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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2006 6:18 PM PT
To: Ed Bertolas
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Subject: RE: RE:...SERVING THE BRITISH CROWN...GOLD LAST TRADING AT $643.60... Do have any gold for sale...


Couldn’t you have collected all your miserable thoughts into one stinky email?


You are beginning to sound like Ms. Dawn, The Sperm Donor’s on-off again girlfriend, next to engage me in a boxing match and when I agree, willing to put up one million United States Dollars in gold bullion as long as she comes up with a “matching purse”, she tries to make fun of the fact that I caught her with her panties down.


The thought has me now wanting to vomit.


Bear in mind this so evil fatso should have by now the bucks “secured” even though the “tTOo” [sic] of them have YET to marry despite being given the “green light” by at least one of The Sperm Donor’s “tTOo” [sic] biological children that we know of.


This massive big butt who sits all day on a stool typing away for the criminal and now indicted law firm of Milberg Weiss-Lerach, not only declines my generosity despite The Sperm Donor probably willing to have her “sacrifice herself” but threatens to once again file a baseless criminal complaint against me for exactly what you think, this time?


What should we call this Next Symposium?


Remember now, the likes of Dr. John K. Pollard are making out like bandits “shorting” the stock markets all around the world, praying for a precipitous stock-real estate market collapse, now as I shine the brightest of spotlights on their deceptiveness, increasingly on their hands and knees in search of religion as well as crumbs, finding themselves increasingly poorer as the masses of hard working people begin to take back what is rightfully theirs.


The rapacious, if able to hold their breath, soon willing to submerge themselves in the incredibly refreshing oceans that will inevitably clean up all the overload of poop coming from those eating themselves to death when carving up the world with their bs paper-pushing mergers and divestitures, JUST SO AS TO DISTRACT the not all that dumb young, not even close, not just in the 3rd world but here in the United States waking up real quick to “how hard it is” to find a livable paying job no matter how many years they spend in college learning nothing about the SO VERY IMPORTANTmoney creation” business,


BUT NOW, THIS INSTANT these so full of themselves unmindful blabbermouths feeling so FANTASTICALLY HOPELESS as I ever so patiently and ever so painstakingly and please, please, please forgive me for adding in the all important word, “methodically”, go about slicing up in to the most delicious tasting tiny weenie pieces the so stuffy nosed boys and girls over at LOL who our American elitists never figured in a million years I would provide irrefutable “smoking gun proof” of us here in the United States but mostly our home bred elitists doing nothing more than serving the British Crown who care for their own subjects less than they care for us “snotty nosed” Americans.


Be a sport, email Dr. JKP, email address JKPJKP@alum.mit.edu and see if he will right this very minute before I begin the 3rd 90 minute loop walk of Nobel Canyon, “go on record” and debate me on the “merits” of what has him as well as his followers inciting “religious warfare”, now FINALLY shutting the FUCK up!


But don’t hold your breath since contributing significantly to his childishness apart from obvious senility is his over-the-top Ivy league education which no doubt also allows Dr. JKP to compute since not all education is bad that “the game is up” as he comes to terms in “real time” as do you and all those fatsos grabbing more than their fair share of the graft, not willing to “come clean” even at this very late hour in the day as the truth about your bs lives is being revealed for the entire world to see, beginning and ending with how EXTRAORDINARILY easy it has been for the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel using their diamond studded iron fist CONTROL of the diamond market AS WELL AS control of your idiot educated minds, to be in “command and control” of LORDS-Lloyds of London as well as the DeBeers Central Selling Organization for more than 100 years without a single AMERICAN NAME daring to say, “boo!” to mention little of both criminal enterprises making all of OPEC and every single Drug Cartel, apart of course from Drug crazed pharmaceutical corporations, look like saints.


Now allow me to turn your attention to the British based agents of LOL who were so happy to do business with me before they received this and this, now sending me the following:


We are not permitted to distribute our marketing material in the USA or to US citizens.


I am sorry…


Your stupidity, your indifference as well as your shame, I will bet my bottom dollar, is written all over your face, the same with Dr. JKP who like the rest of the 15% odd of the human literate and very crooked population increasingly DOES NOT KNOW who to trust with their “better judgment” beginning with immediate family members who may very well be reading and lapping this all up in “real time” and wont necessarily when all of this is “FULLY-XPOSED” [sic] feel the need to waste their time admitting how much satisfaction they derived from this new and improved “Gong Show”.


Such lack of trust is in fact “pale in comparison” with exponentially increasing lack of trust in the monetary system beginning and ending with the likes of the United States Federal Reserve who are only tasked with “exercising good judgment” so long as no one in the heavily corrupt United States Congress asks them about the “C” word as in “Cartel” as in “Corrupt” beyond words.


Population control by the DAAC has been going on for 100+ years and every human being on this planet who attended high school and dumb enough to have spent more than 4 years at university including the not altogether “cr*ppy” [sic] University of Natal, Durban, South Africa KNEW or SHOULD HAVE KNOWN unless it stated on their birth certificate, “certified imbecile” that the DAAC’s entire business model was, while in “command and control” of the world’s military mite, playing the superpowers against one another, made it their business-personal to “light fires” throughout the world, most of all making certain that their-our corrupt despots in the 3rd world never allow incorruptible grass roots organizations from ever getting off the ground, working “hand in fist” with the corrupt church to promote child birth, the most selfish human act after we had decimated the rest of the animal kingdom, transitioning so quickly from the race for “survival of the fittest” to the race for “survival of the richest” and why you see today in “black and white” organizations like the Freedom Road Socialist Organization not willing AS YET to “lift a finger” and point their increasingly less confused audience in the direction of the DAAC’s INTERNET ONLY book, THE DIAMOND INVENTION.


Yes, go ahead and remember all the times you heard the church, whether it be the Jewish church, the Romans who morphed in to the Roman Catholic Church, the Protestants, the Hindus, the successful publishing Dali Lamas of the world, the fat Buddhas preaching self-constraint and G-d forbid I forget those despicable warmongering Mullahs, EVER ONCE pointing a finger at the DAAC who have enslaved all the hard working masses of the world.


Each and every one of the religions have their greatness stemming from the genius of Judaism and each and every one of the clerics WITHOUT EXCEPTION are all joined at the hip, united in their deafening silence.


Without the poor there would be no church and without the church there would be no poor.


Go ahead and choke, no strike that, enjoy what will soon be rather expensive Coca Cola when watching time and again the Hollywood big time sellout Steven Spielberg’s again, increasingly less confusing movie MUNIch financed not so much by corporate ad-placements as say ET to mention little of how the masses of Peruvians will soon decide when revoking the mineral exploration rights of corrupt corporations to have the current Chairman of the Board of Coca Cola compensate every Peruvian going back as far as the Incas, as far as I am concerned, who did not receive their fair share of the graft that afforded Coca Cola the right to place their sugar hooking emblem over the left breast pocket of law enforcement officers “armed to teeth” with real guns and real sticks in the Village of Machu Picchu. 


Ps – Marie is showing some of her well priced oil paintings tomorrow over at the Plaza in downtown Del Mar between 3 and 6 PM.


Plz” [sic] don’t worry about being strip-searched by either MDG or someone like Flotilla 13 commando Guy Friedman who has far better things to do with his time these day, but certainly bring your gold nuggets and if Il Fornaio and/or the high fashion store Gerhards is still taking worthless United States Dollars then bring a whole bunch but don’t expect me to give you much for the wheelbarrow given how Marie Dion Gevisser is only showing 3 of her paintings which you should be able to carry rather easily and if not of course I will help, and be incredibly obliging certainly if you were to purchase a Porterhouse steak dinner not just for me but Pypeetoe, my Super Intelligent Italian Greyhound who so ingeniously let me know yesterday that he needed a bath when he decided to roll himself in a whole bunch of thick grease that mysteriously showed up on this one green batch of grass over in Pine Valley and when it came time to give him a deep cleansing wash not only did all the oil come off so easily so did all the grime deposited below.


Now, please, I beg of you, don’t call the head of U.S. Wildlife and Game or the U.S. Forest Rangers who seem to be patrolling around our stone home deep in the Cleveland National Forest more so than usual although, if you happen to have all the email addresses of every government employee around the world I will, assuming I get permission from MDG invite you over for drinks at our magnificent RENTed cliff house in heavily corrupt Del Mar.


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From: Ed Bertolas
Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2006 12:18 PM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: Re: RE:...GOLD LAST TRADING AT $643.20... Do have any gold for sale...


yur a sic(k) man


From: Ed Bertolas
Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2006 12:18 PM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: Re: RE:... RE:...GOLD LAST TRADING AT $643.20... Do have any gold for sale...



Screw yu