From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, March 03, 2006 11:07 AM PT
To: Cathy Kades
Cc: rest;;; crazy_wacko_idiot;; Bruce Bigelow - San Diego Union-Tribune; FBI; United States Justice Department; Eliot Spitzer - Attorney General of New York State;
Subject: FW: Here's one yo can use. (repeatedly)…
Sir, I ‘m going to have to ask you to leave the internet. You’re just too fucking stupid.




Now that I know you are not one of my classmates from Carmel College, South Africa which of course few if any who knew me back then would ever have thought it possible in a million years that I would be inconsiderate unless I could conjure up the logical thought processing to take someone such as yourself who I know nothing about other than the fact that you can conjugate a series of four lettered words as well as I could on an educational light journey that in getting you to “shut the fc*k up” [sic] would increase the circle of those dependant upon my insight and analysis of the important events of the day but which I had the good sense to limit to when playing hooker in the rugby scrum which was a pivotal position back then before they changed the rules where skill became the dominant factor versus the most vicious tongue expelling a concoction of Afrikaans, Latin and worst of all Hebrew that when combined with brute force aided and abetted by having so much calcified bones the result of so many broken bones overcame all my physical handicaps, midget sized biceps that along with arms that a midget would want to hide to mention little of my blood stained skinny stick sized legs that my wife whenever she sees them simply closes her eyes to mention in passing as I grow older and my extra large nose and ears get that much bigger relative to the rest of my so embarrassing body MDG now tells me to stop mentioning all this especially when making love as it stops her I assume from thinking about having wild sex with someone like that very good actor who plays the lead role in the movie Weatherman.


You have noticed I have come pretty close to losing my train of thought but with the officers badge still staring me in the eyes I not only can leave it up to you to complete the rest of my thoughts but have you agreeing with me that even if you were a crooked law enforcement officer harassing hookers insisting on blowjobs while taking a cut of the action as their pimps get most of the attention from the corrupt politicians increasingly figuring out as the past and the future all come “to-get-her” [sic] in the present, that the crooked officer is the one calling the shots at least in most police precincts, you would be rather angry once reading THE DIAMOND INVENTION just once and not 20 times as I strongly recommend given the truth about you not getting close to your fair share of the graft to mention little of the ongoing deafening silence of the FREEDOM ROAD SOCIALIST ORGANIZATION so very upsetting to our heavily corrupt and overwhelming socialist Unites States Congress.


There isn’t in fact a single individual who I knew growing up in South Africa in the least bit familiar with my work product but even if incapable of pulling together an original thought but of sufficiently sound mind to sell off everything they own just to borrow a single neuron from someone less “brainne dead” [sic] would know just from my writings that not only does everything I write make perfect sense but when adding in the fact that a very busy executive like Chris Little the dIRECtor of News for KFI 640 AM who is not on my payroll finds the time to do such a brilliant hatchet job when “cutting and pasting” my clear English text well aware is Mr. Little of how such mischief got The Sperm Donor et al in to very big trouble in a criminal court proceeding that had I chosen to follow up in a civil court proceeding would have resulted in not only The Sperm Donor but very possibly his employer Sharp Memorial Hospital San Diego filing for bankruptcy and of course Mr. Little nor the board of directors of Clear Channel Communications should take comfort in the fact that I remain so “generous in victory” given how I don’t really care as much for anyone at KFI as much as I care about The Sperm Donor’s “tTOo” [sic] biological children, not even close.


The closest South African would be Derrick Beare of Investec and Derrick who is a few years younger than me left South Africa two days after his Barmitzvah which being so Jewish as you protest you would know is approximately age 13 although not necessarily if you were raised like me by a mother who while considering herself orthodox Jewish following all the rituals but knew less about Judaism than her closest and most trusted friends who were Muslim and Roman Catholic respectively, was and remains despite her current childishness possibly the most renaissance woman of the past century, deeply respectful of the Chinese culture and why the Chinese impregnated by the best of best Israeli Special Forces will, thank G-d, ultimately dominant the world, assuming of course the rest of us come “to-get-her” [sic] and subscribes to the merit system of reward.


ING is a public corporation you may have heard of but more likely the name Jeffrey Malatskey is one you know better since he is like “u” [sic] an X-South African now living in the world’s largest formal penal colony and like you also still possibly considers himself Jewish, probably not orthodox, at least not willing to state such a lie in “black and white” unless of course he thought it would serve to distract me from “x-posing” [sic] more truths that amount to me giving both “friend and foe” nothing more than a “heads up.”


While you can argue endlessly that you prefer to communicate with others less controversial what you cannot escape is my prescient timing as you feel yourself increasingly pulled to check the price of gold bullion, last trading at $569.40 a troy ounce knowing not to waste an ounce of your limited remaining energy even if you don’t own an ounce of gold looking at the share price of a single public corporation involved anywhere in the world in the exploration-mining of gold for reasons that are quite obvious just by looking at the strikes in Mexico this past week.


And at the current high price of gold you wouldn’t be so foolish as to be hoarding gold bullion given how it is not exactly lightweight and therefore difficult to store making yourself a much more likely target than if you were wearing increasingly worthless diamonds which is not to suggest that should the price of gold reach say $5,000 a troy ounce when it would only just begin to reflect its relative worth to worthless currency, the scam pulled off by both the Federal Reserve along with the London Exchequer now this instant being spread over The Internet at Light-G-D-Speed, you wouldn’t put it past one of your friends who has yet to confide in you how much they just lap up my writings to once a day retrieve their stockpile of no more than 10 troy ounces out of the feces of their dog, wipe off the contraceptive using a cloth dipped in diluted bleach before stuffing it down once again the throat of their favorite not in the least concerned by picking up a germ or “tTOo” [sic] like you see my Super Intelligent Italian Greyhound Pypeetoe kissing Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk of Finkelstein & Krinsk in this one of a kind photo of Tippytoe which is how Mr. JRK refers to my and now my wife’s co-dependant who the other evening as I headed back to our rock home deep in the Cleveland National Forest got himself into the most severe depression knowing that he was going to end up missing one of us that resulted in MDG and me having to spend a good minute reassuring him that we would be reunited soon as our JoNathan sat in one of our over the top comfortable black leather reclining chairs imported from Italy thinking it was no longer just me who had gone stark raving nuts but his mother who he knows is rock solid especially when she has me her “bulldog” all “fired up” ready to take on anyone other than my Pypeetoe or his and my protector Maggie, our 11 year old most beautiful Chocolate Labrador who dares to usurp their limited authority.


Devin Standard is much more than the executor of my estate, he is like me raised in an elitist household, his one grandmother he would gladly admit while as “black as the ace of spades” a very proud racist which stands to reason when one examines the stubborn facts about the superiority of “black people” even though they are all more brown than black which is not a color to mention little of their colorfulness coming through in how extraordinarily well on average they play sports and converse with one another on an intellectual level that you would know having been raised in Apartheid South Africa is not found in any white elitist household either one of us are familiar with bearing in mind it is no longer a state secret why elitists put down blacks, followed by women followed by Jews to mention little of the truth that Devin who is one of the darkest black people I know would also be the first to agree that my Royal Mater is not only one of the very few exceptionally brilliant Lilly White Wheaty Eaters but she and his equally racist grandmother would get on like a house on fire.


Given, however, the fact that my over the top brilliant wife has concluded that I have in fact completed Einstein’s lifetime pursuit following my having simply followed the logic of following in his footsteps and standing on the shoulders of giants found as this genius of geniuses referred accurately to his own work product as “The Mind of G-D” if only I were to give The Internet a break for no more than 30 minutes and write the 3 step book MDG explained to me in simple clear English in 30 seconds that combines S-G Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and Chaos Theory into one


Unified theory

For the inner workings

Of the universe


The 3 most important scientific theories of the last century that have proven themselves extraordinary practical without mentioning the word DeBeers and therefore who really cares about one group of people being any smarter than the rest especially when we are, thank G-d, finally “out breeding” in defiance of the lunacy of Hitler and his DAAC pimps, such a truly wonderful export of the United States perhaps the greatest contribution of us so uncultured Americans to the rest of the world, wouldn’t you agree?


We cannot, however, forget what it means to be “Jewish” a subject matter not only you and I are debating although of course you haven’t agreed to do all that much more than tell me “f-off” more so than anyone else including crazy-wacko-idiot and as Devin Standard points out in the last communiqué he sent me which you can see below the patrol officer reading me the “riot act”, you are possibly the most important person on this planet right now other than of course G-d who would agree is capable of morphing him-herself even into a leaf.


Turning the other cheek you would agree is not in the least bit Jewish but nor is being an ostrich and the fact that until I raised the point of who else other than our DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel family financed Mein Kampf, the business plan of Adolf Hitler you hadn’t thought it in the least bit Jewish to ask such a logical and very Jewish question.


The fact that you may still think it a better use of your time to converse with your co-dependant friends who give you lip service on subjects that you would prefer to entertain yourself with oblivious to the fact that G-D is in fact watching each and every one of our moves and mismoves especially as it effects G-D’s children, you remembering MDG’s statement, “Being a Sperm Donor or Sperm recipient is not qualification for being a good parent” which you would agree helps support the fact that neither a Sperm Donor nor Sperm Recipient is G-d, not even close, leading to what exactly do you think your children getting up to speed a whole lot quicker than you would have dreamt in the worst nightmares with not simply the truth but WHY you continue to choose to play ostrich demonstrative of both stupidity and selfishness of the Nth degree.


My ability to communicate in the English language while no where near as precise as that of either my RM or my wife whose first language next “tTOo” [sic] geometry-algebra-math the most precise and spiritual of all the languages is French, is in all probability significantly better than not only yours but most if not all the intellectual midgets you currently communicate with who give you a comfort level that you are not as stupid as you, not I, suggest.


All you need at this time to prove to yourself that you are better off paying attention to my logical thought processing that if you had a better command of mathematics it would be far easier and of course less wordy for me to convey is to look at just a handful of those within my inner circle communicating with me compared to those in your inner circle including Ron Bellows Senior who doesn’t agree with my “style” yet for good reason continues to “feed me” rather helpful information that should enlighten not only you as now look forward to my comments when responding next to Bruce Bigelow of the San Diego Union-Tribune, set up by Mr. JRK to visit with me, on why “after all these many years of great success, our dollar dominance is coming to an end” but the cowards in your inner-circle who very likely derive great satisfaction egging you on to bear the brunt of my devastating frontal attacks that has you at times thinking about putting some of the gold you have been accumulating in several of your neighbors dogs ever since my wife sent out this heavily broadcasted communiqué back on December 31st 2002 just moments before the price of gold began going through the roof to pay for a lobotomist to put the finishing touches to your frontal lobotomy that I have been painstakingly and methodically working on going back to at least December 26th 2003 of last year.


Gosh you really are a trooper.


In answer to Devin Standard’s very important question what exactly do I want out of you is the following:


  1. Explain to me precisely what you mean when you say, “I now have better things to do with my time than to waste it answering your twisted accusations” and please don’t bother giving me an excuse that you have had no time during the past 26 months to befriend people with dogs that don’t wont to bite your head off.
  2. Continue to demonstrate true grit and courage of the Nth Degree by continuing to dialogue with me.
  3. Share what little remains of your spirituality with each and every member of your inner circle and of course it is fine to converse with dog couriers so long as it is not in public.
  4. Keep telling your children not to pay any attention to what I have to say.
  5. Repeat ad-infinitum that Internet search engines such as Google will soon bite the dust and therefore they shouldn’t bother with a Google search plugging in the following:




Bear in mind as you refer back to my last communiqué to Devin Standard that had me pointing out the 4 hyperlinks I placed over the article RBS wishes for me to comment on that while you would prefer I wasn’t so wordy let alone a whole more articulate again than possibly anyone you know that isn’t simply trying to impress you with their limited vocabulary enough to attract losers with money my communiqués continue to be read in their entirety by an exponentially increasing number of individuals-groups representing a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population hooked to my sound logical thought processing at the highest levels not once and not just from top to bottom but down and up and sideways and around and about 24/7 just the way if you were in the physical and mental shape of my wife you would expect your lover to perform.


Yes and no it is all about sex and the fact that we all know human population explosion is the root cause of our selfishness and greed and yet we don’t want to even discuss logically why this is, inevitably trying to suggest that it is part of our DNA which “doubles” and that such “faithful replication” has “sumhow” [sic] the blessing of our extraordinary SMART G-D is again evidence of how not rotten is our DNA that simply “replicates faithfully” each of us pretty much born geniuses from the start but rather as you begin to once again logically thought process, the result of extraordinary “poor conditioning” that begins and ends with parents, teachers and professors suggesting that there are differences in the racial groups worth exploiting rather than exploring the genius of our creator.


It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out these days why precisely we tolerate the failure of the clergy whether it be the Buddhist priests who promote a statute that has Buddha weighing 300 pounds as if to suggest our children should believe someone this obese pontificating on self-restraint or a rabbi such as Professor Abner Weiss, an intellect of intellects not having the courage to ever get up once on the podium and point out what Jesus Christ the greatest Jew to have ever lived was so sickened by the corruption of the Jewish priests such as Abner Weiss who kowtowed to the most corrupt Jewish business people in the over the top corrupt city of Durban, South Africa, or the Roman Catholic priests of today who are the mirror image of the Jewish priests although there is no evidence of Jewish priests at the time of the 1st or 2nd Temple humping as many Alter boys like King Golden Jr. Esq, not even close, and finally the Mullahs we see displayed on networks like El Jazzer and CNN never talking about the over the top genius of the Quran that you can get a glimpse of by clicking on this hyperlink that takes you to an email sent to me by a very well conditioned and educated young Muslim lady I met on an international flight.


There can be no tolerance for shaving the truth, that which does not change.


Shabbat Shalom-Kgotso-Peace,


Gary S. Gevisser

A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There


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From: John K. Pollard Jr.
Sent: Friday, March 03, 2006 12:33 AM
To: gary s gevisser
Subject: Here's one yo can use. (repeatedly)


Sir, I ‘m going to have to ask you to leave the internet.

You’re just too fucking stupid.



From: Devin Standard
Sent: Thursday, March 02, 2006 9:24 PM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: Re: FW: ?




She is very Crisp and "too 2 tu to two" the point.

I like he spirit and pithiness.

Who is she and what do you want from her?

Alexander scored 3 goals in his soccer this past weekend. Don't know if I told you Victoria, Alexander & Arthur eached earned 2 karate trophies the previous weekend.


I hope you & yours are well.







From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, March 02, 2006 9:10 PM PT
To: Marie Dion Gevisser
Cc: Devin Standard
Subject: FW: ?


If you are online perhaps you could give me a suggestion on how to respond to Ms. Cathy Kades who just sent me the following:


Subject: ?


I was raised to be very jewish and question too and that is why am am questioning WHY, when repeatedly asked to be left alone, you just cannot be respectful (something that they obviously forgot to teach you) and leave me alone.

I have no interest in your views or opinions in the past, present and future. My discussions and questions on these issues are shared with people who mean something to me, not as arrogantly as you do by forcing your way into people's emails and constantly harrassing even when asked to stop.

You are making an absolute fool of yourself!!!!!!!!!

I demand that you remove my name from your hitlist.

I now have better things to do with my time than to waste it answering your twisted accusations.


Please try and refrain from using any 4 lettered words even if only to tell me to go to hell.


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