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Cc: rest; Conrad Wolff; Roy Essakow; Jeffrey Malatskey CA-CPA - South Africa, Israel, Australia blah blah; Guy Friedman; FBI; United States Justice Department; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Dr. Jonathan "Trouble Bubble" Beare; Cliff Benn;;; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention;
Subject: WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN? RE: Comment from Mike Kessel.




It was my sister-in-law married to my middle brother Melvin who “u” [sic] know as well as me that after giving her opinion on a particular subject then ended much like you, "many of which pass me by".


Terry Gevisser was at least in my humble but seasoned opinion a little more intellectually honest with her choice of words, "As you know I am damaged."


I have tested out on people with significantly less than average intelligence and you and I both know you are well above average, WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN?


You have a blockbuster author writing about all the "funny games" played in Hollywood, Edward Jay Epstein even afforded by a conservative newspaper like the Wall Street Journal "editorial privileges" AND yet his most important work that spells out in clear simple English how one organization, the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel have bought off every institution in the entire world worth talking about including Hollywood and the United States Congress, the British Parliament and the such using the riches of the earth that they stole using nothing short of the barrel of a gun AND you have the audacity to say, "which pass me by".


Mr. Kessel get down right this instant and give me 4200 pushups followed by 3600 sit-ups and while remembering to breath in through the nose to the count of 5 and out through the nose to the count of five smell all the rot in this world that you have contributed towards by failing to open your big mouth beginning by first feeling what it was like to breath in the smell of the gas pellets and later while being worked to the bone filling your lungs up with the smell of your own flesh coming out of the chimneys of Auschwitz and the such.


The fact that not a single minute during the time you were headmaster of Carmel College, South Africa was devoted to an open "question and answer" session dealing with a variety of important subjects none more so in my humble but seasoned opinion as why it was that you were so handcuffed by the likes of the Lazarus clan from Durban North who served the same purpose as the Jewish Capos in the death camps of Nazi Germany goes to the heart of why so extraordinary many of your students turned out big time crooks.


Take a careful look at the writings of “audirtors” [sic] Malatskey and Wolman, nephew of anything but Jewish, Sol “Gambling Czar” Kersner and most of all the deafening silences of people like Cliff Benn and Roy “Trading with the enemy Rich” Essakow and so you may find more Roman Catholics as opposed to truly Jewish-questioning people commiserating with your extraordinary display of much more than weakness.


Supporting the intellectually dishonest underdog only makes sense if in fact being turned in to a doormat was not of their own making but today each and every literate human being in the world has no excuse for remaining silent on this evil of evil that could be dispensed with in an instant were it not for the fact that each and everyone of the "underdogs" who are doing a rather dismal job of feigning their depravity are getting more than their fair share of the graft stemming from THE DIAMOND INVENTION.


Your so extraordinary selfish and convoluted email that failed to mention exactly what prevented you from encouraging us Jewish children to follow the money trail that had the “Little Corporal” getting rid first and foremost of our much poorer and harder working Jewish competitors pouring in from eastern Europe came on the heels of the director of news for KFI 640 AM doing another "cut and paste" hatchet job on my writings which should now this instant have you collapsing even more into a heap of tears.


While this is in fact very possibly the most peaceful time in modern history, possible going back almost to the beginning of time when there were just two of us the fact that there is a single human being, a single animal, a single plant suffering is reason for each of us to do a little better.


Following your communiqué to be left alone in peace to live out the remainder of your life in a dream world displaying beyond a shadow of a doubt your total lack of spirituality I broadcasted this email to everyone on my email list that as you know represents a statistically valid sampling of the world's literate population.


Suffice to say the only response worth talking about at this time was the one I got back from KFI's dIRECtor of News who said nothing but moments earlier sent me this email below in response to this email I sent Howard Stern:


Sent: Thursday, March 02, 2006 8:38 AM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: RE: IREC...---...Hello!...TAKE THE BAIT




Howard - I  know Clear Channel Communications is owned by CBS

Who has filed a

lawsuit against you?  I would be more than happy to assist you expose

the dangers of "cutting and pasting."






Your cowardice at this most wondrous moment in the history of time as we have each and every thug in the world on the ropes is much worse than that of Mr. Little for you are retired having enough neurons firing in your brain to still be fork-tongued realizing that you cannot outlive your lies whereas Mr. Little feels he can still play the game quite convinced that he will escape retribution for his mischief given how he surely has the “goods” on his bosses?


Your legacy like Little’s is now being cast in something much more concrete than stone.


All I can ask from our Good and extraordinarily SMART G-D is that He-She keeps you around long enough, continuing to be of sound mind to see each and every child you have touched throughout the world either join you in collapsing into a heap of tears or doing the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing and joining me in ridiculing you as we welcome in the age of remembrance, the Digital Age, a G-D-Send.


In due course I will be responding to a realtor who sent me an advertisement that caused my heavy duty desktop computer to crash and may I suggest before turning off your computer forever and then crawling in to the biggest hole you can dig never though escaping the vengeance of our extraordinarily SMART G-D you take the time out of your digging to digest it all.


If not now then when? If I am only for myself who am I? If I am not for myself who is for me?


Gary S. Gevisser

A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There



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Subject: Comment from Mike Kessel. : FW: Hello!...TAKE THE BAIT


Dear Gary,


You're clearly active constantly on really most important issues many of

which pass by me!


I hope otherwise you're well.


I find your stuff interesting but regrettably too much of it comes through

on a daily or sometimes more than daily basis. I cannot find time to read

it anymore.


Please be so kind as to remove my email address from your daily writings

and keep it for special messages. I'd like to keep in touch for that



Thank you.


With kind regards,





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Cc: rest;;;;;; United States Justice Department; FREEDOM ROAD SOCIALIST ORGANIZATION;Dr. Fred Foldvary; Mary Valder - Trilateral Commission;;; Morgan Stanley; Newell Starks - Chairman of the Board - Sterling Holding Company - A Citicorp Venture Corporation fronting corporation; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Oprah;; Whitman Knapp Esq. - Office of Attorney General
Subject: FW: Hello!...


Don’t you wish you were 10 years old…---



Don’t you wish you were 10 years old…---…