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Adam - Since I have not provided u with even a draft to my answer to the all important question, “Why has the world’s financial markets not imploded, yet?” I can “forgive” u not getting the whole picture to mention little of u being, despite one very logical mind, absolutely wrong in terms of your conclusion, “you can't change the nature of the beast or human nature in our case. But you can use it to your advantage...

We as human beings have the gift of reasoning over the animal kingdom[1]. Given all the information to make a decision we are beyond the alligator at least – I think the chimpanzee is still the closest, no excuses!


Moreover, u should take the time to read the writings of Tefo Mohapi so simple, so evolved, so “black and white” and then give pause,,, be4 getting on your hands and knees, praying that Mr. Mohapi has the “gift” to teach the next generation of blacks and whites while usually with truth comes change, not all change is positive, not to throw out all the incredible good with the evil.


Sleep well.




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Adam –  I would very much like your input on my answer to the all important question of why the world’s financial markets have not imploded yet.



In my opinion, it's simple... selfishness/greed. People didn't care about terrorist until they knocked on our front door. It is my opinion that by nature and design, people are selfish and self absorbed, perhaps that trait has survived because it kept our species alive in hunting etc. The world's financial markets though arguable orchestrated are run by "momworker(s)" who selfishly go to work everyday regardless of impending terrorist attacks or economic doom. The majority of the worlds population is made up of people that are along for the ride, not necessarily driving or making any decisions that effect anyone beyond their microcosm. To stick with the same analogy, despite the fact that "the drivers" may be steering the financial markets towards a cliff (or I suppose one may say we have already driven off that cliff) all the passengers are too self absorbed to see anything wrong; and even further if they are made aware of impending doom, the mentality is "what am I suppose to do, I just work at Target". 


It's all about selfishness... Julia and I were talking about a similar topic and a story that I have heard in movies many times came up... there is an alligator (substitute any predatory animal) and a snake sitting on the edge of a river. the snake is a safe distance away but says to the alligator, "I wish I could get across the river, I just can't swim strong enough to get through the current." The alligator replies, "I'll take you across, you can ride in my mouth." The snake says "but you will eat me." The alligator promises up and down that he wont and reluctantly the snake agrees, and climes into the alligator mouth. Half way across the river, the alligator snaps down on the snake and as the alligator proceeds to eat, the snake says, "but you promised you wouldn't eat me... why would you do this." The Alligator simply replies, " I am an alligator, this is what I do."


The moral of the story is, you can't change the nature of the beast or human nature in our case. But you can use it to your advantage...



[1] Check out Zquestion! And remember none of us human beings like to be told what to do, when to do it and how to do it.