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To: David Gmach
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Did you follow my suggestion about contacting your customers to get their input on what I already have going on


In addition to not getting off a boat just yesterday I’ve learned a thing




"tTOo" [sic] about communicating in the "real world" while making a point of "living in the present".


In a nutshell, if you have not followed through on my suggestion, worse yet failed to respond to my suggestion how in G-D's name can I trust you to improve my communication skills to mention little of Tefo while waiting for the “edited version” to his question,


How do they [those who know only to ask a question when they already know the answer or learn not to waste time second guessing themselves when they can rely on someone more credible than themselves] gain monetarily from your real-time services?


Is already sitting with the “edited version” of my answer in both his question and his subsequent writings that ended with the word “cool” all available, free of charge, in the previous hyperlink to mention little now of getting sufficient feedback that it is now time to “speed things up” while making things crystal clear so that the likes of Tefo, again while vastly superior in intellect to every single Lilly White Wheaty Eater I have ever met with the possible exception of my Royal Mater and my over the top beautiful and out of this world sexy wife, don’t succumb to the “game plan” of the ruling elite which is to have them lose precious time debating with one another that the likes of pitiful Windy Winn are out there “fighting the right fight.”


Don’t you think you have both an obligation to yourself as well as your existing customers to make them aware of the rather important “case study” I presented to a banker this past Friday who I have never spoken with previously who I am quite certain is “changed” beyond recognition, not even able to look herself “square in the eyes” when looking into a mirror to mention little of the impact this E-mail I sent out yesterday to a gentleman who left me with the impression that not only is he a good listener but that he works for a top secret organization specializing in communications; this rather “in tune” man yet to respond to that rather revealing communication that a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate human population let me know in no uncertain terms scared the living daylights out of those increasingly fearful of being further exposed for the so little they contribute to the betterment of mankind but who live like Kings, all of sudden going back in history no further than the French Revolution.


Moreover, elitists at the top of the pyramid have always counted on their pseudo intellectuals down at the bottom to fill up the minds of the children of rich elitists with gobbledygook and rely on their stooges to take care of business when “pushed against the wall” by the few elitist children whose “curiosity” for “sum” [sic] reason has been resilient noticing the extraordinary large gaps in the educational system such as why academia wait so long to teach the merits of the so important Anti-Trust-Anti-Monopolies Acts which serve mostly to provide the already co-opted next generation with the tools to suppress the next generation from not remaining curious when they could just as easily join the rest of gang ganging up mostly on the next generation.


Both the rich and poor elitists in the most insidious love fest ultimately relying on absolutely nothing changing that will upset the “status quo”, convinced right up until this precise moment in time, 8:42 AM Pacific Standard Time that only when everyone has lost everything will they truly be willing to embrace change and work together for the betterment of mankind.


But people like you will let them know why it is that this very good listener has not yet responded to my “funny money” communiqué.


Your move!


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Dear Gary,


I am only interested in reading or rather receiving, if I am going to do something to enhance their readibility, and pleasure to be read. Otherwise take me out of your didtribution list.

Sincerely, David Gmach