginning by having us apply the highest levels of math and science to what we know is “intuitive” assuming one has not let one’s formal education that is geared to toward the most average and most malleable rising to the top as you would expect from the shape of Bell Shaped Curve, interfere with one’s learning.


So go ahead and offer me percentage of sales deal that is not  only one that I cannot refuse but with sufficient cushion to allow me to come back to you and reduce such a percentage to a totally INsignificant amount that will have all of us working “to-get-her” [sic] to make your 12 month stay the most enjoyable period so far of your lives.


Living well is the best revenge!




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From: Eve Woodford
Sent: Sunday, May 21, 2006 9:56 AM
Subject: Sea Crest Cafe


Hi again Marie and Gary


Thank you for your replies to our proposal and for explaining your position very clearly.


We appreciate your frankness and concerns regarding the future of  Sea Crest and can only assure you of our commitment in discussing the

proposals for both the rental of the home and the success of the café.


Frankie and I would regard the house as our home so would NOT rent out any of the rooms. We wish to concentrate on promoting the café to its full potential and

have many ideas towards promoting this.


Although we understand your wishes for having a percentage of  sales, we have to take into account that at this stage we have no knowledge of  previous

turnover or figures and we need to make sure that it would be a viable proposition for us to make a living after paying the rent plus all bills and repairs and maintenance etc, but I am sure we can come to an mutual agreement.


Like you we would like to conclude these matters promptly as we would want to take full advantage of the main summer season.


We look forward to hearing from you.