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Subject: FW: Hello!...TAKE THE BAIT


Don’t you wish you were 10 years older, less pressure to perform in bed as you currently have at age 80 and to then have more time to kick back while still having the same number of adoring, beautiful and might I add extraordinarily sexy women continuing to fulfill all your wildest fantasies which if I am around I would expect you to continue sharing with me that in turn if MDG is still around will take the pressure off me.


Doubtful though my wife will be any less demanding in my satisfying her sexual needs than she is today which I figure even if you are six feet under and unable for whatever reason to telepathically communicate with me I should be in good enough shape so long as big broadcaster Chris Little, KFI's News Director still has his day job paying enough to afford him and his prostitutes not much more than a pot to pee in but time on their hands as they currently have to keep providing me with a sufficient number of distractions to satisfy not just MDG and you who I will figure out a way to telepathically communicate with even if my dog Pypeetoe were to get fed up with all my demands and goes on strike.


With that said, Mr. Little may not have as much experience in answering interrogatories and responding in "real time" to questions when subpoenaed for deposition where he will be required to use his "best efforts" to tell the truth subject to criminal penalties were he to perjure himself.


Now of course both KFI's lawyers-liars and each and every member of the board of directors of Clear Channel Communications understand that the vast majority of people responding to both interrogatories as well as when answering questions during depositions "lie through their teeth" but what is different today, no strike that, different this moment to the previous moment is the speed at which Truth-Knowledge-Information-Light is not simply traveling at Light-G-D-Speed but reaching as well as being understood by the hard working masses all over the world having more time on their hands than every before, at least since the start of THE DIAMOND INVENTION following the Anglo-Farmer-Boer-War of 1899-1902, including the illegal Mexican pickers who the vast majority of talking heads on KFI's More Stimulating Talk Sh*t Radio" [sic] keep telling their audiences they would prefer go home so that people like Mr. Little can start getting used to what it means to have a real job where he adds value to the "common good."


Mr. Little is of course not all that smart to figure everything out but nor is he a total imbecile as he begins to feel more of the onset of degenerative diseases such as Parkinsons which predominantly affect people of less intelligence, a subject matter I have covered in quite "sum" [sic] specificity and which scientists in this field while agreeing wholeheartedly knowing that the mathematical data supports overwhelming such conclusions but prefer in the interests of keeping their gravy train running along not to broadcast such not in the least bit "sad" findings as solving this one problem is as easy as pie given how each and every one of us are born pretty smart and only get dumb when our precision engineering in tinkered by dumb people such as The Sperm Donor.


It is and will remain a very selfish and mostly stupid world until such time as the Sarah Cookes of the world upon graduating from universities find out that it is all but impossible to find a decent paying job having to compete against folks like the Chinese who only sleep when having sex.


In the mood for love is a movie my wife's 16 year old daughter introduced us to the other week set in Hong Kong back in 1960 and one of the many interesting things for westerners unfamiliar with the culture of the Chinese that goes back thousands of years before Abraham the common patriarch of the Jews, Christians and Muslims is how extraordinarily polite are the Chinese despite living in extraordinarily confined quarters.


Things haven’t really changed all that much in the thinking of the Chinese people despite their despotic western appointed governments but once appreciating their relaxed state of mind the result of both hard work and hard play so one can begin to get into the rhythm of what it is going to be like being their slave laborers which is a whole lot better for the vast majority of westerners currently under the rule of far more ruthless communist bosses found predominantly in places such as the United States Congress and the British Parliament.


The decision taken by the Chinese government in the recent past making it easier for the Chinese masses to trade gold may still take time to register in the minds of intellectual midgets such as Mr. Little but not so for people such as Alan Greenspan who now wishes he had been formerly introduced to me at the premier of the Broadway Musical revival Meet Me In St. Louis back in late 1989 just months after I had visited Tiananmen Square where I first got acquainted with the next generation of China's leadership just weeks before the Tiananmen Square massacre since there is every possibility Greenspan after hearing my and my Royal Mater's common points of view about the Chinese who again only sleep when having sex would have saw fit to inform me of his brilliant masterpiece written back in 1966 titled, GOLD AND ECONOMIC FREEDOM that even those like Mr. Little and Ms. Cooke in the most extreme denial shouldn’t have any difficulty getting their arms around.


The fact that the United States Federal Reserve, the London Exchequer, and the rest of the western world's extraordinarily corrupt central bank officials, aided and abetted by each and every Wall Street investment banking outfit like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to mention little of much more secretive but equally corrupt private banking groups like Investec all of whom are getting the support of the overwhelming majority of stock brokers, real estate brokers and insurance brokers HAVE FAILED MISERABLY to collapse the price of gold is more of a sign that I should not be too hasty in writing off even those idiots from Rupa Wasi who run a hostel in the village of Machu Picchu because while failing to fulfill their financial obligations towards me have yet to turn violent which would play directly into the hands of all our communist bosses.


There is an extraordinary calmness prevailing around the world despite the media doing its level best to suggest the chaos in places like Iraq is much worse than it actually is because one has to always look at things from a relative standpoint and right now, this instant, with Mr. Ron Bellows Senior’s very accurate doomsday predictions yet to come true, the relative peace in the world is totally unprecedented in modern day times despite the over the top human population explosion that continues particularly in the 3rd world.


Such extraordinary relative peace is extraordinarily unsettling for elitists who don’t want to work for a living and who have managed in the past to plummet the world into world wars when KIL starts eating away at the ignorance of the masses.


Today, this very moment, people like Mr. Little, Derrick Beare of Investec and the such don’t really know who they can truly trust and that includes their offspring who increasingly know better thanks to heavily broadcasted missives such as this that have “bust through” the algorithms of Internet search engines such as Google and with each tick of the almighty powerful clock so do their fears become that much stronger before they will inevitably collapse into a heap of tears knowing versus believing the masses both here in the U.S. and throughout the world are not going to take the bait.


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Dear Cristina,



I was born yesterday; I fall into the category of the "once born".


Every one who has ever done business with me or who has worse yet,

"clashed swords" with me, loves to waste my time.