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I went and read the article you had hyperlinked, a first for me in a while and now I know why I don’t read much if anything.


People have this habit of talking “sh*t” [sic].


It is late and I remain exhausted despite a pretty decent dinner, however, late.


Please explain to me in simple English and feel free to be repetitive what is the main point other than I assume they are going in a round about way of telling imbeciles who are buying diamonds to read THE DIAMOND INVENTION and immediately thereafter contact Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk of Finkelstein & Krinsk, USA 1-619-222-8842, office USA 1-213-238-1333 ext 24 to pull out all stops to make amends with me and do the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing and engage me just 24 hours before filing a one of a kind SCAL [Shareholder Class Action Lawsuit] against Blue Nile et al and I will provide my “best efforts” to avoid a precipitous collapse in the world’s financial markets by having my uncle David Gevisser communicate with Stephen Cohen of Codiam Inc., my former employer, to have Stephen suggest back to the imbecile David that he waste no time in bringing my Royal Mater on to the line who will see fit to conference in Nicholas Oppenheimer who in turn will know exactly what bar the drunk Senator Ted Kennedy is hanging and with a few choice words that I can help Nicholas with remind his primary prostitute United States Senator of how he was forced to eat the most foul tasting crow when attending the funeral of the Kennedy clans and my uncle David’s primary benefactor back in March 1971 when Charles Engelhard finally succumbed to be poisoned to death before all parties to the conference call including me vote unanimously to finally conference in the Chairman of the Securities Exchange Commission and the new Chairman of the Federal Reserve and without having to say much more than words to the effect that it is time to immediately suspend the trading of shares of all public corporations the conference call will end?


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none.  It is a grab from the online Wall St. Journal's new column wrapping up the days market moving news.


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How much of what is written below is your original thought?


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On an earnings conference call in early February, Blue Nile CEO Mark Vadon complained that the company's per-click cost from Google rose sharply in December from a year ago, thanks to a proliferation of "very small businesses" driving prices higher. All those small firms putting up their placards on Google give Internet shoppers more opportunities to comparison shop, which mean fewer people that click on Blue Nile's site after searching for, say, "diamond ring," are going to buy the company's wares. Add it together, and the company wasn't able to use Google to profitably bring in as many customers as before. It plans to "broaden its marketing efforts" -- that is, find ways to advertise beyond Google -- as a result.

If other companies are reaching the same conclusions as Blue Nile, hedge-fund manager Jeff Matthews wrote on his blog on Feb. 10, Google's story may have changed "quickly and significantly." With shares down today, investors are certainly finding that out.

John K. Pollard Jr.