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Subject: FW: GOLD LAST TRADING AT $609.80 A TROY OUNCE...Money Creation Symposium - Part VII...


Dear Derrick,


I thought what Marie sent my father yesterday might get you to question more your own family “loyalty” and in so doing find a way out of your miserable existence as time does much more than take a toll on your body bearing in mind that I am not alone, not even close, in possibly being in the very best physical shape of my life, alongside one most awesome partner; neither MDG or me having the slightest fear for our physical safety as we have traveled down quite a road in getting to the point of now, this instant, being able to teach what it is that we contribute to the overall good.


Dear Bernie,

Gary has a knack in exposing the money trails.


Going from one country to the next impossible to trace unless you’re in the “know”, intimately involved, i.e. a trusted family member.

It all comes down to money, inheritance for everybody involved all the way down to the grandchildren.

What steps have you taken to make things right with regard to Gary’s flat in Seapoint, Cape Town, South Africa?

Our next move is to start a paper trail of all the monies involved dating back to 1967 up to this day, from South Africa all the way to Australia via England not to mention Mr. Jost in Switzerland.

You and the family might not want all that exposure. It might be simpler to tell the truth.


PS – Of course Gary is in full agreement with me regarding this communiqué.


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Bear in mind that of course I am aware you are still quite certain you will be able to “sock enough away” so that you wont ever become like Bernie Gevisser dependant upon your children who you think therefore will be more forgiving for you failing to tell the truth of how in fact you are much worse than my dad who never did attempt to make his kids more corrupt than him by “blackening their hands” as you are surely doing.


Of course your pitiful “foul play” doesn’t mitigate the “foul play” of my dad for protecting who else besides for my Royal Mater who has shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that her loyalty was first and foremost to my uncle David Gevisser who was not “lucky enough” but morally more corrupt to grab hold of the “brass ring” while both he and my RM went about so obviously selling his much more honest and business skilled first cousin “down the tubes” which simply had my RM going to Charles Engelhard’s “male heir” with “cap in hand” asking David Gevisser to be so gracious as to find my dad a job with other cousins who were not only corrupt but again far less skilled in the “art of business” than my dad whose only failing is that he is non-confrontational which you of course were it not for the fact that I am getting right in your face you would agree is no excuse for bad judgment.


John Moshal’s one son now control some one third of Internet Gambling but Martin Moshals I can assure you does not have my knack for exposing the money trails nor my ability to teach the next generation not as rich or corrupt as your children in 30 minutes or less how they can in fact not only get back what is rightfully theirs but have one most incredible fun time doing it.


Martin Moshal’s hands may in fact not be as “blackened” as the way your children will eventually view your “blackened hands” not simply because you have shaken the hand of Stephen Cohen of Codiam Inc. whose diamonds are used to finance “terrorist groups” not covered by the Patriot Act geared toward “flushing out” money launderers about from the DAAC but for the fact that like my dad you are “armed withKnowledge-Information-Light about this most evil institution who have made certain you “sit on your hands” preventing you from teaching your children a “value system”.


But in the past 24 hours the world has yet turned again and the rich are increasingly threatened by the Middle Class siding once again with the poor as the Middle Class feel increasingly threatened by the KIL traveling at Light-G-D-Speed, the MC figuring out on their own how extraordinarily easy it would have been say for Israel’s leadership following the end of World War II when knowing perfectly well the role played by the DAAC in getting Hitler his diamonds while thwarting the efforts of the Allies to stockpile their much needed “hard currency” to simply put a gun to the head of the DAAC unless they paid for all the weaponry needed by the fledging newly formed state which of course David Ben Gurion did which is why the United States of America is the major supplier of weapons to Israel and in return the DAAC United States Congress rely on the State of Israel to make certain that it not only makes a “big fuss” about the worthless $3 billion odd it gets in grants each year but to make certain the leadership of its enemies such as Hamas demand that their suicide bombers and their surviving families be paid in United States Dollars.


One man’s system another man’s corruption.


Without being taught the insidiously evil “money creation” business of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel that began in earnest prior to the formation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 as well as before corrupt governments using the barrel of a gun to pass laws making it legal to steal the land of weaker peoples promoting stuff like “privatization” which is just one form of regressive tax that like the word “regressive” it takes effort such as doing a google search to get understand most of all the “sly English” who are increasingly “deafeningly silent”, then you are at best an ignoramus.


It was in fact Marie who came up with the wording I shared with you back on January 15th 2005 some two days after I met with your uncle in Beverly Hills, never to forget how very crooked Dr. Jonathan “Trouble Bubble” Beare took both me as well as you for being such incredible fools as he went about protesting that he had no idea why we were meeting in Beverly Hills other than for him to lecture me on why I should be so dumb as to remove his FOOL NAME, FOOL FACE IN PUBLIC PLACE from my emails that were finding their way to the top of the Internet search engines as increasing numbers of people use my writings as a “reference point” in their search for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


So oblivious was your so evil uncle to the “paper trail” I AND YOU had PATIENTLY, PAINSTAKINGLY and METHODICALLY put “to-get-her” [sic] and when eventually working out that I had outsmarted him thought nothing of threatening me with physical violence.


To repeat that one paragraph that I am quite certain your children will inevitably present to you even if it is when visiting your graveside.


We use the excuse of family when it is plain simply money, pure greed because if u were really concerned with family would u want to raise your kid to be this corrupt because they will have to be more corrupt to survive unless of course they inherit the money, is that what u r planning to do?


Within 24 hours as the western world rejoices the killing of Al Quaeda’s top dog in Iraq I will begin in my follow up to Mr. Maudslay of LORDS-Lloyds of London to bring the entire world up to speed not only on how extraordinarily fortunate we are to have right now western leaders like Tony Blair and George W. Bush but the “spare time” in our so busy schedules to really examine the truth about the most awesome “enemy” we have yet to confront.


China with all its corruption has not only won World War III but it has done so while keeping its huge population not only employed but “gainfully employed”, moreover without firing a bullet “in anger”.


I would be willing to bet my bottom worthless United States Dollar that the overwhelming majority of people on my one of a kind email list made up of a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate and crooked population have no idea that it is almost impossible to find refined sugar in China, a fact that talks to a number of things most of all how oblivious the rich in the western world are to their own dismal human rights record beginning with how they raise their children to be more corrupt than the previous generation.


When you next say the “Shamah” as in “Hear O Israel, I am the Lord thy G-d, G-d is One” or you next enter a Jewish synagogue you will hear most of all the ticking of your heartbeat “sumthing” [sic] a good number of us take for granted and then you will begin to think more and more about how extraordinarily accurate I am about how the “real world” works and how therefore in all likelihood I know very possibly more about the “metaphysical-spiritual world” than those so oblivious who mostly mouth words without any consideration to the genius of G-d who doesn’t “miss a beat”.


If not now then when? If I am only for myself who am I? If I am not for myself who is for me?


Take care,




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Money Creation Symposium - Part VII




It amazes me that you continue to send your shite. Your own cousin says your an imbecile.


By the way I am a personal friend of both Michael and Jonathan Beare. They have given more to charity than you and everyone you know will ever earn.


My uncle is a director at Investec and I am a shareholder,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so you are barking up the wrong tree.


By the way if want to make some money buy GOLD.


Now fuck off



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