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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2006 11:22 AM PT
To: Nigel Hanbury -
Chief Executive - Hampden Agencies Limited - LORDS-Lloyds of London
Cc: rest; President@whitehouse.gov; Roger W. Robinson; United States Justice Department; Mossad; FBI; 60m@cbsnews.com
Subject: RE: FW: Becoming a member of Lloyds of London


Dear Nigel,


Thank you.


You are coming in on the “tail end” of a rather important “Next Symposium” and the first thing I would like you to do is look at this hyperlink that takes you to a heavily broadcasted and read communiqué I sent yesterday to President Bush to mention little of today being my Royal Mater’s 77th birthday and yes I would suggest that before getting back to me you click on all my hyperlinks including the one over the numerals 77 that take you to the birthday gift I gave back on October 18th 2000 to my amazing father, former WWII Allied Fighter-Bomber-Pilot, Bernie Gevisser on his 77th birthday.


The first thing you will notice in the 3284 word email to George W. Bush is that it contains a relatively significant number of other hyperlinks, notice the edits in the color green, that inevitably take you to this communiqué I received on May 25th 2005 from Windy Winn, a local Del Mar journalist-politician in which he makes reference to a friend of his who has acted as a “consultant” to the two most recent former Chairmen of the United States Federal Reserve whose 70 word response to my very straight forward question, “Are Certificates of Insurance included in the Money Supply numbers and if not why not…” is very possibly going to be my “Prologue” when next getting together with both a local high school teacher who is preparing to write a paper on the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, the cartel of cartel, money launderers of money launderers, i.e. mafia of mafia as well as her students some of whom have just this past week graduated from high school.


Just very recently my Royal Mater, Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman changed after some 30 odd years her telephone number in Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England but I don’t think you would have much trouble getting hold of her very good friend, my uncle David Gevisser who lives in Johannesburg, South Africa to mention little of uncle David being not only my father’s first cousin but the “male heir” of the enormously mineral rich American Charles Engelhard who finally at age 54 succumbed to poisoning back on” [sic] March 1971, his church funeral at St. Mary’s in Morris Town, New Jersey, not all that far Englehard Minerals and Chemicals, Newark, NJ attended by the DAAC’s leading corrupt politicians in the United States, Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy, former Democrat President Lyndon Johnson and Democrat Vice President Humphrey.


For obvious reasons Hollywood blockbuster author-journalist Edward Jay Epstein who wrote the fascinating INTERNET ONLY book, THE DIAMOND INVENTION while providing so much extraordinary detail in this let me repeat EXTRAORDINARILY revealing book that while written in the late 1970s has yet to wet the appetite of a major book publisher and not because it leaves the reader a little confused about a number of things while leaving out the really juicy stuff much like Steven Spielberg in his 2005 movie Munich but for it was “brilliantly” designed to first make the reader feel extraordinarily stupid followed shortly thereafter to wanting to “slit their wrists” and if that if a little too extreme then how about simply feeling worthless, giving up hope before than moving on to the next distraction such as what was Spielberg actually thinking when deciding that everyone apart from me in this world was as dumb as dumb can be including incorruptible Israeli Intelligence officers.


I should also let you know that as I type all this at a blinding speed while paying most of my attention to the commodity markets, particularly the trading of gold, I am intimately familiar with not only the business of Lords-Lloyds of London but have understood the EXTRAORDINARY value of Certificates of Insurance while still in high school in South Africa, which was quite “sum” [sic] time before I became at age 27 the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Insurance Marketing Services Inc., starting in August 1984 and ending in August 1989 when almost immediately jumped on a plane and traveled to 10 countries in Europe + Israel in a matter of 14 days on behalf of Solly Krok a Jewish South African industrialist who had acquired most of the international rights to the Israeli engineered and manufactured Epilady Woman’s Shaver, a secret weapon to collect DNA from the best looking women in the world like my extraordinarily beautiful and so sexy wife, Marie Dion Gevisser,,, just checking to make certain you are still paying attention and haven’t YET decided to catch the next passing comet to Mars.


1984 is a rather important milestone when examining closely very recent Economic-Political-History beginning with my one rather powerful American buddy, Roger W. Robinson who started out in January 1984 and continued through April 1985 as Executive Secretary of the Senior Interdepartmental Group-International Economic Policy, a Cabinet-level body that reported through the National Security Council (NSC) to President Ronald W. Reagan to mention little of “our Communist boss Roger” as Senior Director had responsibility for all “economic, financial, trade, and energy relationships of the United States worldwide for NSC” to mention in passing RWR later from October 2002 through July 2004 was the Chairman of the all important U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission  and was then reappointed as Vice Chairman by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist on May 7, 2003, for a three-year term that expired December 31, 2005.


Nigel, in due course I will be continuing with President GWB this very important Next Symposium that is geared to reveal more “truths”, that which does not change, as well as flush out all the lies that has mostly pencil-pure carbon-paper pushers who add no value to the betterment of mankind in “command and control” of the world’s limited resources feeling so Almighty powerful as they go about creating all sorts of so wordy fictitious financial instruments beefed up by corrupt lawyer-liars spread throughout the world who are at best simply allocating amongst their loyal following, again made of about 15% of the entire word’s population, the very limited precious resources that belong to all of us as well as future generations of independent thinkers.


Gold last traded at $654.30 a troy ounce and I think you would agree such a price does not reflect the totally fictitious business of either LOL or the Central Selling Organization both under the “command and control” of the DAAC and both for good reason headquartered in London, England while their “real muscle” can be found in the heavily corrupt United States Congress who have done the most terrific job of convincing mostly hard working north Americans that “communism” is a “bad thing”.


You would know that the “best form of defense is offense” and of course it is not going to take much effort on my part to have each and every school kid throughout the world understanding perfectly well in no time at all that apart from the great leadership of honorable people like GWB and Tony Blair most if not all of the rest of the western world’s politicians are evil and so lazy and so disgustingly fat communist bosses who make it their business-personal to first take care of their loyal following who then make it their business-personal to ferment civil unrest in the rest of the world, making certain that the masses breed like rabbits and be prepared for a life of heavenly love in the life hereafter, the corrupt church doing a magnificent job of convincing the brainwashed that dying like flies is essential just so long as they slave away during their so desperate lifetimes producing the goods and services demanded by the pencil-pure carbon-paper pushers who up until now have had not the biggest brains but simply the biggest guns.


You would know that the Chinese did a whole lot more than invent paper money.


Please now join me in calling upon the British Parliament and the United States Congress to do the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing and devalue immediately our worthless currencies and at the same time suspend trading in the shares of public corporation thereby protecting the innocent and naïve who are simply throwing increasingly worthless money after bad. Those well run public companies should have no fear for they will be at a competitive advantage relative to the capital in the form of gold and the such that has been so smartly socked away.


Bear in mind as you ponder all this in “real time” that this is not some “bullsh*t” [sic] horror movie but the “real thing”.


Knowledge-Information-Light is now traveling closer and closer to Light-G-D-Speed bringing with it the only chance we have of giving peace a better chance and I think it is fair to say that you nor anyone you know has a better “command of numbers” than me that would be willing at this time to debate me again in “real time” on the merits of my prognosis that apart from an “Act of G-d” and people like you still able to get away with talking absolute nonsense the capital and financial markets would have long collapsed.



Next tTOo

Breeding is everything!





Built tTOo




There can be longer any excuse for ignoring the pleas of the hard working masses who if we don’t right this instant “fall on the sword” could end our games “forever” of using wars to cull the poor and downtrodden who “toil the soil” by these ever increasingly enlightened not being so dumb as we would protest, and fall into our trap of resorting to violence.


Instead, it my humble but seasoned opinion, that they will stick close to their laptops, desktops and enjoy themselves at Internet Cafes increasingly popping up all over the place, overseen by highly skilled and experienced current as well as former Special Forces personnel from “all sides” waking up to the lies that those who have stolen the most have so much trouble keeping track of from day one.


Good Day,


Gary S. Gevisser

A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There.


[Word count 1693]


From: Nigel Hanbury - Chief Executive - Hampden Agencies Limited
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2006 9:59 AM
To: gevisser@sbcglobal.net
Subject: RE: FW: Becoming a member of Lloyds of London


Lloyd's are only set up to accept certain assets as security, The sole commodity that is acceptable is gold.They would not want to get involved in liquidating a portfolio of diamonds. However there may well be acceptable banks that are knowledgeable in that field who would be prepared to take diamonds as security for a Lloyd's guarantee or LOC .They would charge a modest fee for that arrangement.  This leaves Lloyd's in the position that they only have to deal with an acceptable bank and not have to worry about what was behind it.(barring usual money laundering regulations).

 Please get back in touch if you would like to take he matter further.  



From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2006 9:12 AM PT
To: Nigel Hanbury - Chief Executive - Hampden Agencies Limited
Subject: RE: FW: Becoming a member of Lloyds of London


Yes, it does help greatly.


Just one last thing. Why wouldn’t diamonds be accepted as “primary security” given how easy it would be for me or anyone for that matter with significant “net worth” to sell the diamonds and not only get cash but not be subjected to the rather large “spread” between the wholesale and retail price of diamonds whether or not industrial diamonds produced in machines or gem quality that most would agree at least up until now have only come out of the ground?


Moreover, why would I even care given how a Bank Guarantee or Letter of Credit would amount to the exact same thing, possibly costing me a few pennies more for the paper work for “limited liability”, i.e. how could I possibly go wrong?


From: Nigel Hanbury - Chief Executive - Hampden Agencies Limited
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2006 9:01 AM
To: gevisser@sbcglobal.net
Subject: RE: FW: Becoming a member of Lloyds of London


Membership is now all on a Limited Liability basis for new investors. Diamonds would not be acceptable as primary security but as collateral for a Bank Guarantee or Letter of Credit would I am sure be fine but subject to whatever commercial terms that the bank would require. My colleague will drop you a line shortly with a few more details but I hope this helps in the short-term.


Nigel Hanbury
Chief Executive
Hampden Agencies Limited


Direct Telephone +44 (0) 20 7863 6502
Direct Fax + 44 (0) 20 7863 6785

From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2006 8:35 AM PT
To: Nigel Hanbury - Chief Executive - Hampden Agencies Limited
Subject: RE: FW: Becoming a member of Lloyds of London


Perhaps it would help speed up matters if you could simply tell me, assuming there were of course openings whether or not the exposure was “limited” or “unlimited”, whether a very significant balance sheet, i.e. net worth made up mostly of certified diamonds would be acceptable?


From: Nigel Hanbury
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2006 8:30 AM
To: gevisser@sbcglobal.net
Subject: Re: FW: Becoming a member of Lloyds of London


Yes I did ,I am so sorry you have not received a reply. I will investigate and ensure that you do ,either this pm or tomorrow morning.


Nigel Hanbury
Chief Executive
Hampden Agencies Limited


From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2006 7:47 AM
To: Nigel Hanbury
Subject: FW: Becoming a member of Lloyds of London


Did you receive this email below?


From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, May 24, 2006 2:12 PM
To: Nigel Hanbury
Subject: Becoming a member of Lloyds of London


Good day,


I have been referred to you by Deborah Moor of Lloyds of London.


Back in the mid to late 1980s I nearly became a “Name” and I would like to know if there are any openings.


Thank you for your consideration,


Gary Gevisser